3 Best RV Shower Doors for Your Camper

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Updated April 16, 2024

If you are tired of your RV shower curtain sticking to you every time you take a shower then finding the best RV shower door for your camper could be the answer for you!

The process of finding an RV can be long and arduous, and it can be challenging to find an RV with every option you want. So, you might want to replace some sections of your RV like the shower doors.

RV shower doors come in many different forms. There are pleated folding shower doors, retractable doors, and glass doors. They each have their pros and cons, but which is best for you really comes down to personal preference.

So, it is a good idea to figure out which type of door you prefer. Then you can narrow your search by looking at one kind.

RV showers are generally not as luxurious as your home shower. They are usually a lot smaller and constricted. The bathroom itself will even be much smaller. However, having good RV shower doors can really enhance your overall experience.

Then if you keep them clean, you will have a much better time while on vacation. Once you have the doors, you just need to install them, and we will take you through that process.

Do RVs Come With Shower Doors?

For the most part, RVs do not come with shower doors. Shower curtains are more common. However, that doesn’t mean that all RVs lack shower doors. Most of the ones that have them feature sliding doors made out of plastic. This is to keep the weight down and because most RV bathrooms lack the space for doors that swing out.

Larger RVs like Class As, Super Cs, and some Class Cs, feature glass doors that swing out, but it’s not an extremely common feature. Weight is less of a concern on these larger RV options and there is typically enough space in the bathroom for a hinged, swing-out, heavy glass door. 

With the tools and know-how, some shower curtains can be replaced with a shower door. Some RVers have a phobia against any water escaping the shower (completely understandable given the danger water presents in an RV).

3 RV Shower Door Options

As the years go on, RVs are increasing in popularity among Americans. More and more, people are taking an interest in road trips. As a result, there are more inexperienced people entering the world of RVs. So, there are many people who do not know how to renovate the shower area best.

One thing to consider is whether to remove your shower curtains and install shower doors. Curtains pose an issue because they can be burdensome when they get wet. They will cling to your body when you are showering, and they only offer modest protection against water being sprayed on the floor.

Shower doors do a much better job overall of protecting the rest of your bathroom from water splattering. If you want to switch, you will need to determine which of the three major door types is best for you.

1. Pleated Folding Shower Doors

Pleated folding shower doors are good options because they prevent water from coming out of the showering area. The pleated design helps the door seal the shower area and prevent stray water streams from getting the bathroom wet. These doors are also easy to use as you can just slide them to the side and step inside.

Additionally, these RV shower doors improve the look of your bathroom as a whole. Curtains oftentimes will look cluttered and messy. However, if you have shower doors, then you will be cleaning up the room, and everything will look more uniform. These doors are also lightweight and easy to install.

2. Retractable Shower Doors

Alternatively, you can go with retractable shower doors. These doors will side open and close as you want when you take a shower. They will keep all water inside the shower, so you will not need to worry about everything in your bathroom getting soaked.

This is especially essential for RVs because an excess of water and moisture in certain areas can cause mold to grow. If mold starts to appear in your bathroom, it can cause significant damage to the structure of your RV. You will then need to pay to have it repaired, which can be very expensive.

Additionally, these doors have a low lifetime cost if they are correctly maintained. Conversely, shower curtains will need to be replaced every once in a while, because they accumulate a lot of scum, and stains, and promote the growth of mold. So, while a retractable shower door might initially be more expensive, it will be cheaper in the long term.

3. Glass Shower Doors

Finally, you can choose to purchase glass shower doors for your RV. These doors will eliminate any cool drafts that are common with shower curtains. Additionally, they will give the illusion of a larger bathroom space. This is because curtains often get contorted in a way that makes them appear larger than they are. So, when you have a solid glass door, you will appear to have more space.

Additionally, glass RV shower doors will allow more light in the shower. This can improve your overall mood as light has been shown to improve your outlook. Glass shower doors also increase the value of your RV. So, if the day comes that you want to sell your RV, having glass RV shower doors installed will allow you to fetch a better price.

What Are the Best RV Shower Doors?

Finding the best RV shower door can be extremely difficult. There are many options out there, and shower doors are not something that you probably have a lot of knowledge of. So, to help you, we put together a list of a few great options for you to look at.

1. Rec Pro Pleated Folding Shower Door

RV Shower Doors Pleated

The first RV shower doors for you to look at are from Rec Pro. These doors are easy to use and are made of vinyl and polyester material. They can be installed with common tools, making the installation process easier than it is with other products.

Additionally, these shower doors come in different standard sizes and custom sizes are available but take 8-10 weeks for delivery. The doors are available in white or ivory, so you should not have any trouble having them match the aesthetic of your RV and bathroom.

2. Nautilus Retractable RV Shower Door

Another option from Nautilus is this retractable RV shower door. It is an opaque RV shower door that can be installed with ease. Additionally, it comes in several standard sizes and they offer custom sizes as well.

