RV Wheel Chocks

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The Tri-Lynx Wheel Chocks work together with the Tri-Lynx Leveling Blocks to ensure that you’ll hit the top of the stack every time! We also like them because they are bright orange so we don’t leave them behind when we break camp.

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Lynx Stop ‘N Chocks include 2 chocks per box. Leveling your RV has never been easier because Tri-Lynx offers the only self-positioning guide. Now you’ll hit the top of the stack each time. They are the ideal assistant for your original Lynx Levelers. Just place the Stop -N Chock on a stack of Lynx Levelers, butt the stack up to the wheels, slowly idle your RV to the top of the stack until you Stop -N Chock. It’s that easy! They are tough and durable and simple to clean.  8.5 inch x 8.5 inch x 6 inch.


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