Can You Use the Bathroom in an RV While Driving?

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Can you use the bathroom in an RV while driving? Yes, you can use the RV bathroom while the vehicle is in motion and flush as normal. This is quite a relief if you have small children or if your driver is like my dad used to be. He loves to drive and as kids, we had to beg him to stop!

Of course, this is in a Class A or C. It is illegal to ride in a towable while it is in motion. You can, however, stop where it is convenient to park and use the bathroom in your fifth wheel or travel trailer.

Can You Use the Bathroom in an RV While Driving

Is it Legal to Use the RV Bathroom While Driving?

Yes, it is legal to use the RV bathroom while driving your Class A, B, or C motorhome.

Can You Use the Bathroom While Driving a Towable RV?

It is not legal in most states for passengers to ride in a towable RV so it is not recommended that you use the bathroom while the RV is in motion.

Can You Use the Bathroom While Driving a Motorhome

All Class A, B, and C RVs are considered motorhomes and you can use the bathroom while the vehicle is in motion. There are a few precautions you might want to use while up and around. And remember, the law requires you to be in your seat and seat belted in, so I wouldn’t make a habit of walking around the RV unless it is necessary. Do what you need to do, get back to your seat, and buckle in as quickly as possible.

Can You Use the RV Shower While Driving?

You may not have thought about using your RV shower while the vehicle is in motion but it is possible to do so. You need to make sure and prepare your shower so it is safe to use in the moving vehicle. Make sure and install a non-skid surface and shower bars or handles. You might also want to add a seat to your shower to give you some extra stability.

can you use the RV shower while driving
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Is it Safe to Turn on the RV Water Heater While Driving?

You will also have to consider leaving your propane tanks on while driving. There are valid arguments for keeping the tanks on or turning them off. Just make sure they are off when you gas up.

If you have an electric water heater, you likely won’t be able to heat the water while you are moving but may have enough water in the hot water tank for a quick shower. You won’t be able to run a generator to power the water heater unless you have a built in generator. Standard generators that run on gasoline require ventilation and are generally very noisy.

Can You Run the Bathroom Fan While Driving an RV?

It is generally ok to run your fan while your RV is moving. However, take into consideration a couple of things. Those vent lids are pretty flimsy and could break in the wind and fly off. Also, the vent is going to pull in hot air from the outside. It might be worth leaving the fan off while you are moving.

8 Tips for Using Your RV Bathroom While Driving

1. Install grab bars – any way you can avoid falling from a sudden turn or stop is important. Grab bars are a great way to keep yourself steady while in the bathroom.

2. Install non-skid strips or mat on the shower floor – you don’t want to slip around on a wet and soapy surface.

3. Take a seat while showering – installing a shower seat may be an option for you. You can get a simple and inexpensive one on Amazon for around $30.

Tips for Using Your RV Bathroom While Driving

4. Secure the bathroom door – you may want more than a simple magnet on your bathroom door. A hook and eye latch can be easily and inexpensively installed. No one wants a door flying open in the middle of their bathroom visit.

5. Secure the shower door – although I have a travel trailer, my shower door is secured open while the vehicle is in motion so the glass won’t rattle and break. Depending on the type of shower you have, you might want to investigate this further and possibly trade out your glass doors for something simple such as a shower curtain or a vinyl or polyester door. Not only will it make your bathroom safer to use while in motion but it will reduce the weight of your RV too!

6. Fill your fresh water tank before showering on the move – you don’t have to have a full tank if you are concerned about weight but you can add five gallons or so if you know you will want to shower on the road.

7. Be sure your water pump is on – the water pump will require little energy and does not require a generator to be on.

8. Make sure your grey water tank is not full – you certainly don’t want your shower to overflow and cause water damage if your grey water tank is full.

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Showering or using the bathroom while your RV is in motion shouldn’t be an issue if you follow a few simple guidelines. Remember, this can only be done in a motorhome, Class A, B, or C. Also, consider your safety first as you unbuckle your seatbelt and head for the bathroom.

Make sure you have those safety items such as grab bars, shower bars, and non-skid mats in place. Once you have done what you need to do, return to your seat and buckle up as quickly as possible. While you can use the toilet and shower while traveling, it may be better and safer just to wait until you stop to do so.

Whatever you do, it is my opinion that RVers should never be in a hurry. We usually plan our travel days, plotting out our route and reserving our stopping places ahead of time. We don’t usually travel more than about 6 hours in a day. We found out the hard way, when you rush, or drive at night, that is when accidents happen.

Be safe and take time to smell the roses!

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