Fun Rules for RV Sticker Maps

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If you pay attention to other RVs in your campground or on the road, you will notice a lot of RVers have RV sticker maps of the United States. The idea is to place a sticker on the map every time you go through a state, or stay in a state, or pass through the corner of a state, depending on the rules for your particular rig and family.

In fact, as I write this, I’m looking at the large, triple axel RV across from mine and it looks like they have just about every state filled in. Rules for these sticker maps have caused some intense discussions on social media. It’s all in good fun, of course until someone gets snarky…but I digress. Let’s take a look at some of the different RV sticker maps you might find and other fun map information.

What Types of RV Sticker Maps are Available?

Of course, a map of the US is probably the most common one you will see. A quick Google search provides a number of maps in different types of materials that you can purchase on Amazon, Etsy, Camping World, and other vendors.

But maps of Canada are also available with province stickers. And state sticker maps are also available so you can mark off each county in the state where you spend time camping.

RVBlogger MD State RV Sticker Map

You can also find individual stickers such as National or State Park stickers. Don’t forget to check out the park or resort where you might be staying. These little stores, usually carry stickers with the resort or area logo.

Stickers are a great item to collect that don’t take up any room. Just make sure you know what they are made of so you don’t mess up your RV’s walls or protective coating.

What Kind of Materials are Stickers Made Of?

There are tons of RV sticker maps out there and most appear to come in a vinyl sticker that stays attached but is easily removed and won’t damage your RV. I did see at least one that was attached with suction cups but I think I would be afraid those wouldn’t stay on very well. You could put those on your inside windows, maybe.

My ideal RV sticker map would be like the window decals that you use for holidays. They come on and off very easily since they are a peel-and-stick vinyl decal. I did find a few of those available on Amazon. You want to keep this in mind if you want to sell your RV down the road. And you get the stickers off and reuse them or would you have to start with a new map.

There are even magnetic RV sticker maps out there. As long as they stay attached and won’t get jarred off, this is a great idea. I’ve also thought you could put your map on some type of material and fit it in a frame. This way, you could hang your map inside your RV and it can easily go along with you if you get a new rig.

Where Does the RV Sticker Map Go?

RV Sticker Map RVBlogger

I’ve seen most of these stickers on a slide out or on the back of an RV. The most common area is the part of the slide out that is nearest the door. Of course, they can go anywhere, and I’ve seen some on the side of the RV too. A quick scan of my current place, a resort with hundreds of RV sites, revealed some interesting statistics. Just so you know, there is no real science to what I’ve discovered, just observation.

As I wandered through the park on my quest, my dog needed a walk too, I found that the majority of RV map stickers were on fifth wheels and located on the slide next to the door. There were a few Class A’s that sported them, again on the slideout nearest the door. I didn’t find any on the backs of the RVs and none on any travel trailers.

There were a few stickers on the steps leading up to the door and a few right next to the door, not on the slide. These possibly were individual state stickers, not a map of the whole United States but I was a little hesitant to get a closer look. As I mentioned earlier, you can find stickers for just about anything and put them anywhere on your RV.

When Do You Get to Place a Sticker on Your Map?

This is the question for the ages…the $600,000 question…the question that divides RVers like that political sign you just hung. Again, in my quest to answer this question, I asked a few people that I saw outside of their RV, while I was trekking through the park, what their rules were. The answer was united. They put a sticker on every time they went through a state. They did not necessarily have to stay or stop there although one said they had visited most of the states on their map.

I don’t have one of these maps on my RV, but I’ve been trying to talk my husband into getting one. My rule would be, put a sticker on every time we drove through a state. His would probably be we could only put a sticker on if we spent the night in the state. We can’t agree on that point so that’s probably why we don’t have one.

Here are some of the options for when to place a state sticker on your map. If you have a map, let me know in the comments what your rules are.

  1. Drove through the state in your RV
  2. Spent the night in the state in your RV
  3. Drove through the state without your RV
  4. Visited at least one unique thing in that state
  5. The state of your destination only
  6. Got out and put your feet on the ground

Best Places to Find RV Sticker Maps

Amazon and Etsy are really the best places to find these sticker maps., Camping World, Hobby Lobby, and eBay also had some in their online stores. A simple Google search will provide a plethora of places to procure one of these coveted maps.

