13 Great Reasons to Rent an Escape Campervan

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If you are looking for an affordable way to travel the country, there is no easier way than with a camper van. The camper van movement is gaining in popularity as people are drawn to the simplicity and freedom that van travel offers. If you do not own a camper van, there are still ways for you to experience van life without purchasing your own rig.

It is now easier than ever to rent a campervan at an affordable rate. There are many corporate rental companies to choose from along with peer-to-peer camper van rental services.

The word is spreading about the ease and cost-effectiveness of campervan rentals. Renting a campervan is a very inexpensive way to travel. Most nightly rental rates are less than the cost of an average hotel room, and campervans give you the freedom to explore a wide area at a very low price.

We have researched all of the camper van rental options, and we recommend using Escape Campervans for your next road trip adventure. Escape Campervans USA was founded in 2009 and they are known for their unique painted exterior artwork on the vans. The company started with three friends in New Zealand who are all experts on the van camping lifestyle.

Escape Campervans now has thirteen locations in the United States and Canada. With over 600 rental vans in outstanding locations, like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, you are sure to find a camper van to meet your needs. Check out the 13 Best Reasons Why You Should Rent an Escape Campervan for your next epic holiday or vacation!

1. Affordability

Camper vans are a very affordable way to travel and see the world. With your rental car and lodging in one package, camper vans are the ultimate in economical travel. Escape Campervans offers four low-cost camper van rental options for your vacation. With peak rental rates between $114 and $150 per night depending on the model, a campervan rental is much cheaper than the average vacation rental or hotel room. It is also less expensive than the average RV rental! The low cost of a camper van rental means that you can take a more extended trip or spend your extra cash on an excursion during your vacation.

While renting a camper van is more expensive than tent camping, the camper van itself helps you save cash on your trip. With a camper van, you will have access to a kitchen with a propane stove, a sink with running water, and a dual powered refrigerator, which means you can make your own meals. Having a small refrigerator on board means you can easily store food during your journey. Since food is one of the highest expenses on vacation, being able to cook in your camper van can save you a lot of cash on your trip!

2. Camper Vans Upgrade Your Camping Experience

If you already enjoy camping on your own or with friends and family, renting a camper van is an excellent way to take your experience up a notch! Having access to a real bed, storage, and a kitchen is a considerable upgrade from tent camping. Some camper van models even come with a queen size bed and a full bathroom! At the same time, you will still have the experience of camping and being in the great outdoors.

If you are new to camping, renting a camper van is an excellent way to get started with the camping lifestyle. Having a few of the comforts of home with you on your vacation makes camping more comfortable and more convenient.

Another perk of camper van camping is that you can quickly move from one place to another without having to set up and break down camp each day. Being able to store your gear in the camper van and move easily allows you to cover more ground on your camping vacation. It also saves you time, a precious resource when on vacation.

3. Escape Campervans is the Industry Leader in Van Camping

Escape Campervans is quickly becoming a front-runner among RV rental companies in the United States. Escape is a unique company in the RV rental market. Instead of renting many different kinds of RVs, Escape rents 3 styles of camper vans and a truck camper model, as well. Their focus on camper van rentals means that you are sure to have an excellent experience with your van rental!

The founder of Escape Campervans USA is from New Zealand, where van camping has been popular for many years. The company has brought their knowledge and love for camper van travel to the United States and has been a significant part of the growth of camper van popularity. Renting from an industry leader is a smart move and one that you will be glad you made!

4. Great Locations

Escape Campervans has thirteen locations in the United States and Canada. Although primarily located on the west coast, all of their locations are within a few hours of some of the top destinations in North America. Renting from Escape means that you will be within an easy drive of your destination, which makes them a convenient option for renters.

Escape also offers one-way rentals, which makes them an excellent choice for those planning on doing a lot of exploring. Many RV rental companies do not provide this convenience. Other companies may charge you extra for returning the van to a different location. Renting from Escape is an excellent choice if your trip is longer or if you plan to hit many destinations on one vacation.

5. Fantastic Add-on Options

RV and camper van rentals usually come with only the basics: the van itself, a bed, and a kitchen. If you are looking to save cash, you can do so by bringing your own bedding, linens, dishes, etc.

Sometimes it makes sense to rent these items, especially if you are flying to your destination. We love the add-on options from Escape as they are an excellent way to make your trip convenient and enjoyable.

Escape Camper Vans offers bedding, kitchen sets (bowls, plates, cutlery, etc.), GPS units, bike racks, camp chairs, tents, cookware, utensils, linens, pillows, blankets, camp tables, car seats, and canopy sunshades at a low additional cost.

Having such a wide variety of add-on items available with your rental will save you time and money on your trip as you will not have to bring these items with you or purchase them once you get to your destination.

