8 Best RV Rentals in Cleveland, OH Plus Discount Code!

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Are you searching for RV Rentals near Cleveland, OH?

Well, you are in the right place because we found the 8 Best RV Rentals in Cleveland!

We found everything from the best travel trailer rental to an awesome luxury motorhome rental!

We also found a great toy hauler rental, a huge 5th wheel rental, a folding tent camper rental also known as a popup camper, and of course a Class B Campervan rental that is absolutely gorgeous!

All you need to do is book your RV rental and START PACKING!

Get ready to plan your Cleveland road trip with your RV Rental!

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These RVs rent extremely fast!
You usually need to book them weeks (if not months) ahead of your trip!
If the RVs listed below aren’t available during your trip dates click here to search other RV Rentals on Outdoorsy in the Cleveland area!

The 8 Best RV Rentals in Cleveland

1. Best Class A RV Rental

Jayco Alante

Best Class A RV Rental Cleveland Ext
Best Class A RV Rental Cleveland Int

RV Details

  • Length: 34 feet 
  • Sleeps: 7
  • Year: 2019
  • Transmission: Automatic

About this RV

Finding the best RV for your family can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of kids. You will need plenty of sleeping spaces and room for them to run around. If you are in that situation, you should consider renting a Class A RV. This RV is 34 feet long and can sleep up to 7 people.

2. Best Class B RV Rental

Airstream Interstate

Best Class B RV Rental Cleveland Ext
Best Class B RV Rental Cleveland Int

RV Details

  • Length: 24 feet 
  • Sleeps: 4 
  • Year: 2014
  • Transmission: Automatic

About this RV

Many of you might want to travel with your friends or extended family, but there is probably an equal number of you that would rather travel with just your immediate family. If that sounds like you, you should consider renting a Class B RV. This one is 24 feet long and can sleep up to 4 people.

3. Best Class C RV Rental

Forest River Sunseeker

Best Class C RV Rental Cleveland Ext
Best Class C RV Rental Cleveland Int

RV Details

  • Length: 30 feet 
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Year: 2018
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel: 55 gallons
  • Water: 44 gallons
  • Gray water: 39 gallons
  • Sewage: 39 gallons
  • Propane: 9.8 lbs.

About this RV

Class C RVs are great for people that want to travel in a large group. They are very similar to Class A RVs and have most of the amenities you could ask for. This one is 30 feet long and can sleep up to 8 people.

4. Best Travel Trailer Rental

Heartland Mallard

Best Travel Trailer Rental Cleveland Ext
Best Travel Trailer Rental Cleveland Int

RV Details

  • Length: 35 feet 
  • Sleeps: 10
  • Year: 2019
  • Gross Weight: 11,965 lbs
  • Water: 52 gallons
  • Gray water: 42 gallons
  • Sewage: 42 gallons
  • Propane: 40 lbs.

About this RV

When you first start camping, you might be excited to get on the road. However, if you have never driven an RV before you might be a little scared to do so. Instead of renting an RV, you can rent a travel trailer, so long as you have a tow vehicle. This one is 35 feet long and can sleep up to 10 people.

5. Best 5th Wheel Rental

Keystone Alpine

Best 5th Wheel Rental Cleveland Ext
Best 5th Wheel Rental Cleveland Int

RV Details

  • Length: 40 feet
  • Sleeps:
  • Year: 2013
  • Gross Weight: 15,500 lbs
  • Water: 66 gallons
  • Gray Water: 82 gallons
  • Sewage: 50 gallons
  • Propane: 14 lbs

About this RV

5th wheel trailers are great for people that want a home away from home. They are larger than most other RVs and trailers, and they have all the amenities you need. This one is 40 feet long and can sleep up to 4 people.

