4 Best RV Ladder Mount Bike Racks PLUS Our Favorite Ladder Rack!

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If you’re an RVer who enjoys biking, you need one of the best RV ladder mount bike racks, period. Our 4 best RV Ladder mount Bike Racks are:

  1. Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack
  2. Swagman RV Approved Ladder Mount Bike Rack (RVBlogger Favorite!)
  3. Stromberg Carlson RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack
  4. Surco RV Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

That said, there are so many variations on the market that choosing the right one for your right can be quite the challenge.

But, thankfully, that’s where we come in. 

We’ve prepared a list of the best RV ladder to mount bike racks currently available as well as all the pertinent information you need to make a well-informed decision as to which rack is best for you, your rig, and your bikes.

What Are RV Ladder Mount Bike Racks?

We’ve all seen them. RVs rolling down the interstate with bikes either mounted on the top of the rig or hanging from the back it. Most of these RVs are equipped with RV ladder mount bike racks.

With an RV ladder mount bike rack, your bike(s) are suspended horizontally or vertically on a ladder-style mounting rack. RV ladder mount bike racks are designed and produced exclusively for motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, large vans, and just about any other RV that have ladders installed on them (or can have ladders installed on them).

They not only keep your bikes safe and allow you to tow them along with you easily and securely, but they are also easy and convenient for removing and using your bikes whenever you please. And, once finished, the bikes are quickly and easily hung back on the ladder mount rack.

Things to Consider About RV Ladder Mount Bike Racks

The first thing to remember is that not all bike racks will fit your RV. You will need to buy specific racks that are designed to be mounted onto your specific motorhome.

A bike rack absolutely needs to fit really well. If it is badly mounted you could cause untold damage to your bike, your RV and possibly other motorists. We highly recommend you get your bike rack installed by a specialist.

If you take your bike with you on frequent RV trips it is definitely worth investing in good quality to avoid having to deal with bike rack issues during your vacation.

The RV Super Centre operates with internationally renowned brands such as Thule and Fiamma. Both brands offer sturdy and durable products with great features as well as a large range of accessories and spare parts to customize your bike rack.

1. Does the Rack Fit Your RV Ladder?

RV ladder mount bike racks are not universal fitting. You need to check any rack you’re considering buying to make sure it will fit onto your specific RV model. Depending on your RV, the best rack may not actually be a ladder mount style. 

2. Will It Hold All of Your Bikes?

Depending on if you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or a group, the type, and size of the bike rack you need for your RV will vary. For one or two bikes, most any RV ladder mount bike rack will work (so long as it fits your RV, to begin with). 

Those who wish to mount several bikes at once need to double-check potential units for their bike mounting capacity before purchase.

3. What Type of Bikes Does It Hold?

Most RV ladder mount bike racks are pretty versatile. However, some may be designed to hold specific types of bikes over others. 

While shopping, be sure to check and make sure that the sort of bike you are planning on towing along will actually work with the rack you’re thinking about purchasing. 

Mounting capabilities may vary for specific styles of bikes such as mountain bikes, children’s bikes, electric bikes, and large framed cruised, just to name a few.

4. How Much Weight Does The Rack Support?

The amount of weight that an RV ladder mount bike rack varies from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. That said, just about all bike racks come with clearly labeled maximum weight limits. 

To be as safe as possible, and avoid losing or damaging bikes while driving (or worse – having a bike fall off the rack and damage an on-coming vehicle) make sure to check this and be aware of the combined weight of all the bikes you plan on carrying along with you on your RV.

5. Warranty Options and Price

The price of an RV ladder mount bike rack, as well as the warranty and guarantee options, are just as important as any of the above-listed considerations to keep in mind while shopping for the best rack for your rig.

The best products come with limited warranties (at the least), and may even include a money-back guarantee (typically 30 to 90 days), and free customer service (sometimes for a limited time, sometimes for life).

Best RV Ladder Mount Bike Racks

Here are our picks for some of the best RV ladder mount bike racks to consider adding onto your rig:

1. Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack

Camco RV Laffer mount Bike Rack with two bikes on it

The Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack is the top suggestion on our list. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and features a design created to fit on standard RV ladders. The Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack also comes with a form-fit cradle that secures your bikes in place for transporting on the back of your RV.

The rack is made to hold to bikes and a maximum weight of approximately 60 lbs. The unit itself also folds for easy storing and only weighs roughly 8.2 pounds. The rack also comes with a bonus strap for extra security while hanging your bikes on the unit.


