Small RV Rentals: Hot Deals on a Small, Mini or Compact RV

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If you are planning an RV road trip or campground getaway, a small RV rental is a fun, convenient, and economical option. A small RV is a huge step up from tent camping.

In nearly all mini RV rentals, you will have a bed, a bathroom, and even a tiny kitchen.

While some of the smallest RVs offer just a basic bed, this still gives you protection from the elements and makes your RV adventure more comfortable. 

Another plus of renting a small RV is that smaller RVs are more budget-friendly. At nearly half the cost per night of larger RVs, you can save a ton by going small! Also, smaller RVs cost less to drive as they use a lot less gas than larger rigs.

A small RV rental is also a better deal than booking a hotel room. Mini RV rentals are usually much less per night than staying in an average priced hotel room almost anywhere in the country. In many small RV models, you will have access to a kitchen. Since dining is one of the most significant expenses on vacation, having a place to prepare food will save you lots of money as well.

Types of Small RVs

There are many types of small RV rentals available to try out. From ultra mini camper rentals like teardrops to small motor home rentals like Class B and C RVs, you have plenty of options!

Here’s a brief list of the different types of small RV rentals to help you narrow down your search.

  • Teardrop camper rentals: best for solo campers or couples. These mini campers are very tiny! Many have only sleeping space, but larger teardrop trailers have sleeping space, seating, and a wet bath too.
  • Pop-up camper rentals: best for solos, couples, or small families who want an upgraded tent camping experience.
  • Truck camper rentals: these tiny campers slide into the bed of a pickup truck. Best for solos or couples with a heavy duty truck with tons of towing power.
  • Class B RV rentals: this is the smallest type of drivable RV. These souped-up campervans are easy to drive and have all the amenities of a larger RV.
  • Class C RV rentals: these drivable RVs are characterized by a cab-over space above the driver seat. They come in many sizes and have a great driving experience. Plus all the amenities of larger RVs! Great for families.
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Drivable Small RV Rentals

When choosing a small RV rental, you have several different options. Selecting the best rig for your trip will depend on several factors, including your budget, your family size or the number of people you need to sleep in your camper, and the amenities you are looking for in a rental. Keep these factors in mind when considering the best small RV option for you.

The options below are all drivable small motor home rentals. You will not need a tow vehicle to haul these RVs, which makes them a very convenient choice for your vacation. There are even some small luxury RVs to choose from.

Small Campervan and Class B RV Rentals

Class B Campervan small rv rental

Class B RVs or Campervans are converted vans. The great thing about Class B RVs is that they can usually fit in a regular parking spot and are easy to drive. You won’t have any problem navigating cities or national parks with these compact RVs. 

While Camper Vans Class B RVs are smaller, many pack a big punch in terms of amenities. Updated finishes, small kitchens, and even bathrooms can be found in many of these rentals. Most bathrooms onboard camper vans are wet baths. This means that the shower and toilet are in one shared space. Consider whether this will work for you before booking a camper van.

The convenience of having a bathroom as well as some kitchen space onboard makes camper vans an excellent small RV option. We recommend this size RV for one or two people. 

Small Class C RV Rentals

class c small rv rental

A Class C RV is what most people think of when they imagine an RV or motorhome rental. There are usually one to two beds, with one bed over the front seat of the vehicle. Class C RVs offer the most space among small RV rentals and can sleep between 4 to 6 people. Some even have slides, which expand your space even more.

With a kitchen, small dining, or sitting area and bathroom, these rigs are perfect for two to four people. Many Class C RVs will also pull a car, which is helpful if you want a smaller vehicle for exploring the area.

Truck Camper Rentals

truck camper small rv rental

The smallest and often most affordable drivable campers to rent are truck campers. These are trucks with a hard-sided camper installed in the bed of the truck. Truck campers usually have a bed and a small kitchen, along with a bathroom. Easy to drive, truck campers are an excellent option for one of two people.

Roof Top Tent Rentals for Cars and SUVs

small rv rental rooftop tent

If you are simply looking for a dry, flat place to roll out your sleeping pad or mattress, renting a rooftop tent may be your best bet. These low-cost tents are excellent for off the grid camping. If you can find a place to park your car, you automatically have a place to pitch your tent. Many rooftop tents come with special features such as battery packs or mattresses. Rooftop tents are best for 1 to 2 people.

Towable Small RV Rentals

Towable RVs are a great option if you have a truck or SUV for towing. Some smaller towable RVs, such as teardrop campers, can be pulled with pretty much any vehicle. Because you are providing the vehicle, the price for these rentals is typically less than the cost of a drivable RV rental. 

And as an FYI, many owners of towable RVs are willing to deliver the trailer to your campsite and set it up for you. This way you can still rent a towable RV even if you can’t tow one!

Travel Trailer Rentals

travel trailer small rv rental

Travel trailers are RVs that you tow with another vehicle. You will need a truck or SUV to haul most travel trailers. Travel trailers vary widely in size, with some as small as eight to ten feet and others up to thirty feet or more. Travel trailers are great for families and larger groups. It is best if you have some towing experience if you plan to rent a travel trailer.

FYI – Many Travel Trailer owners are willing to deliver and set up your travel trailer rental in case you don’t have a vehicle that can tow one.