Best RV Sticker Maps of the USA

1. RV State Sticker Travel Map of The United States

RV State Sticker Travel Map of the United States

2. US Map with States Spelled Out

wander camp State Text.jpg

3. RV State Sticker Travel Map with State Flags

United States Non Magnet Road Trip Window Stickers

Best RV Sticker Maps for Canada

1. North America Decal Adventure Tracker Map

North America Decal Adventure Tracker US Canada Map

2. Set of 13 Canadian Provinces Map

Set of 13 Canadian Provinces and Canada Map

3. USA and Canada Travel Map Decal

US and Canada travel map decal

Customizable RV Stickers

1. Personalized Last Name RV Decal

Personalized RV decal last name decal for RV

2. Welcome To Our Camper Personalized Camper Sticker

Welcome To Our Camper Optional Personalized Camping Decal Sticker

Best State and County RV Sticker Map

1. Your State with Every County RV Sticker Map

State with Every County RV Sticker Map

How To Affix Your State Sticker Map to Your RV

Make sure you read the instructions first but for a general rule, clean the area where you plan to put your map and then make sure it is dry before you put the stickers on your rig. You might want to consider, if your map is in the sun, it can fade or be baked onto your vehicle which will make it more difficult to remove.

You might also want to mark the area with a pencil that is easily wiped off so your map is not crooked when you are done. Again, reading the instructions will probably answer all the questions you might have about the application.


Sticker maps are a great way to show off your travels and remember all the fun you have had in your RV travels. If you have kids, putting on the stickers will, no doubt, become a family ritual and tradition. US sticker maps are fun and a great conversation starter and they come in a number of different materials and sizes.

You can find the best ones for you on Amazon, Etsy, Camping World, and many other online stores. Don’t forget to grab a sticker at Visitor’s Centers, RV resorts, National and State Parks, and anywhere you visit to add to your own collection.

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18 thoughts on “Fun Rules for RV Sticker Maps”

  1. I would say that we plan to (just got our first RV) place a state sticker if it is a planned destination. Just spending the night or driving through wouldn’t count, but I’m sure everyone could find something that interested them in every state. Then you’ve truly visited.

  2. Our rule is that in order to put a sticker, it has to be a destination that we stay at, and actually camp, visit and tour around. We have driven through many states and even spent the night at Walmarts and Cracker Barrel‘s. But to me that does not count. The reason we do it this way is so that when we look at the map and see a state we can remember what city we visited and what we did there. It is good way to reminisce amongst friends and family.

  3. We have the first US map you showed and after some debate we went with having to stay in that state in our RV to post it.

  4. Our rule is that you have to spend the night in that state…in a camper. Not necessarily ours since we will rent one in HI to get that sticker. I have a friend who met a couple whose rule is they have to have $3x in the camper in that state to get the sticker! Lol!

  5. Our rule for placing a state on our map was to have done “something” (activity) in the state. Only driving through didn’t qualify placement.
    We have done something in all 48 lower US states, including visits to all of the National Parks and Presidential Libraries in the lower 48.
    Our map is framed and mounted above the door inside our Motorhome.

  6. This was a hysterical “argument” with our camping “family”, related only by our love of camping together. We’ve pressed our crankiest member for his rules. As far as I can tell, you must sleep there and must make a meal there. Making a meal consists of mixing two things. So if you walk into Cracker Barrel and get some fries, as long as you put ketchup on them, that’s a meal. A bag of Doritos, however, is not a meal. Unless there is dip. There was a lot of talk of Cracker Barrel as it relates to the rules. These are the softened rules after hours of badgering.

    We’ve got a big road trip coming so we have to decide what our personal rules are. I wish I could put all the places we tent camped as we had a big trip where we flew west with tents and camping gear. This is probably the only way I could get the Hawaii sticker. But alas, it seems the camper should somehow be involved in this. If it’s just about where I have camped, that sounds more like tattoo time!

  7. Our rule is that we have to camp in a state AND do something sightseeing-related in order for it to count.

  8. Our rule is that we have to CAMP there. It’s a camping map, right? We passed through OK and ID on our western trip, but didn’t camp there, so now we can go back with a goal!

  9. Our rule is we stay two consecutive nights and visit something historical. It does make the map a little spotty, but it’s amazing what you learn.

  10. We, and by that I mean me, set the rule that we have to stay the night and do or see something in that state. Makes our map look a little funny, like we teleported across the mid west! But ya gotta have rules!!! Enjoy your travels!!

  11. Hubby and I have a US sticker map and we chose to place the sticker only if we stayed the night. We don’t feel that driving through is enough to warrant a sticker. That being said, Mississippi is so short to get through that we haven’t actually stayed the night. So our map looks a little funky as we won’t place a sticker in Mississippi but was have everything from Nevada to Florida. Great conversation starter though.

    • Hi Tamra,
      We follow the same rule you do…have to spend the night to place a state sticker on a map.
      Thanks for reading the article and for your comment!

    • Yep, have to spend the night!! Doesn’t seem right if you don ‘t 🙂


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