10 Best Camper Trailers with Bathrooms for 2024

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Updated March 18, 2024

If you’re in the market for the best small camper trailers with bathrooms, you probably already have a list of amenities that you want, need, and can’t live without.

With the popularity of buying a camper on the rise, it’s not surprising to find out that even the smallest size campers are finding a way to include all the amenities on your list.

Buying an RV or camper trailer means you like nature, but you also like privacy, so why should going to the bathroom be any different?

Thankfully, you can have a small camper AND a bathroom, and we’ve compiled a list of the best small campers with bathrooms for you to choose from.

First of all, a “small” camper doesn’t have a standard definition, but for our article, a small camper is defined as either an RV or a towable camper that is between 11 and 22 feet long.

Besides merely being easy and fun to travel with, there are numerous other advantages to traveling with a small camper. Here are some of the benefits of Small Campers with bathrooms.

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms for 2024

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best small camper trailers with bathrooms you can buy right now. Keep in mind that this is an unranked list, and these trailers are listed in no particular order. No matter which one you pick, you’ll be choosing a great RV. 

1. Little Guy Mini Max

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Little Guy Mini Max Exterior
 Little Guy Mini Max Interior
Little Guy Mini Max Floorplan

✅ Super spacious and feature-rich for a teardrop camper

❌ No pop-up roof to expand standing room

  • Length: 17’
  • UVW: 2,406 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs
  • CCC: 1,094 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 240 lbs
  • Sleep: 2-3

Sometimes, a name really says it all. That’s the case with the Little Guy Mini Max, a small camper trailer with a bathroom that still delivers tons of quality.

The stock Mini Max weighs only 2,406 lbs, making it easy to tow for small vehicles. Inside, you’ll find a spacious wet bath and a kitchen featuring a microwave, sink, 2-burner stove, and fridge.

At the rear of the RV is the convertible sleeping and dining area. During the day it’s a dinette with bench seating, while at night it converts to a queen or twin bed configuration. Also in this area, you’ll find a TV on a swivel arm mount. 

The exterior of the Mini Max is built tough with Azdel composite sidewalls and seamless fiberglass. The Mini Max can also be upgraded with awning covers, visors, and more.

2. Safari Condo Alto 1713

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Safari Condo Alto 1713 Exterior
Safari Condo Alto 1713 Interior
10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Safari Condo Alto 1713 Floorplan

✅ Sizeable 6’10” of standing room

❌ Fairly expensive for such a small camper

  • Length: 17’ 4”
  • UVW: 1,816 lbs
  • GVWR: 2,700 lbs
  • CCC: 884 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 270 lbs
  • Sleep: 3-4

The Safari Condo Alto 1713 is a small camper trailer with a bathroom that really lives up to its name with 6’10” of standing room. This is thanks to the trailer’s expanding roof, which collapses down to stay aerodynamic and then pops up when it’s time to camp. 

Inside, you’ll find a highly customizable space with a bed that can be converted to a king or two twins, depending on your needs. The dining area can also be customized, allowing you to set up two separate dining areas and use the front dining area even when the rear bed is deployed.

It also boasts a flush toilet and an outdoor hand shower, plus a kitchenette with a two-burner stove and a 3.1 cu ft fridge. 

3. inTech Sol Dawn

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - inTech Sol Dawn Exterior
inTech Sol Dawn Interior
inTech Sol Dawn Floorplan

✅ Futuristic look with amazing panoramic windows

❌ Limited kitchen with only a sink and stove

  • Length: 16’
  • UVW: 2,650 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs
  • CCC: 850 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 280 lbs
  • Sleep: 2

The inTech Sol Dawn is a small camper trailer with a bathroom that looks as futuristic as its name sounds. 

Inside, you’ll find a highly customizable convertible dinette, that can convert to two twin beds, a single standard bed with dining space still open, or an oversized bed. Around the dinette, you’ll find massive 3-play laminated glass panoramic windows, providing amazing views.

The kitchen is equipped with a farmhouse sink and a 2 burner LP stove with a cast iron grate. Next to the kitchen, you’ll find a spacious wet bath. 

