5 Best RV Golf Cart Carriers

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So, what’s an RV golf cart carrier? And what are the best RV golf cart carriers? 

Your motorhome makes traveling comfortable. An RV golf cart carrier makes traveling with your RV more convenient. If you’re considering an RV golf cart carrier, you may be curious about how they work with your RV. 

This article will look at golf cart carrier options that can be used on your RV. Also, you’ll learn how these carriers work. This way, you’ll know exactly what to look for when shopping for the best RV golf cart carrier.

What is an RV Golf Cart Carrier?

What is an RV Golf Cart Carrier

An RV golf cart carrier is an attachment that you can add to your RV (or some travel trailers) that allows you to carry a small vehicle like a golf cart. These add-ons are generally rear bumper mounted.

You’ll find that most golf cart carriers for your RV are either floating platforms or platform trailers. Trailer versions come with one, two, or four wheels. Some trailers can even handle towing an additional vehicle behind.

Wheeled RV golf cart carriers are designed to carry heavier loads than the floating platform types. 

What Are The Best Types of RV Golf Cart Carriers?

There are two broad categories of RV golf cart carriers; either wheeled or floating platform options.

Wheeled RV Golf Cart Carriers

Wheeled RV Golf Cart Carriers

Wheeled platform trailers allow you to haul heavier loads behind your RV. Remember, when we say heavier, we’re not talking about a full-size car. In this case, we’re talking about golf carts, motorcycles, or a larger UTV.

Another benefit to wheeled platforms is that you can put this RV golf cart carrier style behind your travel trailer. This is called double towing. 

Double towing is challenging, and not all states allow it. Wheeled platform golf cart carriers can also be towed by most full-size pick-ups and SUVs.

Floating Platform RV Golf Cart Carriers

Floating Platform RV Golf Cart Carriers

Floating platform golf cart carriers attach directly to your RV’s frame. Most popular carriers have hydraulic systems that raise and lower the platform for easy loading or unloading. Those without hydraulics come with ramps for loading your golf cart.

Floating platforms have a significantly lower carrying capacity compared to wheeled platforms. Additionally, you’ll find that these are generally made for 40-foot diesel Class A motorhomes only. The lift gets its strength from the fact that diesel pushers have 2 one-piece chassis supports running the entire length of the motor coach.

Can Your RV Tow the RV Golf Cart Carrier?

Can Your RV Tow an RV Golf Cart Carrier

Most Class A and Class C RVs can tow a good amount of weight. However, you need to know how much extra weight the RV can handle to pull a golf cart carrier.

You will need to know some weight values associated with your RV to find this value.

First, let’s talk about Maximum Towing Capacity. This value is usually printed in some location of your RV. The chassis or the inside of a door is the most common location. Maximum towing capacity is the heaviest weight your RV is designed for towing safely. 

If you can’t find the maximum towing capacity, this value can be calculated using the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). These values are usually found in the door of your RV, along with information such as tire pressure. 

The Maximum Towing Capacity is the Gross Combined Weight Rating minus the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. 

GCWR – GVWR= Max Towing Capacity

Once you know the Maximum Towing Capacity of your RV, you’ll need to know the weight of your golf cart and the carrier platform you’re using.

Your RV cannot handle the load if the golf cart and carrier weigh more than the Maximum Towing Capacity.

Never tow or carry more than the Maximum Towing Capacity of your RV. This can cause significant damage to the frame. It can also over-stress your RV’s engine and other components.

How Much Does the Average Golf Cart Weigh?

How Much Does the Average Golf Cart Weigh

Most golf carts weigh somewhere in the range of 500 to 1,200 pounds. The weight of a golf cart depends on a few factors, but the two most telling are fuel and modifications.

Gas-powered golf carts tend to be heavier than battery-powered ones. If you have added modifications to your golf cart, this can also add weight. The manufacturer of your golf cart should provide the base weight before any additional changes are made. 

Can I Tow a Trailer and an RV Golf Cart Carrier?

Can I Tow a Trailer and a Golf Cart Carrier

You can easily add the carrier and tow a trailer if you have the floating platform golf cart carrier. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best benefits of the floating platform RV golf cart carrier. 

With the floating platform, the golf cart carrier attaches directly to the frame of your RV. This leaves the tow hitch on the back bumper available for traditional ball hitch trailers. Just make sure that your RV has enough towing capacity for both.

Some people feel very confident about double towing. For example, if you have a fifth-wheel trailer, you can tow an RV golf cart carrier behind. We would recommend this option for experienced drivers only. 

Before you consider double towing, first find out if your state allows it, what the laws are, and if there are additional steps you have to take. The state of Michigan requires a particular driver’s license.

