10 Best 2024 Campers That Can Fit In Your Garage

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Updated April 6, 2024

RVs come in all shapes and sizes. You might not like the idea of having to store a camper at all, however, campers that fit in your garage do make it easier.

Small campers are a great place to stay when visiting friends and it has enough space to get away from your hosts when you need some private time. It can also double as guest quarters when you have company.

On the negative side, these will probably be too small for full-time living, and you will still have to maintain and winterize your small camper. Also, if you don’t want to maneuver a large RV, pulling in and out of gas stations or navigating through large cities can be easy.

Also, don’t forget, that the smaller your RV, the more likely you will find a space at a popular campground. If a small RV is your way of enjoying a camping lifestyle, then read ahead to find the best campers that can fit in your garage.

How Tall Are RVs?

The height of your RV is extremely important to know. You don’t want to be one of those people who ruined their air conditioner because they couldn’t fit under a bridge. It’s so important that you will want to post it near the driver’s seat. Here are a few standard heights of different types of RVs.

Class A RVs are the big daddies of RVs. They can reach up to 13 feet high. Most Class B vans will run around 9 feet high. A typical Class C is around 10 feet, and most travel trailers and 5th wheels will be in the neighborhood of 10-11 feet with an occasional 12-footer popping up. Most states have a height limit of 13.5 feet.

Of course, none of these will fit in your average garage so let’s take a look at the small RVs such as pop-ups and teardrops. Pop-ups will be around 4-5 feet in height, except a few high wall models and teardrops are the same. Your average garage door height is 7 feet—a perfect match for these smaller RVs.

10 Best Campers That Can Fit In Your Garage: 2024 Models

Parking your small camper in your garage is a great option to keep it free from the scourges of weather, time, and thieves. Check out these 2024 campers that can fit in your garage.

1. MeerKat Travel Trailer

  • UVW: 1,180 pounds
  • Length: 13 feet
  • GVWR: 2,000 pounds
  • CCC: 820 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 120 pounds
  • Sleeps: 2

Simple and compact is the name of the game with the MeerKat Travel Trailer. At just 1,180 pounds, 13 feet long, and 6 feet in height, this small trailer can take you where you want to go and fit in your garage when you get home.

The MeerKat can be pulled by a small car or SUV and offers a comfortable place for relaxing after a day of outdoor fun. It is perfect for two adults and your furry companion. It can easily be moved around when unhitched and inside features a wrap-around seating area with a table that can be turned into a sleeping place at night.

A counter area in the front includes a sink and a drawer that holds a one-burner camp stove. Three windows, plus a fantastic fan allow for plenty of fresh air. You will also find plenty of storage under the seating, in the closet, and cabinets and drawers beneath the counter.

Meer Kat campers will fit in your garage and be ready for adventure whenever it calls.

2. Timberleaf Pika

  • UVW: 1,025 pounds
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Tongue Weight: 110 pounds
  • Sleeps: 2

The Timberleaf Pika offers all the comforts of teardrop camping in a lighter, more affordable package. It is small and nimble like its namesake the American Pika, a small, rabbit-like mammal that lives in the high-alpine terrain found in the Rocky Mountains.

The Pika is smaller than the Timberleaf Classic but still offers all the quality craftsmanship that Timberleaf Trailers are known for.

The Pika has a 10-inch-deep upper countertop, a pair of sliding bypass doors, four USB ports, a 12-volt accessory port, dual overhead LED dome lights, alongside plenty of other galley features. The galley’s 12-volt Dometic refrigerator has 35 liters of capacity which allows you to keep food cold and fresh for many days. The fridge slide can also accommodate a Yeti 35-liter cooler.

Every Pika comes with a standard large skylight, skylight shade, a 4-speed electric fan, two doors, two windows, and a mattress. Options include an upgraded mattress, a 10-speed fan with a rain sensor, window curtains, folding shelves, and a Propex heater.