4. Riverside Retro 135

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Riverside Retro 135 Exterior
Riverside Retro 135 Interior
Riverside Retro 135 Floorplan

✅ Ultra-compact but still packs in plenty of features

❌ Because of the extensive features and small size, floor space is extremely limited

  • Length: 15’9”
  • UVW: 2,680 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,680 lbs
  • CCC: 1,000 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 160 lbs
  • Sleep: 2

Want the basics, with a retro touch? You’ll love the Riverside Retro 135. 

This trailer really puts the “small” in small camper trailer with a bathroom,” measuring only 15’9” and weighing in at only 2,680 lbs. Despite the compact size, this trailer packs in a bathroom, kitchen, seating, and dining area, and a queen bed.

The kitchen is equipped with a two-burner stove, microwave, fridge, and sink. The interior decor is delightfully retro, with checkerboard flooring and 50s-style contrast colors. For relaxing outside the trailer, there is also an awning. 

5. Oliver Elite

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Oliver Elite Exterior
Oliver Elite Interior
Oliver Elite Floorplan

✅ Sleek design and smart use of space

❌ Not much space to walk around

  • Length: 23’ 6”
  • UVW: 4900 lbs
  • GVWR: 7000 lbs
  • CCC: 2100 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 490 lbs 
  • Sleep: 2-3

The Oliver Legacy Elite is a small camper trailer with a bathroom that features a sleek, futurist look. 

The trailer packs in plenty of features, despite the small size. Inside, you’ll find a bed, a convertible dinette, and a cozy lounging area.

The kitchen is well equipped with a 2 burner LP stove, 2-way fridge, and microwave.  There is also a full-sized wet bath. The exterior is made tough with an insulated double-hulled fiberglass shell, allowing for true four-season camping.

The exterior also features a power awning with an LED light strip, wind sensor, remote, and upgraded canvas, as well as an outside wash station and battery storage. 

6. Bigfoot B17FB

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Bigfoot B17FB Exterior
Bigfoot B17FB Interior
Bigfoot B17FB Floorplan

✅ Tons of great features standard in a compact package

❌ No AC standard

  • Length: 17’5
  • UVW: 3,360 lbs
  • GVWR: 4,300 lbs
  • CCC: 940 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 315 lbs
  • Sleep: 2

A small camper trailer with a bathroom from a brand called Bigfoot? It might sound odd, but the Bigfoot B17FB is just that.

While it may not be big in size, the B17FB is big in features. Dual propane tanks, black tank rinse, heated and enclosed tanks, satellite-ready CD players, a roof rack and ladder, and an awning are just a few of the great features of this RV.

Inside the trailer, you’ll find a dinette, wet bath, kitchen, and spacious bed. The kitchen features an oven and cooktop, microwave, fridge, and sink, for cooking whatever your heart desires. 

A variety of options are available to customize the B127FB to your needs, including AC, exterior speakers, a generator, a solar energy system, and more. 

7. Airstream Basecamp

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Airstream Basecamp Exterior
Airstream Basecamp Interior
Airstream Basecamp Floorplan

✅ Classic Airstream aesthetics and quality that you love

❌ Like with other Airstream trailers, quality doesn’t come cheap

  • Length: 16’2”
  • UVW:  2,650 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs
  • CCC: 850 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 410 lbs
  • Sleep: 2

The Airstream Basecamp is one of my Airstream’s smallest camper trailers with a bathroom. It features a sleek futuristic look and the exacting Airstream quality you know and love.

The trailer features full wrap-around panoramic windows for amazing views. Inside, you’ll find two convertible seating areas. One converts between a two-bench dinette, u dinette, or bed. The other converts from a U dinette to a cozy and spacious couch.

The kitchen comes equipped with a two-burner stove and sink with covers, plus a microwave and fridge. Across from the kitchen is the wet bath, and there’s also an exterior shower. 

8. r-pod RP-153C

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - r-pod RP-153C Exterior
r-pod RP-153C Interior
r-pod RP-153C Floorplan

✅ Plenty of seating and a dry bath

❌ Floor plan is a bit cramped

  • Length: 17’3”
  • UVW: 2,884 lbs
  • GVWR: 4,725 lbs
  • CCC: 1,841 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 325 lbs
  • Sleep: 2-3

A dry bath, plenty of seating space, and more are all reasons you’ll love the r-pod RP-153C. 

