7 Best Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens

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Before outdoor kitchens, cooking outside meant firing up the portable stove or barbecue. If you didn’t burn yourself or the food, you could have a pretty good meal. Anything more complex required a balancing act that required cooking inside and getting it to the picnic table outside without tripping. 

Outdoor kitchens have given people the ability to cook without missing the action outside. RV manufacturers have installed these secondary kitchens on almost every category of RV (they’re still working on class B and truck campers). We’ll show you 7 of the best travel trailers with outdoor kitchens and their benefits.

  1. nuCamp [email protected] CS-S Teardrop Camper
  2. Opus Campers OP4 Pop-up Camper
  3. Coleman Lantern 244BH Travel Trailer
  4. Keystone Outback 291UBH Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer
  5. Grand Design Reflection 28BH Fifth Wheel
  6. Jayco Redhawk 25R Class C Motorhome
  7. Coachmen Miranda 32SS Class A Motorhome

What’s Included in an RV Outdoor Kitchen

Each manufacturer has its own unique focus, but there are many common features you’ll find in outdoor kitchens. If this is an important feature for your camping lifestyle, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Cabinetry and drawers for cooking and dining ware
  • Electric or propane stovetops
  • Small or tall dorm-sized refrigerators
  • Sinks with hot and cold faucets
  • Permanent or pullout countertops for food preparation
  • Propane quick connect lines to attach stoves, barbecues, or other cooking devices
  • Electric outlets to connect coffee makers or crockpots
  • Bumper mounted arms to attach grills
  • Entertainment centers with TVs, outdoor speakers, and media centers

Advantages of Cooking With an Outdoor Kitchen

There are many advantages to cook outside. Outdoor kitchens will keep you among the action with your friends and family. Tailgater can keep their favorite dishes warm and grab refreshments without having to go inside. 

These secondary kitchens make the cooking experience easier since you don’t have to carry things in and out of your RV. If you’re cooking fish or something that has an intense odor, no one has to suffer that night from the after-effects of the smell. 


If you are considering buying a travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen it would be wise to learn how to negotiate and save thousands on your purchase. The best course I have seen on how to find and buy the right RV is from RVEducation101. Their online video course called How to Buy the Right RV and Save Thousands is full of great information and tips that will literally save you thousands on your next RV purchase. I have used many of their courses to learn all about RVing. Check them out for yourself!

The Best 7 RVs With Outdoor Kitchens

1. nuCamp [email protected] CS-S Camper 

nuCamp T@B CS-S Camper with outdoor kitchen

Teardrop campers with an outdoor kitchen are practically a requirement for this RV category. They reside in the back hatch of the unit. The nuCamp [email protected] series are the leaders in the teardrop class for their quality construction and high-level features.

The [email protected] CS-S Camper is unique since it pushes the limits of the teardrop classification. The interior space is tall enough to stand up and it has a wet bath. The bed folds up to a four-seat dinette giving you plenty of space to enjoy your meal or sit comfortably during the day.

The outdoor kitchen has a hot/cold faucet with a single basin sink. It also features a built-in microwave, dorm-sized refrigerator, and two-burner stove. The cabinetry is a finished bright wood that’s the same type of quality you would see in six-figure fifth wheels.

With the various package and color options, you can take this [email protected] dry camping anywhere your heart desires. You could choose to add the off-road suspension, solar panels, and heavy-duty options to find those remote locations. If you’re the nostalgic type, you could give it a retro look that matches your 1955 Ford T-Bird and be the envy of the campground.

Main Specs For The nuCamp [email protected] CS-S Camper

  • Average Price: $24,400
  • Sleeps: Up to 2 people
  • Dry Weight: 2,105 pounds
  • Length: 15.3 feet
  • Fresh: 19 gallons
  • Grey: 18 gallons
  • Black: 5 gallons

2. Opus Camper OP4 

Opus Camper OP4 with outdoor kitchen

Any child of the 1980s that camped in a pop-up looks at kids today with a little bit of disdain. Today’s kids can push buttons, use drills, or operate better-placed hand cranks to raise expandable roofs. The Opus OP4 not only fully expands in 90 seconds with the push of a button, but is an RV camper with an outdoor kitchen that’s better than a lot of current pop-up kitchens in today’s market.

The pull out kitchen comes with a four-burner propane stove, hot/cold sink, storage drawers, and shelves to hold all of your cooking supplies. The camper itself has a built-in hot water heater that supplies enough water to wash your dishes or supply the optional shower to clean yourself thoroughly.

Besides the two pull out beds, the U-shaped dinette folds down giving the coach enough sleeping space for six people. The walls are complete with zip down windows all the way around to maximize airflow and natural light. Taller people won’t have to worry about headspace since the ceiling stands eight feet high.

