Best Campervan Rental Companies: US and Canada

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If you are looking for an affordable way to travel the country, there is no easier way than with a camper van. The camper van movement is gaining in popularity as people are drawn to the simplicity and freedom that van travel offers. If you do not own your own camper van, there are still ways for you to experience van life without purchasing your own rig. 

The word is spreading about the ease and cost-effectiveness of campervan rentals. It is now easier than ever to rent a campervan at an affordable rate. Just be sure you rent your campervan from one of the 2 Best Campervan Rental Companies in the USA which are Outdoorsy and Escape Campervans.

While most camper vans are designed for one or two people to live and sleep comfortably, many models offer seating and space for even more. 

Renting a campervan is a very inexpensive way to travel. Most nightly rental rates are less than the cost of an average hotel room, and campervans give you the freedom to explore a wide area at a very low price. 

There are many nationwide and local companies that you can choose for your campervan rental. You can also choose to rent campervans directly from owners through a peer-to-peer rental agency. 

Outdoorsy and Escape Campervans are the two leading camper van rental companies in the United States. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about both companies so that you can choose the best camper van option for your next vacation. 

Escape Campervans 

escape campervans big sur model exterior artwork

Escape Campervans is a unique company in the RV rental market. Instead of renting many different kinds of RVs, they only rent campervans and truck campers. The founder of the company is from New Zealand, where van camping has been popular for many years.

Escape Campervans was founded in 2009 and now has 13 locations with over 600 rental vans. When you rent a campervan from Escape, you will deal directly with the company. Escape provides assistance with travel planning as well as 24/7 customer support. 

Escape rents four different types of campervans. The rentals can sleep anywhere from two to five people and have seating for up to six people.

To book a campervan with Escape, just visit their website!

Outdoorsy RV Rentals

In the past, if you wanted to rent an RV, your only option was a corporate RV rental company. Thanks to companies like Outdoorsy, you now have the opportunity to rent a campervan through a peer-to-peer rental service safely.

Many campervan owners are now renting their vans when they are not using them. While renting directly from an owner may seem risky, the rise of peer-to-peer rental services makes it a much safer and affordable option.

With Outdoorsy, RV owners list their rigs, price them and rent them to you. The peer-to-peer rental service provides support if something should go wrong with your rental. You can even buy insurance to protect yourself while on the road! 

Renting directly from an owner usually means a lower cost. Individual campervan owners can set their own prices and may even be willing to negotiate the cost with you. 

Another plus to using a peer-to-peer rental service is that you have a more extensive selection of campervans to choose from when selecting a rental. While most corporate rentals offer just a few different options, with peer-to-peer rental services, you can choose from thousands of different types of vans. 

Renting directly from the owner is an excellent option because the owners have a vested interest in keeping their campervan in good shape. After all, they use it themselves! Most campervan owners take great pride in their vans and care for them well, which means you will get a higher quality product. 

In the past, one of the downsides to peer-to-peer rentals was the concern that you may not have insurance protection in the event of an accident during your vacation. Another disadvantage was that if a problem arose during your trip, you would be dealing directly with the campervan owner. Outdoorsy eliminates these concerns. Outdoorsy has the highest ratings from its users and offers 24/7 customer support. They also provide world-class insurance for your vacation rental so that you can kick back and relax on your trip. Outdoorsy even offers a delivery option if you want the convenience of having your RV delivered to your campsite! 

To rent a campervan from Outdoorsy, begin by searching your local area or the area that you plan to visit on your trip. The search feature on Outdoorsy is very easy to use. There are filters that allow you to search for only campervans as well as by price. Once you have narrowed down the available rentals to your top 3-5 campervans, you can use the message feature on Outdoorsy to contact the van owners directly. Many owners are willing to offer discounts or throw in extras if you contact them and ask! 

Now that you know the basics of both Escape and Outdoorsy let’s see how they compare when it comes to the basics of a campervan rental.

Camper Van Rental Locations

Escape Campervans has 13 locations in the United States. However, there are only three locations on the East Coast, so depending on where you are going on your adventure, it may not be the most convenient option. One nice thing about renting from Escape Campervans is that you can take a one-way trip and drop off the van at a different location.

Escape Campervan Locations

  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Denver
  • Salt Lake City
  • Phoenix
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Portland
  • Seattle
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary

Outdoorsy Campervan Locations

With Outdoorsy, since you are renting from individual RV owners, you have more options for rental locations. You can find campervan rentals in virtually every city in the US and Canada.

When selecting your rental, you can search based on your location or your vacation destination. You can then narrow down your search to campervans to help you find the perfect rental close to you.

Most Popular Campervan Rentals Destinations

Campervan Rentals in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Campervan Rentals are very popular for two main reasons:

  1. It’s proximity to some of the best National Parks in the US including Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley.
  2. It is very cheap to fly into Las Vegas
4x4 Stealth Camper Van for Off Grid Camping 2

Campervan Rentals in Colorado

Campervan Rentals in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora, which are the largest cities in Colorado are very popular in this region due to Rocky Mountain and Mesa Verde National Parks.

Winnebago Revel 4x4 stealth camper van camping

Campervan Rentals in California

Campervan Rentals are popular all over Calfornia. People love to cruise the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to San Diego. And Millions of people visit the mountains of Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks every year as well. And the California desert region features Palm Springs, as well as, Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks.

campervan rental san diego

Campervan Rentals in Utah

Campervan Rentals are very popular in Utah since its home of the Big 5 National parks including Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches. And the Moab area is very popular as well.

Class B Campervan Rental

Campervan Rentals Calgary

Campervan Rental Calgary Canada

Camper Van Rental Prices

The price for a nightly camper van rental can vary depending on the model you select, the pickup location, the season, and the length of your rental. Escape Campervans offers four different camper van models, and the price per night depends on the model you choose. On average, camper van rentals through Escape Campervans range from $114 to $150 per night. 

