8 Best Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

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If you’re in the market for a new RV or camper trailer, you probably already have a list of amenities that you want, need, and can’t live without. With the popularity of buying a camper on the rise, it’s not surprising to find out that even the smallest size campers are finding a way to include all the amenities on your list.

Buying an RV or camper trailer means you like nature, but you also like privacy, so why should going to the bathroom be any different? Thankfully, you can have a small camper AND a bathroom, and we’ve compiled a list of the top small campers with bathrooms for you to choose from.

First of all, a “small” camper doesn’t have a standard definition, but for our article, a small camper is defined as either an RV or towable camper that is between 11 and 22 feet long.

Besides merely being easy and fun to travel with, there are numerous other advantages to traveling with a small camper. Here are some of the benefits of Small Campers.

We chose not to include any little teardrop campers or pop up campers because we feel they are a different class of travel trailer.

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8 Best Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms
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Advantages of Small Camper Trailers with a Bathroom

Better Parking Options

The point of having an RV is to travel with it and then eventually park it. Whether it be in storage at home, (check out our article Can I Park an RV in My Driveway? for more info) in a parking lot or a campsite, sooner or later, you’ll have to find the space for your camper to fit. And with a smaller rig that is definitely easier to manage. It’s not the most fun part of planning a trip with your RV, but you can definitely avoid some headaches in the future by having a tiny camper that is easy to park.

Easier to Drive and Maneuver or Tow

Along the same lines as parking, having a shorter camper is usually much more comfortable to drive and maneuver down those dirt roads you’re craving to travel down. There are campgrounds or primitive camping sites that only certain vehicles can get to safely and with a shorter model, you’d have a better chance to camp in this sites to get that solitude you may be looking for.

Faster Travel Pace and Better Gas Mileage

Physics tells us that having a smaller camper leads to less weight and more aerodynamic, therefore allowing more comfortable travel. Not only that, but they tend to be better on gas mileage, allowing you to stay on the road longer to get to those campgrounds!

You Can Rent One Before You Buy One!

One of the best decisions we made before we bought our RV was to rent an RV. We learned so much about what we liked and didn’t like about the RV that it really helped us to narrow down which type of RV we liked best and which amenities mattered most. Most of all we found the right RV for us.

For example, we learned quickly that we did not want to buy an RV with a wet bath. With a wet bath, the entire bathroom is the shower. So, when you take a shower the toilet and bathroom floor are all wet. If someone wants to use the bathroom, we had to dry the floor and toilet which was an added step which was inconvenient. So, we knew we wanted a regular bathroom with a separate shower.

One great option to rent an RV is to check out Outdoorsy. You can rent any type of RV anywhere in the country and see what you like and don’t like about it BEFORE you buy your RV. I promise you will be glad you rented before buying. Renting first will help you to find the best small travel trailer for you!

Upgrades and Amenities!

As we stated before, RVs and campers have come a long way over the years, and no matter what size you choose, you don’t always have to compromise on the things you want most on your travels.

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced to get a small RV camper, now it’s time to talk about bathroom options. First off, there are two types of bathrooms available inside campers, and they are either a full bathroom or a wet bathroom.

A full bathroom, or a dry bath, has a separate toilet, sink, and shower and they most resemble the traditional bathroom layout. A wet bathroom also has a sink shower and toilet, but they are combined so that when you take a shower, you can use the toilet as a shower bench. Besides fully portable toilets and outdoor showers, these are the two bathroom types you’ll find in the descriptions of the best smallest RV campers with bathrooms below.

1. Casita 17’ Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer

Casita Small Camper with Bathroom

Take a Look Inside!

Casita Small Camper with Bathroom Interior

See More Photos of Small Campers with Bathrooms

The Casita Spirit Deluxe Model is a lightweight travel trailer that is easy to tow and great for family travel. It features two sleeping areas that convert into dinette tables which can seat 6 people comfortably. The side dinette is positioned in front of a large window and offers gorgeous views while eating a meal. Check out some small camper trailer with bathroom RV rentals near you!

