33 Best Pop Up Camper Accessories

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Come the weekend, these accessories will give your trailer the sense of swag it was missing. So we decided to list the best 21 Best Pop Up Camper Accessories.

The time has come for you to upgrade your trusty traveling home. Let’s face it; tent trailers with all the bells and whistles are just cooler than those without. Fortunately, there is no shortage of accessories designed solely to bring your space up a few notches.

For a little adventure inspiration, check out these 21 pop up camper accessories. Through clever engineering and novel design, they take your towable beyond the status quo. Creature comforts and extra amenities alike are all a part of the collection. Once your trailer is packed with goodies, you’ll feel more motivated than ever to get yourself to the great outdoors.

1. Stabilizer Jacks

What’s the first step in setting up a quality campsite? Well, parking your camper, of course. This means ensuring your space won’t be moving around when you don’t want it to.

Stabilizer jacks help you keep your trailer level, even if the ground you’re parked on isn’t. Lift a corner multiple feet with the help of easy-to-use leveling jacks. When you’re ready to relax, you won’t have to worry about your bed budging an inch. Now that’s what we call convenient!

2. Coleman Grill-Top Coffeemaker


We love our Coleman Grill Top Coffee Maker! We camp in State and National Parks and we boondock quite a bit and very often there is no electricity to power a coffee maker.

The solution? The Coleman Grill Top Coffee Maker! You can place it on your propane stovetop inside your pop up camper or on your propane camp stove outside your pop up tent trailer. It percolates and makes a full pot of coffee and it works just like your electric coffee maker at home.

3. Pop Up Camper Cover

Any responsible trailer owner is going to want to protect their investment. That way, they can get years of weekend adventures out of their pride and joy. There’s one way to do this that’s seriously simple, and it’s by way of a camper cover.

Be sure to find a Pop Up Camper Cover that fits your camper snugly. This will keep it from getting scratched and minimize wear and tear. During storage and travel alike, a cover will protect your pop up camper from the harsh elements.

4. Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock

Pop-up life is often a trial-by-fire. You realize what works and what doesn’t, and you learn as you go. Get yourself a Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock to avoid a problem before it happens.

This dock prevents your tongue wheel from sinking into the ground when it’s soft. And it’s neon yellow for a reason: so you don’t forget to pick it up before driving off the lot.

5. Outdoor Shower

Just because your tent trailer doesn’t come standard with a shower doesn’t mean you can’t have one. An outdoor shower is easy to install, and it makes a world of difference.

We have a Dura Faucet on our RV and we recommend this brand. They are a few dollars more but read the reviews and you’ll see Dura Faucet is worth the price. The Dura Faucet DF-SA186-WT RV Exterior Quick Connect Spray Faucet is a great choice for an outside shower on a pop up camper, or any trailer.

The installation process is beyond simple and it won’t take up any of your precious interior space. However, it will make your setup a bit more luxurious from the outside in.

6. Pop Up Camper A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive

An electric trailer jack for your pop up camper can make setting up and breaking camp a breeze. Bulldog has a great reputation in the industry and you can’t go wrong with their products. Don’t wear yourself out with a hand crank. An electric jack will make your life much easier.

7. Outdoor Speaker

Bose Speaker

When you venture into the wilderness, there’s only one way to keep the music going. That’s by bringing it with you. An outdoor speaker lets you take the tunes along the open road.

Maybe you like to listen to some gentle music while you make your morning coffee. Perhaps you want a way to enjoy an outdoor flick in the evening. Whatever the case, a quality, the weatherproof outdoor speaker will keep your entertainment in check and we highly recommend the Bose SoundLink Micro. The sound quality is amazing!

8. Pop Up Camper Toilet

Being one with nature has its perks, like waking up to chirping birds and morning breezes. So too, does it have its disadvantages, like going number 2. A toilet in your pop up camper combats this head on.

With both flush and push toilet options, you can find one that fits your needs. Even the most basic toilets give a little extra comfort. They keep you from having to hop outside in the middle of the night just to go to the loo, too.