Can I Use RV Golf Cart Carriers to Haul an ATV?

Can I Use a Golf Cart Carrier to Haul an ATV

While they may be called “golf cart carriers,” they aren’t made just for golf carts. Whether wheeled or floating, the great thing about these small platforms is that they can haul small ATVs, UTVs, or motorcycles (including trikes). In addition, some larger RV golf cart carriers can haul smaller snowmobiles.

6 Best Features to Look for in RV Golf Cart Carriers

Best Features to Look for in a Golf Cart Carrier

When you are shopping for your RV golf cart carrier, there are some features that you should consider. 

Before you make any choices, know the specifications for towing your particular RV. This will play significantly into the type of golf cart carrier you select.

1. Lift Types

RV Golf Cart Carrier Lift Type

Lifts are most often found on floating platform carriers. The lift allows the platform to be lowered to the ground for loading. Then, when the golf cart is secure, the lift raises the platform off the ground. 

Most frequently, you’ll find a manual or fully electric lifts. Electric lifts raise and lower the platform with a push of a button. 

Manual lifts utilize a hand crank to raise or lower the platform. 

2. Weight Limit

RV Golf Cart Carrier Weight Limit

Look for RV golf cart carriers that have a listed weight limit. This value will tell you if the carrier can support your golf cart. Remember, those floating platform carriers have a lower weight limit than wheeled carriers.

Ideal weight limits for golf carts are between 750 and 1,200 pounds.

3. Platform Dimensions

RV Golf Cart Carrier Platform Dimensions

Look for golf cart carriers at least 5 feet by 8 feet. This platform size provides enough room for your golf cart. It also gives you enough space to secure your golf cart to the carrier. 

4. Tie Downs

RV Golf Cart Carrier Tie Down

Tie-down locations are essential to a quality RV golf cart carrier. These are reinforced places that are designed for attaching straps. Straps are used to secure your golf cart to the platform. 

Without good straps and solid tie-down points, your golf cart may come off the platform while traveling.

Ideally, your golf cart carrier should have four tie-down points. This will allow you to secure the front and back of your cart. 

However, having more points to secure the golf cart never hurts. Likewise, more tie-down points will be essential if you use your carrier to haul a couple of motorcycles.

5. Construction Materials

RV Golf Cart Carrier Construction Method

The type of materials that your golf cart carrier is made from depends on the type of carrier. For example, aluminum is an excellent material for floating platform golf cart carriers. Because aluminum is lightweight, it reduces the pressure on your RV’s frame.

Wheeled platform golf cart carriers are usually made from steel due to their strength and durability. Keep in mind that steel is heavier than aluminum. Ensure your RV can handle the trailer weight and your golf cart or another vehicle.

6. Campground Restrictions

RV Golf Cart Carrier Campground Restriction

Many campgrounds have rules where you can have your RV, one passenger vehicle, and a temporary structure like a screen-in tent for dining on your campsite. This doesn’t include your wheeled RV golf cart carrier.

Once you’re set-up, you may have to store it in their RV storage lot or guest parking area. Floating platforms fold up against the coach, so they don’t fall under the restriction.

Are RV Golf Cart Carriers with Wheels Best?

Is an RV Golf Cart Carrier with Wheels Best?

Wheeled RV golf cart carriers aren’t necessarily the best. Instead, you’ll want to select the RV golf cart carrier that best fits your needs and the capacity of your RV. 

You’ll want a wheeled RV golf cart carriers if you’re hauling more weight. They’re also excellent if you don’t need to tow another vehicle.

Floating platforms are ideal if your golf cart is smaller. In addition, the floating platform option is ideal for hauling your golf cart and flat towing your car. They’re also great if you just don’t want to deal with towing a trailer. 

Will RV Golf Cart Carriers Harm MY RV’s Suspension?

Will an RV Golf Cart Carrier Harm MY RV’s Suspension

If you’ve done the proper research before buying your RV golf cart carrier, no harm should come to the RV’s suspension. Most Class A RVs have substantial suspensions that can handle the added weight. 

If adding an RV golf cart carrier to your Class C motorhome, you must be mindful of the maximum towing weight. You’re in good shape if your golf cart carrier and cart weigh less than the maximum towing weight. 

Remember, never tow more than the maximum towing weight of your vehicle. This can damage both the suspension and the engine. 

5 Best RV Golf Cart Carriers

1. Mighty Hauler 1200G RV Golf Cart Carriers

RV Golf Cart Carrier Mighty Hauler 1200G
  • Type: Floating Platform
  • Weight Limit: 1,200 lbs.
  • Compatible Vehicle: Class A
  • Campsite Restricted: No

The Mighty Hauler 1200G golf cart carrier is a simple-to-use cart carrier that allows you to bring your golf cart and car anywhere. 