6. Great Floor Plans

Escape rents five different types of campervans. The rentals can sleep anywhere from two to five people and have seating for up to six people. One important thing to note is that not all models are available at all of the local rental locations, so be sure to check the available options based on your destination.

1. Jeep Camper

jeep camper escape campervan
jeep escape camper interior kitchen view

The Escape Jeep Camper’s automatic rooftop tent makes it easy to set up camp after a long day of exploring. The custom-built kitchen in the back of the Jeep Camper includes a 1-burner pullout stove, sink with a 3.5-gallon water tank, and efficient Dometic cooler.

2. Santa Cruz 2 Person Campervan

Escape Campervan Santa Cruz
santa cruz escape campervan interior

The popular Santa Cruz model sleeps up to two people in a double bed. It also has a full kitchen on board along with additional storage space.

3. Mavericks Campervan

mavericks escape campervan
mavericks escape campervan interior

The Mavericks model sleeps up to five people and has a queen bed with extra storage. A full kitchen is included in this van, which is roomier than the Santa Cruz.

4. Big Sur Campervan

escape campervans big sur model exterior
escape campervans big sur model fitout bed

The Big Sur model is similar to the Mavericks and also sleeps up to five people. The Big Sur is available at all Escape locations and is a popular option for families.

5. Newport Truck Camper

escape campervans truck camper exterior
escape campervans truck camper int

The Newport Camper sleeps up to three and has a kitchen as well. In addition, there is a bathroom onboard complete with a sink, toilet, and shower. If you are camping at a location with hookups, you can also have air conditioning and heat in this model.

All of the models are 2 wheel drive so driving on the beach is not recommended or you might get stuck!

With five unique options to choose from, you are sure to find a floor plan that meets your needs. If you are traveling with additional people, consider renting a tent or the optional rooftop sleeper for the camper van from Escape.

7. Great Reviews

Escape Campervans is becoming an industry leader in camper van rentals, thanks in part to their excellent customer reviews. Escape customers comment on the ease of the rental process, helpful customer service, and the wide variety of amenities available in each camper van.

We recommend reading a few reviews before booking any rental, and based on our research of Escape Campervans, you will be pleased with their service and products.

Check out these amazing reviews from Escape Campervan customers!

8. Excellent Rating with the Better Business Bureau

Whenever you do business with a company, it is a good idea to check their rating with the Better Business Bureau. Escape Campervans has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Renting from a trusted company will give you peace of mind during your vacation.

9. Unique Designs

escape campervans big sur model exterior artwork

One cool thing about Escape Camper Van rentals is that each van comes with its own unique artwork painted on the van. Escape Camper Vans are easily recognizable on the road and in campgrounds meaning you will never forget where you parked! The artwork is also a great conversation starter, which makes them perfect for connecting with other campers during your trip.

10. Excellent Insurance Coverage and Options

Before renting a camper van, check your own automotive insurance to see if you are covered for rental vans. Credit cards often offer rental vehicle coverage as well. Since many people are covered by their own insurance plans, it can be an unnecessary cost to pay for extra insurance protection on your camper van rental. Unlike other rental agencies, Escape does not require you to purchase their coverage if you have your own. This can save you several dollars a day compared to other rentals!

For those wanting the protection and peace of mind that comes from an insurance plan, Escape offers five different plans for customers to choose from. These plans range from $10 to 28 dollars per day, with the higher-priced plan covering absolutely anything and everything that could go wrong with your rental!

11. Escape Campervans are Easy to Drive and Park

If you are new to RV camping, it can be intimidating to drive and or park a large RV. With a camper van, you will have no problem driving, navigating tight turns and fitting into narrow parking spaces.

Having a camper van gives you maximum freedom and flexibility, as you are not limited to larger parking spots or campsites. Anyone can drive a camper van, and Escape allows anyone over 21 to drive the vans. Each rental comes with permission for up to four drivers, meaning everyone in your group can have a turn at the wheel.

12. If You Love the Escape Campervan, You Can Buy It!

Escape Campervans often sell some of the vehicles in their rental fleet. If you fall in love with your camper van rental and decide that van life is for you, ask about purchasing a camper van from Escape.

13. Easy Rental Process

Thanks to the internet, renting a camper van is now easier than ever. Escape Campervans has a well designed, user-friendly website that makes renting a breeze. Reservations can be made by visiting their website and booking online. You can also make a reservation with Escape Campervans by calling their toll free number.

Scheduled pick up times are from 1pm to 4pm and the return time is from 8:30am to 10am. There is no after hours drop off or pick ups or drop offs so be sure you have scheduled enough time for yourself to meet the guidelines or you could be charged for an extra day rental.

The van rentals do charge a reasonable amount for mileage but there is an unlimited miles option available for $35 per day.

When you rent a campervan from Escape, you will deal directly with the company. Escape provides assistance with travel planning as well as 24/7 customer support. Ask your agent for trip recommendations and planning assistance, and they are happy to help!

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