AirSkirt Inflatable RV Skirting for Winter and Summer

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Airskirts RV skirting is the newest RV skirt on the market! Airskirts RV skirting is durable, reusable, affordable and will save you money because it will keep your RV warmer in winter and cooler in summer!

No matter if you’re camping in season or off, RV skirting should be an essential accessory on your gear list. Many avoid it due to the high cost, laborious installation, or unattractive look. To protect your coach and maintain your interior temperature, RV skirting in summer and winter should be a part of your RV setup checklist. A new and straightforward RV skirting solution is AirSkirt.

We’ll show you why this new product is the best RV skirting on the market. You’ll also learn about the benefits of RV skirting as a whole, how AirSkirts compare to the traditional RV skirting solutions, and why even weekend RVers will find AirSkirts beneficial for their travel trailer or motorhome.

Some of the best benefits of AirSkirts RV Skirting are:

  • Sets up in 15 minutes
  • Stores in the included carry bag
  • Has an insulating R-value factor
  • Completely seals your RV’s underbelly
  • PVC material makes it highly durable
  • There’s a starter kit for virtually every size RV, Camper Trailer, and 5th Wheel

What is AirSkirt RV Skirting?

AirSkirt RV Skirting is a modular system of inflatable tubes that protect your RV underbelly from outdoor conditions. The inflatable tubes come in six or eight feet lengths that you lay under your RV’s perimeter end-to-end. 

The air pump that comes with the system inflates the tubes to create a seal against your travel trailer or motorhome. Since each manufacturer builds their units differently, the AirSkirt tubes come in either 22-inch or 34-inch diameter, so you don’t have to worry about height concerns.

Specialized pieces can seal gaps between double/triple axle wheels and fold-down steps (newer ladder-type entry steps that fold inside doors don’t affect the AirSkirt seal). The modular design allows you to create a reliable seal without having gaps for hookup connections. Once inflated, you won’t have to concern yourself with maintenance inflations no matter how long you use it.

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Benefits of RV Skirting

1. RV Skirting Guards Against Weather and Wind

bridge freezes before roadsign

The road sign above indicates that the upcoming bridge develops ice on its road surface before the normal roads. There’s a reason for this. When cold air moves under and over the bridge, the bridge’s surface temperature drops faster due to thermodynamics laws. We won’t get into the physics of it but think of it as cold air trying to invade the bridge on two fronts.

The same is true for your travel trailer or motorhome. The space between your underbelly and the ground is high enough to let the wind and weather blow through. Newer RVs do have sealed underbellies, but the R-values (the measurement used to determine insulation strength) may not be strong enough to keep your plumbing and holding tanks from freezing.

RV manufacturers are now designing the heating ducts so they wrap around the holding tanks, but if they’re not in use, you only have a thin corrugated plastic underbelly seal between “old man winter” and your holding tanks. A crack in your black tank could create a mess and an expensive repair.

The PEX tubing used for RV plumbing becomes dry and brittle in lower temperatures. The PEX material freezes at 20°F. Even if you winterize the pipes correctly, you still want to protect your plumbing, especially if you’re living in your coach.

 RV wind skirts are the first line of defense to protect your RV’s essential plumbing organs. The air inside the AirSkirt tubes becomes a defense barrier to protect the underside of your coach. If you’re camping off-season, this helps to make your RV warmer.

2. RV Skirting Keeps Critters from Getting Under Your RV

If you’ve ever had to deal with a bug or pest infestation in your house, you know how much of a headache it can be. Insects and rodents consider the underside of RVs prime real estate. It’s warm, protects against the weather, and there are plenty of places to nest.

Proper RV skirting works to block pests from setting up their campsite within your coach. The undercarriage of your coach has essential parts. Damage from mice gnawing on wires and other materials can become complex repairs due to the issue’s location.

Traditional RV Skirting Solutions

Before AirSkirt entered the market, installing other forms of RV skirting was a laborious endeavor. Depending on the material, some RVers could spend a whole day attaching skirting to an RV. That’s not limited to those that use homemade RV fender skirts, but those that spend over $3,000 at RV skirting pros for custom-fitted versions too. AirSkirt takes 15 minutes to set up.

Here are the benefits and burdens of traditional RV skirting solutions for travel trailers and motorhomes: 

  • Rigid Foam Board RV Skirting: Most people use D.I.Y. foam board RV skirting by cutting it to size. It’s an affordable way to skirt your coach, and the material is similar to what’s inside your RV’s walls. Unfortunately, if they’re not secured correctly, the wind catches them, and a significant amount of campgrounds don’t allow them—foam rates well for utility but poorly for aesthetic appeal. 
  • Metal/ Vinyl RV Skirting: In previous years, aluminum metal RV skirting was famous for its aesthetic and durable advantages. Vinyl took over since it comes in many different colors and doesn’t conduct temperature. For RVers, it’s doesn’t install quickly and is expensive. 
  • Fabric RV Skirting: RV skirting with canvas, vinyl fabric, or other tarp-like materials is another easy alternative. Securing the material down to the ground can be as simple as using tent stakes, but fastening it to your RV may require adding snaps that must be permanently attached to your coach. The R-value is low on fabric skirting, aesthetic qualities can be iffy, and pests can eat through the material if they’re determined.
RV Skirting for Winter DIY or Brand Name?
  • Plywood RV Skirting: Plywood comes in solid boards or decorative RV lattice skirting. The lattice versions rank high for aesthetics but have low utility. Industry experts recommend that pressure-treated plywood made for outdoor use go through a yearly sealing treatment. Installing the boards can be just as complicated as foam or vinyl.
  • Hay Bale RV Skirting: Did you know that hay bale RV skirting has a great R-value? According to studies, the R-value of a hay bale has an R-value between R-40 to R-50. While this clearly blows away other insulating materials, its high flammability makes it impractical for structural use.
Hay Bale RV Skirt

RVers will use it as skirting, especially towards the end of the RV season, to get into the “spirit” of Halloween. The problem with hay is it attracts all sorts of pests like the pied piper of fairy tales. A small hay bale weighs around 40 pounds, so it’s manageable to move into place and will help with retaining the heat inside your RV. 