When looking at your pop up camper toilet options, be sure to find one with at least a 5-gallon waste water tank. There are less expensive models but they usually are much smaller. Don’t make the mistake of buying a portable commode that is too small.

9. Pop Up Camper Generator Mount

If you have a portable generator or just need some additional storage space, check out this Trailer Tray that mounts to the A-frame section of your camper. A tongue mounted storage tray is the perfect place to mount a generator, cooler or toolbox.

The Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray is perfect for creating a generator mount for your pop up camper. You can even choose to run your generator right on the mount. This generator mount supports up to 300 lbs.

10. Pop Up Camper Awning Lights

Pop Up Camper Awning Lights

There’s nothing like a cozy atmosphere to bring your campsite up a notch. Comfortable seating, a thriving campfire, and warm lighting all bring something to the table. As for the lighting, indoor/outdoor fairy lights are the ideal solution.

Warm yellow hues keep the energy calm. Use these lights across your bed for a comfortable night in. Otherwise, string them across your awning for a patio feel. Before you know it, your camp neighbors will be begging to join the party.

11. Pop Up Trash Can

It’s the little things that often get overlooked. The trash you’ve collected along the journey is one of them. A lightweight collapsible trash bin seems like such a simple accessory. However, it can make a world of difference.

This pop up garbage can lets you keep things organized in the trailer. It folds away for easy storage when you don’t need it. But when you do, it’s right there to hold the throwaway pile.

12. Wheel Chocks


So you’ve pulled up to the campsite, and you’re all ready to get things set up. If there’s one thing that can ruin a good time, it’s a runaway trailer. A simple set of wheel chocks can keep things in place, literally.

Simply tuck your RV wheel chocks under any unstable wheels on the trailer. When it’s time to roll on home, don’t forget to take them out and pack them away! Fortunately, the bright color will remind you.

13. Leveling Blocks


We love these modular levelers not only because they are strong but they are bright orange so we don’t forget them when we drive off! Leveling blocks are an absolute must have for any camper.

14. Pet Couch Cover

Having a dog or cat is one of the best feelings in the world. What’s even more amazing is being able to take them on life’s big adventures. A tent camper allows you to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with your furry friends in tow.

On that note, you may want to prep your camper so your pets don’t make it messy. A pet couch cover for your pop up lets you get ahead of the game. Protect the furniture from fur, dirt, and general shenanigans. You’re sure to enjoy your companion’s presence far more if they’re not destroying your trailer.

15. Pop Up Camper Awning

A Pop Up Camper Awning is a simple thing to add to your trailer’s repertoire. Some campers come with awnings, but they’re not quite up to par. Others lost the awning long ago, and it’s time for a replacement. Some don’t come with one at all, and that just won’t do.

Get yourself an awning and enjoy the fruits of your campsite labor to the max. Shade yourself from the rising sun and protect yourself from drizzles. Ultimately, feel more at home under an awning that’s all yours.

16. Air Conditioning

If you frequent the hotter climates, this one is kind of a no brainer. With a little push, your tent camper can cool down in mere minutes. All it needs is a proper air conditioning unit to do so.

Camper air conditioning units are pretty compact. They add a few pounds, but if you’re sick of battling the heat, they’re well worth the weight. Some even filter the air you’re breathing, giving them a dual purpose. With cool air to keep you comfy, you may never want to leave your camper (but don’t blame us)!

17. Water Purifier

RV Water Filter RVBlogger

Carrying water onboard your trailer is helpful for a number of reasons. Washing dishes, flushing the toilet, and more all require running water. But what about drinking water? Should you have to rely on plastic bottles or local fill ups? The answer is no.

With a water filtration system, you can drink from the same water that you use to wash your dishes. While modest in price, it is an initial investment. However, time will pass and you’ll make back what you spent. You can also feel good about your shrinking carbon footprint, and that’s a serious reward.

18. Pop Up Camper 25′ Fresh Water Hose

Fresh Water Hose

The NeverKink Hose is a fantastic hose. So many hoses kink, thereby cutting off or reducing your water supply. This hose will not kink. It’s the best freshwater hose out there.