Length: 17’
Height: 8’-11’
Width: 6’-8’
Weight: up to 2480 lbs
Sleeps: 2-6

  • Two separate sleeping areas
  • Convertible dinette tables with seating up to six
  • Power range stove with hood, microwave-ready and stainless steel sink
  • Tons of storage
  • Wet bathroom with a shower
  • Outside Shower 
  • 15 Gallon Black Water Tank

Browse Small Camper Rentals with Bathrooms!

2. Airstream Basecamp

airstream basecamp

Take a Look Inside!

Airstream Basecamp Interior

See More Photos

The Airstream Basecamp is a small but tough travel trailer. It’s small enough to be hauled by an SUV, but it can also handle going off-road. There is an additional Basecamp X package offroad package which features larger tires and a lift kit for higher ground clearance. This trailer is extremely well built as you would expect from Airstream. Check out Airstream Rentals near you!

Length: 16’
Height: 8’-8.75’
Width: 7’
Dry Weight: up to 2585 lbs
Sleeps: 2

  • Optional air conditioning and Eco Plus heating system (for both water and cabin heating!)
  • Seating up for up five at the removable tables and convertible couches
  • Large rear hatch door with the convertible table area creates plenty of space for your gear.
  • Two-burner gas stove, sink, refrigerator and microwave
  • Wet bath
  • Exterior Shower

Browse Airstream Rentals Near You!

3. Airstream Sport

airstream sport

Take a Look Inside!

Airstream Sport Travel Trailer interior

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The Airstream Sport Travel Trailer is a smart, efficient design which can sleep up to 4 people. The kitchen space has every appliance you would expect in a larger trailer yet it’s light enough to be pulled by an SUV.

Length: 16’ 4”
Height: 9’ 3”
Width: 8’
Weight: up to 3500 lbs
Sleeps: up to 4

  • Dedicated sleeping areas and dinette areas
  • Air conditioning and heating options
  • Customizable interior colors and textures
  • Built-in refrigerator, sink, and stove
  • Outdoor storage lockers
  • Wet bath

Browse Airstream Rentals Near You!

4. Scamp 13’ Deluxe Trailer

Scamp Camper Trailer

Check Out the Inside!

Scamp Camper Trailer Interior

See More Photos of Small Campers

The 13′ Deluxe Scamp Trailer  is smart and efficient, and it’s great for couples or small families. The front sofa can become bunk beds, and the rear dining area converts to a double bed so it can sleep up to four people. The interior is upholstered in brown, with brown or blue cushions, brown carpet, and beige curtains. Fiberglass cabinets and wood panel doors complete the interior.

Length: 13’
Height: 7’ 6”
Width: 6’ 8”
Weight: up to 1600 lbs
Sleeps: up to 3

  • Deluxe wood interior
  • Convertible table to bed
  • Clothes closet
  • Two-burner propane stove
  • Wet bath

Browse Small Camper Rentals with Bathrooms!

5. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Lance 1575 travel trailer

Take a Look Inside!

Lance 1575 Camper Trailer Interior

See More Photos of Small Camper Rentals

The Lance 1575 is one of the most impressive small travel trailers. It has a dinette “Super Slide,” and it really makes this small trailer feel larger. And, it still weighs under 3,000 lbs! It also has skylights in the bath and living areas as well as large windows. The decor fit and finish is very well done.

Length: 20’ 5”
Height: 9’ 10”
Weight: 3700 lbs
Sleeps: up to 4

  • 3-burner high output range with oven and microwave
  • All weather optional package
  • Enclosed, insulated and heated fresh water tank
  • Dedicated sleep and dinette areas
  • Full bath

Browse Small Camper Rentals with Bathrooms!

6. KZ Escape Mini

KZ Escape Mini

Take a Peek Inside!

KZ Escape Mini Camper Trailer

See More Small Campers with Bathrooms

The very affordable KZ Escape Mini camper is super lightweight and features a smooth fiberglass exterior, outdoor shower, and an optional Off-Road Package with extra ground clearance and 15-inch mud tires. The standard interior features include queen beds, roomy slideouts, 78-inch-high interior walls, full bath, digital media stereo with dual USB ports, and an LED-lit power awning.