This golf cart carrier is designed to hold up to 1,200 pounds, making it perfect for golf carts or even trike motorcycles. In addition, the Mighty Hauler 1200G allows you to drive your cart on and off without needing to back it up or down. 

This platform carrier has a standard 2-inch receiver on the back, making it easy to flat-tow up to 5,000 pounds from the carrier instead of adding a third hitch to your RV.

2. Mighty Hauler 750P Cricket Personal Mobility Carrier 

RV Golf Cart Carrier Mighty Hauler 750P Cricket
  • Type: Floating Platform
  • Weight Limit: 750 lbs.
  • Compatible Vehicle: Class A, Class C, Some 5th Whl, 3/4 Ton Trucks
  • Campsite Restricted: No

The Mighty Hauler 750P Cricket is one of the smaller RV golf cart carriers you can put on your RV. This carrier is made for “cricket” size golf carts or mobility scooters. 

However, it can also function as a storage platform should you need extra storage space. The deck of the 750P comes in manual hydraulics or fully electric. 

The platform with ramps lowers entirely to the ground for effortless loading your golf cart or scooter. 

This small golf cart carrier makes flat towing a car behind your RV a non-issue with the addition of a three-point hitch.

3. HydraLift Golf Cart Lift

Hydralift RV Golf Cart Carrier
  • Type: Hydraulic Floating Platform
  • Weight Limit: 1,100 lbs.
  • Compatible Vehicle: Diesel Class A
  • Campsite Restricted: No

The HydraLift golf cart lift is a fantastic RV golf cart carrier if you also want to tow a vehicle behind your RV. 

This lift is an ultra-light aluminum carrier for hauling smaller vehicles like golf carts, motorcycles, and ATVs. The electric hydraulic lift makes loading your golf cart simple. 

The operation of this lift is so easy it requires only one person. When the lift is set in travel mode, it’s high enough that you can easily flat-tow your car or SUV behind your RV. 

This lift also raises your golf cart higher than most other golf cart carriers, so you don’t have to worry about clearance with this platform carrier.

4. Freedom Hauler RV Golf Cart Carriers 

Freedom Hauler 8-Foot RV Golf Cart Carrier
Freedom Hauler 8-Foot Wheeled ATV and RV Golf Cart Carrier
  • Type: Wheeled Platform
  • Weight Limit: 2,400 lbs.
  • Compatible Vehicle: Class A, Class C, Fifth-Wheel, Full-Size Truck, SUV
  • Campsite Restricted: Yes
Freedom Hauler 10 Foot RV Golf Cart Carrier
Freedom Hauler 10-Foot Wheeled RV Golf Cart Carrier
  • Type: Wheeled Platform
  • Weight Limit: 2,300 lbs.
  • Compatible Vehicle: Class A, Class C, Fifth-Wheel, Full-Size Truck, SUV
  • Campsite Restricted: Yes

Freedom Hauler is one of the market’s most popular toy hauling trailers. They make a full range of toy hauler products that handle anything from your golf cart to some larger UTVs on the market. 

The great thing about the Freedom Hauler line of products is that they’re built to order. So you can customize your trailer to fit your particular golf cart or RV. 

One of the nice things about this trailer is that it can be free-standing, thanks to four corner-mounted feet. The 8-foot and 10-foot Freedom Haulers are the most practical for golf carts.

5. CruiserLift Swivelwheel 58 Dual Wheel Carrier 

CruiserLift Swivelwheel 58 Dual Wheel RV Golf Cart Carrier
  • Type: Wheeled Platform
  • Weight Limit: 1,200 lbs.
  • Compatible Vehicle: Class A, Class C, Fifth-Wheel, Full-Size Truck, SUV
  • Campsite Restricted: Yes

The Swivelwheel 58DW is an excellent cart carrier option if you want to bring something larger than your standard golf cart. 

The two ramp options simplify loading your golf cart. In addition, the ramps installed at the back of the trailer function as a bit of added security for your golf cart. 

The Swivelwheel 58DW is heavy-duty enough that it’s perfect for motorcycles, side-by-side ATVs, and golf carts.

Final Thoughts on RV Golf Cart Carriers

Final Thoughts on Golf Cart Carriers

Now you know a bit about the best RV golf cart carriers. Golf cart carriers are a great addition to your RV. They allow you to enjoy some freedom from your RV. 

They also allow you to bring fun toys like ATVs and motorcycles on your journey. Whether platform or wheeled, a golf cart carrier for your RV makes traveling more convenient and fun.


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