RV Recall on My Ford Motorhome: What to Do and Where to Go

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You’ll usually hear about a car or SUV recall on your local news station, but have you ever thought about RV recalls on your Ford Motorhome?

Certain RV influencers mention them, but if you missed the blog or video that mentions yours, is there an easier way than digging through their previous uploads?

Also, if you’re a drivable RVer, you need to keep your ear to the ground for your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), like the Big 4 RV manufacturers (Forest River Inc., REV Group, Thor Ind., or Winnebago Ind.), their subsidiaries, or the independent RV company that built your motorcoach.

You also need to look out for RV recalls on your Ford Motorhome concerning F-53 chassis, F-59 chassis, E-series chassis, F-series chassis, Transit van chassis, Triton engine, and vehicle components. 

Of course, once you know which section of your motorcoach the recall is for, do you know where to take it? The answer may surprise you.

If your motorhome has an RV recall on your Ford motorhome automotive components, we’ll explain how to find the information, what you need to do, and where to take your Ford motorhome for the recall, warranty, or general repair work. 

First and foremost, you need to know that not every Ford service center can work on your motorhome. They don’t have the lifts, tools, or certified service technicians to complete the work. Here’s what you need to know.

How Do I Find RV Recall Information

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps a vehicle and RV recall database. The NHTSA also enforces vehicle safety standards.

Many of us remember the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) seatbelt PSA commercials with Vince and Larry, the crash test dummies.

The NHTSA’s primary purpose is to keep us safe on the road by enforcing vehicle safety standards and performance. In addition, they partner with law enforcement and work with vehicle manufacturers, including RV companies.

When a vehicle maker puts out a recall, they must inform the NHTSA. Using your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can search the NHTSA’s database to find RV recalls on your Ford motorhome. Go to: www.nhtsa.gov/recalls

You’ll learn about your RV OEM and Ford recalls simultaneously. Clicking on each one gives you the details on the issue, how they’ll repair it, where to get it fixed, and their contact information. 

Does the NHTSA Have an APP?

How Do I Find RV Recall Information Does the NHTSA Have an APP SaferCar to find RV recalls on Ford motorhomes

The NHTSA has an app called SaferCar that you can download for Android and iPhone. It stores your VIN. You’ll learn about the existing recalls immediately. If new recalls connect to your RV, you’ll receive an alert when the NHTSA posts it.

What to Do If Your RV is Recalled

What to Do If Your RV is Recalled on Ford Motorhomes

Generally, RV recalls on Ford motorhomes are dealt with by the OEM manufacturer or Ford. If the component came from a third-party vendor, like the water heater, the OEM would take care of it, sending you to an authorized RV service center.

RV mobile technicians can complete the work in many cases, and the OEM pays them.

Where Can I Take My Ford Chassis Motorhome?

Where Can I Take My Ford Chassis Motorhome for an RV Recall on Ford Motorhomes

It gets a little more complicated when your RV recall on your Ford motorhome concerns a vehicle component. We mentioned not every Ford service center can fix your RV since they don’t have the proper equipment.

The recall information will give you a phone number to use. That phone number goes to Ford’s general recall customer service line. 

Ford Motor Company has a unique customer service line devoted to RVs using the F-53, F-59, E-Series, F-Series, and Transit van chassis. That phone number is (800) 444-3311 

You’ll need to tell them the following:

  • You’re calling about an RV recall on your Ford motorhome
  • The recall identification number
  • The Year, Make, and Model of your motorhome
  • The city and state you live, or where your motorhome’s located
  • They will ask for your personal information to create the service center appointment

The representative may place you on a long hold. They may be confirming that the Ford service center on their list still services RVs. We recommend that you be patient while they find the closest service center. 

Aren’t Ford Truck Service Centers the Same Thing?

Ford truck service centers aren’t the same as those that can work on RVs. The hydraulic lifts, tools, and technician certifications are different. In addition, Ford RV service centers are scattered across the U.S. You could have one close to you, or you may have to drive an hour or two. 

Are RV Recalls On Your Ford Motorhome Worth Fixing?


RV recalls on your Ford motorhome are worth fixing. RV OEMs and Ford don’t issue recalls lightly. There’s a lot of legal and monetary loss involved. RV recalls on Ford motorhomes can cost an OEM or Ford millions of dollars. 

Your RV may ride well now, but consider that the recall addresses a potential safety hazard. The discovery of a failing component comes from people getting hurt, or property damaged the same way. So stay safe and continue to enjoy the RV lifestyle. 


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