3. Forest River Flagstaff T12RBST

  • UVW: 2,120 pounds
  • Length: 18.4 inches
  • GVWR: 3,284 pounds
  • CCC: 1,164 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 284 pounds
  • Sleeps: 4

The Forest River Flagstaff is an A-frame camper with plenty of storage and will be a cozy addition to your camping lifestyle. This model features an air conditioner and a furnace to keep you comfortable in all weather. It can be towed with a smaller SUV and is easy to set up into a firm structure in minutes.

The large upfront storage area will ensure you can take all you need for your next camping trip. The large window on the front lets you watch wildlife or enjoy a sunset and the dinette has plenty of seating for four.

Standard features include a 12-volt water pump, 3-burner range with cover, microwave, solar prep, LED lights, electric brakes, stabilizer jacks with sand pads, installed doorstep, outside griddle, cable ready, and much more.

4. Safari Condo Alto 

  • UVW: 1,822 pounds
  • Length: 17.3 feet
  • GVWR: 2,700 pounds
  • CCC: 875 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 210 pounds
  • Sleeps: 4

Versatile is a good word to describe the Safari Condo. There are plenty of standard and optional amenities that you can have to fit exactly what you want in your small travel trailer.

This one has a wet bath, with a fixed flush toilet and a black tank. You will get lots of storage and you can sleep 4 with the king bed, which can convert to two single beds, and also, the front dining area converts to a single bed.

You will love the plentiful windows as well as the storage, and it can be towed by a smaller SUV. In this model, the table can be moved to create two distinct dining areas: a two-seat and a five-seat dinette. Options include solar panels and lithium batteries.

The Safari Condo Alto comes with a retractable roof trailer built from a single piece of seamless aluminum. It is opened and closed with a pair of electric linear actuators.

With the retractable roof down, the aerodynamic shape of the Alto creates less drag when towing than a traditional travel trailer. These features make it lightweight enough to be easily towed by most small SUVs.

5. Four Wheel Campers Swift

  • UVW: 950 pounds
  • Length: 9′ 10″
  • Center of Gravity:
  • Sleeps: 2-3

Four Wheel Campers Swift model is a pop-up truck camper with plenty of options for your camping needs. It is compatible with a mid-size truck with a 5-foot bed. The rugged lightweight aluminum frame and low profile allow it to easily fit in your garage. The design also helps to reduce vehicle and driver strain and maximize fuel efficiency.

The hard and soft materials of the Swift are designed to last through all types of environments and for plenty of setups and teardowns. The roof is made of one piece of lightweight aluminum that is waterproof.

These campers are designed to fit your truck for the right height, width, and balance for a better look and ride. Your search for campers that fit in your garage should include some pop-up truck campers.

Standard features include a queen pull-out bed, a rollover couch that transforms into a double bed, a 65-liter two-way refrigerator, an optional furnace, battery and solar options for off-grid camping, a powered fan, and LED lights.

The four-layer windows are not just your average canvas covering. They have four layers: a screen layer, a clear plastic layer, a privacy layer, and a thermal pack for added insulation.

6. Chalet Classic

  • UVW: 1,505 pounds
  • Length: 15.6 feet
  • GVWR: 3,000
  • CCC: 1,495 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 163 pounds
  • Sleeps: 3

The Chalet Classic is another small trailer that is made of lightweight construction for easy towing and storage. Its collapsable design allows for great fuel efficiency in towing. The dual dinette offers the most seating in its class and converts into a sleeping space for three.

The patented Lever Lift System allows you to set up this camper in less than 30 seconds. The patented High Wind Harness holds roof panels securely while panoramic windows allow for ample light in the cabin with views in all directions. The Alpine Classic comes with standard LED lighting, a refrigerator, a heater, a fan, a two-burner cooktop, and a sink.

The optional Trailboss package is available on classic and LTW models.

7. Little Guy Mini Max

  • UVW: 2,320 pounds
  • Length: 17.2 feet
  • GVWR: 3,500 pounds
  • CCC: 1,180 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 240 pounds
  • Sleeps: 2-3

Adventures await with the Little Guy Mini Max. In this small package, you will find high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and a residential-style wet bath.

Make your choice of a queen bed or dual twin. It comes with hardwood cabinetry, a two-burner glass top stove with electric ignition, an 8-inch deep sink, stainless steel microwave, a 13,500 BTU roof mount air conditioner, a 16,000 BTU furnace, and a 5 cubic foot, double door, 3-way refrigerator.