19. Solar Battery Charger


Camping in the boonies means escaping from the troubles of urban life. That’s one of the main reasons people have pop up campers in the first place. However, it also means getting away from the comforts of town. And sometimes, you just need to charge your devices.

With a solar-powered battery charger, you can do so by the grace of nature. Phones, tablets and more can juice up from the sun. This is a nifty accessory, but there’s something we feel we must warn you about.

20. Patio Mat

Outdoor Rug RVBlogger

Why settle for the plain old ground when there’s a clear alternative? By purchasing a patio mat for outdoor use, you can take your campsite to a new level.

Patio mats come in so many different designs. Whatever your style, you can find one that fits. Moreover, there are plenty of sizes to choose from. If you need something to wipe your feet on below the stairs, go for it. If you want a mat that can double as outdoor flooring, it’s yours. Get creative with your pop up trailer space, for you’ll be spending a lot of time there.

21. Outdoor Grill

What’s something that says summertime and camping like nothing else? To us, it’s grilling. Meats, veggies, you name it…we want it grilled. If your pop up camper doesn’t have one, this is one valuable accessory.

A portable RV-style grill is exactly what your campsite needs to reach its full potential. And a full, happy stomach is just what you need to really relax.

22. Level Mate Pro Leveling System

While leveling blocks will get the job done, splurging for this Bluetooth-equipped RV leveling tool will make your life much easier. It’s a more effective leveling tool and it requires less equipment, so you don’t need to stuff extra tools in your small pop up.

The LevelMatePro by LogicBlue Technology is currently the only patented Bluetooth RV leveling tool on the market. It wirelessly connects to your smartphone so you can control the leveling process from your phone. It has a three-axis digital accelerometer to detect angles and ensure you’re setting up your pop up camper as flat as possible.

And don’t be afraid of using technology to get the job done. The app couldn’t be simpler to use. After you do a one-time calibration for your specific RV, you can use the app to level your camper on any device you own. You can watch the leveling occur in real time with the app’s helpful display.

At nearly $150, it’s certainly more pricey than a couple of leveling blocks and an old-fashioned bubble lever, but you won’t regret the purchase.

23. Surge Protector

You may not always be connected to shore power in your more primitive pop up camper, but when you are, you’ll be glad you have a surge protector. You don’t always know how well-maintained a campground is, and a miswired or damaged power pedestal could short out your entire electrical system.

A surge protector will cut off power to your RV before a power surge overloads your camper’s electrical system, effectively saving your wiring. It’s an affordable insurance policy for whenever you plug into a power pedestal.

Double-check your pop up camper’s electrical needs before buying a surge protector. If you have a 30 amp plug, you’ll need a surge protector to match. The same goes for a 50 amp pop up.

24. Portable Vacuum

There are always messes around the campsite, and when you, your pet, or your kids track it into the pop up camper, it’s nice to have the tools to clean it up quickly. A handy portable vacuum like this one by SunJoe is an excellent solution.

This handheld cordless vacuum is battery-powered. It comes with a USB rapid charging block and cable that you can plug into your car’s 12V outlet or into shore power to charge. After a couple of hours, it’s ready for any mess.

This is a small vacuum with decent suction, so don’t expect a Shop Vac-quality vacuum. However, it works well for tidying up dirt and dust and contains a HEPA filtration system to prevent the dust from re-entering the air.

25. Instant Pot

Every RVer needs an Instant Pot, whether they’re towing a pop up camper or riding in a Class A mobile home. This model is a 7-in-1 pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute machine, yogurt maker, and food warmer.

You can make hundreds of meals in under 30 minutes without dirtying multiple pots and pans. Best of all, you only need an outlet–no hot plate or oven is required.

Cooking with an instant pot is also convenient because it doesn’t heat up your RV like cooking on a hot plate would. If you don’t have an air conditioner, as many pop up campers don’t, this can be an invaluable feature.

26. Quick-Dry Microfiber Towels

Regular bath towels can take up a ridiculous amount of space, and after you use them, they take forever to dry. The solution comes in a surprisingly small package–microfiber towels.

