Multi-Functional Water Bottle

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The Aquabot is an awesome water bottle and it requires no batteries! Just pump it up to spray, mist or shower. We really love this water bottle! It’s just so convenient when a hose or outdoor shower isn’t available!

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Aquabot is the most fun and functional water bottle in the world. LUNATEC’s Aquabot is a water bottle that uses high pressure to create many spray patterns like stream, shower, spray, and mist. Aquabot makes using a water bottle for a variety of functions easy and convenient. And, it’s BPA free and requires no batteries.

Key Features:

  • It features four spray settings: Shower, Stream, Spray, and Mist.
  • You can switch between STEALTH and PULSE modes to control the water pressure.
  • It’s BPA free
  • It can spray water more than 25-feet.
  • You can use just the right amount of water by employing the Variable flow control trigger.
  • There are two attachment points for lanyards.
  • It works right side up or upside down
  • It’s battery free. To build up pressure just pump it up!
  • Aquabot is easy to clean and very durable.

You can use Aquabot Water bottles for rinsing off,  cool misting, and drinking. Just pump it up to build the pressure and turn the nozzle to choose between mist, shower or stream and spray.
Aquabot is perfect for camping, hiking, tailgating, hunting, fishing and more.
Aquabot also includes a 6-month warranty!


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