Make BIG Money Renting Out Your RV or Camper in the San Francisco, CA Area!

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Making big money renting out RV is becoming more possible, and trendier, every year. 

Right now, in San Francisco, RVers are making a killing renting out their rigs.

Whether during your down-time or all year long, renting out your RV or camper can be a lucrative side-gig and can easily cover your RV payments, as well, to say the very least.

Can You Make Money Renting Your RV in San Francisco?

Absolutely! RVers are currently renting out their RVs in San Francisco with great success. San Francisco is loaded with tourist destinations as well as simply being a gorgeous part of California well worth seeing. That said, the city and its surrounding area are very popular among the RVing community.

The Golden Gate Bridge, the infamous prison Alcatraz, and many other world-famous destinations draw RVers to San Francisco each year. There are also several State and National Parks in the area that RVers enjoy including the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory. In addition, the area is littered with great RV parks like Treasure Island RV Park and Candlestick RV Park

Making money renting your RV for the night, weekend, week, or even month is quick and easy to do in San Francisco (with a bit of information and know-how – which is where we come in!). You can be raking in hundreds, even thousands, of dollars before the end of the season.

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How Much Can I Rent Out My RV for In San Francisco?

According to Outdoorsy, one of the most frequented RV rental sites on the internet, you can rent your RV out in San Francisco for approximately $100 to $349 dollars per night. That said, the price you can charge is determined by the class, model, and condition of your RV as well as many other factors.

For rentals that are extended, including weekly and monthly rentals (or longer), the nightly charge can still top $200 per night. While some RVs are listed for a lower nightly rate for longer rental periods you can still make a lot of income but with less hassle.

These prices, mentioned above, are of course estimated and are subject to change. That said, if you plan to make money renting your RV in San Francisco anytime soon, these numbers are accurate enough to give you a clear idea of the possible cash flow you’ll be getting into.

The best way to see how much you can rent your RV for is to see comparable RV or camper rentals in your area. You can simply visit Outdoorsy or RVshare and see how much RVs are renting for. You can also check out my article called 10 Best RV Rentals in San Diego – 2020 Hot Deals! to see how much others are charging for RV rentals.

Is There a Demand for RV Rentals in San Francisco?

Yes. There is an apparent demand for RV rentals in San Francisco at the moment, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. Quite the opposite, even though the RV rental listings in San Francisco seem to be growing by the season, there is still a shortage of RVs in comparison to the number of potential renters.

And, again, San Francisco is a beautiful part of California that folks from all over the world enjoy visiting. In other words, there is no shortage of tourists from around the world interested in renting your RV or camper.

Once you’ve taken the step of listing your RV in San Francisco, you should start to receive inquiries about renting your rig rather quickly. Many RVers even claim to have found renters in less than 24 hours once posting their rig online.

How Do I Find RV Renters in San Francisco?

Getting connected with potential renters for your RV in the San Francisco area is easier than you’d think. In fact, it couldn’t get much simpler. 

Start by familiarizing yourself with two websites; Outdoorsy and RVshare. Once you get a feel for how others are listing their rigs, and most importantly what a fair price for your RV is, its time to post a listing of your own.

When you’ve successfully listed your RV on Outdoorsy and RVshare you’ll be instantly connected with enough potential buyers to keep you busy as can be. In most cases, RV owners get enough inquiries about renting their RV that they can pick and choose who they’d prefer as customers.

Facebook groups and craigslist-type websites are of course additional options for listing your RV for rent in San Francisco. They aren’t as highly suggested though, due to the fact that vetting potential customers can be a bit trickier as you’re dealing with any potential renters on your own.

In comparison to Outdoorsy or RVshare, FB groups and craigslist are best as secondary options for posting your rental listing.

What are the Pitfalls of Renting My RV?

Renting your RV is quick, easy, and involves a good deal of positive cash flow. But, there are also a few common pitfalls to avoid when getting into the RV rental market. However, if you list your RV or camper with Outdoorsy and/or RVshare you will avoid many of these pitfalls.

Here are some of the disadvantages/set-backs to be aware of:

There Is a Chance of Theft

In any business that involves the renting of property, there is always the slight chance of theft involved. Even though the vast majority of customers will never steal from you, there are plenty who would.

For this reason alone you should remove all of your valuables and personal possessions from your RV before handing it over to customers for any period of time (even for overnight).

However, RVshare and Outdoorsy have excellent liability insurance which covers you against theft so if you list your RV with them you can avoid this problem.

That said, there are certain high-dollar items such as TVs and kitchen appliances that you will need to leave in your rig for your renters.

The catch-22 here is that the higher number of appliances and extras listed on your RV rental posting, the more potential customers you’ll receive inquiries from and the more money you’ll be able to expect for nightly charges as well.

