Why We Think The Dyrt Pro is the Best Discount RV Camping App, Trip Planner – and more!

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Wanna know how we find the best RV campgrounds? We start planning every camping trip with The Dyrt. Since we discovered The Dyrt it has become our go-to website for finding discount RV campgrounds, trip planning, and more. Read on to find out why we love The Dyrt and we think you will too!…

Before the age of the internet, the Woodall’s Campground Directory was the “end-all-be-all” source for finding campgrounds across the United States. This telephone book-style publication had an annual printing in one incarnation or another since 1937.

Its information was good as far as locating a campground and identified basic features of campgrounds in paragraph form. The directory didn’t give you a feel for what the campground was actually like. You learned about the quality of the campground by direct experience or talking to fellow campers.

In 2018, Sarah Smith and her husband changed all of that. They took their notebook findings and published them on their website, The Dyrt. Through hard work and a great methodology, their website became the number one website and mobile app for campsite reviews.

With the recent revamp of the site, people can use their website as anonymous guests, free members, or sign up for their paid service. You’ll see through our review of The DrytPro why the paid service is worth the added features. 

What is The Dyrt?

The Dyrt is a website made by real RVers for those that live the RV lifestyle. The Dyrt is the largest database of campgrounds in the United States! It has over 44,000 campground listings with over 1 million campground reviews! We think that is amazing!

So, when we are looking for campgrounds the first place we begin our search is the Dyrt!

  • Their directory has over 44,0000 campground listings. 
  • Every five seconds, someone finds a campground on their website. 
  • Every 5 minutes, a new member signs up.
  • There are over one million peer reviews posted on the website. 
  • The Dyrt has ranked as the #1 app for “camping” in the iOS App Store and Google Play consistently. 

The Dyrt Campground Listings are Full of Helpful Info

When you look through The Dyrt’s campground listings, there’s a lot of information. They do their best to give you a complete picture to make an informed decision about the potential campground you’re considering. You don’t just get the perspective from previous campers, you also learn about their amenities, features, and the overall area. You’ll find:

  1. Images of the campground 
  2. Amenities and features
  3. Prices
  4. Links to the main website
  5. The 7-day weather forecast for the area
  6. A description of the campground
  7. Peer reviews of the location posted by those that have stayed there

The Dyrt website has discussion forums and also the Dyrt Magazine that focuses on various topics. What’s different about their website is how inviting they make it to participate. The Dyrt became the best camping app partially due to its rewarding interaction experience.

6 Reasons Why We Love the Dyrt Pro

We use the Dyrt Pro every time we begin researching campgrounds! Why? Because The Dyrt Pro has more campground listings and reviews than any other website on the internet! So it makes searching for and evaluating campgrounds very easy!

Plus as members of The Dyrt Pro we can take our camping experience to the next level. Our membership allows for discounts on camping, customized trip planning tools, and offline features that won’t leave us stranded.

You’ll find that the yearly cost is easily affordable and pays for itself after a single night at a campground so it pays for itself and then some!

1. We Save Money with Campground Discounts

As a DyrtPro member, you can receive great discounts on your overnight costs at participating campgrounds. If you need camping gear or other related items, you can take advantage of membership discounts through their partners. Here’s the list of The Dyrt’s premium and standard campground partners.

  • Premium Campgrounds: When you stay at one of the premium participating campgrounds at least two consecutive nights on a Sunday-Thursday (excludes weekends and holidays), you will receive 40% off the first night and 10% off all other nights.
  • Standard Campgrounds: Standard participating campgrounds will extend a 10% discount on your overnight rate.

2. The Trip Planning Tool is Easy to Use

The DyrtPro members can take advantage of their Customizable Pro Trip Planner using the full website or mobile app. If you’re not sure about the paid membership, The Dyrt allows you a 7-day trial to play around with all of the full features before you’re committed. 

The planner is user-friendly and full of helpful features. It starts by asking you to enter your starting point and endpoint. As an example, we’ll say you’re starting in Baltimore, Maryland, and traveling to Elkhart, Indiana to visit the RV Hall of Fame Museum (to keep things simple for this example, we’ll assume there aren’t any travel restrictions or other issues due to the recent pandemic).

The trip planner will give you a suggested route to start with. As you look it over, we’ll say you want to make a stop in Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Simply drag your route line to your stop, or enter in the new information, and the planner will recalculate.

With your trip planned out, you’ll want to find campgrounds to stay at. The trip planner will identify all of The Dyrt’s participating campgrounds along your route. You can click through as many of them as you want until you find the perfect ones. Make your reservations through the website, and you’re all set. 

This tool will also show you RV-friendly gas stations, calculate the distance between specific legs of your journey, and fuel costs. If there’s a particular gas station you want to stop at, you can mark it on your route. You can export the route to Google Maps if you choose.

A great feature coming in September 2020 will be public land identification. The Dyrt’s map will identify and mark BLM and other free camping locations on the map for those that enjoy dry camping on RV-friendly public land. 

