How to Find the Best Camper Trailer for Rent

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Purchasing a camper trailer typically means monthly payments, maintenance requirements, and yearly storage. For the average person, this might seem like a hassle – and honestly, it is! To avoid long-term commitment, many people choose to rent a camper trailer. This option works best for vacationers, and those who want to try out the “camper life.” If this resembles you, then read on to learn how to find the best camper trailer for rent.

Is Traveling in a Camper Trailer Better Than Flying?

Between airline tickets, hotel rooms, and car rentals, flying to your vacation can be unreasonably expensive. By renting a camper trailer, you consolidate the three costs because you can travel and sleep in it. Both families and couples can benefit from renting a camper in different ways.

Families benefit the most, as these stated rates multiply by the number of members. Airline costs, especially, can become excessive when factoring four or more individuals. Multiple hotel rooms and the added expenses of eating out detract from budgeted vacation funds, as well. Staying at a campground also gives children more opportunities to have fun in safe and affordable ways.

Being mobile, you can choose a campsite near your favorite outdoor activities. Hiking and sightseeing are just two ways that families can enjoy being together without spending too much money. Without the distractions of a populated area, everyone also gets more quality time together. Renting a camper together can provide a memorable experience that families can look back on fondly.

Couples may also enjoy the privacy and independence that renting a camper provides. They can map out various destinations according to their preferences. Buying groceries to cook in the trailer or over a campfire is a great way to reduce expenses. Hotel rooms typically do not have kitchenettes that allow people to prepare their food. With this novel experience, you will have plenty of opportunities to bond your partner as you each learn something new.

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Why Should I Rent Versus Buy a Camper Trailer?

Buying a camper trailer can be a costly and time-consuming venture. By comparison, renting a camper trailer has several benefits, including reduced cost of storage, no maintenance responsibility or commitment.

The convenience in renting a camper trailer is that you don’t have to store the unit. Take, for example, a couple that lives in an urban apartment. These people will likely not have room to keep their trailer, meaning they would have to pay for a storage unit. The added costs of storage would take away from other funds that they could otherwise use for their vacation. This fact is not to mention the monthly payments that a couple or family might have to make when purchasing a camper trailer. The average cost for a new camper is $20,000, which most people would need to finance to afford.

Maintenance is another inconvenience for a camper trailer owner. When taking on the responsibility of ownership, you are required to stay on top of all the necessary repairs. Costs of parts, labor, and routine care are all financial stresses than fall on owners. In additional to mechanical work, you cannot forget various structural features cannot. Examples include roof treatment, internal upkeep, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and so on. The convenience of renting is hard to argue against considering both the costs and time demands.

Leasing or buying a unit is a commitment that most people don’t want to take on. It is hard to determine how long you will want to keep a camper. You may even end up wanting to sell your unit. Your enthusiasm for camping may fade, camper maintenance can become too much, or other life events get in the way. Now, you will have to go through the process of selling your unit. This task takes months of advertising and negotiating, not to mention the money required to make sure the camper is in selling condition. Unless you are confident that camping will be a life-long hobby, it makes sense to rent instead of buy.

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Where Can I Rent a Camper Trailer Near Me?

Many websites claim to offer excellent rental camper deals. That said, online booking is not always trustworthy. Scammers may try to trick you out of money, or you might not get the promised quality rental. Always use caution when making reservations through a third-party site. Without any regulation, you will have no idea what to expect. Choose only reputable sources to guarantee a safe, secure experience.

Founded in 2015, Outdoorsy is a trustworthy RV marketplace that lists rentals from RV owners. Old, rickety RVs with thousands of miles are exempt from their catalog. They only permit rigs that are fully-functioning and exceed their standards. In turn, they provide customers with peace of mind. They have many types of rentals, including camper trailers, travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and class A, class B, and class C motorhomes.

Customers also enjoy the additional conveniences that come with Outdoorsy rentals. First, they require one-million-dollar insurance that covers both the owner and renter. With this feature, neither parties have to worry about something going wrong. They also perform a DMV check on all drivers for insurance purposes, which assesses the history of a DUI or expired license. Speeding citations for traveling 20 miles per hour over the legal limit also disqualifies members.

With their 24/7 RV roadside assistance and exceptional customer service, they have earned a high review rating. If you’re looking to rent a camper trailer, choose Outdoorsy for the best all-around service and quality. By using their interactive website, you can browse through their wide variety of units. Type in your location to access this feature. Then, choose the one that fits your needs. Enter the necessary information, wait for the approval, and you’re all set!


