Most Popular Camping and RV Memberships

There are many RV membership clubs that offer discounts on numerous campgrounds. The memberships we have listed below are all terrific! If you camp for more than a weekend or two a year or you are new to RVing you will probably want to consider a campground membership to help to keep your campground costs low.

Popular RV Membership Clubs

Overnight RV Parking is a real-time directory of over 13,000 free parking lot camping locations throughout the US and Canada, such as Walmart, Cracker Barrel Restaurants, Flying J or highway rest stops. Some of these locations allow RVers to stay the night and others do not. Overnight RV Parking’s website and app provide you with the correct information so you know the rules before you stay the night. This will help you avoid a knock on the door in the middle of the night with someone asking you to leave. We love the real-time updates and reviews that Overnight RV Parking members add to the directory to provide accurate and up to date information. The membership cost is only $24.95 a year so you will break even if you park for free for just one night. And if you click our affiliate link above you will get 3 months free! So that’s 15 months for only $24.95!

Harvest Hosts is a membership which has over 670 free places to park overnight. These overnight parking places are gorgeous. They are orchards, wineries, farms, breweries and other unique attractions that allow RVs to stay the night. The annual membership is only $79 a year and gives you access through their website and App to stay at any of these incredible locations. And, they just added an additional membership for only $20 to stay at over 300 golf courses across the country too! So, for $99 a year, your price will never go up and you have over 1000 gorgeous locations to park overnight! We are members and love our membership!

Good Sam RV Club has a huge community of over one million members and provides many services to RVers. The club provides a 10% discount on more than 1,600 campgrounds in the US and Canada for overnight stays. It also offers trip planning services that include route planning, estimated fuel cost, RV maintenance facilities, and rest stops on the route.

The Membership also offers add-ons such as roadside assistance coverage. It also offers full coverage RV insurance for the RV and your assets when you are traveling. Plus, the club provides an extended service plan that enables a member to continue with their vacation if the RV breaks down. We belong to Good Sam RV Club and we have their roadside assistance policy too.

Passport America is 50% Discount Camping Club with about 2,000 participating campgrounds. They also offer an easy to use app with an online search tool to find a campground near you. At only $44 per year, you can make you money back in as little as two nights

escapees circle logoEscapees RV Club is a very popular membership club. It has partnered with many other RV organizations to offer a variety of RV products and services at a discount. Before you sign up, see if one of your current memberships offer you discount for joining Escapees and vice versa. The membership offers 15% up to 50% discounts on over 1,000 campgrounds. Membership costs $39.95 per year, and there is no enrollment fee.

Boondocker’s Welcome is an RV club that offers places to park for overnight stays from people who own private land. They now have more than 1000 locations across North America. The idea is that Boondockers Welcome provides a website directory of fellow RVers who are willing to let you stay a night or two on their property. Even though the name is Boondockers Welcome, which gives the impression there are no hookups, many hosts are able to provide electric and water, as well. Guests are encouraged to offer the host a gift or pay a few bucks if hookups are provided. Most of the time the parking area will be right beside the property owner’s home or it will be on land that they own but do not live on. And you have the benefit of meeting some great people who can give advice about the area where they live! The cost of the membership is only $24.95 a year!

Thanks for reading about the memberships we like. If you have any questions and would like to contact us directly please feel free to go here to send us an email.