They’re thinner and smaller than typical bath towels, but they’re just as absorbent and dry six times faster. These ones also come in handy carrying cases, so you can take them on the go and assign them to members of your camp by color.

You might consider replacing all of your camping cloths and dish towels with these microfiber towels as well. There are various sizes to meet your needs.

27. Yeti Cooler

Yeti Coolers are among the few camping products that live up to the hype. The Yeti Tundra 45 keeps ice frozen for 3-5 days or longer, depending on the weather conditions. These coolers have up to 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation, so even a cooler sitting in direct sunlight for 3 days will keep ice frozen.

Yeti coolers are also certified Bear-Resistant with an armored core that’s virtually indestructible. The lid latches are heavy-duty and nearly impossible to break, so the cooler will stay sealed as long as you need it.

Yes, these coolers are expensive, but since most pop up campers don’t have a refrigerator, you’ll want something that genuinely keeps food cold on your camping trips. A Yeti cooler is cheaper than a fridge and you can use it when you’re not camping too!

28. Folding Picnic Table

When you don’t feel like crowding around a small dinette, it’s nice to have another option. If you’re camping somewhere without a picnic table, you’ll be glad you have this folding option.

We like that this picnic table also comes with two folding benches that you can use at the table or in separate applications. This table is about 4 feet long and folds down flat, so it’ll easily fit in your pop up camper.

29. Backup Camera

A pop up camper might be easier to back up than a fifth wheel, but it’s still nice to have a little assistance. This backup camera is made for RVs. It’s wireless, relying on Bluetooth to show you live video of what’s behind your pop up camper as you back up.

We love that it has a touch key monitor that’s large (7 inches) and has four channels. It can reach 825 feet in an open area with a vehicle range of 320 feet. It has secure furrion brackets and pigtail wires to ensure it won’t go anywhere once you stick it on. It’s also waterproof and resistant to the elements, so you’ll get a clear picture, rain or shine.

30. Pop Up Camper Step Covers

Play it safe with camper step covers that wrap around your camper’s steps. They add grip and comfort for both you and your pets so you can more safely enter and exit your camper.

When choosing step covers, look for those that are easy to install, simple to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. We’re fans of the Latch It RV step covers that are adjustable to your steps and extremely durable.

31. Roof Coating and Sealer

Yes, your pop up camper has canvas walls, but the roof does not. It may need some attention to keep it waterproof and properly sealed.

We recommend carrying some Liquid Rubber RV roof coating whenever you hit the road. If your roof is damaged or worn down, you might not realize it until it’s in use. A little bit of this rubber coating will restore your roof and prevent leaks.

32. Canvas Tent Repair Tape

It’s also wise to carry around some canvas repair tape. If you get a hole or rip in your canvas, this repair tape will act as a temporary seal to keep out bugs and water.

Please note that this is a very handy repair tool for on-the-go, and it could provide a long-term repair. However, most canvas damage will need to be professionally repaired as soon as possible for best results.

33. Pop Up Camper Crank Handle Replacement

While we’re speaking about tools to keep around just in case, it’s also smart to keep a few spare parts on hand. One of the most important ones is a pop up camper crank handle replacement. If your crank handle breaks while you’re at a campground or in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be very glad you had the foresight to pack an extra handle.

We suggest storing this crank handle in an exterior compartment of your camper or in your tow vehicle. That way, if your handle breaks before you’ve opened your camper, you can still access the spare part.

Best Pop Up Camper Accessories FAQ

Now that we’ve covered what we think are some of the best pop up camper accessories, we can go into a little more detail about storing your camper accessories and other commonly asked questions. We’ll answer some of the questions we hear most often.

What Accessories Can You Carry in Your Pop Up Camper?

The simplest answer to this question is “whatever will fit.” Space is likely tight when you’ve collapsed the roof and canvas sides, so sometimes you have to get creative when finding storage inside your pop up camper. Remember that most pop up campers have storage compartments that you access from the exterior, too.

As a general rule, when storing items inside a pop up camper, keep all accessories and other packed items below the stationary side wall of the camper. This is the portion of the wall that meets the roof when your camper is collapsed. If items fall below the top of that wall, things should fit.

