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RVBlogger is a website and YouTube Channel that teaches people all about RVs and the RV Lifestyle.


We bought the domain name RVBlogger in 2018 and the website took off very quickly! Our website went live on December 1st, 2018 and in our first 12 months, we have achieved over 1 Million page views! In 2020 we had over 2.7 million page views! Who knows what 2021 holds but we are hoping for the best!

In September of 2019, we launched our YouTube Channel. We were very fortunate to have the YouTube Channel take off very quickly, as well. We had over 307,000 views and gained over 5,200 subscribers in our first 90 days! As we begin 2021 we enter the year with over 3.5 million views!

We take great pride in demonstrating to our audience what we do when we RV. And we share this info with our audience through well-researched blog posts and through our YouTube videos where we try to combine information and entertainment.

We also provide honest reviews of products and services that we actually use. We will only recommend a product or service if we use it ourselves. We are asked to endorse products all the time and we turn down most offers. If we don’t use it, and like the product, we just can’t recommend it.

In mid-2019 we completed a major redesign of the RVBlogger website. Our goal was to create the fastest most user-friendly website possible. While we did improve the website mobility we still felt that the site should be faster and after several attempts at increasing the site speed, we decided to change the website theme and improve site speed for desktop and especially mobile.

Today, RVBlogger continues to focus on creating relevant helpful content for our blog readers and our YouTube audience.

To learn more about Mike and Susan, the founders of RVBlogger please visit our About Mike and Susan Page.


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