The frame colors are brushed nickel, bone, and white so you should be able to find a door that fits the needs of your RV. Keep in mind that prices increase with the size of the RV shower doors, so you may need to adjust your budget if you require larger doors.

3. Glass Shower Doors

Glass RV Shower  door

Glass Shower doors are very hard to find and install if you don’t know all the different parts and pieces to order and how to install them correctly. I have installed glass shower doors and trust me, you should let a professional handle the job. Glass.com will connect you with a local glass installer in your area for the best results.

Can You Replace An RV Shower?

Yes, you can replace the shower on some RVs. However, there are others where doing so would be such a pain that it kind of defeats the point. In large enough RVs, you can even replace the existing shower with a residential-style shower. Again, in larger RVs where there is more than enough room to accommodate one. 

It involves a straight-up destruction stage because the previous shower is not going to allow itself to be removed quite as easily as you think. With accurate measurements and planning, however, it’s certainly a doable project, even if you’re not a plumber. 

If you’re not a plumber or have no experience with such things, it’s possible to hire a professional contractor to do it for you. It will involve the removal of the original shower, some carpentry framework, drainage attachments, new knobs and faucet attachments, and very good sealing work to avoid potential water damage.

Can I Install RV Shower Doors Myself?

If you are purchasing RV shower doors for the first time, you will probably be overwhelmed in a few ways. Firstly, you have to narrow down the field of choices from hundreds of options. That alone would cause most people stress.

When installing things in your RV, there are definitely things that you should not mess with on your own. For example, you probably should not try to fix your pipes if you are not a plumber or mechanic. Odds are you will do more damage than you fix.

So, all you will be doing is causing yourself more work down the road. However, there are things you can do in your RV that are not as risky. Fortunately, installing your RV shower door is one of those things.

Installing RV shower doors is something you can do without much experience. They can usually be installed with regular tools and do not require a lot of knowledge. The process is pretty straightforward as they just need to be attached to the wall. As long as you take your time with the process, you should not have any issues. However, if you feel uncomfortable doing this, then you can always pay someone to have them installed.

How Do You Clean RV Shower Doors?

Keeping your bathroom clean is one of the most important things for you to do as an RV owner. Failing to do so can lead to the growth of mold. Mold can cause damage to the structure of your RV, and it can be costly to repair. So, you will want to take the time to clean your bathroom regularly.

The first thing you want to do is mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap, 1 cup of vinegar, and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Then shake the bottle up to mix the ingredients and spray a thin coat of the cleaner over the area you want to clean.

You can then wipe off the cleaner with a wet sponge. Flip over the sponge to the nylon scrubber side if you need to remove thicker residue. However, in most cases, the soft side will do just fine.

Once you are done scrubbing the RV shower doors, you can turn on your shower and rinse the cleaning solution off the shower or rinse out your cleaning sponge and wipe down the shower. Finally, open the shower door all the way and let it air dry.

Are There Any RVs With 2 Showers?

Yes, there are RVs with 2 showers and they come in a surprising number of innovative floorplans, mostly on your larger RVs (for obvious reasons). The Grand Design Momentum 397TH, the Forest River Georgetown 7 Series 36K7, the Fleetwood Discovery LXE, the Shasta Phoenix 367BH, and the Forest River Cardinal Limited 383BHLE are some primary examples of RVs with two showers. 

For large families or those traveling in large groups, having two showers is a fantastic convenience. Some newbie RVers run into this issue. They go looking for a large RV that will accommodate an extensive family and find one with a bath and a half that they love. 

Unfortunately, the half-bath doesn’t have a shower, and that’s where the problems begin. For those who live in a house with multiple teenagers and only a single bathroom (or maybe two bathrooms but one is in the master bedroom), you definitely know the feeling. 

Final Words About RV Shower Doors

Finding the best shower doors for RVs and campers might seem like an impossible task at first. However, if you take your time and do your research, you should not have any issues. There are plenty of options out there, so if you do not find a fit at first keep at it. You will eventually find what you need.

There are three major types of RV shower doors that you can choose from. There are pleated folding shower doors, retractable shower doors, and glass shower doors. Although they all have minor differences, they achieve the same thing. They prevent water from getting out of the shower and getting the rest of your bathroom wet.

This is a problem with shower curtains as they are flimsy and do not block much water. Even if they do block the water, it will often drip down the side of the curtain onto the floor.

Excess moisture in your bathroom can cause mold to grow, which in turn can cause damage to the structure of your RV. You will then need to repair it, which can be very expensive. So, having a shower door will help tremendously with this issue as it confines the water to one space.

Additionally, it is essential to keep your RV shower doors clean. You do not want to keep your showers dry when they are not in use for reasons that we outlined above. It is also just a good idea, in general, to keep them clean. Finally, you can install shower doors yourself if you want. However, doing so will take longer than if you paid someone to do it.

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