Does Airstream Make a Toy Hauler?

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If you are interested in purchasing a toy hauler you might look to Airstream to give you the product that you need. After all, Airstream is one of the leading companies in the RV and trailer industry in the United States. However, toy haulers are not produced by all RV companies. That being said, Airstream has produced one toy hauler, the Airstream Panamerica. Unfortunately, that toy hauler is no longer produced by Airstream.

Even though the Airstream Panamerica is no longer produced by Airstream, that does not mean that you cannot get it. All it means is that you cannot purchase it from Airstream directly like you would any other vehicle. Instead, you need to purchase a used version of the Airstream Panamerica.

You might have your own preconceived notions about what it is like to purchase a used vehicle. If you have never done this before you might not be excited about the idea. Many people think that purchasing a vehicle used means that you are purchasing an inferior product, but that does not need to be the case. A lot of the time used vehicles can be in nearly perfect condition. You just need to make sure that you do your research before you make any purchases. Make sure you take the time to look for the best deals on toy haulers that look like they are still in good condition.

What Is a Toy Hauler?

Before we can get into the details of the Airstream Panamerica, you need to understand what a toy hauler is. At first glance they look like a travel trailer, but they are actually an evolution from travel trailers. In the most basic sense, a toy hauler is a travel trailer with a large opening and ramp door at the rear of the vehicle. This type of trailer could also be described as a cross between a cargo trailer and a travel trailer. Generally, the front of a toy hauler is a living area with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. It will also have storage like other trailers.

What Is a Toy Hauler?

What Features Make Toy Haulers Special?

Toy haulers are more than just an enhanced travel trailer. They have several features that make them appealing. Firstly, to haulers are self-contained. This means that they have all the essentials packed into the trailer. They have large freshwater tanks built into the trailer as well as built-in generators. The generators are popular because they give you the ability to power your air conditioners, microwaves, and other appliances.

Toy haulers also have wider and taller dimensions that your typical travel trailer. A lot of the time they will push the maximum width allowable on public roads. This also means that you have extra space in the trailer for storage and moving around when you are parked.

You will also notice that toy haulers have collapsible furniture. Beds, couches, and tables in your toy hauler will all fold up or collapse into the walls. This means that you will have plenty of space to move around when you are relaxing at the campsite.

Finally, toy haulers are incredibly durable trailers. Toy haulers are meant for off-road travel, so they are built to handle the extra bumps along the way. They are not just durable on the outside, they are durable on the inside as well. Things like your cabinets are built to be more durable than they are in regular trailers.


To learn more about the differences between travel trailers and toy haulers check out our article called Toy Hauler vs Travel Trailer – 19 Differences Explained.

What Is the Airstream Panamerica?

The Airstream Panamerica is the only toy hauler that has ever been built by Airstream. Built in 2009, the trailer is designed for all kinds of adventures in the United States. Unfortunately, it is now discontinued and no longer built by Airstream. You can only purchase it if you buy it used from a third party.

The Airstream Panamerica originally had an MSRP of $85,043. However, now that you will be buying it used, you will probably not need to spend quite that much on this toy hauler.

This toy hauler is 34.58 feet long, 8.46 feet wide, and 9.62 feet tall. However, the interior height is 6.42 feet. The dry weight of the vehicle is 7225 pounds. It has a payload capacity of 4275 pounds, and it has a hitch weight of 1260 pounds.

The Airstream Panamerica has fresh water, gray water, and black water holding tanks. There is one of each. The fresh water tank is 54 gallons, the gray water tank is 37 gallons, and the black water tank is 39 gallons.

Additionally, the toy hauler has two 14.2 gallon propane tanks. There is only one regular door for the vehicle, and there is no slide out door.

The vehicle has everything you need in the trailer to make yourself comfortable. There is a kitchen with bench seats, an oven, and stove. It also has a medium sized refrigerator. There is one bathroom located around the center of the trailer. The bathroom includes a shower.

There is enough space in the trailer for four people to sleep. The toy hauler includes a queen sized bed and a convertible sofa bed.

When Was the Airstream Panamerica In Production and How Many Were Made?

The Airstream Panamerica was not as popular as many of the other RVs and travel trailers that they sell. As a result, the toy hauler was only produced during 2009. After a year or so it was discontinued, and production ceased completely. In this time there were only 19 Airstream Panamericas built. One of those was the prototype which was never sold.

The Airstream Panamerica was built to appeal to a younger and more adventurous market. Airstream aimed to market the toy hauler to an audience that needed a way to transport their motorcycles and ATVs. However, what made the trailer fail is the price. Since they were appealing to a younger audience, and they made the trailer so expensive, the Airstream Panamerica was out of the price range of most of the target audience. Generally, only older people had the money to purchase these toy haulers, and older people are less likely to have a motorcycle.

As a result, very few of the toy haulers were ordered and very few were ever bought. So, the Airstream Panamerica is now one of the rarest Airstreams out in the world.

Fun Facts About the Airstream Panamerica

Although the Airstream Panamerica is extremely rare and did not get sold to many people, one did find its way to Hollywood. An Airstream Panamerica was featured in the Ben Affleck film, The Accountant. The producers of the film were actually looking for this trailer in particular, but it was after the vehicle was discontinued. Since there were so few in existence, it was very difficult to find one being sold. Eventually, the producers contacted Airstream directly and asked them to build one for the film. Unfortunately, Airstream denied the request to build one more Airstream Panamerica.

When Airstream refused the request to build one more Panamerica, the producers considered building a replica. However, before they started production, they were contacted by one of the few Airstream Panamerica owners. The owner agreed to loan the toy hauler to the producers for the film.

After filming the producers were going to return the vehicle to the original owner, but Ben Affleck had different plans. It is common practice for actors and actresses to keep a prop or something from the set of a movie as a souvenir after filming is finished. Normally the souvenir is a costume or something small from the set. However, Affleck was interested in something much bigger, the Airstream Panamerica.

So, Affleck contacted the owner and purchased the Airstream Panamerica from the owner for a generous price and kept it for himself. So, why did he want it? Affleck loved the trailer so much that he decided to convert it into the trailer he uses on sets when he is filming in and around Los Angeles.

So, it might be difficult to track down one of the owners of an Airstream Panamerica. However, you know one person you could try contacting if you really want one.

What Is the Airstream Panamerica?

The Airstream Panamerica and Buying a Toy Hauler from Airstream

We hope that you found all this information helpful to you. Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase a toy hauler from Airstream directly. Only one toy hauler has ever been built by Airstream, and only 19 were ever made. So, it is very hard to get your hands on one.

If you are able to track down one of the owners of an Airstream Panamerica, you may be able to buy it from them. Unfortunately, since they are so rare, you might have to buy it at retail price or higher because they are so rare. Normally with used vehicles you can buy them at a lower price, but when there is such a small supply that does not always apply.

If you are truly set on purchasing a toy hauler instead of a travel trailer, you will need to buy one from a different company. Airstream is not the best company in this situation. You will probably will not be able to track down one of the owners of an Airstream Panamerica, that is unless you want to get in contact with Ben Affleck.

Why do you want to purchase a toy hauler? Are you interested in the Airstream Panamerica specifically? Where will you continue your search for a toy hauler? Let us know in the comments!

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