When you enter the trailer, you’ll find the full dry bath, with plenty of counter space. Also inside is the Kitchen, with a 2 burner cooktop, sink, convection microwave, and the largest in-class fridge.

Behind the kitchen is a comfortable sofa, while the front of the trailer features a 28 x 32 dinette. When it’s time for bed, a 60 x 74 murphy bed swings down over the dinette. 

9. Winnebago Hike 100 H1316TB

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Winnebago Hike 100 H1316TB Exterior
Winnebago Hike 100 H1316TB Interior
Winnebago Hike 100 H1316TB Floorplan

✅ Plenty of space for gear

❌ Layout is a bit basic

  • Length: 15’11
  • UVW: 3,122 lbs
  • GVWR: 4,200 lbs
  • CCC: 1,078 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 576 lbs
  • Sleep: 3

The Winnebago Hike 100 H1316TB is a small camper trailer with a bathroom that’s got plenty of space for gear. 

The integrated 2” accessory receiver, side-mounted roof ladder, and patented exoskeleton allow you to bring tons of gear along. A power awning and bat wing awning provide up to 200 sq ft of outdoor space, perfect for lounging around. 

Inside, you’ll find twin bunk beds, a 64” rollover sofa, and a 62” folding table. With the table and sofa folded up, you have plenty of space for bikes and other gear, easily accessed from the rear bike door.

Across from the seating and sleeping area, you’ll find a wet bath and kitchen. The kitchen features a fridge, pull-out counter, convection microwave, and induction cooktop. 

10. Venture RV Sonic Lite SL150VRB

10 Best Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms - Venture RV Sonic Lite SL150VRB Exterior
Venture RV Sonic Lite SL150VRB Interior
Venture RV Sonic Lite SL150VRB Floorplan

✅ Super spacious bathroom 

❌ Less floor space as a result of the large bathroom

  • Length: 19’11”
  • UVW: 3,180 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,885 lbs
  • CCC: 705 lbs
  • Tongue Weight:  480 lbs
  • Sleep: 2

Want a small camper trailer with a spacious bathroom? Check out the Venture RV Sonic Lite SL15VRB. 

The rear of this trailer is entirely taken up by the full dry bath, with a 34” shower, cabinet, commode, wardrobe, and cabinet. Outside the restroom is the kitchen, with a 2 burner stove, fridge, and oven.

At the front of the trailer is a free-standing table and sofa. When it’s time for bed, you can flip down the 60 x 80 luxury mattress Murphy bed. The trailer’s features are rounded out by pass-through storage and an 11’ awning. 

RV Toilet vs Cassette Toilet vs Portable Toilet

RV toilets are the typical toilet you’d find in an RV. They look similar to residential toilets and typically flush with a foot pedal. They are hooked up to the camper’s fresh water tank, and the wastewater goes into the black water tank when you flush.

Cassette Toilets are built-in toilets that have their own freshwater and wastewater storage compartments. These are common in RVs that don’t have fresh water tanks or black water tanks or in RVs that don’t have a total plumbing system.

They are easy to fill, use, and empty. Most cassette toilets have a portable waste water tank that you pull out and carry to the dump station, sometimes accessible through a small door on the camper.

Finally, portable toilets are camping toilets that have their own small tanks for fresh water and wastewater. They are smaller than cassette toilets and they can be moved and placed anywhere.

These sum up the bathroom and toilet types you’ll find in the descriptions of the best smallest RV campers with bathrooms below.

7 Advantages of Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms

1. Small Camper Trailers With Bathrooms Are ‘Self Contained’

A ‘self-contained’ RV or camper is a camper that has everything you need inside – an area to cook, a sink, a bathroom or toilet, and fresh and wastewater management.

Having a self-contained camper has many benefits. Besides the obvious benefit of having your own bathroom right inside your camper, it also opens you up to many more camping options.

Some campgrounds only allow self-contained campers! So getting a small camper trailer with a bathroom not only provides more convenience, it also opens you up to more camping opportunities.

2. Better Parking Options

The point of having an RV is to travel with it and then eventually park it. Whether it be in storage at home, (check out our article Can I Park an RV in My Driveway? for more info) in a parking lot, or at a campsite, sooner or later, you’ll have to find the space for your camper to fit.