6. Best Toy Hauler Rental

Grand Design Momentum

Best Toy Hauler Rental Cleveland Ext
Best Toy Hauler Rental Cleveland Int

RV Details

  • Length: 34 feet 
  • Sleeps:
  • Year: 2020
  • Gross Weight: 9995 lbs
  • Water: 100 gallons
  • Gray water: 60 gallons
  • Sewage: 40 gallons
  • Propane: 20 lbs

About this RV

When you are planning a camping trip, you are planning it with your kids in mind. However, you might not think about the days where you just want to relax in the Sun. Unfortunately, your kids won’t be thrilled about that idea. However, if you rent a toy hauler, you will have plenty of extra storage to pack things for your kids to entertain themselves. This trailer is 34 feet long and can sleep up to 8 people.

7. Best Folding Tent Camper Rental

Forest River Flagstaff Classic

Best Folding Tent Camper Rental Cleveland Ext
Best Folding Tent Camper Rental Cleveland Int

RV Details

  • Length: 19 feet 
  • Sleeps:
  • Year: 2014
  • Water: 26 gallons

About this RV

Folding Tent Campers are great for people that want the freedom to travel wherever they want. These campers can be folded up, becoming very compact. As a result, you will not be restricted to certain roads. This one is 19 feet long and can sleep up to 4 people when extended.

8. Best Teardrop Camper Rental

NuCamp T@G XL

Best Teardrop Camper Rental Cleveland Ext
Best Teardrop Camper Rental Cleveland Int

RV Details

  • Length: 14 feet 
  • Sleeps: 2 
  • Year: 2018
  • Gross Weight: 1150 lbs
  • Propane: 20 lbs
  • Water: 11 gallons

About this RV

If you are planning a camping trip, you might want to have a romantic getaway with your spouse. Teardrop campers are great for a weekend like that. They are small, cozy, and provide you with a great place to sleep at night. This one is 14 feet long and can sleep just 2 people.

Find Other Great RV Rentals in Cleveland!

How Much Does an RV Rental Cost in Cleveland?

RV TypeDaily Rental Price
Class A$240
Class B$206
Class C$234
Travel Trailer$108
5th Wheel$130
Pop Up Camper$74
Toy Hauler$139

Is It Safe to Rent an RV?

It is very safe to rent an RV. All RV owners have been educated about how to clean their RV per CDC recommendations.

And, RVing and camping are socially distant activities. We go camping and never get within 100 feet of anyone if we don’t want to. Plus it is very easy to remain socially distant from others while hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities.

What Do I Need to Pack When I Rent an RV?

What you need to bring depends on what is included in your RV rental. Peer-to-peer RV rentals like on Outdoorsy usually have many items already included because the RV owner also uses the RV. So, most of what you need will be on board.

However, if you rent from an RV dealership or RV Rental Company, nothing is included. Most likely, you will need to pay for the add-on packages and still stop at Walmart to buy things like a coffee pot, a toaster, a grill, etc.

But no matter where you rent, you are responsible for bringing groceries and your own camping supplies.

Do I Need a Special Driver’s License to Rent an RV in Cleveland, OH?

Be sure to ask the RV owner you will be renting from if a special license is required. Typically, though, you do not need a special license to drive an RV.

Will I Need a Security Deposit to Rent an RV?

Yes, you will need a security deposit to rent an RV. Just like anything you rent from a car to an apartment a security deposit is required.

But Outdoorsy handles all the details of your deposit and payment to ensure you and the owner both have a safe and secure transaction.

Are There One Way RV Rentals from Cleveland?

Yes, there are one way rentals available. Most of the big national rental companies and some RVs on Outdoorsy have them available. However, there is usually a hefty fee involved with this type of rental.

For example, Susan and I inquired about a one way rental from San Francisco to San Diego and the fee was $500. Pretty steep.

Can I Have an RV Rental Delivered to My Campsite and Set Up?

Yes! Absolutely you can!

Say for example, you want to rent a towable RV like a travel trailer or 5th wheel but you can’t tow an RV. Well, there are rentals available on Outdoorsy where the owner will deliver their camper right to your campsite, set everything up for you, give you an orientation tour, and then pick it back up at the end of your stay. It just doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

Some RV owners will provide the delivery and set up for free but most charge a fee for this service. It’s usually in the $100 range.

Pro Tip: try to find an RV rental as close as possible to your campground to keep the fee as low as possible. Maybe you can even talk to the owner and get them to throw it in for free!

