4 Season Truck Campers for Year Round Camping!

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When you decide that you want to go on a road trip or go on a crazy camping trip, you will need a good way to get around. By purchasing a 4 season truck camper you will have everything you need to ensure that you have a good experience on your outdoor vacation. It is important to make sure that if you want to go out during the winter that you purchase a 4 season version. 4 season versions will ensure that you stay warm even during the coldest nights.

When you make the decision to purchase a 4 season truck camper you are making a significant financial commitment. RVs and travel trailers can be incredibly expensive, sometimes reaching into the six figures in price. As a result, you need to make sure that you do the proper research to ensure that you purchase the best 4 season truck camper for you.


If you are considering buying a 4 season truck camper we highly recommend that you rent one first. You can rent a truck camper for a weekend and learn everything you like and don’t like about it so when you are ready to buy you will know exactly what you want! To learn more about how to rent a truck camper please check out our article called How To Find the Best RV Rental By Owner.

What Is an All Season or 4 Season Camper?

As you might guess from the name, a 4 season or all season camper is one that can be used at any time of year. This might not make much sense at first because you might think that any RV or travel trailer could be used all year round, but that is not always the case. For a 4 season camper to be a camper that you can use at any time of year there are a few things that need to be true.

Firstly, a 4 season camper needs to be very well insulated. When you out in the woods in the middle of the winter it is going to get very cold, especially at night. Since it is cold you will want to get warm as fast as you can when you get back in your RV at the end of the day. However, that is not possible if you do not have insulation. Without insulation your RV will not stay warm and you will be freezing even inside your trailer.

Every trailer has insulation, but many of them have thin insulation that does not do a great job of actually keeping your trailer insulated. 4 season truck campers are built with high end insulation. The insulation is also tested relentlessly to ensure that it does a good job.

4 season campers also have measures in place to ensure that the plumbing is not affected by cold weather. In regular RVs, cold weather can cause your pipes to freeze, which can cause damage to your pipes and water tanks. However, with a 4 season trailer you will not have this issue.

Advantages of a Truck Camper

Before we get into the advantages, lets talk about what a truck camper is. A truck camper is essentially a small trailer that can fit in the bed of a pick-up truck. It is a lot smaller than your typical RV, but it is still functional. It will get the job done for you if you only need a place for yourself and your spouse to sleep.

Some benefits of using a truck camper instead of a full sized RV include being able to travel to different areas. Many truck campers will have four-wheel drive, which enables them to travel to places they would not be able to if they were in a regular RV.

It is also more comfortable for the drive to add something onto the truck they are already drive every day. Many people decide not to purchase an RV because they are scared about driving something so much larger than a regular car. Although a truck camper makes your truck a decent amount bigger, it is not anywhere close to the size increase you have with an RV. As a result, the drive will be much more comfortable and will not need to worry about as much.

Additionally, it is easier to store your truck camper than it is to store an RV. Unless you live somewhere with a lot of land, you will need to find a place to store your RV when you are not using it. You cannot just park it on the street in the middle of your neighborhood, you need a place to store it. The same is true with a truck camper, but since it is so much smaller you have many more options for storage. It is also cheaper to store a smaller RV because you need less space.

How Are Truck Campers Insulated?

Each manufacturer uses different methods to insulate their truck campers. However, the type of material the camper is made of plays a big part in how well insulated a camper is. Fiberglass is one of the best materials for insulating an RV, travel trailer, or truck camper. That is why the products built with fiberglass are usually more expensive than the ones built with aluminum. Different companies will also have different materials and other things they use to help insulate their campers.

What Are the Best 4 Season Truck Campers?

Here we will look at some of the best 4 season truck campers on the market right now. You should note that although this is a numbered list, we did not rank the products. Instead they are listed in a completely random order.

1. Northern Lite 8-11EX

Northern Lit 4 season truck camper
Northern Lite Truck Camper interior

Northern Lite has many 4 season truck camper options for you to choose from. One of the best options for smaller trucks is the 8-11EX. This camper comes with air conditioning, a microwave, leatherette seating material, solid sapele table, raised chrome graphics, and dual 100 watt solar panels.

This camper has a dry weight of 2800 pounds. It has dimensions of 94 inches tall, 98 inches wide, and 195 inches long. The trailer has been built to provide you with maximum comfort even when there is terrible weather outside. It does not matter what mother nature throws at you, you will be nice and warm inside your camper.

2. Lance 4 Season Truck Campers

Lance 995 camper for cold weather
Lance 4 season camper

Lance has many options for you to choose from if you are interested in a truck camper. However, these trailers are not initially built to be 4 season campers. Instead, you can add on the 4 season truck camper package to any of the options available to you when you purchase your truck camper.

When you purchase the 4 seasons truck camper package you get several things added onto your trailer. Firstly, you get a ducted heating system that will help keep your trailer nice and warm. It is especially helpful in warming your trailer up when it is cold.

Additionally, you get a water heater bypass with winterized valves. This helps you with draining your system if you are storing your camper during the winter. It also helps prevent your pipes from freezing if you are out during the winter.

You also get an insulated bed mat and insulated hatch covers. The bed mat will make sure that your floor stays nice and warm and it helps prevent cold air from seeping in through the floor. The hatch cover insulation prevents cold air from getting in through one of the most vulnerable areas of the camper.