And a small camper trailer is definitely easier to manage. It’s not the most fun part of planning a trip with your RV, but you can definitely avoid some headaches in the future by having a tiny camper that is easy to park.

3. Easier to Drive and Maneuver or Tow

Along the same lines as parking, having a shorter camper is usually much more comfortable to drive and maneuver down those dirt roads you’re craving to travel down.

There are campgrounds or primitive camping sites that only certain vehicles can get to safely and with a shorter model, you’d have a better chance to camp in these sites to get that solitude you may be looking for.

4. Faster Travel Pace and Better Gas Mileage

Physics tells us that having a smaller camper leads to less weight and more aerodynamic, therefore allowing more comfortable travel.

Not only that, but they tend to be better on gas mileage, allowing you to stay on the road longer to get to those campgrounds!

5. You Can Rent One Before You Buy One!

One of the best decisions we made before we bought our RV was to rent an RV. We learned so much about what we liked and didn’t like about the RV that it really helped us to narrow down what type of RV we liked best and which amenities mattered most. Most of all we found the right RV for us.

For example, we learned quickly that we did not want to buy an RV with a wet bath. With a wet bath, the entire bathroom is the shower. So, when you take a shower the toilet and bathroom floor are all wet.

If someone wanted to use the bathroom, we had to dry the floor and toilet which was an added step that was inconvenient. So, we knew we wanted a regular bathroom with a separate shower.

One great option to rent an RV is to check out Outdoorsy. You can rent any type of RV anywhere in the country and see what you like and don’t like about it before you buy your RV. I promise you will be glad you rented before buying. Renting first will help you to find the best small travel trailer for you!

6. No More Middle-of-the-Night Trips to the Woods or Campground Bathroom

Let’s face it: midnight trips to use the facilities are no fun… especially when it’s cold out, or you are in the middle of a deep, restful sleep!

Having your own bathroom is not just convenient – for some, it’s a necessity.

Just because you want a small camper doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creature comforts. And if you need the restroom multiple times a night, going outside or walking to the bathhouse gets old fast.

7. Upgrades and Amenities!

As we stated before, RVs and campers have come a long way over the years, and no matter what size you choose, you don’t always have to compromise on the things you want most on your travels.

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced that small camper trailers with bathrooms are for you, it’s time to talk about bathroom options. First off, there are two types of bathrooms available inside campers, and they are either a full bathroom or a wet bathroom. To learn more check out our article called How Are RV Wet Baths and RV Dry Baths Different?

How Much Do Small Campers with Bathrooms Cost?

Prices vary significantly for trailers of all sizes. However, you can generally assume that a small camper will be cheaper than a large trailer. Obviously, it takes more materials and more man hours to construct a large trailer, so they have higher prices.

Small camper trailers will usually have prices ranging from $20,000 to $40,000. This is obviously a large range, but prices vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer and from dealer to dealer.

As a result, you will need to look around for trailers within your budget instead of looking for one type of trailer, hoping they will have a similar price. You should note that there are some trailers that can cost less than $25,000, but they are few and far between.

Typically, these trailers are exceptionally small and are meant for one or two people at the most. 

Should I Buy an Extended Warranty for My Travel Trailer?

Yes – but not from a dealership! Unfortunately, your odds of suffering a major mechanical breakdown go up with every passing year. Based on RV Warranty claims records, more than 3 out of every 10 RVs will need major repairs in only their second year on the road.

This skyrockets to 8 out of 10 in their fifth year, and virtually ALL of them in their eighth year! Today’s RVs are increasingly more complex, and with more things to go wrong, the need to protect your investment is more important than ever.

Our RV Warranty plans allow you to change your mind! If you’re looking to sell your RV to a private party, you can absolutely transfer the policy to the new owner. Additionally, if you are trading in your RV, or getting out of RVing altogether, you can cancel your policy for a pro-rated refund.

We bought a warranty through Wholesale Warranties for several reasons:

  • We can cancel the warranty at any time and get a pro-rated refund
  • We can transfer the warranty to the new owner if we decide to sell our RV
  • There are no mileage caps on our policy
  • We can use repair shops all across the country
  • We can use a mobile repair company right at our campsite
  • The price is way better than most dealerships
  • We could finance the cost of the warranty
  • With parts and labor prices increasing all the time, we have peace of mind

You owe it to yourself to at least check out a warranty and get a free quote to see if it is right for you. It just takes a few minutes and you will learn a ton about protecting your investment. We only recommend products we use ourselves and we highly recommend Wholesale Warranties to all of our readers and subscribers.