Are Pets Allowed in RV Rentals?

Yes and no… some RV owners offer pet friendly rentals and others don’t. I would say 70% of all rentals are pet friendly. You can even use “pet-friendly” as a filter when narrowing down your choices so you only consider them.

For more info about pet friendly RV rentals check out our article called Are Dogs Allowed In RV Rentals?

Where is the Best Place to Rent an RV in Cleveland?

In our opinion, the best place to rent an RV is from Outdoorsy. Here’s why:

  • Huge selection of RVs
  • Outstanding Reviews
  • They handle all the paperwork and reservations
  • They handle the deposit
  • They are the most trusted RV rental company
  • Outstanding customer service

In fact, we like them so much we arranged a special discount for our readers and subscribers so you can SAVE up to $100 or more when you rent from Outdoorsy.

There are two other peer-to-peer RV rental companies worth mentioning and they are RVshare and RVezy. They both operate like Outdoorsy.

How Do I Rent an RV?

Renting an RV is just like renting a vacation home for a week on VRBO or Airbnb. Here are the simple steps:

1️⃣ Log onto Outdoorsy and enter your destination and dates you want to travel.
2️⃣ Use the filters to narrow down the type of RV and amenities you want.
3️⃣ You can email the owner with any questions
4️⃣ Rent the RV ( if you have any questions, just call customer service and they will walk you through it)
5️⃣ Fill in all your info so you can get insured and make your deposit.
6️⃣ Meet the owner to pick up your RV – they will give you an orientation tour!
7️⃣ Have an awesome RV vacation!
8️⃣ Return the RV!

Things To Do in Cleveland, Ohio

There are several cities in the United States that do not get the attention they deserve. This could happen because of a myriad of reasons. They might be overshadowed by a larger, nearby city, or they might be in a state that many people do not think to travel to.

Cleveland is one of those cities because not many people think to travel to Ohio. However, it is still a beautiful city with lots to do in and around it. There are world class museums, free attractions, and beautiful parks to explore. So, there are plenty of things for people of all interests to enjoy. Here are some of the best things to do when you get to Cleveland.

1. Check Out University Circle

When you travel to Cleveland one of the first places you should check out is University Circle. It is a famous urban district that covers a square mile. It is home to some of Cleveland’s top education, health care, arts, cultural, religious, and social institutions. Situated near downtown, it is easily accessible.

As you take a stroll down the streets of University Circle you will see the beautiful architecture of 19th century mansions that have been transformed into hotels and coffee shops. Depending on the time you are in town, you also might be able to catch an event. Outdoor events, live concerts, and movie nights are hosted here throughout the year.

2. Head to the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Cleveland Cultural Gardens

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens were created by students and scholars at Cleveland State University as a peace garden. It is a living monument to the rich history of 20th century America. There are 29 gardens all together and they are designed to reveal the stories of the major conflicts that gave shape to the century.

Additionally, the gardens are meant to provide insight into the social, cultural, economic, and political upheavals that took place in the last century. You can enjoy guided tours through the gardens. On these tours, you will learn behind the scenes information about the gardens.

3. Go to the International Women’s Air and Space Museum

The International Women’s Air and Space Museum is a place devoted to celebrating the impact women have had on aviation and space exploration. It pays homage to the accomplishments, successes, and contributions they have made over the years.

The museum is located in the terminal building of Burke Lakefront Airport and it features a plethora of memorabilia and historical artifacts. There are guided tours for you to go on they will take you through the museum, showing you the many permanent and temporary exhibits. These tours last for 45 minutes to an hour.

4. Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

If you are a fan of music you should definitely go to the Rock and Rolle Hall of Fame and Museum. It is dedicated to showcasing some of the greatest rock and roll musicians in history. The museum has a library that is well stocked and has plenty of archives for you to go through. It also offers a range of educational programs for you to learn about the history of rock and roll.

