Why Blacksford is the Best RV Rental with Unlimited Miles

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Have you ever dreamt of taking a once in a lifetime trip to see the big national parks out west but felt overwhelmed because of all of the details involved with planning a trip of this magnitude? And one of the biggest details is your RV Rental. What if there was a way to rent a new state of the art all-inclusive RV with everything you need including unlimited miles, a National Park Pass and free trip planning from local experts for one low price with no unexpected extra costs? Well, read on to see why Blacksford is the best RV Rental with unlimited miles and more!

It can be insanely difficult to plan a vacation of a lifetime and have it go perfectly and here’s why. First of all, you don’t know where to begin. You don’t know the best places to see, and you probably have limited vacation time. There is more to see and do than you can squeeze into a 1 or 2 week vacation and you don’t want to waste your money or one minute of your precious time. Plus you have all of the travel arrangements to handle like flights, transportation from the airport, overnight stays, route planning, finding an RV rental at a fair price, making sure you have all of the supplies you need while camping and the list goes on and on. 

The good news is that you can have many of the details of your trip handled all at once when you rent your RV from Blacksford. They can rent you a top of the line Winnebago RV and include everything you will need for your vacation. And, you pick up your RV right at the airport so when you step off the plane you are on your way to your RV. Your RV will be fully outfitted and ready to go. There are no lines and no paperwork to handle because the onboarding process is completed online prior to your arrival. Every detail is taken care of and your itinerary is planned. All you have to do is jump in and drive off.

Who Is Blacksford?

Blacksford RV was founded by Jonathan Distad. Jonathan is an RV enthusiast who found that RV rentals were out of date, inconvenient, overpriced, and ill-equipped. And on top of that they nickel and dime for things that should be included in the price of an RV rental. So, he set out to solve these problems by offering all-inclusive RV Rentals at a fair price with no extra charges for things that should be included in an RV rental like kitchen utensils, bedding and camp chairs.

When I had the chance to speak with Jonathan when he was launching Blacksford I was thoroughly impressed with his insight and attention to detail regarding RV rentals. Susan and I had rented an RV from one of the big national RV rental companies and so we know all of the pitfalls, shortcomings, and frustrations you might experience when renting from one of these companies. When I shared our rental experience with Jonathan, he could relate because he had rented RVs too. And, as we discussed how Blacksford would be different I was totally impressed. Read on and you will see why.

Where Does Blacksford Rent RV’s?

Blacksford rents RVs from two main locations in the western US – Bozeman Montana and St. George Utah.

Bozeman Yellowstone National Airport in Bozeman Montana is where their first location was established to serve customers who want to visit the National Parks near Montana and the Pacific Northwest such as Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton National Parks. Or you can head north up into Canada and explore Banff National Park.

Their second location is in St George Utah at St. George Regional Airport which serves travelers looking to explore the big 5 National Parks in Utah, as well as the Southwest. St. George Regional Airport is located just south of Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands National Parks, often called “The Big 5.”

What Types of RVs Does Blacksford Rent?

Blacksford RV rents 2 Luxury RVs, the Winnebago View, and Winnebago Revel, which are both built on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. All of their RVs are 1year or less with under 50,000 miles and have the latest features and technology.

The Winnebago View is the larger of the two and can sleep up to 5 people. It is a 25’5″ sprinter based Class C RV. It has 3 luxurious floor plans with the latest in design and comfort. It also includes a 16′ awning, swivel cab seats, a generator, and a continuous hot water heater.

Blacksford RV Winebago View Rental

The Winnebago Revel is a 4×4 Class B RV Sprinter campervan that sleeps two. It is 19’2″ and has everything you need for an off road off the grid adventure including a 200-watt solar power system.

Blacksford RV Rental Winnebago Revel

Both of these vehicles feature top of the line electronics, Wifi capabilities, and luxury features.

Blacksford RV Rental Winnebago View Interior

What is Included With a Blacksford RV Rental?

Blacksford provides an all-inclusive RV rental experience for their customers. I think they go above and beyond with all of the features that are included with every RV rental, such as:

  • Unlimited Mileage 
  • Unlimited Generator Use
  • Kitchen Utensils and Cookware
  • Bedding for Every Bed (rent more than a week and get another set for each week – no charge!)
  • Coffee Maker and Sampler Set
  • Camp Mats
  • Camp Chairs
  • A National Park Pass
  • FREE Trip Planning

Do They Offer Short Term and Long Term RV Rentals?

Blacksford offers both short and long term rentals. The short term rental period is anywhere from a minimum of 5 days to as long as 8 weeks. Their long term lease program is called SeasonaLease. It is an outstanding long term lease program where you can rent a brand new View or Revel for 4, 6 or 12 months. Under the long term lease, a base of 2,000 miles a month is built into the lease and you can purchase more miles if needed. They also include roadside assistance, insurance, vehicle registration, a full warranty, and more.