Length: 20’ 9”
Height: 8.75’
Width: 8’
Weight: up to 2528 lbs
Sleeps: up to 3

  • Two-burner gas cooktop, convection microwave, and 4 CU feet refrigerator
  • Queen bed with surrounding outlets and light switches
  • Convertible dinette to restful sleep spot
  • Full bath

Browse Small Camper Rentals with Bathrooms!

7. Jayco Hummingbird

Jayco Hummingbird Small Camper with Bathroom

Take a Look at This Gorgeous Interior!

Jayco Hummingbird Camper Interior

Browse Small Campers with Bathrooms

The ultra-light Jayco Hummingbird comes in 5 different floor plans. It has a compact design that is efficient and versatile. And, it comes with a 2-year warranty!

Length: 19’ 10”
Height: 6’ 5” (interior)
Width: 8.25”
Weight: up to 3550 lbs
Sleeps: up to 2

  • Plywood dinette, bed bases, and bunk bases
  • A 2.1-amp USB port in all outlets
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD/Bluetooth stereo with speakers
  • 2-burner recessed cooktop with glass cover and convection microwave
  • Full bath

Browse Small Camper Rentals with Bathrooms!

8. Barefoot Trailer (UK)

Barefoot Camper with Bathroom

Check Out the Inside!

Barefoot Camper Interior

The Barefoot Caravan is a micro camper made in the UK. All the edges are rounded, including the roof, and it has a really sleek free form design. The interior features a kitchen, bathroom, sofas (converting to 6ft x 6ft bed), wardrobes and storage, hot water, heating, USB and sockets, and much more. We thought it would be cool to showcase a design from our friends in the UK.

Length: 16.6’
Height: 7.75’
Width: 6.3’
Weight: up to 2500 lbs
Sleeps: up to 4

  • A wide range of fun colors and high-end interiors
  • Eco-friendly polycarbonate windows
  • Convertible bed
  • Unique design
  • Glass top stove and covers
  • Wet bath

Browse Small Camper Rentals with Bathrooms!

These are 8 of the best small campers out there that provide some sort of either full or wet bath. They are all functional and even comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about running out into the surrounding nature to “do your business.” These trailers prove that you can live comfortably in a small camper trailer without compromising on amenities. So if you’re planning on going camping in a new RV, and you want comfort, look no further than this list of trailers to make a great choice!

If you are planning to purchase one of these campers check out these related articles that will make your travel trailer experience a great one!

Do you have a favorite small travel trailer? Please share your comments below!

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    • Prolite is a Canadian manufacturer of ultralight trailers since 2000. From what I can see on the web it looks like a nice light trailer that almost any car could tow. I’ve never seen one in person but this trailer offers a wet bath and seems like it is worth checking out too.
      Thanks for the suggestion!

    • I remember when first was looking for an RV, I was thinking to get the Casita. That’s a small one too and reasonably priced. Now I have a class C motorhome. I prefer RVs that have the shower and toilet separate. These are chill though. I really like the look of the airstream.

  1. I have a 2019 TAB 400 (16 ft) about 2800 lbs sleeps 3, AC, Microwave, wet bath, lots of large windows, exquisite light coloured Birch wood work. Permanent queen bed on back with dinner in front, 2 burner propane stove, fridge and sink. Magic fan, electric brakes, 200watts solar, 2propane tanks. Rear view camera, closet and outside excessable iunder bed storage.

  2. Escape Trailers (Made in Canada) have a 17’ and 19’ trailer that meet your description. They are well made little trailers that are worth looking at too!

    • Hi Betty,

      You aren’t the first to bring up the R-Pod. Honestly – I’ve never been in one but I will check one out at the Hershey RV show in a couple of weeks and it will most likely end up in one of our Youtube videos.

      Thanks for reading the article and commenting!



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