Final Thoughts About Camper Trailers With Bathrooms

These are 10 of the best small camper trailers with bathrooms out there that provide some sort of either full or wet bath. They are all functional and even comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about running out into the surrounding nature to “do your business.”

These trailers prove that you can live comfortably in a small camper trailer without compromising on amenities. So if you’re planning on going camping in a new RV, and you want comfort, look no further than this list of trailers to make a great choice!

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  1. I appreciate all the wonderful comments, I’m a researcher and new to this travel trailer industry. I also want a small travel trailer for my husband and 3 – 70 plus pound dogs. Need to get out of Arizona in the summer. We have cruised for years traveled world wide but I can’t take my four legged family and I do so miss them when I’m away. Have seen many parts of the states canada and mexico but like my privacy and camping seems to be the right thing for us now. So thank you all for your wonderful information and look forward to the camping adventure. We also have horses so were not new to pulling a trailer for events. This time around they can stay in pasture and enjoy retirement for a few months out of the year. Keep the advise/ info coming, thank you and maybe our trails will cross.

  2. I wonder if there is a small camper trailer (16′ – 17′) with both a bathtub and a 6cu refrigerator. I see one or the other, but not both. When I see one with a large refrigerator, it comes with wet bath or shower pan — and when I find one with a bathtub, it comes with a tiny fridge.
    I wouldn’t care much for a queen bed if space is needed in the floor-plan for both a large 6cu/7cu fridge and a comfortable bathroom with a bathtub.
    Can somebody suggest a small 16′ or 17′ trailer (in USA) that has both?

  3. Bigfoot 17.5ft, fiberglass, insulated, 4 season, made in Canada, 3 burner stove, oven. Microwave. Wet shower sleeps 2-3. Less than 4500lbs gvw. 6cu.ft refrigerator freezer. Tons of storage . 2- 30lb propane bottles. I think it is one of the best. Hard to find in eastern USA.

    • Hi Redwood,
      Thanks for sharing the Bigfoot Camper with us.

    • Hi Betty,

      You aren’t the first to bring up the R-Pod. Honestly – I’ve never been in one but I will check one out at the Hershey RV show in a couple of weeks and it will most likely end up in one of our Youtube videos.

      Thanks for reading the article and commenting!


  4. Rpod 180. 20ft, under 3000lbs. Easy pull with a Chevy Traverse.

    • People seem to love the Rpods!

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  5. It would’ve been nice to see an exterior and interior shot of each camper.

  6. Escape Trailers (Made in Canada) have a 17’ and 19’ trailer that meet your description. They are well made little trailers that are worth looking at too!

    • you are so right Liz. We are 5 years out from getting one and that’s the company and trailer that has stolen our hearts with their quality and reputation.

  7. I have a 2019 TAB 400 (16 ft) about 2800 lbs sleeps 3, AC, Microwave, wet bath, lots of large windows, exquisite light coloured Birch wood work. Permanent queen bed on back with dinner in front, 2 burner propane stove, fridge and sink. Magic fan, electric brakes, 200watts solar, 2propane tanks. Rear view camera, closet and outside excessable iunder bed storage.

  8. Trailmanor! We love ours. Hard sided pop up type trailer. 2900lbs Low profile makes for easier more fuel efficient towing.

    • Lil’ Snoozy – look at it . All double wall fiberglass is the way to go.

    • I remember when first was looking for an RV, I was thinking to get the Casita. That’s a small one too and reasonably priced. Now I have a class C motorhome. I prefer RVs that have the shower and toilet separate. These are chill though. I really like the look of the airstream.

    • Prolite is a Canadian manufacturer of ultralight trailers since 2000. From what I can see on the web it looks like a nice light trailer that almost any car could tow. I’ve never seen one in person but this trailer offers a wet bath and seems like it is worth checking out too.
      Thanks for the suggestion!

    • You forgot the Rpod by Forest River! We bought one recently and really enjoy it!


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