Renting out an RV is a great way to make some extra money, even enough to make your RV payments. But, when dealing with renters, you will want to remove your valuables and possessions from your RV. 

RV rental insurance can help replace or reimburse you for the loss of your RV if it does happen to get stolen by renters.

Things Will Need Replacing More Often

Anyone who has owned property of any sort, be it home, vehicle, or some other lesser-valuable item, knows that common-place wear and tear is practically unavoidable. As an RV owner, you should be prepared to replace items and appliances from time to time to keep your rig in the best shape possible.

However, running an RV rental business, part-time or otherwise, may see your RV taking a bit more wear than you’d expect. The more renters that occupy your RV, the greater the chances are that something will be worn down, broken, lost, or stolen. 

Towels, cups, ashtrays, and other small items can have a funny way of being ruined or even disappearing, for example. In certain cases, a TV or small kitchen appliances such as a blender or toaster may even be broken or go “missing.”

RV rental insurance can help you rest easy when renters drive off in your RV. Whether the RV is stolen, or some of your stuff gets broken, you’ll be able to replace things and make necessary repairs without extra financial burden.

It’s also great practice in the RV rental business to take before and after photos of your RV before and after renters take it out and return it. This way, you have the recipes for your stuff and the photos to back-up the condition you claim they were in before being broken or stolen.

You Will Need to Clean More Often

While renting out your RV, you will most definitely need to clean it more often (and more deeply) than otherwise. It will need to be cleaned both before and after the renters pick it up and when they drop it back off. 

Many RV owners charge a cleaning fee in addition to the rental price and make additional income cleaning their RV or camper between each rental.

Taking the time to sort through your possible renters and choose the best ones can help in reducing the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do. But, regardless of how well you vet potential renters, some messy renters are eventually going to rent your RV (unless you’re extremely lucky!).

In the case that renters are extra messy with your RV, you’ll need to account for at least a couple of extra hours for deep cleaning in addition to the time it takes you to regularly clean the interior and exterior of your rig after it’s been in use.

All things considered, most renters are grateful for the RVing experience and respectful of the fact that they don’t own the RV. In other words, the average renter is going to clean up before they drop it off to you (which you should consider making part of the rental agreement in the first place, it’ll make your life a lot easier). 

There Is a Learning Curve Involved 

The RV rental business isn’t exactly a hard nut to crack, but it is one that takes a bit of time to learn thoroughly. Among the most critical aspects that will take a bit of learning to understand fully is RV rental insurance.

The biggest advantage to listing your RV or camper rental with Outdoorsy and RVshare is that they take care of all of the paperwork, insurance, security deposit, and rental payments.

The main action you need to take with regard to insurance is to just let your RV insurance company know you will be renting our your RV or camper.

Make sure that you contact multiple insurance outfits and ask for quotes and coverage details to get the best rate. You can also speak with friends, family, and other RVers who are already familiar with RV insurance.

You can check out Outdoorsy’s insurance here and RVshare’s insurance protection here. They offer outstanding liability coverage up to 1 million dollars!

There’s more to learning the RV rental business than strictly becoming familiar with the best RV insurance policy, however. For example, learning the best methods for posting your RV listings, as well as the best platforms to do so on, is also crucial.

Other important aspects of getting into the RV rental business that will require a bit of learning are finding out whether or not you need a special permit or license in your area to legally rent your RV as well as understanding how to create, and the importance, of your RV rental agreement contract.

The RV Rental Business Can Be Stressful

Stress can be another pitfall commonly associated with the RV rental business. At least in the beginning, before you get to know the ins and outs of renting your RV and of all that it entails, stress can be a pretty regular symptom.

There’s nothing to be alarmed about, however, as feeling a bit stressed out is par for the course. In fact, you should probably be worried if you don’t feel little stress when you first start renting your RV.

Factors that can lead to a rise in your stress levels, when you first begin your RV rental business include dealing with all the details needed for proper listings, finding the best insurance, creating and handling rental agreements, and more.

The upside to this pitfall is that, eventually, the stress lessens as the routine becomes normal business for you. Having the proper insurance, and speaking to others already renting an Rv, are two of the biggest steps you can make to reduce your stress levels early on in this endeavor. 

But, once the money starts rolling in, it can be a strong stress-reduce for most people!

Your RV Can Be Wrecked or Damaged

There is also the off-chance that your RV may be damaged or even wrecked while in the possession of a renter. Again, it is just these sorts of situations that the proper insurance comes in handy. 

Even though the odds of your RV being wrecked or damaged are quite real, they are also relatively low. In the case that something of the sort does happen, insurance will cover most incidents.

Making copies of the renter’s I.D. cards, as well as their personal information such as an address, place of work, and a reference or two, can also reduce the chance of your RV being driven with the sort of careless attitude which might result in a wreck.