Do They Rent Add-on Items for Convenience?

Yes! There are plenty of add-ons that you can rent from Blacksford to make your trip as convenient as possible. No other rental company that I know of will rent you these items. And, if you can’t rent these items with your RV you either have to bring them with you or buy them! Here is a list of available add-on rental items:

  • 4 Person Tent (sleeping bags included)
  • Yeti 65 Cooler
  • GoPro Hero Adventure Pack
  • Bear Spray 2-Pack (purchase)
  • Camp Stove w/1 Propane Canister and Table
  • LED Head Lamp
  • JetBoil w/ 1 Propane Canister
  • 1 Up DOUBLE Bike Rack
  • Bike Rentals (available through a third party vendor)
  • Rod Vault (4 rods) REVEL ONLY

They also offer kids pack and plays, scavenger hunts, and other games to keep them happy and occupied. They also have a special kids provisioning pack.

All of the Add-on rental items are subject to availability so be sure to reserve what you need as early as possible.

How Do Arrival and Departure Work?

It’s really very simple. You arrive at the airport and a Blacksford representative will escort you and your belongings to your RV right at the airport! You don’t have to Uber yourself, your kids and all of your luggage to an offsite facility to rent your RV. And, Blacksford handles all of the onboarding details online ahead of your arrival so everything is complete when you arrive. No lines, no paperwork, no hassle – just arrive and go!

And, if you arrive early or need an extra nights stay to catch your flight the next day so you don’t feel rushed, they have pre-arranged rates set up with local hotels so you can rest easy and not worry about missing a check-in or check-out time.

In addition – for those folks exploring the Southwest, Blacksford has a shuttle service that runs from McCarran National Airport in Las Vegas to St. George Regional Airport in Utah. It’s a 2-hour ride but plane ticket prices to Las Vegas are very inexpensive so you can save some a few bucks if you fly in there.

Does Blacksford Really Offer Free Trip Planning?

Blacksford offers free trip planning assistance and has exclusive relationships with RV parks in and around Yellowstone, Teton, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks that make it easy to help you get on your way. They can help you with the following trip planning activities:

  • Day-by-Day Itinerary Guidance
  • RV and Camping Recommendations
  • Kid and Group Adventure Ideas
  • Fly Fishing Recommendations
  • Float and Tube Recommendations
  • Nature Guide Recommendations
  • Anything else you need!

They will help you any way they can but book your RV Trip ASAP because the RVs and especially the campgrounds will sell out before you know it!

How Much Does a Blacksford RV Rental Cost?

Just about every campground in the US National parks has no electricity available for RVers. And if they do, these campsites are the first ones booked every season. So, chances are good that you will have no electricity and that means you will need to run your generator to operate the air conditioner or heat, the microwave, a coffee pot or even a hairdryer! And with other rentals, you pay for generator use time which will be significant. This will add even more unexpected cost to your RV rental.

And there a many other add ons to consider as well such as the cost of the $80 National park Pass, the $100 plus kitchen utensil set, the $100 plus cost for bedding and towels, and extra gas expense since you won’t be in a 2020 model class B RV which gets close to 20 miles per gallon. You will be in a class C RV which gets about 8.0 miles per gallon on the mountains so the gas expense will be incredibly high.

With all of these unexpected expenses, you will end your trip having spent over $1000 on extras! Talk about a bucket of water in your face to bring you back to reality after your awesome vacation.

Here’s a break down of the cost of a Blacksford Rental vs a Cruise America Rental. This comparison assumes a family of four who plans to visit all 5 of the National Parks in Utah. The total miles driven for this trip is assumed at 1,400 miles. Cruise America builds 700 miles into the base price so I show the additional charge for the remaining 700 miles in the graph below. The closest Cruise America RV Rental location is in Henderson NV. The Blacksford RV rental location is at St. George Regional Airport in Utah, near Zion National Park.

  Cruise America    Blacksford 
Type of RV Ford 350 – 25′ Class C RV Winnebago View – 25′ Class C RV
Mileage 1,400 miles @ .35 cents per mile = $490.00 Unlimited Mileage
Generator Time 30 hours @ $3.50 per hour  = $105.00 Unlimited Generator Use
Kitchen Package $110.00 Included
Coffee Pot and Sampler N/A – $50.00 if you buy this Included
Bedding Package $60 per person = $240 Included
Uber to and from the Airport $110.00 Easy RV Pickup at the Airport
National Park Pass $80.00 Included
Gas Expense 1400 miles @ 8 mpg at $2.75 per gallon = $481.25     (unleaded gas engine) 1400 Miles @16 mpg at $3.05 per gallon = $266.90      (diesel engine)
Trip Planning N/A but probably worth $100 (or more) Included
New Winnebago vs Ford Chassis RV $500.00 Included
RV Rental Price (Not including extras above) $2,005.08 $3,593.00
Total for Everything $4,271.33 (RV Rental Price + All Extras + Gas) $3,859.90    (RV Rental Price + Gas)

You might argue that a brand new Winnebago is not worth an additional $500 for the week but even if you only value it at $250, which is very low in my opinion you still come out ahead renting from Blacksford. It’s a no brainer that renting from Blacksford is more convenient, economical, and luxurious.