The Mini Max is light enough to be pulled by a small SUV or a well-equipped crossover and will definitely fit in your garage. Little Guy campers can fit in your garage and fit your camping needs.

8. Taxa Mantis

  • Length: 19 feet
  • UVW: 3.115 pounds
  • GVWR: 4,200 pounds
  • CCC: 986 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 435 pounds
  • Sleeps: 4

The Taxa Mantis is a great adventure vehicle with plenty of room for family. It has two activity areas at the front and rear of the floor plan and plenty of space in the middle. It has space to sleep at least four adults and its pop-up roof makes it feel more open.

With plenty of storage for the kitchen and bathroom, it also has a desk for any work you might need to get done. It features a Dometic toilet and foldable shower, furnace, 8,000 BTU air conditioner, water heater, two-burner stove, full-size bed, folding couch/bunk bed system, and much more for all your adventures.

9. Palomino Backpack SS-1200

  • UVW: 1,591 pounds
  • Length: 12.1 feet
  • Center of Gravity:
  • Sleeps: 3

Palomino Backpack truck campers are designed to fit a wide range of trucks and are built for spacious living.

Standard features include LED interior lighting, exterior battery charging station, hardwood cabinets, solar prep, pre-wiring for electric jacks, 20,000 BTU furnace, 3-way refrigerator, Maxx air vent, hot water/outside shower, and much more.

The electric roof lift will help you to easily set up this camper without hand cranking the top up or down. The optional remote works with just a push of a button. You will be enjoying your adventures in just a few minutes.

10. Happier Camper HC1

  • UVW: 1,100 pounds
  • Length: 13.5 feet
  • GVWR: 3,500 pounds
  • CCC: 2,400 pounds
  • Tongue Weight: 110 pounds
  • Sleeps: 5

Find all the comforts of home in the Happier Camper travel trailer. The semi-modular interior allows you to create the space you want. Modular components can also perform double-duty as indoor-outdoor furniture that will stand up to the elements and allow you the ultimate flexibility.

What kind of space do you need? A mobile office, guest room, art space, meditation pod, or maybe just a place to enjoy the great outdoors. This model has an integrated wet bath and kitchenette and is easily towed by a car or SUV.

With a high-quality fiberglass construction, all-season insulation, hot water and heater as well and solar prep, you are ready for your next adventure.

The rear hatch provides a feeling of added space, as well as another way to enjoy the outdoors. Bring along the family or friends because it sleeps up to a family of five.

When you get home, of course, it will easily fit in your standard garage.

Is It Okay to Store Your Camper Outside in the Winter?

While you might see many campers parked outside in the winter, it’s probably not the best option for keeping your RV secure and ready for the next season. When your RV is outside in variable weather, you can risk causing long-term damage to your RV if you don’t store it correctly.

Cracked or broken pipes are a possibility if you leave water in the RV. You can have roof damage from the weight of snow on the roof. You can also get pests such as mice or damaging bugs. Tires are also vulnerable to UV rays or fluctuations in temperature.

It may cost more for indoor or covered storage, but you will get more life out of your vehicle. This is a huge plus for campers that fit in your garage!

Are RV Covers Worth It?

RV covers are definitely worth the money if you choose to store your RV outside. You can also add tire covers, to completely keep it under cover.

These are good for keeping the elements off your roof. They can, however, trap moisture underneath and prevent airflow. Make sure you choose a cover with proper ventilation.

Final Thoughts About Campers That Fit in a Garage

Storing a camper in your garage is a great option if you choose a small trailer that will fit. Most garages are 12 feet wide and 22 feet deep which will fit all of our selected trailers very easily. The average garage door height is around 7 feet.

If you store your camper in your garage it is protected from the elements and protected from thieves. You can access the RV any time you want and make sure there are no issues that will cause damage such as pests. You can also use your camper as an extra guest room when the company comes.

Along with fitting in your garage, small campers are easy to tow with a car, are very maneuverable, and each year manufacturers come out with more amenities that make traveling in a small RV a breeze.

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