Best RV Video Training Courses for Beginners

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Are you searching for the Best RV Video Training Courses for Beginners? Well, I have bought several training courses and I have found the very best RV training courses on the market in my opinion. So, read on to learn all about how to get the best RV owner video training courses possible!

Do You Need a Video Training Course?

You’ve paid for your RV (or will be paying for it for the next 15 to 20 years). After that, you went on a spending spree online or at your RV supply store, purchasing all of the hoses, cords, and other accessories you need. Your credit card has that “burnt plastic” smell due to using it so much.

Why should you take online RV video training classes for beginners? Can’t you look everything up on and YouTube? You can – but the info you need will be all over the place and you might have a hard time finding it again once you have watched or read the content. The biggest benefit of taking an RV training course is having all of the info in one location so you can easily find it and refer to it over and over.

Why You Should Choose an RV Training Course?

First, we want to thank you for your trust. We always do our best to provide you accurate and real-world information to make your RV experience a good one. Some things require more than just an article or one YouTube video. That’s why we recommend RV instruction video courses.

These programs give you in-depth training on all of the necessary knowledge every RV beginner should have on the proper operation and driving techniques. The best ones provide you real and accurate information that comes from dedicated professionals in the industry. Many of the instructors are sought out by other industry leaders to create presentations for their brands.


The best RV Owner Training Courses I have found are from RVEducation101. Their online video courses are full of great information and tips that will literally save you thousands. And they are all in one location that you can access from your phone or computer so you have the info available when and where you need it. I have used many of their courses to learn all about RVing. I have listed all of their courses below or you can visit our RV Training Courses Page for easy reference.

RV Education 101 Video Training Courses and Mark Polk

At RVBlogger, we only want the best for our friends and followers. That’s why when we conducted our initial search, we immediately dug into the top-ranked Google results that pulled up. Even though Mark Polk’s RV Education 101 RV training videos were in the top spot, we wanted to make sure his quality matched his ranking.

Mark Polk’s credentials are second-to-none. His RV career started when he was just 15 years old washing coaches at his local Pennsylvania RV dealer. At 18, he decided to serve his country in the Army as a Warrant Officer in the motor pool. His primary M.O.S. (job) was to instruct army personnel on the motor pool’s operation and procedures. He also created driving instructions for many of the vehicles. 

As a proud veteran, he returned home to bring his teaching talents to his RV passion. He’s worked in every aspect of the sales and service departments since 1996. Throughout his RV career, he saw how much misinformation was spreading through the internet and around campfires. To combat this, he began writing and producing videos.

Since 1999, he’s authored over 500 educational videos, 15 e-books, three hard copy books, and over 1,600 articles covering every aspect of the RV industry. His book, The RV Book, is a best seller that has sold over 50,000 copies.

Mark’s teaching methodology focuses on two priorities: student safety and empowerment. He teaches his pupils how to make informed decisions on performing repair work by providing accurate information and always advising when a particular task becomes too complicated for home repair.

Before students hit the road, he empowers his students with checklists and other guides to ensure they have everything they need to drive confidently. He developed his program to minimize any X-factors that may arise. 

How Video RV Training Courses Are Structured

Mark Polk’s online RV training courses aren’t a collection of videos. He’s created a multimedia series that provides several different course materials to help you learn. If you’ve ever taken online university courses, for professional advancement or to earn a degree, they are of that caliber. 

The chapters break down into multiple video presentations. Written articles, crossword puzzles, checklists, and quizzes reinforce the material you’ve learned. You’ll have lifetime access to the videos, so if you didn’t catch some of the material the first time, you could re-watch it whenever you need it. You’ll never have a deadline to complete the course, so study at your pace. 

Here’s a great example of what his videos are like:

As you can see from his video, Mark presents the information in a language that’s easy to understand and avoids jargon. He also shows you clear visuals of what he’s talking about using professional production techniques. 

12 Best Online RV Video Training Courses

Mark’s RV Education 101 program has twelve different video courses. You can purchase them individually or as a bundled set for a discount. He separates his classes into three major categories: general knowledge, towables, and motorhomes.

General RV Knowledge Courses

1. Winterize and Store Your RV

This five-chapter class walks you through the winterization process and all of the components that need to be protected. You’ll learn how to protect your plumbing, batteries, and other parts of your coach. It can be as simple as cleaning things or procedural as protecting your plumbing.

Mark Polk takes you through the plumbing, interior, exterior, chassis, and finishes by showing you how to properly de-winterize your RV for the new camping season. RV Education 101 includes this class in their bundle packages.

2. Buy the Right RV and Save Thousands

Too often, first-time RV buyers let the glitz, glamour, or emotions overwhelm them when it comes to buying an RV. A purchase like this should take great thought and match well with your lifestyle.

Mark takes you through the buying process in this nine-chapter series. He’ll teach you all the RV categories, ask you thought-provoking questions to determine which one is best for you, and show you how each step of the buying process works. You’ll even learn about the optimal times of the year to get the best prices and other tricks of the trade.

3. RV Care and Preventive Maintenance

Any investment needs maintenance. Keeping up with your RV’s care is the best way to get the best vacation experiences from it. Later in life, if you plan to use it as a trade-in, you’ll want to make sure it’s in the best shape possible. 

Mark uses seven chapters to organize the maintenance areas. He helps you create a checklist to run through that can be knocked out on an afternoon. If repair work is needed, he’ll show you how to complete it yourself cost-effectively. RV Education 101 includes this RV education class in its bundle packages.

