10 Best Axes and Hatchets for Camping

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Our 10 Best Axes and Hatchets for Camping – 2020 Guide are useful for so much more than just busting branches and lopping off snakeheads. Many of the best camping axes and hatchets are far from simple or basic.

Pastimes such as RVing, camping, and just about anything else that involves spending endless amounts of time in nature require camping axes and hatchets.

But, with so many models on the market, you need to do a bit of research to be sure about the worthiness of the ax or hatchet you’re picking out.

What Are Camping Axes and Hatches?

Today, the best hatchets, tomahawks, and camping axes are more than just miniature axes. They are survival tools, featuring everything from fold-out shovels and can openers to fire-starters and so much more.

Whether you are a regular RVer, backpacker, or simply plan to take a camping trip soon, purchasing an ax or hatchet to take along on your adventures more than makes sense, it’s one of the tools you should always keep handy.

That said, picking out just any old hatchet or ax won’t do either. You’ll need to consider a few things beforehand.

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Considerations Before Purchasing an Axe or Hatchet for Camping

Before picking up the first cool-looking camping axe or hatchet that you can find, make sure to consider a few important factors first.

That said, here are a few of the most crucial pre-purchase considerations to make about hatchets and camping axes:

✳️ Quality of Materials Used In Axe or Hatchet

The quality of the materials that make up your camping axe or hatchet is probably the most important consideration of all as it is a factor that greatly affects all of the other things you should consider before purchase.

Common materials found in hatchets and camping axes include metals like stainless steel, Swedish steel, 1055 carbon steel, 420 stainless steel, and aluminum as well as high-quality hard plastics and durable rubbers.

Depending on your preferences, and what exactly you plan to use your tool for, the best materials will vary.

✳️ Length of Axe or Hatchet Handle

An often overlooked aspect to take into consideration before purchasing an axe or hatchet for camping, especially online, is the length of the handle.

The length of the handle, for those who are not familiar with this tool, is important because it helps in determining how functional the tool will actually be.

To clarify, you wouldn’t want a 9-inch hatchet for cutting and splitting large trees for firewood, rather a 14-inch or something larger. Whereas if you only want the axe for protection or for helping to dig in the earth, 9-inches could be more than suitable.

✳️ Level of Axe or Hatchet Durability

The quality of materials goes a long way in determining how durable an axe for camping or hatchet may be. Basic stainless steel hatchets with rubberized handles, for example, last practically forever, can be dropped from ridiculous heights, ran over, burned, and still function just fine.

Keep in mind that your camping axe or hatchet is an investment. So, durability counts for a lot. Avoid wasting money on a product that will need replacing after a few times seeing action by taking the craftsmanship and quality of materials into consideration.

✳️ Level of Axe or Hatchet Versatility

How many functions that an axe or hatchet is capable of speak volumes. Some axes and hatchets have up to two dozen uses (can openers, scissors, bottle openers, and all sorts of cool stuff – things you would find on a swiss army knife or tactical/survival knife), while others are far more basic (nothing more than a blunt weapon and cutting tool).

Depending on your plans, as to what your camping axe or hatchet will be used for, the level of versatility may be more or less important.

If you won’t be using it for anything more than breaking a few branches and fighting off bigfoot if he happens to pop up then versatility really doesn’t matter much. If you plan on using it as a tool for cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, hammering, and all sorts of other neat stuff, versatility is of the utmost importance.

✳️ Guarantee and Warranty Coverage Offered By Axe or Hatchet Manufacturers

As with any purchase, aside from cotton balls and candy, the type of warranty options or guarantees that come with it are important to consider.

Products that manufacturers genuinely believe in are normally backed by at least a minimal amount of warranty coverage. At the very least, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee (let alone a lifetime warranty).

If the camping axe or hatchet you are considering purchasing doesn’t include some kind of guarantee or warranty, you better think twice before parting with your hard-earned money.

10 Best Axes and Hatchets for Camping – 2020 Reviews

Here is the list you’ve been waiting for; the 10 best axes and hatchets for camping to invest in for RVing and camping:

1. Coleman Camp Axe Hatchet

The Coleman Camp Axe Hatchet is one of the most beloved camping tools around, as basic as its design may be. And, with a sharp and durable drop-forged steel axe head and a straight handle, the tool cuts through branches and kindling with a single blow. It can even be used for cutting down small trees and splitting small logs.

Great for stashing away in your toolbox at home, in the RV, or backpack, the hatchet is 14-inches long, made from the highest-quality materials, and is easy to carry as well.

Even more, the Coleman Camp Axe can be used as a stake driver for tents and canopies while camping or RVing in addition to chopping and cutting. And, though this hatchet is pretty basic, it’s produced by a well-known manufacturer and has sold more units than most competitors.