5. Go to the North Chagrin Reservation

If you need some time away from the city, you should head to the North Chagrin Reservation. It will give you the opportunity to experience nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

North Chagrin Reservation is a 1700 acre wildlife sanctuary that has several outdoor recreation areas, walking trails, picnic spots. It was established in the 1920s and has attracted many visitors since then.

6. Head to the Ohio and Erie Canalway

The Ohio and Erie Canalway is a canal that was constructed in the 10th century to carry freight traffic across Ohio. It did this very successfully for 40 years until railroads made this form of transportation relatively obsolete. After freight traffic slowed down it became a water source for several industries and towns. Today the canal is managed by the National Park Service and it is used by the public for several recreational purposes.

7. Visit the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

If you have kids with you, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium will be a place that keeps them entertained for hours. It opened in 2012 and is spread over a 70,000 square foot area. There is a vast 230,000 gallon tank with a unique walk through with an acrylic shark tunnel.

As you make your way through the aquarium you will see several exhibitions like the Lakes and Rivers of the World, the Indo Pacific Zone, Discovery Zone, and the Coastal and Coral Reef. The aquarium also offers several educational programs about the animals they care for.

8. Check Out the James A. Garfield Monument

The James A. Garfield Monument honors the 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield. The monument was designed by architect George Keller and was constructed of Berea Sandstone. It stands 180 feet tall and contains elements of Romanesque, Gothic, and Byzantine styles.

Additionally, the monument has marble, granite, and gold mosaics with stained glass windows. Each mosaic represents one of the original 13 colonies. There is also a sculpture of the president sculpted by Alexander Doyle that stands on the main floor of the monument.

9. Go to Playhouse Square

If you are looking to have some fun, you should head to Playhouse Square. It is the second largest performing arts center in the country. There are many events that are hosted here of many different styles.

Additionally, Playhouse Square offers educational classes, workshops, and programs that are aimed at inspiring the public to take an interest in the performing arts. When the performances are done the performers leave the stage to interact with the guests.

10. Check Out the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

One final thing you should check out before you finish your trip to Cleveland is the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. It was established to inspire passion for nature and help ensure the protection of the natural world for future generations. It is home to over four million specimens across a variety of fields. These fields include archeology, botany, geology, and paleontology.

The museum is located in University Circle in downtown Cleveland. It has several educational, cultural, and medical institutions that do research and facilitate the development of the current collections.

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The 10 Best RV Campgrounds in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is a great place to travel to and you must be excited to get your trip started. However, before you get on the road you need to make sure your travel plans are sorted out.

This means making sure that you have your living situation figured out. Unfortunately, you cannot just park your RV anywhere, you need a campground. Here are 10 of the best RV campgrounds in the Cleveland area.

1. West Branch State Park

West Branch State Park has several facilities available to you. There are over 60 campsites for you to choose from. They include full service, electric, and primitive campgrounds. Each campground has several facilities and activities for overnight and day use fun. Some of the available facilities include marinas, golf courses, beaches, trails, boat ramps, fishing piers, open air shelter houses, playgrounds, picnic areas, and dog parks.

2. Heritage Farms

Heritage Farms is located very close to Cuyahoga Valley National Park which is a destination for millions of visitors throughout the year. Visitors of this park tend to enjoy hiking, biking, and picnicking. The Cuyahoga River flows through the park for 22 miles, making this an ideal spot for fishing and other water based activities.

The hiking in this area is great as well, as you will be able to see plenty of interesting wildlife. There are also several stunning locations for you to enjoy a picnic.

3. Geneva State Park

Geneva State Park is located on Ohio’s northeastern shoreline. The 698 acre state park reflects the character and charisma of Lake Erie. This also makes it a fantastic spot for water based activities. Swimmers will love the sandy beaches, and fishers will love the open water.

The campsites here provide full electric, sewer, and water hookups to all guests. Alcohol, fires, and pets are all allowed on site. Wi-Fi and phone service are also available throughout the campground. Finally, there are centrally located showers and restrooms.

