12 Best Battery Operated Fans for Camping

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If you’re planning on heading out for a camping trip sometime soon, you can beat the heat with one of the best camping fans. And this article will help you find the Best Battery Operated Fans for Camping Camping to Keep You Cool!

Sure, a camping fan isn’t quite an air conditioning unit (no arguments there), but it can do a long way in keeping you cool when the temperatures out there start climbing.

However, with so many products on the market, finding a genuinely reliable camping fan that does as it’s advertised to do can be trickier than it seems (that’s where we come in, with our list of the best camping fans to keep you cool).

What Are Camping Fans?

A camping fan is more or less the same as the sort of fan that you find in residential homes. Unlike the oscillating and box-type fans so often found in homes, however, camping fans are normally extremely lightweight and run on a rechargeable battery or disposable batteries.

That said, many of the best camping fans also include additional features and benefits such as lanterns, flashlights, stash-spots, clips, and more. So, if you’re looking for one of the best, make sure that your camping fan does more than just blow air.

Aside from being smaller (miniature to half the size of fans found in homes for the most part), and having portable designs, the camping fan is not much different than any other fan you may have in your own already.

12 Best Battery Operated Fans for Camping

Here’s a sneak peek of the best 12 camping fans to keep you cool (full reviews are below):

  1. Odoland LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan
  2. OPOLAR 8-Inch Camping Fan
  3. Honeywell Turbo on The Go Personal Fan
  4. REENUO Camping Fan with LED Lights
  5. Super Long Lasting Battery Operated Camping Fan
  6. Amacool Portable Battery Camping Fan
  7. JOMST Portable Camping Fan LED Lantern
  8. OUTXE Camping Fan with Night Lights
  9. Geek Aire Fan, Battery Operated Floor Fan
  10. COMLIFE Portable LED Camping Lantern with Fan
  11. AGPtek LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan
  12. SKYRI Mini USB Tent Fans for Camping

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Camping Fan

Staying cool out there in mother nature can be more difficult than we’d like sometimes, especially in those hot summer months. That said, a camping fan really can make a difference.

But, before you just grab up any ol’ portable fan available at your local department store (or Amazon), make sure that you check each one for all of the following:

1. Quality of Construction

The materials used in the camping fan’s construction is a pretty big deal. It determines how fast the fan can operate, how long it can operate, and much more. The higher-quality materials the fan is made of, the longer it is going to last in most cases.

Higher quality fans typically come with much better warranties and guarantees as well. Making it very much worth the bit of extra money you will pay for them.

It may seem like just a little bitty camping fan that you’ll clip to your tent for a bit of a breeze and then forget about, but it is just as much of an investment as your chairs, tent, or anything else.

2. Power Source

Most camping fans (these days) come equipped with an internal battery that is rechargeable via a USB cable or some sort of charger. Many models also run on disposable batteries. Solar panel plug-ins are also available on some.

Depending on the time of the year and location of where you’ll be camping, as well as the amount of time you’ll spend out there using your fan, the power source may be even more crucial.

If you already have a generator or solar panels to keep your camping fan’s power reserve topped off, you’re in business. If not, you can always buy a long-lasting battery, or carry extra disposable.

3. Speeds Available

The speeds available on a camping fan often help determine its worth. More often than not, fans with more options (and speeds available) are higher quality products, last longer, work better, and come with better warranties and guarantees.

That, however, is far from always the case.

If you wish to have multiple speeds on your camping fan, make sure to double-check the features and options that any potential purchase comes with.

4. Cost (including maintenance)

The initial price is a pretty significant factor in any purchase. But, it should not be the sole determining factor when it comes right down to it. There are other things to consider as well.

In the case of the best camping fans, we need to consider the costs of maintenance (including batteries or charging accessories).

Depending on the above-mentioned considerations, and any others that are important to you and your specific situation, the cost of a great camping fan varies. Because, again, each of our own ideas as to what the best camping fan should consist of is varied as well.

5. Warranty and Guarantees

Perhaps the most important factor to take into consideration, aside from the overall quality and worthiness of the fan, is the warranty and/or guarantee that it comes with.

Genuinely good-quality products that are built to last, and to do as advertised (whatever that may be – in this case, to keep you cool), normally always come with a warranty (12-months to lifetime) and/ or a guarantee (money back, easy refund, or something similar), and customer service.

If your potential purchase doesn’t come with one or the other, if not both, stop and find out why before you buy your way into a bad deal.

