How to Attach a TV Mount to an RV Wall

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After purchasing your RV, you’ll probably be filled with excitement. Now it’s time to add those finishing touches like attaching a TV mount to the RV walls.

The television has become important to RVers for many different reasons. Join us as we show you how to mount your LED TV to your RV walls, both inside and outdoors.

You can use different mounting methods, and we’ll show you some great recommendations for TV mounts to attach to your RV walls.

Do You Really Need an RV TV?

Do You Really Need an RV TV Attached With a TV Mount on Your RV Walls?

When you’re out on an RV trip, you probably have a lot of things that you want to do instead of vegging out in front of the zombie box.

These things are hiking, kayaking, enjoying the beach, or other adventures. However, you need to remember that these outdoor activities are at the mercy of mother nature.

You will have days when it rains, and your plans will have to change. On days like those, you’ll want to have something to do while you’re hanging out in your RV.

Also, if you’re a remote worker or roadschooling your kids, a mounted TV will come in handy as a computer monitor or video presentation screen.

If you’re working on a DIY RV project, and need to see the fine details, streaming those YouTube videos with a fire stick on a larger screen is useful.

Of course, those video chats with friends and family look a lot better on a 32-inch LED TV than on your 5 to 7-inch smartphone screen.

Attaching a TV mount to your RV walls is easier than you think. Most TV mounts come with all of the hardware you need. With your electric screwdriver/drill and maybe a step ladder, you can have your LED TV up and running in minutes.

How to Mount a TV in an RV

The most difficult part of attaching a TV mount to an RV wall is locating the part of the wall with the TV mount reinforcement. You have to be careful where you place the mount. RV walls, by themselves, can’t hold the weight.

Every RV manufacturer places a sticker that indicates where they’ve placed a TV mount reinforcement. The sticker will say “TV Backer Location” or something similar.

Behind this section of the wall is either a metal or wood plate that can hold the weight of the mount and TV.

How to Mount a TV in an RV TV Backer Location Sticker

If the TV mount doesn’t have screws to hold the mount to the wall, use short self-tapping screws. You don’t want them to be too long since your RV walls aren’t that thick.

The TV mount will come with a set of directions, but the process goes like this:

  1. Attach the TV mount to the RV wall using a carpenter’s level. This will ensure you’re installing it at the plum level.
  2. Detach the TV mount and then attach it to the TV itself.
  3. Reattach the TV mount with the TV attached. Use the screw holes previously made.

Removable RV TV Mounts

Removable RV TV Mounts that attach to RV walls

One type of TV mount that is incredibly popular among RV owners is a removable RV TV mount.

You’ll find this type of TV mount on Forest River RVs. To keep their value brands affordable, the manufacturer will attach this TV mount to the RV walls both inside and outside.

Forest River RV owners connect the male bracket to their RV living room TV so it fits into the female bracket on the entertainment center.

If they want to use the TV outside, they simply disconnect the wires, lift it out, and fit it into the pre-mounted female TV bracket on the campside sidewall.

Forest River has 110v electric outlets and coax output connections near the outdoor TV bracket, so the TV can receive all the inputs the RV is wired up with through the built-in multi-media system.

Removable RV TV Mounts Forest River Outdoor TV Mounts on Sidewall

You can buy these removable RV TV mounts separately. They are best used in an entertainment center that’s inset.

While traveling, road conditions can bounce the TV out of the mount in rare circumstances.

If you have an entertainment center that has an inset space for the TV, so there’s a border around it, you should be okay.

The border will keep the TV in place if the TV gets loose from the mount.

Removable RV TV Mount Inset TV attached to RV Wall in Entertainment Center

RV Ceiling TV Mounts

RV Ceiling TV Mount as an alternative

Some Thor Motor Coach motorhomes use RV ceiling TV mounts in the bedroom to increase storage space in the wardrobe.

If you have a small RV master bedroom, you may consider ditching a TV mount to your RV wall and installing a ceiling mount instead.

The biggest trick to these ceiling TV mounts is finding the roof studs that can take the mount and TV weight.

You’ll also have to get creative with running the electric and coax lines, so they don’t “clothesline” you every time you walk past them.

Many of these ceiling TV mounts come powered with remote controls, so it opens and closes with a push of a button.

Once you program the mount’s remote, the power button can drop the TV and turn it on simultaneously.

