Aqua Soft RV and Marine Toilet Tissue

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When it comes to Toilet Tissue softness is the biggest concern for most folks. We have tried several toilet tissues and Aqua Soft seems to be the best we have found. Definitely, a must have for your new camper or travel trailer.

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Aqua Soft is a special toilet tissue that dissolves quickly and is perfect for RV and boat recirculating toilets. It’s sold in 4 pack and each roll contains 500 2-ply biodegradable sheets.

Key Features:

  • Quickly Dissolves so it won’t gum up your black tank.
  • It’s specifically made for RV and boat recirculating toilets
  • Each roll contains 500 sheets
  • Aqua Soft is Biodegradable
  • Each Pack contains 4 rolls


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