4. Streetsboro / Cleveland SE KOA

Like the many KOA campgrounds throughout the country, Streetsboro / Cleveland SE KOA is a well regarded and popular campground in the Cleveland area. Visitors that stay here will enjoy amenities like 50 max amp hookups, cable TV, Wi-Fi, and purchasable firewood. Additionally, there is a general store on site. So, if you ever run out of anything you can restock without needing to leave the campground.

5. Mill Creek Recreation Area

Mill Creek Camping is a great option if you are looking for a family campground. There is a lake nearby which means that you can enjoy water based activities like boating, swimming, and fishing. It is an especially great place for fishing as the lake is filled with largemouth and smallmouth bass, muskie, crappie, and bluegill.

The campground itself has 295 sites available for you to stay at. Over 100 of the sites have electric hookups. There is also a dump station, showers, flush restrooms, a boat ramp, playgrounds, and a volleyball court on site.

6. Clay’s Park

Clay’s Park is one of the top outdoor camping resorts in Ohio. The 500 acre facility has some of the premier campgrounds in the state. When you stay here you will have unlimited access to the 10 acre adventure water park. There is also an 18 hole mini golf course for you to use.

Additionally, this is a great spot to stay if you enjoy fishing. There is a 20 acre fishing lake available for use, and you do not even need a fishing license. There is also a general store on site for you to restock on supplies.

7. Indian Creek RV & Camping Resort

Indian Creek RV & Camping Resort is situated directly across from Lake Erie and occupies 110 acres of well maintained grounds. The campground is family friendly and has something for everyone. There are campsites for you to pull your RV up to, or you can stay in a cottage. There are also plenty of on site activities for you to enjoy. For example, you can play mini-golf, get a snack from the concessions stand, or go fishing on the lake. There is even a pool for you to relax and soak in the sun next to.

8. Countryside Campground

Countryside Campground offers tent and RV camping to guests. There are 95 total RV sites with several that can accommodate pull thrus and double slide outs. There are also sites that offer water and electric hookups.

Additionally, the campground has a propane filling station on site so that you can make sure the motorhome is properly fueled.

9. Millbrook Resort

Millbrook Resort is a great camping spot for you to enjoy some outdoor fun with your family. While you are staying here you will be able to enjoy the Sauna and Fitness Center, the arcade, the miniature golf course, and a 10 acre lake. There are also several events that are held here throughout the year like concerts and live shows.

10. Pier-Lon Park

Pier-Lon Park is a family oriented campground that is located in the western portion of Medina County. It was founded by Ray and Nancy Pierce in 1969. Today the facility is owned and managed by the second and third generations of the family.

One of the most popular attractions of the campground is the five acre lake. There you will be able to go swimming or enjoy catch and release fishing. This is a popular destination because it is a smaller and more remote campground. As a result, you get a more authentic outdoor experience.

Final Thoughts About RV Rentals in Cleveland

After reading, we hope you have all the information you need to prepare for your trip to Cleveland. Cleveland is a great travel destination that is not often thought of as a vacation spot. As a result, many people miss out on the attractions in this area. However, RV enthusiasts will know that Cleveland is home to some stunning lakes, beautiful scenery, and it is a fun city on top of that.

Purchasing an RV is exciting. This is certainly the case if you have never had an experience in an RV before. If you have never used an RV before you do not know if you will like it. Spending thousands of dollars on something that you cannot guarantee that you will enjoy is irresponsible.

So, you should rent before you purchase. Additionally, this will let you get an idea of what types of RVs and RV amenities you enjoy. So, if the day comes that you want to purchase an RV, you will be able to narrow your search very quickly.

Going on an RV vacation is a great experience to have with your family. It lets you bond with your family in ways that you would not be able to on a regular vacation. You get to experience new places and see things that you never would if you did not rent an RV. So, gather your things, plan out your trip, and get on the road as soon as you can for your trip to Cleveland!

What appeals to you most about Cleveland and the surrounding area? Why are you considering going to Cleveland on your trip? What RV are you thinking of renting? Let us know in the comments!

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We attend RV Shows and visit RV dealerships all across the country to tour and review drivable motorhomes and towable trailers to provide the best evaluations of these RVs in our blog articles and YouTube videos.

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