Pop Up Camper Rentals

small pop up camper rental

A great economical option for your vacation rental is a pop-up camper. These lightweight campers can be towed with an SUV or even some cars. Pop-ups have all the necessary amenities you would need for your camping trip. 

While some pop-ups are made of canvas, exposing you to the elements, many are hard-sided and offer more protection from the great outdoors. Pop up campers can sleep up to five or six people depending on the layout. 

Tear Drop Camper Rentals

tear drop rental

For the ultimate in small RV camping, try a teardrop trailer. These cute, compact campers are usually bare-bones, with most having only a bed inside. However, some slightly larger teardrop trailers have a small bathroom, as well.

The best part about teardrop campers is that they are really lightweight and very easy to tow. Nearly any vehicle can pull a teardrop camper, making them great for gas mileage. You can also get them into smaller campsites where bigger rigs can’t go! Because of their small size, we recommend teardrop campers for one to two people.

Small RV Rental Prices

Now that you have selected a small RV type that works for you let’s consider the cost. The prices below are estimates for each RV type. Keep in mind that depending on the make and model of the rig, the actual cost may be more or less than the rates listed below. But you can expect to pay less for a weekly rv rental than the per day rate.

Other factors that will impact the cost of your rental are the pickup location, time of year of your rental, and length of the rental. Renting during the off-season means a much better deal on all small RV rentals.

Many RV owners will discount their nightly rates if you rent the RV for a week or more. If you plan to rent an RV for a week or more and no discounted price is listed, ask the RV owner in a message. You may be surprised at how often they will accommodate your request! 

This table has small RV rental prices per day and small RV rental prices per week.

Type of RVDaily RateWeekly Rate
Class B/Campervan$125 to $200$750 to $1,400
Class C$150 to $225$1,000 to $1,600
Truck Camper$100 to $175$650 to $1,200
Roof Top Tent$40 to $75$250 to $350
Travel Trailer$100 to $175$600 to $1,200
Pop Up Camper$50 to $100$300 to $600
Tear Drop Trailer$50 to $100$300 to $600

Where Can I Find The Best Small RV Rentals?

Are you ready to rent your perfect (and affordable) RV and tour the United States’ best State Parks, National Parks, and Landmarks? Outdoorsy offers the best deals on tons of fantastic small RVs and travel trailers. Outdoorsy partners with RV owners to rent out their awesome travel trailers and RVs.

Renting a small RV from Outdoorsy is great because you can choose the exact rig you want. Because you are renting directly from the owner, you will often find more unique features and amenities than you would in a corporate RV rental. 

Outdoorsy even offers a delivery option if you want the convenience of having your RV delivered to your campsite! And some owners even offer unlimited miles and one way RV rentals. You are also protected by Outdoorsy’s world-class insurance and 24/7 customer support. 

Search RV Rentals Outdoorsy

To get started and find your perfect RV rental, go to and enter your rental location and preferred dates for your trip. You can filter your search by entering any amenities or special needs that you have. For example, you can search for teardrop style trailers or Class C RVs that sleep five. You can also search for rentals that include amenities such as dishes and linens.

Next, you can filter by price, the number of people the trailer can accommodate and reviews. Because Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer rental service, it is a good idea to only look at rentals from owners with four or five-star reviews. You will be surprised at the number of five-star reviews you will find on the website.

No matter which RV you choose, we hope you have a great time on your RV vacation!

Best Websites To Find Small RV Rentals

There are many platforms where you can find small RV rentals, but we highly recommend finding an RV for rent by owner. Renting an RV from a private owner gives you the best (and most unique) RV rental experience, and often at a much better price than through a big company.

Think of it like AirBnB for RVs – owners list their RVs for rent, you can browse and find the ones you like, and then choose to pick them up or have them delivered! Here are our favorite websites for finding small RVs for rent by owner.

  1. Outdoorsy
  2. RVShare
  3. RVEzy
  4. RVnGo

Top 5 Small RV Rental Vacation Destinations!

1. Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas is the number one destination to rent an RV. It attracts many RV vacationers every year because of its convenient proximity to so many amazing locations. You can fly into Las Vegas, which is usually a cheap flight, rent an RV, and head off to:

  • Joshua Tree National Park ( 3 Hours)
  • Sequoia National Park (6 Hours)
  • Death Valley National Park (2 Hours)
  • Zion National Park  (2.5 Hours)
  • Grand Canyon National Park (4 Hours)


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2. Houston and Dallas, TX

reunion tower dallas tx

Dallas and Houston TX are great spots to begin an RV vacation. You can visit the country music capital of Austin, TX, or head to the beaches of Galveston or Corpus Christi!


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3. Denver, CO

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Denver has tons of great attractions for an epic RV adventure! Check out  Rocky Mountain National Park, attend a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, or drive the Mount Evans Scenic Byway! Plus Colorado has some gorgeous campgrounds too!


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4. Los Angeles and San Diego, CA

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Southern California has the most beautiful weather in the entire USA! And the Landscapes and Beach scene make it unbelievably unique. You can visit, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, or cruise the PCH all the way North past San Francisco! It is a great area for an awesome RV Rental vacation.


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5. Orlando, FL

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Disney World is a huge vacation destination for RV families with kids…and grandparents too! There are lots of fantastic campgrounds in the Orlando area, including Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground!


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Great Destinations for RV Rentals

RV Rentals by Type

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