12 Best Battery Operated Camping Fans to Keep You Cool

Here are the best camping fans to invest in this season:

1. Odoland LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

12 Best Camping Fans to Keep You Cool 1

Odoland’s LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan is powered by two D-type batteries. The fan can run for up to 15 hours on low settings or up to 5 hours on high settings. The LED lantern, on the other hand, spits out bright LED light from 18 bulbs for as much as 20 hours at a time (over 37 if you are only using the light).

Thanks to a lightweight and compact design, as well as being constructed from high-quality military-grade materials, the unit fits perfectly inside of most tents. That said, you can set the fan in just about as many positions as you can think of.

The fan itself measures approximately 20 1/2 inches in circumference and is equipped with 4-inch blades. When you’re not using it, the lantern breaks down into a collapsed size easy for storing and transporting to the next campsite (or back home).


  • Lightweight
  • 20 1/2-inch frame with 4-inch fan blades
  • Military-grade materials
  • LED Lantern
  • Low and high fan settings

⛔️ Cons

  • Larger than some mini camp fans
  • Battery not included

2. OPOLAR 8-Inch Camping Fan

The second item on our list is the 8-Inch Camping Fan from OPOLAR. The modern unit is portable and conveniently charged superfast via a Micro-USB and USB-C port. It is equipped with a long-lasting 10,000 mAH battery.

The fan comes with four separate settings (three for speed and one for energy-saving mode) and is fashioned in a way that maximizes airflow in small spaces (like tents and RVs). And, as the name implies, the camping fan is built with 8-inch fan blades. These large blades cause air to blow faster than units with shorter blades.

The head is adjustable and the housing of the fan is made from safe and high-end materials as well. Clamps come equipped to the fan and allow for 360-degrees of rotation. That means you can attach the fan to just about anything (even those little elastic loops hanging from your tent’s ceiling, or ropes).


  • 3-speed settings and other safety features
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Comes with clip
  • Reliable rechargeable battery
  • USB port

⛔️ Cons

  • Smaller than some larger camping fans
  • Could include an extra set of clamps

3. Honeywell Turbo on The Go Personal Fan

Honeywell, one of the most trusted names in the electronics industry, offers up one of the most reasonable camping fan solutions on the market; the Honeywell Turbo on The Go Personal Fan.

This small and portable unit is your choice of USB power or battery operated. The fan also folds up for easy storage and transportation. As small as the fan may be, it provides a 3-foot wide area of air circulation (perfect for small spaces).

Equipped with a handle, the fan is easier to carry and attach around camp than most comparable products. Furthermore, thanks to Honeywell’s TurboForce product line, these fans feature an extremely aerodynamic design that optimizes the amount of airflow put out by the unit.

Perfect for camping, this fan is also great for RVs, bathrooms, workspaces, and much more. Even more, there is a wide range of additional fans suitable for camping available from the manufacturer if this one is too small for you.


  • Foldable portable design
  • Aerodynamic “turbo” build
  • Reduced energy compared to other camp fans
  • More power from a DC motor
  • Made by a well-known manufacturer

⛔️ Cons

  • Could come with a rechargeable battery
  • Wouldn’t hurt if it were a bit larger in size

4. REENUO Camping Fan with LED Lights

REENUO’s Camping Fan with LED Lights is one of the best on the market. Built specifically for camping and emergency situations, the fan is rough and reliable. It also comes with a one-year unconditional money-back warranty to boot.

Energy-saving (drawing only 4W), and powerful, the fan not only stirs up the air but it runs quietly (30.3dB) and efficiently as well. It comes with three speeds, is completely adjustable, and has 360-degree flexibility so that you can angle it however you choose.

The fan is also equipped with a hanging hook, so you can suspend the unit from your tent ceiling, in your RV bathroom, or wherever you need to at the moment (even off of a tree branch or bush). Also, the unit is built with a high-end chassis that stays ultra-stable even the harshest of environmental circumstances such as storms and high winds.

The battery in the fan is a rechargeable (and replaceable) 4,400 mAH 18650 that lasts for up to as much as 40 hours when fully charged. That said, using higher settings the fan’s battery can drain as quickly as 5 hours. To charge the fan and it’s built-in LED light, simply plug it up to a power source via a USB cable.

The best part? You know the fan is great because it comes with a one-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and a full year of technical support, as well as two-water-absorbing diffuser sponges.