Even without the full off-road version, you can load up your generator and/or solar panels and head out to find your own road. The 40-gallon freshwater tank should keep you supplied up to a week. If you still need to show your kids how hard it was, there’s still the hunt for kindling.

Main Specs For The Opus Camper OP2

  • Average Price: $29,000
  • Sleeps: Up to 4 people
  • Dry Weight: 2,870 pounds
  • Length: 21.4 feet (open)/ 18.4 feet (closed)
  • Fresh: 40 gallons
  • Grey: N/A
  • Black: N/A

3. Coleman Lantern 244BH  

Coleman Lantern 244BH with outdoor kitchen

W.C. Coleman’s lanterns and portable stoves helped our troops through both world wars. When those soldiers came home to take their families camping, they relied on Coleman’s equipment that helped them through the worst of conditions during their tour of duty. The Dutchmen owned Colman Lantern series continues that legacy in the many models they offer.

The 244BH is the smallest of the Lantern line but gives families all the features they could want in an entry-level travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen. The exterior setup comes with a refrigerator, two-burner cooktop, sink, and storage. The designers made a strategic choice by placing the outside shower next to the kitchen as a convenient way to clean out pots and pans.

The travel trailer’s interior sports two full-size bunk beds that sleep two children each. It has a dry bathroom with a tub style shower. The front master bedroom has a residential queen-size bed with privacy curtains on both sides for easy access. Coleman did a great job making the space feel comfortable within limited space.

If you’re eating together inside, the U-shaped dinette can seat up to six without pulling out the folding chairs. It’s also great for game night. If grandma and grandpa are joining you for the weekend, the dinette folds down into a guest bed with thick cushions.

Main Specs For The Coleman Lantern 244BH

  • Average Price: $24,000
  • Sleeps: Up to Up to 8 people
  • Dry Weight: 5,603 people
  • Length: 27.7 feet
  • Fresh: 60 gallons
  • Grey: 42 gallons
  • Black: 42 gallons

4. Keystone Outback 291UBH  

The Keystone Outback 291UBH is a new floorplan as of 2019. Its been a popular model due to its excellent use of space, creative features, and lightweight. This ultra-lite travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen is one of the few bunkhouse models at this length and weight.

The outdoor kitchen has an outdoor fridge, cabinetry, a pull out two-burner stove, and a quick connect propane connection to hook up your grill. While you’re preparing everything, you won’t miss anything with the outdoor speakers and TV connection. When everyone’s ready to eat, the 21-foot awning stretches out far enough to easily cover your table and chairs.

Inside, the rear double bunks give the kids plenty of room to have their own space. The entertainment center pivots from the living room to the bunkhouse doorway so they can watch TV at night. Behind the entertainment center is a large pantry for all of your dry goods.

Through the pass-through bathroom is the master suite. Underneath the queen-size bed is a built-in pet kennel so your small dog or cat has a place of their own. To aid with day-to-day living, the master has a laundry chute that feeds directly to the exterior storage bay. When it’s time to head to the laundromat, you can grab your laundry basket from the bay and go.

Main Specs For The Keystone Outback 291UBH

  • Average Price: $30,720
  • Sleeps: Up to 10 people
  • Dry Weight: 6,601 pounds
  • Length: 33.8 feet
  • Fresh: 60 gallons
  • Grey: 60 gallons
  • Black: 30 gallons

5. Grand Design Reflection 28BH 

Grand Design Reflection 28BH camper with outdoor kitchen

Even after Grand Design joined the Winnebago Family, they never gave up the key to their success. New model design features come from Grand Design’s attention to their customer feedback. Small details like a shoe rack next to the entry door or significant features like the biggest shower stalls in the industry are direct results of customer-focused designs. 

The Reflection 28BH is a half-ton fifth wheel with an outdoor kitchen. When you open the exterior bay, you’ll see the 1.6 cubic inch refrigerator, counter space, and electric outlets to plug in cooking devices. The drawer underneath has a two-burner stove. There’s also an LP quick connect line if you are using a barbecue or other propane-powered cookers.

Inside, the outdoor kitchen shares the wall with an L-shaped bunkhouse that sleeps three people. There’s a reinforced wall for a TV mount and plenty of storage. The main room has a U-shaped dinette and 12 cubic foot refrigerator on the off-door wall. The door side has a long kitchen counter for meal prep.

To add space in the master, the main wardrobe sits on a slideout on the off door sidewall. When it’s open, it creates direct access to the bathroom. Since the sliding barn door slides on the wall opposite the queen-size bed, the TV mounts on the door sidewall. To make it easier on your neck, using an adjustable TV mount arm will compensate for this placement.