What If You Don’t Book Through Blacksford?

You don’t have to book your trip through Blacksford. You can choose to handle all of the details on your own. You can spend countless hours researching and reading about other people’s experiences so you can learn what they did, and wish they didn’t do. You can watch countless hours of YouTube videos trying to decide which sights you want to see. And worst of all, you will most likely be stressed out while spending more money to see fewer attractions on your vacation. It’s the exact opposite of what most people want out of a vacation like this.

Susan and I rented an RV from one of the big RV rental companies when we took a trip to California. We had to plan the whole trip ourselves. We spent hours and hours researching where to go, what to see, the best campgrounds, and the list goes on. We had to fly to Vegas, haul all of our stuff through the airport, and pay for an Uber to get to the RV Rental location 20 miles away. We had to pack as much stuff as we could because the Rental Company either didn’t rent the things we needed or they nickel and dimed us for what they did offer.

We paid extra for mileage, generator time, bedding, kitchen utensils, cookware and camp chairs. And after finally getting through the onboarding process, we had to drive straight to Wal-Mart and buy bicycles because they didn’t rent them. We had to put the bicycles inside the RV while we drove because they didn’t rent bike racks either. I would have paid extra to have everything planned out and thought out for me ahead of time so I could just relax and enjoy my vacation instead of prepping for my vacation even after I picked up my RV rental!

You will have to pay anywhere from 25 to 33 cents per mile that you drive your RV rental after you use up your mileage allowance. And as you are driving you may find yourself calculating the cost for the number of miles you have driven rather than focusing on the incredible beauty of the amazing scenery that surrounds you. 

You will waste time and add tons of stress and expense getting from the airport to your RV rental location and back in time to catch your flight! We were so stressed out driving to the RV rental location to return our RV. There was a line, and it took what seemed like forever for the checkout process. Then we waited for the Uber driver which took at least 30 minutes. I thought we were going to miss our flight home!

Plus you will have to purchase your own National Park Pass. And, you will not be in a new 2020 Winnebago View or Revel (I can assure you), which are the perfect size to camp and park conveniently close to all of the major National Park attractions.

If you choose not to rent through Blacksford you will spend more money to see less of the National Parks. 

What Happens Now?

At this point one of three things will happen:

1. You will rent from one of the big National RV Rental companies and spend way more than you thought due to add on charges like mileage, generator run time, kitchen utensils, bedding, and a national park pass. And you will most likely pay more to see less of the National Parks.

2. You may decide to use a company like Outdoorsy or RVshare and rent an RV from a private individual – sight unseen! I can’t imagine how much stress that would add to your vacation. What is something were to break or go wrong? What would you do?

3. Or, you will rent your RV through Blacksford and let them handle all of the details and guide you in the right direction. Imagine the stress-free feeling of the vacation of a lifetime in a luxury vehicle with every detail planned for and accommodated.

Imagine how an incredible luxury camping vacation can create memories that will last a lifetime and create a long-lasting bond between you, your family and nature. What would that be worth? How would you feel after providing yourself and your family with an amazing stress-free vacation with every detail accounted for while experiencing the amazing landscape and nature found in America’s National Parks?

Book Early to Make Your Vacation the Best it Can Be!

Time is of the essence! If you want to vacation at one of America’s National Parks you need to book your trip as far in advance as possible because every single minute that goes by someone else is booking an RV Rental and highly sought after campsites in one of the National Park Campgrounds. Millions of people from all over the world visit these parks every year.  Every minute you wait you risk being able to book the RV you want or a campsite inside the National Park. And this means you will be paying at least double for your overnight stays outside of a National Park in a private campground, which could feel very much like a parking lot full of RVs parked side by side.

For an All-Inclusive RV Rental from Blacksford just click the logo below and book your rental asap! They will take great care of you. Jonathan, the founder of Blacksford, has thought of everything to make your RV rental the most convenient, all-inclusive vacation of a lifetime! And, you have nothing to lose! You can cancel at any time up to 90 days prior to your pick up date and get a full 100% refund! So, book now before someone else beats you to it!

Blacksford RV Rental

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