How Much Does an A Frame Pop Up Camper Cost?

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A-Frame Pop-up Camper Costs 

If you’re in the market for a new pop up camper but want to compare different costs, you’ll most likely come across an A-Frame Pop Up camper in your research. It is an excellent choice for many reasons that we’ll get into below. It is also known to be budget friendly compared to other types of RVs and campers.

The cost for a new Pop Up A Frame Camper ranges in price from $11,000 to $26,000 and a used one ranges from $5,900 to $18,000. Of course features, amenities, age, and condition can have a huge influence on the price.

We saw an Aliner A-frame popup trailer at an RV Show and it was pretty awesome. The thing that I found most interesting was that some A-Frames can include a full wet shower. I had no idea that was possible.

And I was also impressed with how quickly they can be folded up and unfolded. It literally took the sales rep about 2 minutes to set up and then unfold the trailer. Check out the Youtube video I included at the end of the article to see for yourself.

What is an A-Frame Pop Up Camper?

A Frame Popup Trailer

This type of camper is technically classified as a popup but it’s also known as a fold down. It lays flat when being towed or stored, much like a traditional pop-up camper, but they have hard sides made of fiberglass or vinyl. When in use, the hard sided panels come up and meet to create a roof in the shape of an “A,” hence its name!

A-Frame Popups offer many amenities such as air conditioning, bathrooms, skylights, kitchens, exterior showers, and some even have exterior storage.

Pros and Cons

So why even look into buying an A-Frame camper versus other campers and RVs? There are plenty of positives with these campers:

  • Easy to Pop Up: There are tons of videos out there to show you just how easy and straightforward this type of trailer can be to put up and down. Most are merely unhitching the locks and pressing a button to create the roof, then lifting the sides and locking them in place!
  • Lightweight: This can be good for many reasons, but overall, it means that smaller vehicles can tow it. Not only are they easy to tow behind a car or SUV but you’ll also save on gas compared to bigger and heavier campers.
  • Fits Smaller Sites: With its smaller size and easy maneuverability, this camper can be set up in a lot more campsites than a larger size RV, sometimes even getting away with being parked in a tent site (always check with your campground first!).
  • Amenities: Even though it’s smaller, there is still plenty of room for a comfy bed (or two) and a smaller kitchen at the very least. There are tons of different layouts to choose from, even with this small trailer.
  • Camping All Year Round: Unlike with vinyl pop up campers, this hard-sided camper can be brought on adventures no matter what the season. The hard sides provide plenty of insulation for chilly nights.

We all know that nothing is perfect, and this camper with its many positivities, still has some negatives as well:

  • Not a Ton of Space: If you’re in the market for a camper that you can sprawl out in and have some space this may not be the camper for you. Its compact design means there’s not a lot of room inside, not to mention the fact that the walls form an A, meaning minimal headspace as well.
  • Some Don’t Have Toilets or Showers: Luxury amenities like bathrooms or showers are sometimes left out of these small floorplans, so you’ll just need to use the campground bathrooms.
  • Severe Weather: While they can withstand high winds and bad weather if you happen to roll up to a site in bad weather, the simple set up process might be miserable for a few minutes

So, How Much Do They Cost?

Like most vehicles and RVs, you can get them both new and used all around the country.

A used A-frame camper is going to cost roughly anywhere from $5900 to $17750, depending of course on brand, size, amenities, and age. A quick search on google or will get you in contact with local camper dealerships or private sellers and you’re sure to find an A-frame you will like.

A new A-frame camper can cost anywhere from $11200 to $26299. Some examples of brand new A-frame campers include:

  • A-Liner campers with 9 different models to choose from.
  • Forest River Rockwood Hard-sided Campers

Here are some examples of new and used A-Frame Popup Costs


  • 2020 Aliner Scout-Lite – $9,999
  • 2020 Aliner Ranger 12 – $13,495
  • 2020 Forest River Rockwood Hardside – $16,290
  • 2020 Aliner Classic – $22,582


  • 2012 Aliner Scout – $6,500
  • 2018 Aliner Ranger 12 – $11,500
  • 2018 Forest River Rockwood Hardside – $14,891
  • 2016 Aliner Classic – $17,500

When looking at purchasing an A-frame camper, make sure you look at the specifications to ensure that your car can tow it without issues and of course that it has the amenities that you need. It might be worth looking into renting one first before buying, to make sure that it fits your lifestyle as well as your budget.

Just check out Outdoorsy and you can find plenty of A-Frames to rent. We always recommend renting before you buy so you can be sure you buy the right RV with the best amenities to fit your needs.

We do hope that this brief guide will help you with your camper buying decision. An A-frame camper is a great option, not only for those on a budget, but also those who may be looking for a no frill, but still sturdy camper option. They are easily towable, easy to put up and take down and with the possibility of buying new or used, you’ll surely find one in your price range.

You might also want to consider renting an A-frame popup for a weekend before buying one so you can be sure you like it. And, renting one first will help ensure you choose the right A-frame the first time.

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Do you have an A-Frame Popup Camper? Please leave a comment below to help others who are considering purchasing one.

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6 thoughts on “How Much Does an A Frame Pop Up Camper Cost?”

  1. We have a 15′ Rockwood A-frame and absolutely love it! My husband is 6’4″ so the head room was a must. The queen bed with heated mattress is 7 and 1/2 foot wide. We have taken it across country, we pop it up at rest areas and make our lunch. We didn’t make any reservations as it will fit in any space. We chose the outside shower and bought a two room combo to hook up to shower and for the portapotty. It has everything we need and so easy to tow with my mini van. You have to be organized but I even have a small iron and ironing board and 19″ tv. I highly recommend it!

    • Hi Sandy,
      That’s awesome! It sounds perfect for you guys and thanks for sharing!

  2. we have a 2017 rockwood with a front dormer,we bought new. I’ts perfect for a couple w/o kids,we love it and use it as often as we can.

  3. would like to buy a classic aliner, but don’t know where to find some for sale. any ideas?
    thanks k

    • Hi Karen,
      I would try RVTrader if I were you. There are tons of A liners for sale on there.
      Good luck!

  4. My husband and I purchased our 2012 Rockwood premier A-liner a year ago and we love it , it is perfect for us , we have the outdoor shower and a port a potty which works great.Easy to store in our yard and easy to tow with our small SUV .


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