11 Essential Dog Accessories for RV Camping

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If you’re planning a family camping trip in your RV this year, you’re probably thinking of all the gear and gadgets you’ll need to keep everyone safe and happy on the road. So why should dog gear for RV camping be any different? Bringing a dog along can make your RV camping trip so much fun. Since it’s so important to get the right gear to make sure your dog is happy and safe we created our list of 11 Essential Dog Accessories for RV Camping. Below are some of the best products for you to invest in when bringing your dog on your next RV road trip.

1. Pet Monitoring Camera and Treat Dispenser

The absolute best pet-friendly product I have ever seen for remotely keeping an eye on your pet and feeding them treats is the Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera for dogs and cats. While you are away from your RV you can see, hear and talk to your pet. And you can remotely toss them a kibble treat! It’s all done remotely through your cell phone! My daughter has one that she uses to keep an eye on her dog while she’s at work all day. And, I think having one in your RV is a great way to interact with your pet while you are away. Check out the video below. It explains it better than I can.

2. Portable Outside Dog Fence (or pen)

Instead of tying your dog up to the RV, the nearest tree or keeping them in the RV for any longer than necessary, a portable dog fence or pen allows your dog to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Collapsible pens can unfold to give an impressive amount of space giving the dog some freedom while also adhering to most pet-friendly parks “on a leash” or “contained” rules regarding dogs. Collapsable Fences can be folded up and stowed without taking up too much room. In fact, this fence and the dog crate below actually connect together!

3. Collapsable Dog Kennel (or crate)

Much like the dog fence, a wire collapsible dog crate can serve many purposes. If your dog is already crate trained, it can provide a safe place and keep your dog more comfortable on the road. It can be used while your RV is stationary and also while driving. A dog crate can protect your dog from sliding around the RV cabin while you are traveling. And it can keep loose items from falling on or hitting your dog. Wire crates are open on all sides and allow better airflow to keep your dog cool on a hot day. They are also super easy to clean and more durable than a rigid plastic crate. Keeping a collapsible kennel or crate on board is very convenient because it is easy to store or move in and out of the RV if needed. This dog kennel actually connects to the dog fence we feature above, which also provides a safe place for your dog while in the pen.

4. Memory Foam Dog Bed

Just like us humans, most dogs look for a comfy spot to relax and call their own. A comfy yet durable dog bed provides a place in your RV or camper that your dog can call their own.  There are many shapes and sizes of dog beds out there but the best ones are made with thick memory foam, a waterproof liner and, a cover that can be removed and washed easily.

5. Automatic Generator Start Controler

One of the biggest fears for pet owners while away from their RV is that the power will go out and the AC will stop running. This can certainly be a life-threatening situation. The best way to handle this situation is to install an Automatic Generator Start Controller.

The way this works is that if the shore power goes out your AC will turn off because the AC can’t run on battery power. If this happens the generator controller will automatically start the generator and your AC will come back on. For just a couple hundred dollars it can literally save your pet’s life.

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6. Elevated Dog Bed

Another type of dog bed that will be appreciated by your pooch is an elevated dog bed. Unlike the plush indoor beds we just mentioned, an elevated bed can be used both indoors and outdoors without much risk of getting dirty or wet. An elevated dog bed provides better support for dogs who suffer from joint pain or arthritis. And they keep your pooch up off the ground so they don’t lay in dirt and leaves. An elevated dog bed will help protect your dog from pesky bugs and insects on the ground. The best elevated dog beds are made with mesh to keep your dog cooler and they are foldable for easy storage.

7. Dog Ramp

While a rambunctious young pup may not have any issue making the leap into or out of an RV, adult dogs or senior dogs may need some extra support to get in and out of your RV. A foldable dog ramp is ideal for those dogs who need a little extra help. And a dog ramp will prevent you from straining your back every time you need to lift your dog into the rig. Introduce your dog to the new ramp slowly and it can give your dog the confidence it needs to access your RV easily. The most important features to look for when buying a dog ramp are sturdiness, good traction, length (if the ramp if 6′ or shorter it may be too steep for your dog to climb), and it should be foldable.

8. Collapsible Dog Bowl

You should always provide fresh water for your pooch but with moving around, packing and unpacking the RV, their stationary bowl from home isn’t always practical. There are many different types of water bowls out there for dogs ranging from a water bottle and bowl combos to hard plastic spill-proof bowls. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages but the best dog bowls are multifunctional. Try to find dog bowls that are collapsible, sturdy, super easy to clean, dishwasher safe and big enough to use not only as a water bowl but also as a food bowl. This type of bowl allows you to not only use them as stationary bowls while at camp, but to fold them up and bring them along on hikes that Fido gets to join on too! I recommend the Kurgo Bowl. Seriously, it’s the best and I’ve tried  A LOT of bowls!

9. Leash and Harness

While you probably already have a leash for your dog, it might be a good idea to invest in a leash that is extra durable for your road trip. A simple nylon leash might not hold up to the outdoor elements such as dirt and muck that are sometimes inevitable while camping. It also may be a good idea to have more than one leash in case something happens to one of them or they’re accidentally left behind at a campsite. A harness, however, isn’t always needed but it can come in handy while traveling on the road. First of all, if your RV doesn’t have the room for a crate to be set up while on the road, the next best way to keep your dog safe is to use a harness and dog seat belt combo to keep your dog safe while moving. A harness versus a collar in this situation prevents unnecessary pressure on your dog’s neck in the event that they are tossed from side to side while driving or worse yet, in a crash.  A harness seat belt combo is a great way to keep your dog safe.

10. Dog Toys Bones and Treats

Just like you would at home, it’s important to have some fun toys or treats for your pup to be entertained while you make dinner or are out exploring for the day. Always look for toys that are large enough that they can’t be accidentally swallowed. We like the Benebones brand because they are healthy and safe and dogs love the built-in natural bacon flavor!.

11. First Aid Kit

Injuries can sometimes happen when camping and hiking so always make sure that you have a dog first aid kit in the RV. I am always surprised by how many RVers don’t have a first aid kit for themselves or their pets. So, have one on hand and hopefully, you will never need it!

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  1. I would definitely bring a brush, flea comb & shampoo. Also be sure to bring their food & any medicines like flea, tick, heartworm etc. Another thing I would bring is their license & an up to date paper with their vaccinations like rabies. And lastly, I’d make sure all my pets are microchipped & you have the info handy just in case…. TY

  2. I’m a wound trauma RN. A lot of nice dressings for first aid are truly expensive. Horse leg wrap ( kerlex) is cheaper for holding a dressing in place. Women’s hygiene products tampons( act as a dressing with a drain ) leave string out and wrap so the wounds drains,( so a assess doesn’t develop. Maxi pads and panty liners are also great dressings for people and animals. Baking soda helps clot blood from a broken to nail. Hope this helps someone.

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