Also, just know that you have their information, including contact information for their employers and references, the chances of your RV being stolen drop dramatically.

How to Maximize Your RV Rental Income

Forest River Vibe 21BH interior

Renting out your RV can be a great, and steady, supplement to your regular income. That said, there are more ways than one to increase the optimal amount of income you receive from your RV rental business.

Here are a few suggestions about how you can maximize your RV rental profits:

High-Quality Pictures

Taking the highest-quality pictures of your RV as you possibly can is a great way to ask for the most money-per-night out of your rig. The more potential renters can see while browsing the listing, the better chances that they’ll be interested enough to contact you.

Make sure that you photograph every area of your RV that’s humanly possible. Start with pictures of the exterior’s front, sides, and back, as well as the roof if possible. Next, go from area to area on the inside, taking your time, and snapping the best pictures that you can.

Clickable Rental Post Title

The more that your rental ad’s post title pops out at potential RV renters, the higher the chance that they’ll click-through and browse your listing. Just getting people to click on your rental post is the first step, make sure you don’t fumble so early on in the game by creating the best title you can think of.

A great title makes a person want to click the post almost before their brain ever realizes it. You can gather some ideas by browsing similar listings on Outdoorsy or RVshare before posting yours.

Remember, if the potential renters don’t click on your post title, they’ll never get the chance to see what you’re offering. Make sure it’s highly clickable if you want to make the most out of your RV rental business.

Clear and Precise Details

When posting your RV for rent make sure to add in as many details as possible. Having all of the proper details readily available for potential renters will do have of the selling for you (in some cases, it will seal the deal completely).

You can get a better idea of the sort of details others include in their posts by simply browsing a few and taking notes. Common details to include in your ad include RV length, weight, how much fuel it takes per mile, how many people it accommodates, and what appliances and extras come with the rental.

Fair and Accurate Pricing

The pricing on your RV rental advertisement is another crucial aspect to consider. If your price is too low, potential customers may get the wrong impression (as if the deal is too good to be true). On the other hand, if your price is too high, it’ll be passed right up for something similar at a more affordable price.

The best practice when it comes to RV rental pricing seems to be sticking within the general pricings already available in the area. You don’t want to make waves, just the money you deserve for renting out your rig.

Keep the Seasons in Mind

To make the most out of renting your RV, you’ll need to keep the seasons in mind for multiple purposes. 

Only you know which seasons you prefer to occupy your RV, and which seasons you plan to rent it out while it’s not in use. That said, it is wise also to consider the fact that during the warmer seasons, more potential renters will be crawling out of the woodwork to find an RV rental.

Spring and summer are the most popular times for renters to seek RVs for getaways. Though there are plenty of folks interested in renting one in autumn and even winter, you’ll receive the majority of your inquiries during the warmest times of the year (and when kids are out of school for the summer).

Provide Extras

Extras are one of the surest ways to safely get the highest value out of your RV rental. By adding coffee machines, flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, pick-up and drop-off services, utility racks, and more, you can ask a higher than average price.

More or less, the more comfortable and luxurious that your RV seems to be to customers, the higher of a price they’ll gladly pay without complaint.

You can also add on extra services such as guided tours of the area, waving the pre-drop-off cleaning requirement, or include a free tank of gas to get a little more out of your rental charge as well.

Ask For Reviews

After you get into renting your RV for money, you’ll start to receive reviews from customers. That said, when a customer is obviously pleased with the experience, you should ask them if they would be so kind as to give you a review. 

Just explaining how competitive the business is and how much it would help you is enough to persuade most people to leave a review, so don’t be shy in asking for one. They really do help in attracting more customers and eventually giving you the ability to raise your prices.

How to Get Started Renting Your RV in San Francisco

Getting started with renting your RV in San Francisco is as easy or hard as you make it. But, it really isn’t a complicated process if you take it slow and steady.

You can start by taking pictures of your RV and jotting down all of the measurements, features, and extras your RV is currently equipped with. Next, get to brainstorming for a great title to your first post.

In the meantime, you should be browsing plenty of RV listings in the area you plan to rent yours. Make sure you pay attention to class, model, and extras as well as the titles that popped out to you the most.

Keep in mind throughout the whole process that there is a bit of a learning curve required but if you stick you’ll be counting your rental cash in no time.

We highly recommend listing your RV or camper for rent with both Outdoorsy and RVshare to maximize your ability to rent out your RV for the highest price possible. Just click on the link pictures below to get started!

List Your RV, Airstream or Camper with Outdoorsy!

And Also List with RVshare

Do you currently rent an RV in San Francisco and have tips to share with our audience? Let us know in the comments section below.

Good luck getting your RV posted!


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