Outdoorsy offers a wider variety of camper van rental options. Since you are renting from individual owners, the price of the rental can vary even more as there are hundreds of different camper van models to choose from. Outdoorsy also offers more luxurious camper van rentals in addition to the basic camper van models, which impacts the price. On average, camper van rentals on Outdoorsy range from $150 to $300 a night or more.

Included Features and Add-Ons

While the features of each camper van will vary depending on the model you choose, some basics come standard in each rental. With both Outdoorsy and Escape Camper Vans, a bed and kitchen set up are included in nearly all camper van rentals. 

Basic insurance and customer support are included with both companies as well. Escape also includes a battery system with a solar panel along with a road atlas and guidebook to the local area. 

Another great feature of Outdoorsy is that many rentals offer free delivery of your camper van to the airport or your destination, making it very convenient for folks traveling. 

Most RV rentals offer add-on items. Add-on items are amenities and gear that go beyond the basics of a rental and have an additional cost. Typical add-on items are bedding, kitchen sets (bowls, plates, cutlery, etc.), GPS units, bikes, bike racks, camp chairs, tents, sleeping bags, cookware, utensils, linens, pillows, blankets, camp tables, grills, etc.

To save money on your rental, try to bring any of these items that you need. Of course, the convenience of being able to include these items with your rental may make the cost worth it to you. Escape Campervans feature a wide range of add-on items, and most RV owners with Outdoorsy offer a large selection of add-on items as well.

Check the RV rental listings that you are considering and see if any of these items are included in the rental or if they are an additional cost. A rental that offers lots of add-on items in the base rental price may be a better deal than a cheaper rental that charges more for add-on items. 

Ease of Renting a Camper Van

Thanks to the internet, renting a camper van is now easier than ever. Both Outdoorsy and Escape Campervans have well-designed websites that make renting a breeze. Reservations can be made on both platforms by visiting their website and booking online. You can also make a reservation with Escape Campervans by calling their toll free number. 

With Outdoorsy, you can book online directly with the camper van owner. Be sure to ask about discounts on longer-term rentals or special features and add-ons that can be included with your camper van.

Both platforms are easy to use and provide excellent customer support. Remember that with any camper van rental you choose, it is best to book early. Escape offers a limited number of camper vans at each location. With Outdoorsy, since you are selecting a specific camper van, once it is rented, you are out of luck. Once you choose the perfect rental for you, it is best to book it right away.

Available Camper Van Models and Floorplans

Winnebago Travato Campervan Floor Plan

Escape Campervans rents four different camper van models. The camper vans can sleep anywhere from two to five people in the van. There is also a floorplan that offers a bathroom onboard complete with a sink, toilet, and shower.

Because Outdoorsy offers rentals from individual camper van owners, you will have even more of a selection of camper van models and floorplans. Camper van options range from basic vans for one to two people to luxurious models that feel like a five-star hotel. There are multiple options for camper vans with or without bathrooms. 

To find the best camper van option for you, use the search feature on Outdoorsy to select the amenities you are looking for in your camper van rental.

Customer Reviews

Escape Campervans is a relatively new company, but they already have many excellent reviews from customers. Since you will be renting your camper van from a specific rental location, you may want to read the reviews for the rental office that you will be using.

With Outdoorsy, you can check the customer reviews for the individual RV owner that you will be renting from. We recommend only looking for camper vans with five-star ratings. You will be surprised at the large number of five-star rating listings on the website! 

BBB Scores

Both Outdoorsy and Escape have excellent ratings from the Better Business Bureau. While neither company is BBB Accredited, Outdoorsy has an A+ rating, and Escape Campervans has an A. 


While your personal automotive insurance may cover you when you rent a campervan, it is likely that it will not. Campervans are considered RVs or modified vehicles, so your standard automotive insurance may not be enough. Escape offers liability coverage to the minimum state standards with your van rental. Additional liability coverage is available for around $12 per day.

With Outdoorsy, three levels of rental insurance are offered for your trip. Each of these insurance plans provides coverage for common RV mishaps. Take a look at each one to determine which plan is best for you. Your car insurance or even a credit card may provide you with coverage as well, so check out what you already have before purchasing an additional plan. 


Be sure to see if your RV rental includes unlimited miles or if you will be charged for going over the miles allotted. If you are renting a travel trailer or pop-up camper, this will not be an issue. If your rental mileage seems lower than what you will need for your trip, try to negotiate this with the RV owner. Many owners are flexible with mileage, especially if you are renting for a week or more.

Pet-Friendly Rentals

One of the best things about a camping adventure is that you can bring your furry friends along for the ride. Many RV owners on Outdoorsy allow pets in their rental camper vans. To find pet-friendly rentals, simply click on the pet-friendly filter when searching for your camper van.

Escape Campervans allows pets with an additional $150 pet fee for most months of the year. During the months of July, August, and September, no pets are allowed in Escape Campervan rentals. If you plan to bring a pet along, be sure to keep this policy in mind when planning your trip.

Do all the Floorplans have Bathrooms?

Some camper vans have bathrooms while others do not. 

With Outdoorsy, you have a much more extensive range of camper van models to choose from, and many have bathrooms onboard. 

If having a bathroom on board is a priority, be sure to select that as a filter when doing your camper van search. 

If you are renting from Escape Campervans, the Newport model has a toilet, sink, indoor, and outdoor shower. You can add on outdoor showers with all Escape Campervan models.

While bathrooms are an excellent option to have in your campervan, keep in mind that depending on where you are going, it may not be necessary. Most state and national parks offer restrooms in their campgrounds, and many also have hot showers.

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