  • Durable non-slip grip handle and 14-inch overall hatchet length
  • Carbon-steel drop-forged head
  • Works well as a primary cutting tool
  • Good for camping, RVing, and at home
  • Budget friendly

⛔️ Cons

  • One of the most basic models of camp axes or hatchets on the market
  • It may weigh slightly more than comparable hatchets and camping axes

2. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe Camping Hatchet

Another widely popular hatchet to keep in the RV or backpack is the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe Camping Hatchet. This bad boy is forged in one piece for a long-lasting and powerful build, making it ideal for splitting wood, chopping small trees, logs, and kindling.

The purchase also includes a heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath for protection of the axe’s blade while it’s not in use. And the handle is hand-sanded with a durable lacquered finish and genuine leather grip.

As with all of their tools, this Estwing hatchet is produced proudly, in the USA, with the highest-quality American steel.


  • 13-inch overall length, forged in one piece
  • Built with a versatile and outdoor-friendly design
  • Comes with a heavy-duty sheath of ballistic nylon
  • Comes with a genuine leather grip over a hand sanded and lacquered curved handle

⛔️ Cons

  • It may cost a bit more than comparable hatchets and camp axes
  • It is a bit heavier than other camp hatchets due to its high-quality but heavy metal materials

3. Schrade SCAXE10 Full Tang Hatchet

The Schrade SCAXE10 Full Tang Hatchet is smaller and lighter than many on our list at 11.1-inches in length and a weight of approximately 1.6 pounds. It doubles as a hammer and stake driver (as well as a good zombie defense weapon).

The full tang camping axe is a durable design and features a high-end 3Cr13 S.S blade and stout handle with a rubberized non-slip grip. Easy to use, the hatchet comes with a belt sheath, and safety features, making it great for RVers and campers. It is also a great hatchet for backpacking.

Schrade, known for its superior blades, is a world-famous manufacturer, and that speaks volumes about their products. No exception for this hatchet.


  • Genuine full tang design, 11.1-inches in length
  • 3.6-inch blade, and hammer pommel feature on the back of the head
  • Non-slip rubber grip for better control
  • Comes with a sheath to protect the blade

⛔️ Cons

  • Though high-quality, it has a very basic design
  • Some customers claim to have received damaged products (though to be the devil’s advocate for a moment, that can and does happen, from time to time, with any brand)

4. Fiskars X7 14-Inch Hatchet

Fiskars’s X7 14-Inch Hatchet is more than ideal for RVers and anyone else who spends time in the great outdoors. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and works well for cutting and chopping branches, kindling, small trees, and small to medium-sized logs as well.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s special blade-grinding technique, the hatchet comes with a sharper blade than many competitor hatchets, allowing for cleaner deeper cuts. Even more, the tool comes with a lifetime warranty.

The axe also has a coated blade that prevents it from getting stuck in trees or logs. It also has a rather pleasant aesthetic appeal to it.


  • 14-inch length, ideal for small to medium branches, tree, and logs
  • Supposedly chops deeper with each swing
  • Manufacture’s blade-grinding technique provides a sharper axe head than many competitors
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

⛔️ Cons

  • It may be more expensive than comparable axes and hatchets with a basic design
  • Could include a bigger and better sheath with belt loops

5. Gerber Survival Hatchet

The Gerber Survival Hatchet features a 3.5-inch bladed full tang high carbon steel design with a non-slip rubberized grip. This strong and tough hatchet is built for the most extreme weather conditions, environments, and outdoor situations.

This Gerber hatchet is one of a kind and has proven to be more than efficient in the field. The materials are of the highest quality, and the purchase also includes a sheath with belt loops for easier carrying.

If you are looking for a high-end hatchet at a decent price, it doesn’t get much better than this. Especially if you are searching for a sleek camping axe from a well-known manufacturer that you can count on for years to come.


  • 3.5 inch blade
  • Carbon steel head
  • Full tang construction
  • Includes a sheath with belt loops and non-slip rubber grip, ideal for use in any climate or environment
  • Made by one of the finest cutlery producers on the market

⛔️ Cons

  • Could be a bit more compact as marketed (13-inches isn’t all that little)

6. iunio Multi-Tool Camping Axe And Hatchet

Not quite in our top five, the iunio Multi-Tool Camping Axe And Hatchet is still a more than worthy camping hatchet. Indeed, it is truly much more than a mere hatchet; it is a real survival multi-tool. And, it is an excellent selection for storing in your backpack, RV, or toolbox.

Splitting branches, logs, and cutting down trees are just the most primitive features of the tool. It can also break glass, navigate the wilderness, aid you in building emergency shelters and erecting tents, work as a fire starter, and much more.

This long handled hatchet is designed with tubular engineering and therefore assembles and disassembles quickly and easily. That means you can change it back and forth from a full-size hatchet to a short axe as often as you like.