Main Specs For The Grand Design Reflection 28BH Fifth Wheel

  • Average Price: $56,300
  • Sleeps: Up to 9 people
  • Dry Weight: 8,997 pounds
  • Length: 34.8 feet
  • Fresh: 60 gallons
  • Grey: 86 gallons
  • Black: 43 gallons

6. Jayco Redhawk 25R 

Jayco Redhawk 25R Class C RV with outdoor kitchen

Jayco travel trailers with an outdoor kitchen exist throughout every line of their towable series. Not many motorhomes throughout the RV industry have them. The Jayco Redhawk 25R is one of the few class C’s with an outdoor kitchen.

Many enjoy using the kitchen outside since it’s covered by the almost 20-foot awning. The refrigerator, sink, counter space, and two-burner stove is everything you need to create a full meal without stepping foot inside. You won’t have a problem using it at night with the LED lighting that comes with the awning.

The Redhawk has an amazing interior due to the many class A level features. The entertainment center comes with a 50 inch LED TV. The eight cubic foot refrigerator is the same size as some household units. You’ll find plenty of open space to walk in the coach and move around in the bathroom.

With all of these full-sized features, it won’t feel like you’re driving a behemoth. This motor coach measures less than 30 feet from stem to stern. With Jayco’s JRide suspension and other enhancements, this class C will drive like a class B camper van.

Main Specs For The Jayco Redhawk 25R

  • Average Price: $78,000
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Chassis: Ford F-53 6.8L Triton 10-cylinder
  • Length: 28.8 feet
  • Fresh: 47 gallons
  • Grey: 41 gallons
  • Black: 32 gallons
  • Fuel: 55 gallons

7. Coachmen Mirada 32SS 

Coachmen Mirada 32SS class a rv with outdoor kitchen

In the RV world, storage space is valuable. This is why you’ll see non-regular measurements of mattresses, appliances, and furniture. Storage in motorhomes is especially priceless since it must also compete with the automotive equipment. Coachmen found a way to balance all of this and design a motorhome with an outdoor kitchen.

The Mirada 32SS is a rare specimen in the drivable RV world since it has an outdoor kitchen bay. It has cabinetry storage, a refrigerator, and a sink. There are electric outlets and a propane connection for the cooking equipment you need to become the next Iron Chef of the campground (hopefully Bobby Flay doesn’t show up).

This class A 34-foot gasser comes with a king-size master bed, power overhead bunk, and fold-out guest sleeping furniture that allows up to eight to rest comfortably. The full-length off-door slideout gives you a lot of room to move around the RV giving you a home-like feel.

Work-from-home folks will enjoy the pilot seat workspace. The dashboard expandable computer desk has 110v and USB charging port inside to keep your laptop powered up. While you’re working, the cockpit table will hold your coffee, snacks, and various paperwork as you power through your day. Who needs casual Fridays when you have pajama Wednesdays.

Main Specs For The Coachmen Miranda 32SS

  • Average Price: $131,400
  • Sleeps: Up to 8 people
  • Chassis: Ford F-53 6.8L Triton 10-cylinder
  • Length: 34.10 feet
  • Fresh: 70 gallons
  • Grey:45 gallons
  • Black: 45 gallons
  • Fuel: 80 gallons

Can You Add an Outdoor Kitchen to an RV 

We’ve featured some great RVs that come with outdoor kitchens. We’ve seen campers, travel trailers, and drivables that allow you to enjoy and cook outside. What about those situations where the benefits of another floor plan outweigh the outside kitchen, or you’re not prepared to purchase another RV?

There are many ways to create an outside kitchen with RV kitchen hacks. Fifth wheels, travel trailers, and campers have had side-mounts and propane connections for grills since the late 1970s. They’ve also had electric outlets on the door side for various needs as well. With the propane and electric lines already placed, all you need to do is add the equipment.

There are some creative ways to D.I.Y. your RV with an outdoor kitchen. If you have a rear storage bay near your propane and electric ports, it doesn’t take much to install a slideout drawer. You could attach a portable two-burner stove, ice chest, or storage box with kitchen supplies on the drawer. To be really creative, you could add expandable shelves similar to the Opus Camper.

Another option is folding tables. Folding tables are essential equipment for any RVer who wants to enjoy the outdoor space. Setting them up in an L-shape will give you enough counter space to set up your cooking equipment and still have enough room for prep work. Adding a rear RV grill bumper mount allows you to save storage space and have any size barbecue you want.

Rear-mounted cargo carriers are often overlooked. These cargo devices hook into your RV’s rear hitch receiver. The tray’s bottom has steel mesh that allows cooking equipment to breathe underneath or drip safely to the ground. A few extension cords can turn these trays into your line cook setup. On average, they can hold between 300-600 pounds depending on the model.

Whatever you decide, when putting together your own outdoor kitchen, make sure you do it safely. Your outdoor shower makes a great water source and is good to have nearby if things get out of control. Make sure you research how to build it correctly to avoid any mishaps.

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