About Mike and Susan

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We share all of the things we learned to make RVing easy, fun, exciting, convenient, affordable, and organized, as well as, how we are shifting control in our lives so we can escape the world of conformity to live the life we choose to live.

About Mike and Susan

Why We Started RV Blogger

Hello! We are Mike and Susan Scarpignato and we have been RVing together for the past 5 years! We are 3/4 timers and we spend about 9 months a year on the road in our Class A Thor Challenger motorhome. We also own a Class C Gulf Stream Conquest! So we currently own two motorhomes! In addition, Susan has also owned a pop-up camper and a travel trailer.

We are also the owners of three websites. You are currently on our biggest website called RVBlogger.com and we also own and operate TravelTrailerPro.com and MotorhomeFAQs.com.

In addition, we also create video content on our YouTube channel, also called the RVBlogger YouTube Channel.

And finally, we also run our Private Facebook Group called RV Camping for Newbies.

We also owned and operated a digital/video e-magazine called RV Camping Magazine but we sold it to the fine folks over at RV Today.

We started RV Blogger 5 years ago as a way to share all of the information we learned over the years with other folks who are interested in RVing. We really enjoy trying out new gear, learning how things work, researching products, information and ideas to make the best decisions.

But we also think that RV Life is much more than just how to live in an RV. It’s also about the freedom to live the life you want to live. We also knew that we wanted to help people to live life on their own terms, hence the tag line shift ctrl & esc under our logo.

A friend of my daughter’s came up with the idea of “shift control” while working on a logo which combined RVing and Blogging. (It’s not easy to combine RVing and Blogging into a picture by the way) Eventually, we came up with three computer keys that say it all: shift, control, &, escape. And all of a sudden we had the perfect message.

So, in addition to sharing all of the things we learned to make RVing easy, fun, exciting, convenient, affordable and organized, we also want to share how we are shifting control in our lives so we can escape the world of conformity to live the life we choose to live.

Our hope is that you can learn and benefit from our experiences too!

To learn more about the RVBlogger Website and YouTube Channel please visit the About RVBlogger Page.

Mike of RVBlogger

About Mike

Hi, I’m Mike Scarpignato

I’ve been tent camping, fishing and hiking my entire life. I swore I would never camp in an RV. Well, six years ago Susan talked me into trying it and I fell in love with RVing! (She has talked me into many other things as well by the way)

As a single Dad, I raised two beautiful daughters. I took them camping and traveling all throughout their childhoods. My oldest daughter has traveled the US, Mexico and Europe and my youngest daughter is traveling the western US.

After meeting Susan and then RVing together I became hooked! (On her and Rving!) I love RVing so much that I left my full-time corporate job to become a full-time RV Blogger. We currently own two RVs, and we travel around the country almost full-time. I guess we are what are called 3/4 timers.

About Susan

Hi, I’m Susan McDonald

I have been camping my entire life. I even lived in a travel trailer with my family for a period of time during my childhood. As a single mother of two beautiful daughters, I wanted them to experience that same pleasure I had from travel and camping.

In 2002 I purchased a pop-up trailer, which I loved, but it proved to be a bit too much work for one person to set up. The following year I traded it in for a travel trailer, which we enjoyed for many years.

Mike and I met a few years ago and we have enjoyed traveling and RVing together more than ever. We currently own a 24’ Gulfstream Conquest Class C motorhome and a 39′ Thor Challenger Class A motorhome.

We also run our three websites called RVBlogger.com, TravelTrailerPro.com, MotorhomeFAQs.com. We also own the RVBlogger YouTube channel where we conduct hundreds of RV tours and together and enjoy our life together.

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