Are There Campers for Rent Monthly?

Living without borders is a fun and freeing way to spend your time and taking off the summer to spend a few months traveling makes for an unforgettable adventure. Families, couples, singles, and everyone in between can now enjoy long-term rentals thanks to current servicers. Whether you want to spend time at one campground, or many different areas, you have countless options.

As mentioned earlier, renting a camper combines the three most substantial expenses of the average vacation. It is almost impossible for a family of four to stay more than a week when they need a hotel, car rental, and airfare when considering these costs. Hotel rooms cost anywhere from $115 to $300 per night, car rental is $75 per day, and airline tickets are about $380 per person. If a family of four were to take a seven-day vacation at these rates, their cost would be over $4,000.

When renting a camper, you can often get a reduced rate for more extended time frames. If a family were to rent a camper at $75 per night for a week, their costs would be $525. They would not need airfare, hotels, or car rentals, because the camper provides all lodging and travel required for the trip. With a cost difference of $3,000, renting is the more economical choice for a long-term vacation. Many of the RV owners on Outdoorsy will consider renting their RV for a long term RV rental. Just email and ask them and see what you are able to work out.

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What If I Can’t Tow a Camper Trailer?

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have a car with enough power to tow a camper trailer,” there are still options for you. Many posts on the servicers previously discussed will come and set up the trailer at a location for you. For example, if you want to spend a weekend at a nearby campground, you can contact the owner to drop it off and set it up for a small fee. This option is an excellent way to experience the adventure and intimacy of a vacation outdoors without needing extra equipment.

Many of the servicers discussed also offer motorhome rentals. Doing so can be an alternate option for those who do not own a vehicle powerful enough to tow a heavy trailer. Although the motorhomes are more expensive to rent, the overall cost savings of choosing camping over traditional vacations is still sufficient to make renting worth it.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Camper Trailer?

The cost of renting a camper trailer varies between $50 to $200 per night. Amenities fluctuate depending upon the rate, with more expensive units offering more luxuries. But it is essential to know that the basic models will still have all the necessities for a comfortable trip.

In a lower-cost rental, you can expect a basic kitchen and seating area, bathroom, and bedroom. If your focus is to be spending a lot of time outside hiking or sightseeing, then these amenities should be more than enough to make your trip enjoyable. This option would be more appropriate for couples that don’t need as much space.

More expensive units range from $125 to $250 per night. Typically, they are less than ten years old and have newer higher quality features. Larger trailers also cost more due to their added space and sleeping areas. Some rentals even include a fully stocked kitchen and outdoor furniture, thus increasing the price.

These base rates, however, do not include a variety of other potential costs. Extra fees, like taxes, security deposits, or insurance costs, can tack on a few extra dollars. Owners charge state taxes, which vary state by state. The security deposit is added to protect the owner in the case that damages occurred during the trip. The renter receives a deposit refund, as long as he or she returns the camper in its original condition. Though not all the time, sometimes owners will charge you to jump on their insurance. They have extra costs when others are operating their equipment and do this to cover that expense.

Another item to keep in mind is mileage and generator usage. Owners establish these limits based on realistic usage estimates per day. If you wish to go over these restrictions, owners need to charge and put that money toward maintenance of their unit. Similarly, generators have expensive upkeep. If you are using it above what the owner thinks is reasonable, you can expect to pay more. Reading and understanding each detail can help you better prepare for your budget. Ask detailed questions and make sure to confirm the total cost before committing to avoid any unforeseen charges.

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Vacationing in a camper trailer provides more than just the freedom of the open road. Choosing this method of travel opens room in your budget so that you can make the most of your trip. You save money by avoiding very costly airline tickets, and other expenses like car rentals and a hotel stay.

When considering a camping vacation, it is clear that the more intelligent choice is to rent instead of buy. This case is especially true for those who aren’t sure about making camping a lifelong hobby. There are many providers that potential renters can use that are safe and reliable, such as Outdoorsy. Camper trailers are generally affordable, and you can even reduce your nightly rate the longer you rent.

Additionally, if you don’t have the vehicle required to tow a trailer, there are options through these servicers. Owners will set up the unit at a predetermined site for you so that you can still enjoy your vacation. Rent your next camper trailer today!

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