Ceiling TV mounts are on the pricey side compared to wall mounts, and depending on your RV’s interior roof height, the angle may get uncomfortable.

If you have a front bedroom travel trailer with 6.5 ft. ceilings, it shouldn’t be too much of a concern. But if you have a rear bedroom fifth wheel with a higher ceiling, attaching a TV mount to your RV wall may be a better option for your neck.

RV Outdoor TV Mounts

RV Outdoor TV Mount Factory Installed TV Bay with Attached TV Mount on RV Wall

RV outdoor TV mounts can make your RV outdoor living space complete. We mentioned how Forest River uses removable TV mounts previously, but there are other methods you can use.

Many RV manufacturers add a designated exterior bay with an outdoor TV and soundbar on their mid and upper-level coaches. Some with RV outdoor kitchens also install smaller LED TVs in the kitchen.

If you have an RV outdoor kitchen and don’t use the cabinets, that could be a great place to add an RV outdoor TV mount.

We recommend removing the cabinets since they may not be able to hold the weight of the mount and the TV.

RV Outdoor TV Mount RV Outdoor Kitchen

Another option is to attach a TV mount to the RV wall of your exterior bay.

Some manufacturers have a TV mounted on the bay roof, which slides out and folds down over the open bay.

Multi-million dollar Prevost bus chassis motorhomes also mount their outdoor LED TVs in the external bays.

RV Outdoor TV Mount

For you, me, and the 98% of America, adding a TV mount in the exterior bay of a motorhome or travel trailer is similar to installing it in your RV’s bedroom or living room.

Your RV bay walls aren’t going to have reinforcements behind them, so it’s a good idea to grab a 2 ft. x 2 ft. piece of plywood to use as a reinforcer.

Place it between the RV bay wall and the TV mount itself. The plywood square will spread the weight out rather than focusing it at one point.

You may want to choose a TV mount that allows the LED TV to disconnect from the arm, so it’s easy to store when you don’t need the TV.

We also recommend getting a TV made for outdoor use for moisture purposes. Otherwise, store it inside your RV to keep it in good shape.

What’s a Good TV for an RV?

At this point, flat-screen LED TVs are good TVs for RVs. Compared to the first-generation flat screens and tube versions (if you can still find them), they’re lighter, have the best resolution, and come in sizes from 13-inch to over 100-inches.

LED TV technology has advanced enough where RVers have choices.

Off-grid boondockers may prefer 12v TVs that don’t require an inverter. These LED TVs use less energy than their AC counterparts and don’t need an inverter.

If your RV lifestyle is mainly outside, choosing the right outdoor TV is important. You want one to handle temperature change, sun glare, and other conditions the electronic device will face.

Best RV TV Mount

Many RV TV mounts are available, making it difficult to choose which one to use. Take a moment to look at these TV mounts for your RV walls.

1. USX Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount

RV TV Mount USX Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  • TV Sizes: 26 to 55-inches
  • Materials: Steel
  • Parts Included: Bubble level, Velcro, Manual, Prelabeled Hardware Package.
  • Max Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Max VESA: 400 x 400 mm
  • Movement: extend, swivel, tilt

The USX TV mount is an excellent general-purpose attachable TV mount for an RV wall. Whether you’re using it for your master bedroom, RV living room, or the kid’s motorhome bunk beds, it will hold the LED TV best suited for an RV.

For those in camper vans and Class C motorhomes, the tilt feature may come in handy if you are parked on an unleveled piece of ground. Even though everything seems off-balanced, your TV viewing experience doesn’t have to be.

2. VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount

Attach TV Mount to RV Wall VIVO Ceiling TV Mount
  • TV Sizes: 23 to 44 inch
  • Materials: Alloy Steel
  • Parts Included: Remote Control, Hardware
  • Max Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Max VESA: 400 x 400 mm
  • Movement: Extend, Tilt, Leveling, Height Adjust

The VIVO Electric Ceiling TV mount has a perfect design for RVers looking to mount their TV above the bed. Its alloyed steel frame folds up just under 6 inches, keeping the TV close to the ceiling.

The remote control has a memory setting, so you’ll never have to go through the adjustment process again once you find that perfect angle.

VIVO provides a simple assembly instruction manual and all the hardware you need to install the TV mount. You may need a stud finder to find the best placement on your RV ceiling.