  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery with 40 hours per charge
  • Consists of high-grade ABS materials
  • Compact and durable design
  • Features a diffuser function and comes with two water-absorbing sponges
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty and tech support

⛔️ Cons

  • Does not have lifetime technical support
  • Could have a stronger battery

5. Super Long Lasting Battery Operated Camping Fan

Powered by four D-type batteries, this Super Long Lasting Battery Operated Camping Fan is a keeper. With the ability to run for over 200 hours on low, over 45 hours on medium, and 14 on high, few units can compare.

Powerful? Yes. But, surprisingly, the fan is also super quiet (only putting of 50dB). that said, it doesn’t get much better in regards to sleeping out in nature (no loud noisy electronics, just the crickets, and your snoring!) with a camping fan keeping you cool.

Not only does the fan come with an easy to carry (and hang) handle, making it more than portable, but it also has the ability to rotate up to 180-degrees (allowing you to angle the fan practically however you wish).

Best of all, the unit can also be powered by USB in addition to batteries. And, it also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee (making replacements or full refunds no problem) and a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Runs on D-batteries, NiMH rechargeable batteries, or a USB cable
  • Runs quiet and comes with a built-in timer
  • 180-degree rotation
  • 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed, or full refund or replacements
  • 1-year warranty and support

⛔️ Cons

  • Does not rotate 360-degrees
  • Could take smaller batteries

6. Amacool Portable Battery Camping Fan

The next item on our list, the Amacool Portable Battery Camping Fan, is another excellent option to carry along on your next outdoor adventure. Equipped with a light and diffuser, in addition to the fan, the unit is technically a 3-in-1.

The versatile fan comes with a built-in hanging hook for attaching to the ceilings of tents, branches, RVs, and more. It can also be simply mounted onto flat surfaces such as coolers, desks, dashboards, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

The fan runs on 2 2200 mAh 18650 batteries (which are included with your purchase) which means that you can run this amazing little unit for up to 40 hours with fan only and over 440 hours with only the light running.

This compact and lightweight fan comes with three speeds, three brightness levels for the light, 360-degree rotation, and can be charged via a USB charger or laptop as well. As far as our list of the best camping fans to keep you cool, Amacool’s is definitely one of our top suggestions.


  • Runs on 2 rechargeable batteries or a USB charge
  • Operates for up to 40 hours on a single charge
  • 12 LED lights and 3 settings
  • 360-degree manual rotation
  • Mini-size, lightweight, and compact

⛔️ Cons

  • Extremely small (just barely more than a couple of inches tall and wide)

7. JOMST Portable Camping Fan LED Lantern

Another excellent camping fan and camping light combo that we came across during our research is the JOMST Portable Camping Fan LED Lantern. Just as it sounds, this unit is lightweight, portable, and works as both a ventilator and a bright lantern.

Power and high performance are what the manufacturer had in mind while creating this product. And, created with two 2500 mAh 18650 batteries, powerful high performance is exactly what this fan and light combo embody with up to 40 hours of running time per full charge. Also, you can charge the unit just about anywhere that you can plug in a USB cord.

The fan comes with four speeds as well as two levels of brightness for the light, and energy-saving modes. The unit also features a 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotation. Furthermore, with a high-speed brushless motor of copper, the fan runs smoothly and quietly.

Technically a 4-in-1 (light, hanging fan, setting fan, mounted fan), the fan and light combo also feature mounting holes and a strong clip as well as the ability to fold. That way you can use the fan or light just about anywhere you can possibly imagine.


  • Convenient design hooks and mounts
  • Portable, durable, and lightweight
  • Comes with 4 speeds
  • Runs on USB charger as well as double rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to use with LED light built-in

⛔️ Cons

  • May cost more than comparable fans
  • Double batteries could be replaced with a single (more powerful) battery

8. OUTXE Camping Fan with Night Lights

OUTXE’s Camping Fan with Night Lights is an excellent choice for tent camping and RVing. A lightweight, portable, and foldable design make this unit very preferable for hikers and campers as it is easy to carry and hang just about anywhere.

The fan comes with three modes as well as two adjustable light levels for the built in LEDs (it has 4 lights), making it a great piece of equipment for cooling and lighting your tent during hot summer nights. The unit has 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotation as well.

Powered by a 4400 MAh 18650 rechargeable battery, the fan runs for up to 35 hours on low speeds. And, better yet, the fan requires zero extra batteries and can be easily charged via a normal USB and power bank, laptop, car charger, and more.


  • 3 speed modes
  • 2 light settings
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Includes a camping light

⛔️ Cons

  • Could hold a bit more of a charge
  • Having an option to run on disposable batteries would be nice

9. Geek Aire Fan

The Geek Aire Fan is a powerful battery operated floor model fan. Running on a brushless DC motor, the rechargeable fan is much more advanced than normal camping fans.

