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Millions of people have dreams of cruising down the road with a shiny, vintage Airstream trailer. An American icon, Airstream travel trailers are ideal for road trips and camping adventures. Do you want to have the Airstream experience without buying your own trailer? Consider renting an Airstream for a weekend, week, or more! Our guide to the best Airstreams for Rent Near You will tell you everything you need to know to make your dream a reality. 


Where Can I Rent an Airstream Near Me?

The easiest way to find an Airstream rental near you is to use the search feature on Outdoorsy. Outdoorsy is a great website that connects Airstream owners with people like you looking to rent travel trailers for a vacation. Outdoorsy also offers insurance and customer support so that you can kick back and relax on your trip. 

To find the perfect Airstream for you, use the search feature on Outdoorsy. You can search for travel trailers near your home, or if you are traveling to a National Park or another vacation spot, you can search for rentals near your destination. In the keyword search, enter Airstream to filter your results to only Airstream travel trailers. You can also search by size to select the perfect size rig for your group.

Luxury Airstream Rental

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Airstream?

Airstreams come in a variety of sizes and models. While some rigs comfortably accommodate only one or two people, other models can comfortably sleep five or more. The cost to rent an Airstream will vary by size. The larger the trailer, the more it will cost per night.

Other factors that can impact the price of an Airstream rental are the age of the trailer, the location, amenities provided, time of year, and length of the rental. The average cost of an Airstream rental ranges from $100 to $400 per night.

If you are flexible on your dates and travel time, you can find great deals on Airstream rentals. Try to avoid holiday weekends, as rental costs are typically higher during those times. 

You may be able to get a great deal by renting an Airstream for a more extended period of time. Many owners offer discounts for rentals of seven days or longer. Be sure to check into this when booking your travel trailer.

Airstream for Rent

Why Rent an Airstream?

There are many advantages to renting an Airstream over similar travel trailers and even RVs. 

First, Airstreams are well designed. They feel more spacious than RVs and travel trailers that are similar in size. You will often find more features in the same amount of space. If you are new to camping, you will appreciate the layout and feel of an Airstream. 

Most Airstream owners take great pride in their rigs and have gone the extra mile in their renovations. Higher-end cabinetry and faucets are the norm in Airstreams, which make a big difference in the feel of the camper. 

Perhaps the best feature of an Airstream is all of the windows! You are spending time in the great outdoors, so you definitely want to be able to see it from inside of your travel trailer! Airstreams typically have more windows than a typical travel trailer. Most of them can be opened to let in the fresh air. Extra windows may seem like a small thing, but they make a big difference when you are hanging out inside your camper. Watching the sunrise from the comfort of your bed is a great way to start the day in an Airstream.

Airstream Rental Near Me

For folks new to camping, Airstreams are a great option because they are often easier to tow. They are lighter and more aerodynamic, which means you can pull them with most trucks. Going up hills or driving in windy conditions will be much easier with an Airstream.

Airstreams are travel trailers, which make them an excellent option for those looking to explore the area when camping. Once you park the Airstream, you can unhitch and take your tow vehicle to check out the surroundings. Driving your tow vehicle is much easier than trying to navigate national parks or cities in an RV. If you need a tow vehicle, don’t worry. Outdoorsy rents tow vehicles too! Check the rental listing to see if a tow vehicle is available with the rental.

Once you are set up in your campground or boondocking site with your Airstream, don’t be surprised if you attract other campers. Airstreams are well-loved by their owners as well as other RVers. Many people will want to chat about your camper and even check it out! An Airstream is a great conversation starter in any campground! 

Can I Rent a Vintage Airstream?

Thousands of people across the United States are renovating vintage Airstreams. These owners take great pride in their renovations and work hard to keep the spirit and style of the classic Airstream. Many of these owners rent their Airstreams when they are not off on their own adventures. An easy way to find vintage airstreams near you is to use the search feature on Outdoorsy. You can use keywords such as “Airstream” and “vintage” to narrow down your search. 

vintage airstream rental

Airstream Trailer Pros and Cons

As with any travel trailer, there are pros and cons to renting an Airstream. 


✅ Airstreams are durable inside and out. Those gorgeous aluminum panels aren’t just for looks. The exterior of an Airstream can withstand some of the harshest conditions. Inside, higher-end finishes mean you don’t have to worry as much about damaging the trailer. 

✅ Airstreams are aerodynamic. This feature makes them easier to pull, which is a huge plus for people new to towing a travel trailer. 

✅ Airstreams are environmentally friendly. With primary materials of wood, steel, and aluminum, most Airstreams are entirely recyclable. Nice! 

✅ Many Airstreams are considered luxury travel trailers. First-time campers often feel like they are staying in a high-end hotel! Even if you are in the wilderness, inside your rig, you will enjoy luxurious surroundings. 