3. Master Mounts Portable Travel RV TV Mount 2322L-2

Attach a TV Mount to an RV Wall Master Mounts Portable Travel RV TV Mount Removable
  • TV Sizes: Up to 50-inches
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Parts Included: 2 brackets with bubble levels, Locking mechanism with chain
  • Max Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Max VESA: 200 x 200 mm
  • Movement: Rotate, Swivel, Tilt

New RVers don’t account for what happens to their TV and mount while traveling.

Road conditions can have your LED TV swinging side to side due to the vibrations and bumps.

This Master Mount TV mount has a lock that keeps your TV and mount locked in place safely while traveling.

The Master Mount 2322L-2 also has 2 RV wall brackets with built-in bubble levels.

Moving your TV from the bedroom to the living room or outside is easy since you have 2 wall brackets already in place.

If you want more wall brackets, you can order additional ones separately, so you’ll have as many places to attach your TV mount to the RV walls as you want.

4. Ramco Engineering Moview WEBKIT Removable TV Flush Mount

Attach TV Mount RV Wall Ramco Engineering Moview Fixed TV Mount
  • TV Sizes: 23 to 37-inch
  • Materials: Metal
  • Parts Included: Hardware
  • Max Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Max VESA: 200 x200 mm
  • Movement: Fixed

Consider a fixed position TV mount if you want the lowest profile for an RV entertainment center or bunk bed.

Out of Elkhart, Indiana, Ramco Engineering created the Moview series of TV mounts specifically for RVs.

This WEBKIT mount comes in two parts for easy removability if you need to get behind the TV.

It has a 60 lbs. weight capacity and a VESA measurement of 200 x 200 mm. This particular one isn’t compatible with Samsung LED TVs but works with most other brands.

5. Chainstone Long Arm Corner TV Mount

Attach TV Mount RV Wall Chainstone Long Arm Corner TV Mount
  • TV Sizes: 37 to 70-inch
  • Materials: Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Parts Included: Hardware
  • Max Weight: 121 lbs.
  • Max VESA: 600 x 400 mm
  • Movement: Extend, Level, Swivel, Tilt

Let’s face it, if you can fit a 50 to 55-inch TV in your RV, you’re going to do everything you can do it.

RV manufacturers even make RVs with large entertainment centers to fit these giant TVs.

If you can’t sit on the bench with the team, at least you can have a TV picture quality that gives you the same experience (oh yeah, and the kids can see their favorite cartoon characters larger than life too).

You’ll want a TV mount that can easily handle the weight of a heavier TV like this.

A heavy-duty TV mounting arm like the Chainstone Long Arm Corner TV Mount will take the earthquake-like vibrations of traveling.

It will also hold up when you’re jumping up and down, screaming at the ref for a bad call (remember, at campgrounds, you have neighbors, and your RV walls aren’t soundproof).

Here’s an RV TV Mount Idea, Get 2

Here is an RV TV Mount Idea, Get 2 TV mounted to the RV walls

If the kids are fighting over who gets to use the TV, here’s an RV TV mount idea: get 2.

Motorhome and travel trailer bunks on certain models have enough wall space to attach a TV mount to the RV wall.

Then pair the TV with Bluetooth or wired headphones. Is your RV vacation’s serenity worth the cost? We’re pretty sure there’s an electronic store within 20 miles.

Using the TV as your computer monitor for working on the road can be more important than your spouse catching the latest episode of their favorite show, but why choose?

With the latest innovations in Bluetooth technology, you could have two 12v TVs going at once, using headphones for audio even if you’re dry camping.

While the kids are blasting aliens on their game console and bunkhouse TV, you could be planning the next leg of your trip, and your partner could be updating the family travel blog on a rainy day.

TVs and TV mounts have become essential accessories in the RV world. We recommend a TV mount that has the following features:

  1. The TV mount can hold 1 1/2 or twice the TV’s weight, preventing long-term bending from the weight.
  2. A locking mechanism so the TV will be safe while traveling.
  3. A removable TV mount so the back is easy to get to, or you can move the TV to different places around the RV, including outside, as a money saver.
  4. Thick aluminum over steel. You want a sturdy TV mount, but steel is heavier than aluminum. In the RV world, every pound matters.
  5. You may want to add an extra piece of plyboard to further reinforce the weight of the TV mount. Especially if the mount is heavy. There’s nothing wrong with being too cautious.


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