We created The RVBlogger Scholarship Fund, Inc. to help serve the needs of the RV community in the immediate future and for decades to come.

Our slogan, “Helping RVers Today and Tomorrow”, embodies the mission of our organization which is to serve the immediate needs RV community by providing scholarships to individuals interested in becoming RV Service Technicians, and long term needs by providing scholarships to individuals interested in STEM studies and specifically in the environmental sciences.

Our goal is to raise funds from our business partners and individuals within the RV community to provide as many $1,000 dollar scholarships as possible to individuals pursuing a career as an RV Service Technician or as an Environmental Scientist.

We feel that this goal serves the needs of the RV community in two very impactful ways.

  1. In the short term, we can help train as many RV Service Technicians as possible to handle this immediate need due to the explosion of RV Sales in the past year.
  2. In the long term, we can encourage students to train to become environmental scientists to preserve and protect our amazing natural environment and wildilfe populations for RVers to enjoy for years to come.

How Can You Help?

Please help us to spread the word to the RV community!

1. Share this Info with Your Social Media Contacts and Camping Groups

Sharing is Caring! Please help us get the word out any way you can! Please post on social media to your friends, groups and clubs that you belong to!

2. Share this Info with Friends or Family Members Who Need a Scholarship

Inform individuals who are pursuing a college degree in Environmental Science or a career as an RV Service Technician about the scholarship fund and encourage them to apply here!

3. Donate to the RVBlogger Scholarship Fund, Inc.

The more people who donate the more scholarships we can give away!

If you ever needed an RV repair and had to take your RV to a repair facility you realize how underserved the RV community is in this area. The average time an RV repair takes to complete is over 3 weeks!

We also need to preserve our existing public lands and wildlife more than ever so we all have great places to camp and enjoy nature well into the future.