4. RV Rental Orientation

It’s always a good idea to try before you buy. If this is your first experience with an RV, these five chapters give you the “meat and potatoes” of everything you need to know to have a successful RV rental vacation.

You’ll learn how to set up and operate your rental RV. Mark will also give you essential driving tips and safety features you need to know. He’ll point out various accessories that may come with it and things you might want to pick up for yourself to make the trip comfortable.

Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Training Courses

5. Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Orientation

One of the big reasons Mark put these RV education classes together was the delivery walkthrough. RV dealers do a great job with their walkthroughs, but generally, customers retain about 20% of the information. There’s just too much information and not enough time to remember it all.

Mark divides this orientation class into seven separate chapters. Each one focuses on a different system in your RV. He’ll show you how every component works in the system. Whether it’s a fuse in the breaker box or how to set your stabilizer jacks in place properly, Mark walks you through it all.

6. Travel Trailer Towing Basics

No matter what kind of towable RV you have, Mark Polk educates you on the basic understandings of everything involved with towing. Of the five chapters, he spends the first two discussing your tow vehicle. Specifically, how the towing capacity works and how to adequately match a vehicle’s capacity to your coach.

The last three chapters talk about all of the hitches out there, towing essentials, and the all-important backing your RV into your campsite space. Armed with his techniques, you’ll feel more comfortable when you make your practice attempts up and down your driveway.

7. Tow Your 5th Wheel Like a Pro

Mark’s second priority of empowering his students will help you overcome the intimidation that some people feel once they’re hitched up and sitting in the driver’s seat. You’ll have eight chapters from Mark and professional drivers that’ll teach you how to master fifth-wheel towing in this online RV driving course.

Lessons include maneuvering, backing up, braking, turning, and other aspects that won’t leave you guessing. As you practice in that empty parking lot or safe space, remember to have your mobile device handy to go through Mark’s videos a second or third time to hone your skills.

8. Travel Trailer Video Bundle Set

The travel trailer bundle set is ideal for those that own teardrops, pop-ups, hybrids, and all lengths of travel trailers. It comes with the following videos:

  • Travel Trailer Orientation 
  • Tow Your Travel Trailer Like a Pro
  • RV Essential Items
  • Winterizing & Storing Your RV
  • RV Care & Preventive Maintenance

9. Fifth Wheel Bundle Set

Half-ton and full profile fifth wheel owners will get a lot out of these courses specifically designed for their needs:

  • 5th Wheel Orientation 
  • Tow Your 5th Wheel Like a Pro
  • RV Essential Items
  • Winterizing & Storing Your RV
  • RV Care & Preventive Maintenance

Motorhome Video Training Courses

10. Motorhome Orientation and Training

New purchase walkthroughs help you learn the essentials, but how much do you retain?  RV Education 101 breaks out all of the operations into six easy-to-understand lessons that show you how everything works.

You’ll learn about the arterial system that makes up the water and propane components. The neural network that makes up the electrical system won’t seem as complicated once Mark breaks it down for you. He’ll even show you some best practices on setting up and great accessories.

11. Drive Your Motorhome Like a Pro

Don’t you wish RVing was a straight road on cruise control? Unfortunately, city and highway planners haven’t figured out how to make RV-only roads yet. Mark’s RV safe driving course for motorhomes is five chapters of everything you need to drive like an expert.

You’ll learn about braking, maneuvering, turning, popular terminology, and other driving essentials. Mark also spends a chapter getting you into the proper mindset. Remember, he’s coming from 20 years of experience that not only comes from working in the industry, but also from his own practical experience.

12. Motorhome Bundle Video Set

Class A, B, and C owners will gain new insights as they learn more about their RVs. No matter if you are a stealth campervan owner enjoying the #VanLife or rolling in a mobile mansion with a 45-foot class A diesel pusher. The bundle set includes:

  • 5th Wheel Orientation 
  • Tow Your 5th Wheel Like a Pro
  • RV Essential Items
  • Winterizing & Storing Your RV
  • RV Care & Preventive Maintenance

How Much Do RV Video Training Courses Cost?

Each course is only $44. When you purchase the video class, you receive lifetime access to all of the videos and materials within it. The videos are accessible on computers and mobile devices. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you’re not signing up for any monthly email newsletter or get bombarded with any upsell schemes.

The bundle sets include all of the courses specific to your RV category and three general knowledge courses. Mark also has one of his best selling e-books included in the package. You can purchase the bundle sets for $144. You’ll save $92 compared to buying each class separately and the e-book ($16).

The NRVTA Home Study Program

The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) has a new home study course that is also perfect for anyone interested in learning about how and why things work in their RV.

This video course will teach you how all of the systems in your RV work, such as, plumbing, electrical, propane, and much more…

To learn more about this course, check out our blog article, all about the NRVTA Home Study Course. We own this course too and we highly recommend it!

Never Stop Learning or Relearning

Everyone has their favorite TV show or movie they’ve watched many times. Isn’t it amazing how you find something new with each viewing? The same is valid with RV video training courses, blog articles, and other RV industry materials.

Once you have some mileage on your RV, watching those same training videos will have a whole other meaning to you. You’ll pick up things you missed before or connect better with the material now that you have experience. The same is true with the many resources on the RVBlogger website.

You may have read our articles a few months ago or even a year. Something may have happened where our D.I.Y. material is more relevant to you, or our updated information on new model year floorplans are whetting your appetite. 

Make sure you stay connected to our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and website for our updates. While you’re there, take some time to scroll through some of the older material to refresh your memory on the best topics that fit your needs.

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