Finally, you get an insulated battery and LP compartments. This will ensure that your batteries are protected during very cold nights. So, you will not need to worry about your tanks freezing or anything disastrous happening.

3. Northwood Arctic Fox

Northwood Arctic Fox 4 season truck camper
Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper int

The Northwood Arctic Fox truck campers come with many amenities which will help ensure that you are comfortable on your trip. They come with a large queen sized bed. They have a small bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. There is also a small stove that you can use to cook up meals if you did not pack meals for the entire trip. Additionally, there is plenty of storage in the trailer. So, you can bring plenty of clothes and outdoor supplies if you wish.

4. Bigfoot Truck Campers

Bigfoot all season truck camper ext
Bigfoot 4 season truck camper int

Bigfoot offers two series of truck campers, the 1500 series and 2500 series. Both series are built to support you at any time of year, and therefore they are considered 4 season truck campers.

All trailers built by bigfoot are built with a two-piece fiberglass exterior and high density insulation. The trailers also include thermal pane windows. All those things combined make these campers good for any time of year.

5. Alaskan All Season Truck Campers

Alaskan truck camper 4 season ext
Alaskan Truck Camper int

The campers from Alaskan offer you a few more great options for 4 season truck campers. The newest version released in 2019 weighs 1805 pounds and has several luxurious amenities. There is a NovaKool 3808 compressor refrigerator, a two-burner cooktop, a 27 gallon fresh water tank, and a low-profile air conditioner.

For the winter, the camper goes with a 20,000 BTU furnace and it is very well insulated. There are also Led ceiling lights, and there is a 4-gallon water heater. You cannot go wrong purchasing a camper from Alaskan.

6. Northstar 4 Season Truck Campers

Northstar all season truck camper ext
Northstar truck camper int

The truck campers from Northstar are built to fit short and long beds. They include a 3.7 cubic foot fridge, a 12,000 BTU furnace, a two burner stove, and an electric roof lift. There is plenty of space inside the trailer for you to fit everything you need. It will also keep you warm during the warm because of its excellent insulation.

7. Rugged Mountain Custom RV

Rugged Mountain 4 season truck camper ext
Rugged mountain truck camper interior

Rugged Mountain has several 4 season truck camper options for you to choose from. They are all different sizes and weights, but they include several similar features. The features that make them all 4 season are almost identical.

They included a heated take compartment, a propane water heater, and fiberglass insulation. They come with a bed that is big enough for you and your spouse to sleep in. There is also a three burner stove, a five cubic foot fridge, a sink, and a pull out pantry. There is also plenty of storage that is tucked away in the trailer. This way you can bring lots of things with you without it getting in the way.

Hit the Road with the Best 4 Season Truck Camper for You

After reading, we hope you have all the information you need to purchase the best 4 season truck camper for you. We know that there is a lot of information to absorb, but it should all be helpful to you in your search for the perfect fit. Remember, you are spending a lot of money when you purchase a 4 season truck camper, so you do not want to purchase one that does not fit what you need. Take the time to do your research and you will be much happier in the future.

Finding the perfect 4 season truck camper can be difficult because there are so many options to choose from. We wish we could make it easy for you and tell you what the best option is, but everyone has different needs. For us to assume we knew what you need would be irresponsible, so we cannot say which option is best. However, we can say with confidence that all the options listed above are popular among consumers.

Purchasing a 4 season truck camper is a big step to take for you and your family. It is a significant financial investment, and it will change your lifestyle. However, if you pick the right camper, it is a purchase you will never regret.

Have you ever used a truck camper before? Are you interested in using your camper during the winter? Where would you want to travel with your truck camper? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Really nice galley in the Arctic Fox model shown. I think my favorite has to go to Rugged Mountain.

  2. I have been thinking of buying a 4 season truck camper for several years now. I purchased the 1 ton 4X4 8ft bed pickup a year ago, but I’m having trouble finding the right camper. As these truck campers seem to be costing 50 to 60 thousand dollars, I don’t want to find out a week or a year after the purchase, that I bought the wrong one. So you’re idea of renting them,(if I can find a place to rent them,(notice that I wrote them, not one, as I will want to try several) is an excellent idea. This brings me to the issue that I have found. I live 40 miles west of Chicago. There seem to be VERY few places within a days drive from me that sell these. Out of these few, they all only handle one brand, which make comparison really difficult. But what is really annoying on top of that, is that the places that sell them, have at best one or two in stock, while most have none , but are willing to order one for you. This leads me quickly to the question, why am I paying you your, (I can only guess at the markup) 15 to 30 thousand dollar markup, for you to be an order taker on a sight unseen roughly 60 thousand dollar product. There seems to be no LEGITIMATE answer to that question. So, my question for you is, do you know of a single dealer in the midwest that STOCKS at least 3 brands of 4 season truck campers for rent and or to buy?

  3. My wife and I live full time in a 5th wheel we pulled al over the country.W have also owned 4 truck campers at the same time .Now we live in our 5th wheel permanently and travel in our 4 season lance 1172 and still love life and traveling

  4. You should have posted dry weight of all the truck campers than folks can make better decisions if they currently own a truck.


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