Be prepared to throw them away after your camping trip due to uninvited guests that have burrowed inside the bales after one use. 

Check out our temperature test in this video. We prove that AirSkirts keep your RV warmer in cold temps!

Why AirSkirt is the Best RV Skirting

Jim Phelan created AirSkirt RV skirting to fulfill his own Airstream RV skirting needs. He wanted something that met several goals:

  • Quick setup and breakdown
  • Stores well
  • Has an R-value
  • Creates a complete barrier, even in those small spaces
  • Durable against common issues in the RV world
  • Adaptable to RV sizes, hookup components, and other underbelly obstructions

AirSkirts Allow for Quick Setup and Breakdown

The term “setup” is a better word than installation. Setup implies something fast and temporary. At least this is how Jim best describes his product. Once in place, this skirting for your RV secures tightly to the surface of your RV’s undercarriage.

When you purchase a kit, it comes with a 110v, 800-watt air pump. The pump is so efficient that those who enjoy dry camping can use their solar generator’s AC outlet to power the pump.

Before you crank up the pump, a best practice is to lay out the six and eight-foot inflatable AirSkirt tubes underneath the perimeter of your RV. With its modular design, you can space edges correctly. 

If you need an extra tube, a triangular tire wedge to fit between your double/triple axle wheels, or a stair tube that fits in that space of your older style entry steps, you can purchase them à la carte for the perfect fit. Extreme weather RVers looking to maximize their insulation will enjoy this feature.

There are hoses you connect to each military-grade valve, so each tube becomes interdependent. The hoses allow you to pump up all of the AirSkirts using one connection instead of walking around your RV filling each one together. As the pump fills the tubes, you’ll want to walk around to make slight adjustments where appropriate.

Since the AirSkirt tubes contain air, you don’t want to inflate them fully. When they’re in their full shape but soft to the touch, the tubes are at their optimum fill capacity. At this level, it allows for the internal air to expand or contract with the outside temperature.

AirSkirts are Easy to Store

Every kit comes with a bag that’ll fit all of the AirSkirt tube modules and accessories. There’s even extra space for your à la carte extras. When it’s time to break down your campsite, you can use the air pump to deflate the tubes to minimize trapped air. Once flat, the tubes fold down into small space-saving pieces that easily fit into the bag.

Keeping the whole AirSkirt RV skirting system in one convenient carry bag makes it simple to store in your travel trailer exterior bays. You’ll feel confident they’ll stay contained while you travel and won’t get in the way of your other camping gear.

Air Skirts are Durable and Insulating

AirSkirt RV skirting pays for itself due to its insulating R-value. Once deployed, the AirSkirt system retains heat 75% better than traditional RV methods. The insulation value helps keep your RV warm, blocks the wind, and adds to your RV’s overall R-value underneath. If you’re a full-timer responsible for your own electric meter, you’ll see the savings on your utility bills.

The 0.9 millimeter PVC material is highly durable to everything your RV skirting faces on your camping adventures. The puncture-resistant material is heat welded for an airtight seam. On a rare occasion, one of the tubes does puncture; every kit comes with repair patches. Popular liquid cement products will secure the patch in place.

Have Questions or Want a FREE Quote for Your RV?

If you have any questions or would like a free quote for your travel trailer, 5th wheel, Class A, B, or C motorhome you can call AirSkirts directly at 860-532-1720.

You can also visit the AirSkirts website to gather lots of great information.

They have great customer service and will walk you through the process to ensure that AirSkirts fit your RV! Just remember to use our discount code RVBlogger and you will save $100!

Who is AirSkirt?

When you purchase products from AirSkirt, you’re not buying from a faceless corporation. The Founder and Managing Director, Jim Phelan, began his career in the business to business computer software industry, based out of New York City. 

Once he caught the “RV Bug,” he sold his New York Lifestyle for a 2016 27-foot Airstream International. He’s now based out of Connecticut, living as an RV full-timer. He started AirSkirt with the mission statement: …to create the most reliable, cost-effective, and innovative solutions to RV living in varied and extreme climates. 

The other side of this extraordinary evolution in RV skirting technology is Jim’s brother Dave Peterson. Dave has had an exciting career in engineering design and product distribution. As a former CEO of a corporation, he knows what it takes to get the job done with quality and logistic speed.

When you buy from AirSkirt, you’re supporting a small American business. You’re also working with a fellow RVer who knows the everyday challenges that come with the lifestyle. You can see the real-world applications in the product itself. 

Features like interconnecting the skirting tubes for easy inflation/deflation, using PVC material instead of lesser quality plastics, and even something as small as the triangular tire wedge to maximize the best seal show it comes from the mind of someone with RV wisdom. 

AirSkirt is the Best Solution For Your RV Skirting Needs

The AirSkirt RV skirting system is the ultimate solution for your RV or tiny home. It’s resistant to wind, critters, and has a look that others will appreciate. Since it doesn’t require permanent connection add-ons, it won’t affect your resale value and can adapt to every coach you own in your lifetime.

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