How Do You Maximize Accessory Storage in a Pop Up Camper?

Maximizing space in a pop up camper means getting creative with storage. You might use smaller totes and baskets to organize items and squeeze them into tight spaces.

Investing in smaller or collapsible items is also a good idea. For example, if you purchase the microfiber towels we mentioned earlier, you can save significant space on bath towel storage. Collapsible pots and pans, cups, brooms, dish drying racks, baskets, etc. will also free up considerable storage space.

Can You Haul Things on Top of a Pop Up Camper? 

Yes. Many campers use the top of their pop up to haul smaller toys like kayaks or bikes. You can purchase roof racks specifically designed for pop up campers that are easy to install and remove when you need to.

You could also invest in a rooftop cargo box for your pop up camper. Whether you purchase a hard or soft shelled cargo container, it can be an excellent way to add storage.

Can You Store Accessories in a Pop Up Camper When It’s Collapsed?

Yes, as long as the items stored within don’t prevent the pop up camper from closing. Remember that you can also access the exterior compartments for storage whenever you need.

Can You Customize a Pop Up Camper to Add Accessories or Storage?

A quick YouTube search will reveal dozens of examples of pop up camper modifications, most of which add extra storage for your accessories. You’ll see handy DIYers adding storage shelves to the tongue of their pop up camper, installing drawers in the exterior compartments, and more.

If you want to modify your camper to add storage, our advice is to evaluate your skills and determine what you feel comfortable doing. Ideally, you’ll add things that don’t change the structure of your pop up camper so it’s easy to undo if it doesn’t work out. You don’t have a lot of room to play around with such a small camper, so play it safe here.

How Can You Make a Pop Up Camper More Homey? 

Yes, your camper resembles a tent on wheels but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it homey! Don’t be afraid to throw your personal style into the mix when decorating your camper.

We love to spruce up the space by purchasing decorative accessories that you already use. For example, instead of getting plain black collapsible coffee mugs, get bright red ones. Choose bedding in styles and colors that you love, and pull out a small vase of faux flowers for your dinette table.

Don’t underestimate the power of decorating your camper’s exterior, either. Grab a foldable patio rug and a welcome sign or wreath for your camper door. With a little creativity, your pop up camper will be your own.

Is Amazon the Best Place to Buy Pop Up Camper Accessories? 

There are plenty of places to buy accessories for your pop up camper, and Amazon may be the most convenient as long as you have a place to ship it. You can read reviews from real customers to make sure you’re buying a quality product. The shipping is fast, and customer service is truly second to none.

But there’s always Walmart, REI, Scheels, and other department stores and outdoor shops worth visiting too. Sometimes, it’s nice to hold the product in your hands before you buy it.

Which Spare Pop Up Camper Parts Should You Have on Hand? 

After reading such a long list of accessories, we’ll keep this brief. Here are a few spare parts you may want to bring on your next trip:

  • Crank handle 
  • Spare tire
  • Extra screws and bolts
  • Hinges
  • Tear repair kit
  • Wheel chocks
  • Manual levelers

What else would you add to this list?

What Are the True Must-Have Pop Up Camper Accessories on This List? 

Do you really need 33 accessories to make your pop up camping experience amazing? Probably not. These are just ideas to help you figure out what you might be missing. Of this list, there are only a few that we would call “must-haves.”

Anything that has to do with protecting your camper is essential. A cover, wheel chocks, and a few spare parts are really all you need when you hit the road. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to add a few extras to ramp up your camping experience!


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The Best Pop Up Camping Accessories Complete the Experience

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a primitive camper or a campground buff. What matters is that you have a pop up tent that will keep you cozy all the while. So long as you have the right accessories, you’ll be towing down easy street.

From shelving to toilets, jacks to awnings, you can find it all. So figure out what life you want to lead in your tent camper. Then, pick accessories that help you bring your dreams to the forefront. After setting up your fully stocked space, you may never want to break it down again.

Which “must-have” pop up camping accessories are on your list?

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