The unit has a stable base and aerodynamic frame so that you can place it about anywhere you want it. The fan operates via a built-in 15600 mAh battery that takes only 3 to 4 hours to fully recharge. That said, the fan can operate for up to 24 full hours after a solid charge.

Perfect for outdoors, RVing, and camping, one charge can last for days (depending on how much you use it). A portable design makes it even more impressive.

With more than one speed setting, a cordless design, and a quiet dB sound-level, there are few camping fans that will keep you as cool with less hassle. Not to mention that durable metal frame and high-quality blades.


  • Brushless DC motor for more power
  • Silent operation
  • Fast charging battery runs up to 24 hours on 3 to 4 hours charge
  • Metal frame and blade
  • Excellent customer service

⛔️ Cons

  • Heavier than other camping fans of the same size
  • May cost more than other fans

10. COMLIFE Portable LED Camping Lantern with Fan

This portable LED Camping Lantern with Fan by COMLIFE is another great selection for camping and keeping cool. A combination of LED light, camping fan, and diffuser, it is at the top of its class. That means that you can down on the number of devices you need to carry along on your next trip by investing in this unit.

Lightweight, portable, and genuinely diverse by nature, this fan comes with a hook up, a desktop mount, and wall mount as well. That way, you can set the fan up wherever it is that you are (camping, RVing, or at home).

Equipped with 2200 mAh 18650 batteries, the unit requires four hours or so to charge fully. It is capable of running for as much as 40 hours at a time depending on the settings you use (and whether or not you use the light as well).

To charge the fan, simply plug it up to your car charger, wall charger, power bank, or laptop. You can also carry a handful of disposable batteries to power this bad boy. Even more, the fan rotates 360-degrees and includes a one-year warranty as well.


  • High-performance brushless DC motor
  • 3 speeds and 2 levels of brightness
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Lightweight, durable, and portable design
  • 1-year warranty

⛔️ Cons

  • Smaller than most camping fans
  • Built-in hook doesn’t fit all tents well

11. AGPtek LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

12 Best Camping Fans to Keep You Cool

AGPtek’s LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan is a camping fan that will keep you cool and out of the dark at the same time. The unit is equipped with 18 LED bulbs and a hook for hanging.

If you’re still looking for an easy to use camping fan and light combo, look no further. Whether you need a light for hiking, camping, or RVing, you couldn’t do much better.

Operated by a set of disposable batteries the fan runs for up to 50 hours on low, 30 hours on high, and up to 16 hours with both fan and light running. In addition to being a convenient and easy to carry fan and light camping combo, the unit is also weather resistant making it even sweeter.


  • Runs for up to 50 hours
  • Operates on batteries
  • Has low and high speeds
  • Comes with a built-in LED lantern
  • Lightweight and weather-resistant

⛔️ Cons

  • Doesn’t have a medium speed
  • Fan power could be a bit stronger

12. SKYRI Mini USB Tent Fans for Camping

Our last mention, but far from the least, is the SKYRI Mini USB Tent Fan for Camping. Designed especially for outdoor use, the fan is lightweight, longlasting, and makes very little noise while running.

The fan measures approximately 16.5 inches in circumference, comes with three blades, and is perfect for keeping you cool while exploring the great outdoors. Simply power it up before taking off, hang it up in your tent (or RV), and click it on.

For power, the unit simply needs to be connected to a USB charger (which does not come with your purchase). That said, this fan is easy to install, operate, and dismantle as well.


  • 16.5-inch ceiling fan
  • USB cord with rechargeable battery pack
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Safe and easy to use with energy-saving features

⛔️ Cons

  • Could have another fan blade
  • Isn’t as small as other mini camping fans

Which Camping Fan is Best For You?

Selecting the best camping fan for you doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems to be. Just keep in mind the considerations mentioned above, and all of the qualities you require it to have while shopping for one.

That said, the Odoland LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan is one of our top suggestions as it is basically everything we’re looking for in a great camping fan. It’s lightweight, has 4 blades, a 20 1/2 inch frame made of high-grade materials, multiple settings, and even an LED lantern.

For those seeking a camping fan that is super quiet, reliable, and highly rated by outdoorsy types, the REENUO Camping Fan with LED Lights will not disappoint you. Not only does it have all of the same great features as other superior products, but it is also one of the most silent-operating camping fans on the market.


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Do you swear by a certain camping fan (one not mentioned on our list)? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Have an excellent time out there in nature!

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