✅ So many windows! You will love all of the windows in your Airstream. The fresh air and bright daytime light will make your space feel fantastic.

✅ If you fall in love with your Airstream rental, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can buy used Airstreams for an affordable price. There are countless blogs and websites devoted to the restoration of these amazing trailers. Renovating an Airstream is an amazing experience. Once you have it restored, you can even rent it on Outdoorsy to bring in some extra income! 

Airstream for Rent Near Me

⛔️Many older Airstreams are narrower than modern travel trailers. You will not find the slide outs that are common in other travel trailers.

⛔️Airstreams can be chilly in the winter months. Most lack a lot of insulation, which makes them less than ideal for cold weather. There is an easy solution to this problem- take your Airstream to the south if you are traveling in the winter months or plan a summer getaway instead. 

⛔️Airstreams are not designed to be occupied without the stabilizing jacks in place. You will need to fully set up your rig to safely hang out in the camper. 

How To Rent an Airstream

Are you ready to check out an Airstream and see if it is right for you? Outdoorsy offers tons of fantastic rental Airstreams. Outdoorsy partners with Airstream owners to rent out their awesome travel trailers. Outdoorsy is a great way to rent an Airstream because you can choose the exact rig you want. If you do not want to tow and set up the travel trailer, you can even have Outdoorsy take care of that work for you! You are also protected by Outdoorsy’s world-class insurance and 24/7 customer support. 

To get started and find your perfect Airstream, go to and enter your rental location and preferred dates for your trip. You can filter your search by entering “Airstream” in the keyword search.

Next, you can filter by price, the number of people the trailer can accommodate and reviews. Because Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer rental service, it is a good idea to only look at rentals from owners with four or five-star reviews. You will find that there are many five star reviews to choose from, as Outdoorsy works hard to make the rental experience fantastic for users. 

Find Adorable Vintage Airstream Campers You Can Rent For Your Next Glamping Getaway

Well friends, it’s 2021 and we continue to want to find secluded campsites surrounded by nature.  It’s like the best idea there is to go vacationing these days.

This vintage icon is sure to set the stage for a memorable, out-of-the-box vacation.  And this is especially true for those campers wanting to get away from traffic, crowds, and more and find something truly unique, like renting a vintage Airstream RV.  Many Airstreams are small, but despite their age and compact size, are masterfully renovated with comfort (and even little luxuries) in mind.

You can find rentals available on Outdoorsy, Airbnb and sprinkled all over the South especially, and many of the rentals include super neat details such as alfresco clawfoot tubs, retro décor, fully equipped kitchens, and spacious decks.

Take a peek inside these cozy Vintage Airstream RV finds we’ve added to our 2021 summer glamping wish list on Outdoorsy by clicking here.

Popular Airstream Rental Cities

We have made it easy for you to search Airstream rentals in some of the most popular cities to go RVing in:

  • Airstream Rental in Orlando, FL – search on Outdoorsy by clicking here
  • Airstream Rental in the Florida Keys – search on Outdoorsy by clicking here
  • Airstream Rental in Waco, TX – search on Outdoorsy by clicking here
  • Airstream Rental in Los Angeles, CA – search on Outdoorsy by clicking here
  • Airstream Rental in San Diego, CA – search on Outdoorsy by clicking here
  • Airstream Rental in Atlanta, GA – search on Outdoorsy by clicking here
  • Airstream Rental in Denver, CO – search on Outdoorsy by clicking here

Vintage Chic Trailer Park Resorts You Can Book Now

For those wanting a truly unique Airstream vacation, look no further than a retro chic trailer park resort that boasts modern conveniences meets Airstream camping.

One such place is situated in the heart of Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley wine region, called The Vintages Trailer Resort.  This RV resort boasts rentals of more than thirty (30) thoughtfully restored vintage trailers!

On the east coast, nearAsheville, North Carolina, you will find the JuneBug Retro Resort.  This place is a fun lodging choice for those eager to stay in a vintage camper while visiting the area.

Fun Facts About Airstream RVs

  • Did you know Airstreams are used by NASA to shuttle astronauts to their launch pads?
  • A French cyclist names Alfred Letourneur pulled one using a bike as his tow vehicle!
  • The Airstream trailer was developed by an attorney – and started out as his hobby.
  • The first Airstream sold for well under $2,000.
  • Airstream was the only RV camper trailer manufacturers to survive The Great Depression
  • NASA used an Airstream to quarantine the first men back from the Moon.

It’s fun to learn trivia facts and now that you know a few, it makes renting an Airstream RV that much neater! Airstream travel trailers are possibly the coolest RVs ever made.

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Still not sure about Renting an Airstream? Check out our article called The Ultimate Guide to Renting an RV to learn everything you need to know about how to rent an RV!

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