  • 17-inches long, 3.5-inch long axe head, and an overall weight of approximately 2 pounds
  • Includes protective sheath with purchase
  • Versatile multifunctional hatchet that also works as a fire starter, glass breaker, and more
  • Great for keeping in the toolbox in your RV or vehicle’s toolbox
  • Must have off grid tools survival axe or hatchet

⛔️ Cons

  • Could be more compact. 17 inches is pretty big
  • Though extremely versatile in comparison to competitor products, may not be as high-quality as some of the major (and older) brands (like Coleman, Gerber, and Shrade)

7. WORKPRO Outdoors Camping Axe Hand Saw Combo

WORKPRO’s Outdoors Camping Axe Hand Saw Combo is one of the most unique camping axes on our list, as it is the only one that comes with a hand saw. The axe’s 14-inch body is drop-forged CR steel, built for superior strength and durability.

The hand saw extension is fully independent of the hatchet, once removed from the storage place in the shaft. It features triple cut 8TPI blades for a quick and smooth sawing action.

The purchase of this axe hand saw combo includes a molded organizer case as well. Furthermore, the high-end hatchet-head provides sharp and clean cuts due to its well-engineered design and can be used as a hammer and stake driver as well.


  • Works as an axe for chopping and as a hammer, saw, or stake driver
  • Versatile 14-inch combination hatchet design
  • Longlasting construction with built-in storage stash for survival gear or additional tools/supplies
  • Interesting enough, the hatchet comes with a detachable hand saw as well

⛔️ Cons

  • May not be quite as durable as some of the other options on our list
  • The organizer/case could be higher-quality

8. MTech USA Camping Axe Hatchet

MTech’s USA Camping Axe Hatchet is a two-toned camping axe 11-inches in length. Its handle consists of black rubberized non-slip material and features a compact design. A lightweight and tactical hatchet for camping, it’s the perfect tool for RVers, campers, and those who enjoy spending time outdoors in general.

The head of the axe consists of 440 stainless steel and has a blade that measures 3-inches in length. The hardness and edge retention of this hatchet is higher than many camping axes due to its high-quality materials and is made to last for a very long time.


  • Compact tactical design great for carrying on day hikes
  • Long-lasting rubber handle with non-slip grip
  • 3-inch Axe head of 440 stainless steel, 11-inch overall size
  • Comes with a nylon sheath for covering the blade

⛔️ Cons

  • May lack the cutting power of heavier hatchets and camping axes
  • The sheath could be of higher quality

9. Best Choice Camp Axe and Survival Hatchet

For RVers, campers, and hunters, there are few quality hatchets available on the market at such an affordable price, with so many benefits, as the Best Choice Camp Axe and Survival Hatchet.

Built for chopping wood or splitting wood, including small and medium trees and logs, the hatchet comes with a 20-ounce drop-forged alloy steel head 3.5-inches long, with a pre-grinded high-frequency heat-treated cutting edge. The overall length of the camping axe is 14-inches.

The Best Choice Camp Axe and Survival Hatchet has an excellent power of weight ratio-to-power, allowing for superior swinging speed and chopping strength, making it a great splitting axe. Even more, the axe comes with a rust-resistant coating that makes it long-lasting.


  • 3.5-inch heat-treated precision cut blade
  • Anti-slip and anti-shock design
  • Fiberglass handle with firm rubber grip
  • 14-inch length,
  • Weighs 20-ounces
  • Polished clear coat and rust-prevention coating

⛔️ Cons

  • May not possess the same cutting power due to being extra lightweight
  • Fiberglass handle may not be exactly unbreakable

10. Bravedge Multi-Purpose Hatchet And Camping Axe

Our final camping axe and hatchet suggestion for this year is the Bravedge Multi-Purpose Hatchet And Camping Axe. An all-in-one tool that can fit in your pocket, this hatchet is half the size of the other selections on this list.

That said, with a dozen built-in tools, it is much more valuable than a simple hand axe and hammer combo; it is also a knife blade, file, wrench, can and bottle openers, screwdriver, and more. Durable and well-balanced, the hatchet’s construction is a mixture of PVC and wood grain with a stainless steel blade.

The purchase of this hatchet also includes a long-lasting sheath and rubber blade tip cover. And, with a 100 percent money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, if your tool is damaged or otherwise unusable, due to quality issues, you can return or replace it.


  • 6.7-inch length,12-in-1 axe-tool combination
  • Comes with a nylon sheath and blade protector
  • Perfect for RVing, hiking, survival, and camping as it fits in your pocket
  • Lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee

⛔️ Cons

  • Half the size of normal comparing axes and hatchets
  • For the cost, you could buy a full-size hatchet or a basic multi-tool

Which Camping Axe or Hatchet Is Best For You?

When it comes to choosing the best camping hatchet, axe or tactical tomahawk for your RV, or backpack, only you can decide which one is best.

That said if you’re simply seeking out a reliable everyday carry hatchet, at a decent price, both the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe Camping Hatchet and the Coleman Camp Axe Hatchet are equally worthy.

If you prefer your equipment like James Bond, the best camping axe for you might be the Bravedge Multi-Purpose Hatchet And Camping Axe is a real candidate.


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Do you have a favorite hatchet or camp axe that you feel should have made our list? Let us know all about it in the comments section below! Happy hatchet hunting!

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