Private RV Rentals vs RV Dealers with Large Fleets

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Individual RV owners competing against RV dealers with large fleets, a marketing budget, and multiple RV listings for rent on multiple websites can find it intimidating to list their motorhome or travel trailer rental against these goliath companies.

Many people saw the incredible growth and expansion of the RV rental industry in early 2020. So, you bought an RV to capitalize on the current RV boom or are considering renting out your coach when you aren’t using it to offset ownership costs.

As an individual RV owner, you need to offer top-notch services, unique features, and exclusive travel packages to compete against RV dealers with large fleets.

Remember, RV dealers with large fleets may have more RVs. Therefore, they have more listings showing up in your city. Your advantage is that these large fleet RV dealers can also be inflexible, or the customer service may not be up to par.

So, here is YOUR opportunity to differentiate yourself from those big guys.

Apply Professionalism and Respond to Inquiries Rapidly 

Apply Professionalism and Respond to Inquiries Rapidly to compete against RV dealers with large fleets

Did you know that most customers buy more from a business with a short response time?

We all know that because everyone has their favorite stores and service providers.  We are in an instant gratification world with real-world stores and online marketplaces with overnight delivery services.

So why not extend that valuable service to people who want to rent your RV. Customers will pay more for better service. It is one way of keeping your customers happy, thus maximizing your revenue and beating the competition.

These families are shopping on multiple sites for their RV vacations. They will most likely go with the first person who responds. If you wait hours or days to respond, then you have to ask yourself;

How serious am I about RV renting as my side/main hustle? 

88% of customers expect a business entity to respond to their inquiry within 60 minutes, even though the average response time is usually 12 hours.

To achieve this, you can use your email auto-responder, time-based email alerts, or customer service software as solutions.

Avoid Last-Minute Cancelations With Lame Excuses 

Avoid Last-Minute Cancelations With Lame Excuses to compete against RV dealers with large fleets

Sometimes, failure to deliver RV services is acceptable, but you need a good explanation. Ghosting results in a loss of customers to the competition and a poor reputation for your RV business.

We live and die by our reputation industry. In the end, it is all we have. If you cannot deliver a customer’s rental booking, you are expected to promptly communicate to the customer. Isn’t that what you would want as a customer?

Keeping your word and being professional maintains your customer relationship and will increase good reviews and referrals. Overall, going silent or giving lame excuses to your customers is unacceptable as a business.

No one wants to give bad news, but it is still better than no news.

Treat RV Rentals Like a Business and Not a Hobby 

Treat RV Rentals Like a Business and Not a Hobby just like RV dealers with large fleets

What makes a business different from a hobby?

Emotional attachment. While a hobby thrives because of the level of emotions you pour into it, a business thrives because of effective strategies.

Understandably, your RV is your baby, and you have spent a lot of time, money, and effort to maintain your coach and develop your peer-to-peer RV rental business.

However, you need to make effective decisions in the interest of the business rather than in favor of your emotions.

So, look for metrics and analytics, business perspectives, research, and trends.

6 Ways to Upgrade Your RV Rental With an RV Care Package

Upgrade Your RV Rental With an RV Care Package to beat RV dealers with large fleets

Having small perks in your RV shows appreciation to your customers. The customers feel that you sincerely care. Think of these RV care packages as that basket of little things a hotel or bed and breakfast provide. The only difference is that yours is on wheels.

The perks can comprise of inexpensive touches that make your customers remember your RV rental services and refer others to you.

What are some perks that your RV care package should have?

1. Attention to Details

RV Care Package Attention to Details

If your RV rental appears as sleeping 5 on the listing, you should provide quality amenities for 5 individuals.

Your RV should have a full dining service setting and bedding for 5 people.

You should place the amenities in easy-to-find locations inside your RV, and everything should be clean. You can go over this with the guest during your walk-through check-in process.

Last, having metal or melamine camp dishes in your RV will allow your customers to focus on fun rather than taking care of the breakables. That also saves you from getting replacement dishes that get broken.

2. Attention to Toiletries

RV Care Packages Attention to Toiletries

Providing some small toiletries will go a long way in attracting and maintaining your RV Rental customers.

Even though it is not a business requirement, the provision of toiletries shows care to your customers and guarantees that your RV will have the appropriate RV-specific toiletries.

You can also provide a tube of toothpaste, hand wipes, soap, and a bathroom air freshener. Walmart and your local convenience store have sections of travel-size items that you can load up on cheaply. Dollar stores may have these travel items too.

3. Attention to Pets

Pay Attention to Pets in RV Care Packages

If your RV rental allows pets, you should provide accommodation baskets, water, and food bowls. Nicely packaged treats and toys for the furry family member(s).

You can also provide a pile of towels or wet wipe packages to wipe the animals’ paws will help keep dirt to the minimum in your RV.

Animal lovers will appreciate your services and keep on coming back for more.

4. Holding Tank Maintenance Products

RV Care Packages Should Have Holding Tank Maintenance Products

If you have any preferred items that you want customers to use in your RV, you should provide them. An RV toilet treatment and RV-safe toilet paper should be pre-stocked in the RV to avoid your renters using the wrong versions.

Also, provide nitrite disposable gloves to keep your renter’s hands sanitary when emptying the holding tanks.

If you prefer specific RV cleaners (non-toxic, organic, etc.), you must provide them and ensure that the renters won’t run out while traveling.

Last, provide simple printed instructions on how to use the specific items.

5. Provide a Welcome Basket

Provide a Welcome Basket with your RV Care Package

Having bottled water or a coffee station with small quantities of coffee, filters, creamer, and sugar leaves a legacy for your RV rental.

However, your welcome basket depends on your audience.

If you also run a home-based business that sells health products, from oils, lotions, cleaning products, or eatables, consider making a guest basket of those items which your guests can try during their trip and a card with re-order info.

You just earned a new customer for your other business. 

For a family, you can provide a kit of simple games, a s’mores kit, or a snack pack.

Having a bottle of wine is also a great idea that will entertain wine lovers.

When providing these products, remember to consider caffeine preferences, diet restrictions, and allergies to certain scents or food items. There are ways to accommodate everyone without going broke.

6. A Handwritten Note

Handwritten Note for RV Care Packages

You need to add a personal touch besides the other perks. Leaving a handwritten note makes your customers feel that you have interacted with them personally.

The note should thank the customers and wish them an enjoyable vacation. Therefore, your customers will feel your connection, return for more of your services, and provide referrals.

Listing on Facebook Marketplace

Listing on Facebook Marketplace like the RV dealers with large fleets do

The RV marketplace has become an omnichannel, thus providing you with several selling opportunities.

In 2018, over 800 million people used the Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell different products and services.

Not only will you achieve an extended reach when using the marketplace, but you will also offer personalized service to your customers.

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