3. No Cell Service, No Problem

Campgrounds and public land may have dead zones that don’t receive wifi or cell service. Before you throw your cell phone or laptop in the firepit, The Dyrt Pro has an offline feature for situations like this. 

The offline map allows you to continue to use the trip planner, find campgrounds, and known gas stations that are on The Dyrt’s database. As we mentioned above, after September 2020, the map will still identify the free camping areas on public land as well. 

4. We Save on Camping Gear

The Dyrt has partnered with many different companies that sell a wide array of camping gear. Whether it’s apparel, electronics, or collapsable outdoor furniture, you will receive discounts up to 30% with your DyrtPro membership.

5. We Can Find Free Camping with BLM and National Forest Boundary Lines

The Dyrt is adding PRO Map boundaries to indicate areas that have free camping, like Bureau of Land Management land and National Forest land.

  • PRO Map Boundaries will make it easier to find free camping and boondocking while offline
  • Find roads and routes leading to BLM and National Forest land with offline maps

6. Inexpensive Membership Fee

After the 7-day trial, The DyrtPro has an annual membership fee of $35.99 a year. This gives you full access to all of the benefits and features. Your year begins the day you start it. There isn’t a different price for renewal or a higher tier.

If you missed it, check out our YouTube video for additional savings on this membership fee simply by being a friend to RVBlogger.

You Can Review Campgrounds and Earn Rewards!

We mentioned before that there are three levels of interaction with The Dyrt’s website. Anonymous guest users have passive access only. They can use the directory to find campgrounds and view posted peer review comments only. Those that have free plus DyrtPro access can do so much more.

As registered members, you can create your profile, create your reviews, update campground information you know to be true, and interact with other features. All of this interaction earns you points on the website for badges and monthly contests to win real prizes. 

Earning Points

There are many opportunities to earn points. As you’re putting your profile together, there is a list section where you can save all of the campgrounds you’ve visited. If one of those campgrounds is missing information, doesn’t have a review, or doesn’t have any pictures, you can earn badges and extra points.

Your first campground review with pictures gains you points as well. Over the summer of 2020, The Dyrt is focusing on building up its reviews and campground information. Members can take advantage of this by gaining points to win prizes like $100 gift cards and other items.

Your Profile Keeps You Organized

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have your own profile page that keeps things neat and organized for you. You’ll be able to view many different things about your participation within the website, the status of your points, badges earned, and many other things.

  1. Level: As you continue to participate and earn points, you’ll increase your level as a user. You start as a Scout but those who strive to become super campers and reach the top level will earn the “Legend” level.
  1. Badges: If you’ve ever experienced the Boy/Girl Scouts, you know the importance of badges. There are eight badges you can earn. Each of them has different levels. You can earn the coveted “Filmmaker” badge by uploading your videos of campgrounds. Other Dyrt members will use them as another way to learn about the campsite location.
  1. Contests: See which contests you’re entered in, where you’re ranked, and what prize you’re eligible for. 
  2. Lists: Create lists of campgrounds. Where you’ve been, where you want to go, and other relevant categories. 
  1. Reviews: Read through all the reviews you’ve added on the website. Instead of searching through all the campgrounds, it brings them all together for you. Each review has functions that allow you to share them on Facebook or make edits.
  1. Pics & Vids: Like the Reviews section, this one brings all your pictures and videos together in one spot. You can edit and share them as well.
  1. Account: The last section is your account information. This part allows you to update your basic information, change your password, and upgrade to DyrtPro if you haven’t already.

The History of The Dyrt

Sarah Smith and her husband Kevin Long are avid campers and they Founded The Dyrt in 2013 at a picnic table while camping after frustrations with trying to find campgrounds online.

They would spend hours online trying to find campgrounds that appealed to them. With limited information, it was hard to find one that had what they were looking for. After hours of searching, they’d end up making the best guess they could and make their reservation.

Sarah Smith Kevin Long Founders of The Dyrt

Sarah used a notebook to keep track of their experiences at all of the campgrounds they visited. They would conduct informal interviews of others at the campground to get their reactions and ask about favorite campgrounds they knew about. They would try out those recommended places when fellow campers would give up their best-kept secret campsites.

That notebook turned into a Word Press website to test out her peer review campground idea. After a few years, The Dyrt turned into the website we know today. 

The information in the current database comes from many different sources. Sarah and her husband’s initial research still exist. Campgrounds can join and create listings themselves. Most of the information comes from individual members who take the time to identify and fill in the data themselves. The Dyrt’s staff go through new listings and updated information to verify the information for accuracy.  

Never Blindly Reserve a Campground Again

Finding the right campground for you can be challenging. Spending countless hours looking through various websites and homepages can give you a headache. What looks good online could be a bad fit. Another campground that doesn’t have the skills to market themselves correctly could be the best campsite for you and your family.

Using The Dyrt’s camping reviews gives you everything you need to find what you’re looking for in one place. As a DyrtPro member, you can plan your trip online, offline, through your computer, or The Dyrt app. Save yourself the headaches and pay it forward with a review of your own. 


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