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Volume 1 – Issue 3

In this issue…

In this issue, we meet Chad and Tara Florian, from Changing Lanes. Chad and Tara have been full-time RVers for over 3 and a half years. They have a fantastic YouTube channel with lots of “How To” and RV lifestyle videos. We had the chance to meet and interview them in this month’s issue. They have so much to share about their adventures on the road. We even learned about Chad’s other love interest and Tara’s acceptance of this love triangle.

We also feature an article about Phil and Shar Roos from A Year to Volunteer (AY2V). They wanted to serve a purpose while they RV all around the country. And guess what? It’s turning into a movement! Check out our article about how they team up with RVers from all walks of life to make a real difference through volunteer work.

Ever heard of a Skoolie? It’s a school bus that has been converted into an RV! And in this month’s RV Renovation section, we catch up with The Lost Bells who converted a school bus into a custom Class A motorhome. You’ll see how Colby and Emily Bell took advantage of the COVID Curfew, making a dream RV for their family of five!

In our Are We There Yet? department, we meet Mr. and Mrs. Adventure, who have traveled around the world and the U.S. twice. They take us along on their epic journey through Glacier National Park! Drew and Brittany are accomplished hikers who take on some of Glacier’s backcountry trails head-on!

The National RV Training Academy teaches us some valuable info in our Nuts and Bolts section. Sometimes you will notice that the extension cord connecting your RV to the shore power station can get very hot while in use, making it a potential fire hazard! The NRVTA is an excellent resource for all RVers. These guys are real pros, and they are committed to training people how to use their RVs safely!

And finally, we will feature some delicious RV camping recipes that will save you time and money! 

Volume 1 – Issue 2

In this issue…

In this issue, we meet Peter Knize and John Sullivan, the RVgeeks. Peter and John have been full-time RVers for almost 20 years now! They have a great YouTube channel with lots of “How To” videos, and their website is full of helpful content too! We had the chance to meet and interview them in this month’s issue! Their Q&A is really a great read!

We also feature an article about the best types of RVs for fuel-efficiency. It seems like every summer, gas prices increase, and we expect the same this year, but for very different reasons. Brian Newman does a great job exploring each type of RV to maximize your gas mileage!

Along the same vein, we have an excellent article from Mark Polk at RV Education 101! Mark is an RV industry expert with years of experience. His article and YouTube video show you how to drive and maintain your rig to maximize your MPG.

Our “Are WE There Yet” department features a terrific article about the State Parks in Michigan. Is there a more beautiful place to retreat from the summer heat than Michigan? Ari and Jessi Adler of Trekers.org visited all 103 State Parks in Michigan. In their article, you will find the perfect parks to enjoy, from beach locations to amazing waterfalls.

In our Nuts and Bolts section, the National RV Training Academy provides some beneficial tips for maintaining your RV batteries! NRVTA is an excellent resource for all RVers. These guys are real pros, and they are committed to training people how to service their RVs properly!

We also have an RV Renovation article from RV Inspiration. You’ll see how a couple renovated a 2015 Highland Open Range 319RLS from beginning to end. The renovation completely changed this 5th wheel, and the pictures are gorgeous!

And finally, we will feature some delicious dessert recipes you can make while camping in your RV! 

Volume 1 – Issue 1

In this issue…

Meet Phil and Stacy from You, Me and the RV! You have probably seen Phil and Stacy on YouTube. We interviewed them all about full time life on the road, what it’s like to be a YouTuber and how they maintain a sense of community on the road!

Considering a trip to one of the Big 5 National Parks in Utah? This inspiring story from Stu Gold of BeginRV.com will motivate you to plan your trip to these amazing parks.

Ever wonder if EV Trucks will be able to haul a travel trailer or 5th wheel…or if there will be an EV RV someday? Brian Newman from RVBlogger reviews all of the EV pickup trucks hitting the market and also some very futuristic campers. The future is NOW!

Wanna spruce up your camper and make it your home away from home? Katie Nathey from MountainModernLife.com shows you how to transform your camper into a cozy home on wheels!

Propane Not Flowing? The National RV Training Academy shows you what to do when you are experiencing “propane lock out”!

Ever use an Instant Pot in your RV? We found 5 mouth watering recipes you can make with your instant pot while camping!

And much more…

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  5. Great magazine with lots of helpful tips. Is there a way to save any of the articles or copy them so I can paste them into OneNote for future reference? I use OneNote to keep my growing list of RV information available to me in case I don’t have Internet access.


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