Do RV Window Rain Guards Really Keep Rain Out?

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After you purchase an RV there are many things that will come to your attention, such as the potential need for RV window rain guards.

When you are out on the road or at a campsite in your RV, there is a good chance you are going to run into some rain. The last thing you want is for your RV to start leaking and for water to get inside.

The windows of an RV are the most susceptible point to leaks. As a result, it is important to have safeguards in place to ensure that this does not happen.

The best thing you can do in most situations is to install RV window rain guards. They will help prevent the rain from coming in through your windows, and they look cool!

What Are RV Window Rain Guards?

RV window rain guards are plastic molds that are attached over the windows of your RV. The plastic molds create a shield from water running from the roof of the vehicle down the side and into your windows.

Many times, when it’s raining, having your window cracked can help prevent window fogging and allow some fresh air in. RV window rain guards allow you to have your window down a few inches and keep the rain out.

Like the rain gutters on your house, water is directed away from the area. Water from the roof makes its way to the side windows and into the vehicle dripping down your arm and filling up the armrest on the door.

RV window rain guards also help evacuate hot air from your vehicle when it’s raining. They also direct airflow away from the windows so you do not get a constant blast of wind. This also helps keep sand and grit out of your RV.

First designed for automobiles, window rain guards are no not only available for motorhome cab windows but also for the rest of the windows in your RV.

What are RV window rain guards?

Benefits of Installing RV Window Rain Guards

Installing rain guards on your RV windows provides several benefits, including some you might not immediately be aware of.

  • Allows you to ride around in the rain with your windows open, saving on A/C
  • Helps keep your RV aerodynamic profile when the windows are down
  • Keeps dirt and debris out of your window grooves
  • Allows you to crack your windows when camping in the rain
  • Improves interior furniture longevity due to exposure to UV
  • Reduces wind noise while driving

Some of these are a little more surprising than others. For instance, when you drive around with your windows cracked (without rain guards), you lose the aerodynamic profile of your RV.

This creates more drag and drops the fuel mileage. Is it a minor drop? Sure, however, every little bit of fuel adds up.

The main benefit and also the main reason people add RV window rain guards is to keep the rain out while having a window open.

Do RV Window Rain Guards Really Keep Rain Out?

The concept is pretty easy but it works. Window rain guards are applied above the window and extend down the front side of the window. The guards also extend out from the vehicle and curve down, creating a little umbrella of sorts.

Any water coming from the roof is directed down the guard and away from the open window. They also deflect rain and wind to some degree.

The guards only cover a small upper portion of the window so rain guards won’t be much help depending on the type of windows on your RV and if you have your window open all the way.

Wind direction and speed may also play a factor in how well window rain guards keep rain out. If there’s a tropical storm while you’re vacationing in Florida, the louvers over your RV windows will probably be outdone by Mother Nature.

How Do You Install Window Rain Guards?

RV window rain guards are easy to install. All you need is double-stick automotive adhesive tape which is usually preinstaled on the guards.

There is no need for drills, screws, or any tools to get the RV window rain guards attached. You can have them installed in a matter of minutes and have no issues at all.

Your rain guards should be made for your particular vehicle and dry-fitted first to ensure they will work. The guards are pre-shaped and can’t be modified to fit around a window they weren’t made for.

The surface around the window where the guard is to be installed should be clean and smooth. In most cases, the guard will have two-sided tape attached along the back. Simply peel the two ends off the tape and carefully tack the guard in place by the two ends.

Step back and make sure everything looks good. If so, remove the rest of the tape backing and secure the guard in place. Ensure the guard is secure by pressing the taped edge against the RV.

If your guards didn’t come with two-sided tape pre-installed, you will have to run a length of it along the back side of the guard first.

What If My RV Has Windows That Slide Sideways?

Many RVs have sliding windows that open front to back rather than top-down like vehicle windows. Don’t worry, there are rain guards for these windows as well.

For sliding windows, regular rain guards can work just fine. There are, however, some RV-specific alternatives such as window louvers which are a better fit.

Since sliding RV windows can’t be opened from the top down a full-length louver is a better choice. They are attached over the opening end of the sliding window.

What Are RV Window Louvered Vents?

Window louvers are a series of slats that are placed on a window to reduce glare, keep the interior cool, and keep rain out.

Window louvered vents are mostly a stylistic choice for drivers who want their cars to look unique. However, on sliding RV windows they do serve a purpose. They are great at blocking out the sun and keeping rain out.

They also allow you to leave a window open without having to worry about rain or having an excited cat or dog escape.

What Are the Best RV Window Rain Guards?

Here we will look at a few different RV window rain guard options for both the cab of your motorhome and the windows throughout your RV.

Auto Vent Shade

Auto Ventshade RV window rain guards

Auto Ventshade is probably the biggest name in vehicle vent shades. They have sold millions of window shades and have a strong customer satisfaction rating.

They make products for most vehicles, including the popular Ford, Chevy, and Mercedes vehicles used in many Class B and C motorhomes.

All AVS products are sold with 3M automotive-grade adhesive. Proudly made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. These rain guards are a great choice.


Goodyear RV window rain guards

Goodyear doesn’t just make tires. They have a line of auto accessories including window rain guards.

These RV window rain guards are built from high-quality material that is shatterproof. Goodyear claims that they will not break or chip so they should last the life of your RV.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about these RV window rain guards fading over time as they have a color that will not dull from the sun.

What Are the Best RV Window Louvers?

Unfortunately, there are not many options available when it comes to RV window louvers. However, the most popular ones are from a name most RVers will be familiar with.


Maxxair RV window louvers

Well known for its quality RV ventilation products, specifically its fans Maxxair is a name that can be trusted. This louvered vent from Maxxair will provide you with refreshing cross-ventilation regardless if the sun is out or if it’s a rainy day.

This product is easy to install as it mounts to the exterior frame of either a right or left-hand sliding window. Once installed they look like a factory option on your RV.

However Maxxair stopped making these about 5 years ago. Maybe someone will pick up the product and try to make them again. From what we have read they worked really well!

Being able to leave an RV window open while you slip out for some groceries without having to worry about rain is comforting.

Factors to Consider When Choosing RV Window Rain Guards

There are a few factors worth considering if you’re in the market for some rainguards. Some of these factors are completely aesthetic and some are critical for fitment.

  • The style you like the best
  • Material
  • Size of the rain guard
  • Overall price
  • Window type

There are a lot of benefits to installing RV window rain guards, however, you must choose wisely, and make sure you’re getting the right ones and installing them properly.

It is a pretty easy DIY job, however, most auto accessory shops will install window rain guards in under an hour.

What Are the Best RV Window Rain Guards?

Protect Yourself from the Rain with the Best RV Window Rain Guards

Although originally designed for automobiles, window rain shields have made their way into the RV space.

They are beneficial for both the cab of your motorhome and the windows in the back of your RV, where we all know ventilation is key.

Take the time before purchasing to ensure you have the correct measurements and are ordering the right window rain guards for your vehicle. If you’re not sure, your RV dealer should be able to help you out.

RV window rain guards are a cheap investment, any easy DIY project, and a great way to keep the rain out and the fresh are coming in!

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