  • Easy to install and use 
  • Mounted with 1-inch by 1-inch angles and J bolts as well as standard hanger hooks
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Holds more than one mike
  • Lightweight

⛔️ Cons

  • Depending on your RV ladder, there may be large gaps between the bottom rail and hinges (allowing the rack to sag a bit when weight is added)
  • May require some light wielding to make fully secure on your RV’s ladder 

2. Swagman RV Approved Ladder Mount Bike Rack (RVBlogger Favorite!)

RVBlogger RV Ladder Mounted Bike Rack with our two bikes

Swagman’s RV Approved Ladder Mount Bike Rack is another great RV ladder mount bike rack to consider for your rig. We absolutely love ours! We have driven thousands of miles with our bikes on this bike rack and have never had a single problem.

It’s quick and easy to assemble as well as to put bikes on and take bikes off of. With its dual-arm design, the unit is made to securely hold your bikes onto the ladder on your RV. The soft cradles (and two bonus straps that are included) make sure your bikes stay put even when you hit bumps in the road.

The ladder rack is tested and approved for use with RVs. That means that they’re much more durable and secure than the types of racks found on passenger vehicles. Furthermore, the lightweight aluminum material is durable and long-lasting (it won’t need replacing any time soon – if ever). The versatile bike rack is equipped to hold two bikes. It is made for most RV ladder run styles. It features a dual-arm design capable of holding approximately 70 lbs of total weight.


  • Great bike rack for quickly and easily installing it on pre-existing RV ladders 
  • Includes straps for extra security
  • Fits two bikes on the back of your RV
  • Holds 70 lbs of weight (more than many racks)
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum frame

⛔️ Cons

  • Not a great choice for families as it holds only two bikes
  • May require an additional chain and lock to keep your bikes secure on the rack (and not getting stolen) while away from your RV

3. Stromberg Carlson RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack

Stromberg Carlson RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack

The Stromberg Carlson RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack is the third suggestion on our list of great RV ladder mount bike racks to invest in. It is also probably one of the most genuinely versatile units currently available on the market. Aside from being a bike rack, it can also be a chair rack as well as a mounting system for transporting portable waste totes and tanks.

The design couldn’t be more diverse. The unit is constructed of strong and durable aluminum. The maximum weight for the rack is 50 lbs. Longlasting metal brackets and screws hold the rack into placed mounted on your RV’s ladder. 


  • This unit mounts easily over RV stairs and secures to the back of your RV
  • Can hold two bikes
  • In addition to bikes, the rack is also built to hold waste totes, chairs, and more
  •  If you need to use your ladder, just move the arms by pulling the pins. The pins are attached to prevent loss.
  • Gives you a safer place to carry waste other than in your normal storage

⛔️ Cons

  • The mounting system is not as sturdy as others without additionally securing it yourself
  • Only holds 50 lbs in comparison to other racks that hold 10 or 20 more lbs
  • The straps that come with the unit could be higher quality

4. Surco RV Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

Surco RV Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

The Surco RV Ladder Mounted Bike Rack is our last suggestion for those seeking out the best RV ladder mount bike rack for their rigs. This convenient rack fits on nearly any pre-existing ladder installed on vans, RVs, motorhomes, and more.

The system is designed for securing and carrying two bikes at a time. Even more, the rack is mountable to your RV without using any additional straps, welding, or needing to remove your current ladder.

For those looking for a quick and convenient rack to install on the back of their rigs this season (or any time), the Surco Ladder Mounted Bike Rack is one of the best to consider.

 ✅ Pros

  • The rack allows you to mount two bikes easily and quickly
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight design
  • Fits nearly all ladders perfectly
  • No need for straps or welding

⛔️ Cons

  • The overall design could be a bit less complicated
  • May take a while to line up the bolts and holes while mounting to existing ladders

Final Thoughts About Shopping For RV Ladder Mount Bike Racks

The best RV ladder mount bike rack for your RV is a choice that only you can make. That said, we genuinely hope our considerations and bike rack suggestions help to make your purchasing decision better-informed.

For those who have only one or two bikes to mount on their RVs, our top suggestion is the Swagman’s RV Approved Ladder Mount Bike Rack. It weighs less than 6 lbs, and holds two bikes, up to 70 lbs.

We absolutely love our Swagman Bike Rack and we think you will too.

Do you know about a great RV ladder mount bike rack that you feel deserves to be mentioned on our list? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

Good luck out there and stay safe while RVing and biking!

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  1. I have the Camco rack and it works just fine. Two additional points purchasers need to be aware of: first, when mounting a bike be very cautious of the handlebar end. It can rest against the RV body and damage paint. Second, if your RV has an escape window in the back make sure a hanging bike doesn’t impede exiting.

    • Good point Dave. I have a rag wrapped around the end of the handlebar that touches the RV so it doesn’t scratch.


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