How To Find Mobile RV Repair Services Near You

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Mobile RV repair services can save you a lot of worry, and stress if your motorhome or travel trailer ever breakdown on the road. But how do you find mobile repair services near you?

The challenges of taking your RV to far off service center can be overwhelming, and the fear of leaving your beloved home on wheels with strangers is enough to make any owner anxious.

Having to get a hotel room, managing pets, and other inconveniences can bring a lot of stress and worry. 

That’s where mobile RV repair comes to the rescue!

This blog post reveals the secrets to finding the best mobile RV repair services near you, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for all your RV maintenance needs.

We also share tips on preparing for the unexpected and asking the right questions before hiring an RV mobile repair tech.

So, sit back and learn about how to easily find the best mobile RV repair services if you ever need them on your RV vacation or at home.

What is Mobile RV Repair, And Why Choose It?

What is Mobile RV Repair, And Why Choose It

Mobile RV repair is when a repair technician comes to your location to repair your RV. 

Whether at a campsite, home, or on the side of the road, a mobile RV repair technician will come to you for “onsite” repairs. 

The “shop” is usually a van loaded with tools, equipment, and parts that allow the RV technician to repair a travel trailer or motorhome wherever you are.

Choosing mobile RV repair can be beneficial because it allows you to have peace of mind by dealing with a certified, reliable service technician face-to-face. 

It also helps you escape expensive towing fees and lengthy repairs by less experienced mechanics. 

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about finding a place to sleep for several nights. You can get your camping vacation back on track fast and hassle-free.

How Do You Find A Mobile RV Repair Service?

How Do You Find A Mobile RV Repair Service

Wondering how to find a mobile RV repair service while traveling is frustrating and stressful.

It can be an absolute nightmare, particularly if you’re in a remote location.

A breakdown could strand you for hours or even days without a nearby RV service center.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a trusted service provider you can count on to get you back on the road quickly. 

Here are some ways to ensure you find a reliable mobile RV repair service.

1. Use The RVTAA Online Directory

One effective way to find a reliable mobile RV repair service is by utilizing the RV Technician Association Of America (RVTAA) Online Directory

The RVTAA directory is a comprehensive resource that lists reputable businesses specializing in RV repairs, including mobile repair services. 

Enter your zip code or city/state, and the directory will provide you with a list of certified technicians in your area.

By choosing an RVTAA-accredited technician, you can be confident you’re getting quality service from a qualified professional.

2. Perform A Local Online Mobile RV Repair Service Search

Another option is to perform a local online search to find reliable mobile RV repair services in the area. 

From your initial search, you can determine which services are closest to you and read reviews from past customers. 

You can also negotiate pricing and get an estimate before they complete the repair job.

If you are a service tech or have a mobile service company, you will want to put yourself in the best possible position to get your repair service noticed.  

3. Ask Your Campground Hosts Or Neighbors

Your campground hosts or neighbors may know of some local mobile RV repair services that they can recommend. This is another great way to find trustworthy service providers.

When requesting referrals, ask for specific details about their experience with the service provider they recommend. 

Ask what the problem was and how the repair service handled it. Also, inquire about the cost of the work and if there were any surprises or hidden fees.

You may find advertisements of local mobile RV repair technician companies within the literature that the campground provides as well.

4. Ask Your Local RV Parts Shop Or Dealer

Your local RV parts shop or dealer are great resources to ask for mobile RV repair services recommendations. They may work with some of these companies, so they are a great way to find trustworthy service providers.

Start by visiting or calling your local RV parts shop or dealer. Ask if they have a service department and if they can recommend reliable mobile RV repair services in your area.

If they don’t have a service department, ask if they know any local mobile RV repair service technicians. 

Many small, locally owned places, especially RV consignment dealers, may know service technicians in the area.

Once you’ve received some referrals, do your research. Check their credentials, reviews, and ratings online. Keep reading for more tips below.

What Can A Mobile RV Repair Company Fix?

What Can A Mobile RV Repair Company Fix

A mobile RV repair company can fix a wide range of issues related to your RV. 

Mobile RV technicians can repair electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and appliance issues. They can also diagnose and repair engine, transmission, and drivetrain issues for motorhomes. 

These technicians are also trained to perform routine maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections.

They are equipped to handle many everyday RV repair needs to make your life easier on the road.

However, for more complex repairs involving the RV’s chassis, frame, or body, you may need to take your RV to a service center.

How Much Do Mobile RV Repair Services Cost?

How Much Do Mobile RV Repair Services Cost

Mobile RV repair service costs can vary depending on several factors, such as the nature and complexity of the repair, the region or location, the service provider, and other additional costs. 

The estimate will show you the cost for parts, labor at a per-hour price, and any additional costs like oil or tire disposal fees.

Remember, mobile RV repair services are often less expensive than RV service centers because of lower overhead costs and competitive pricing.

However, obtaining more than one estimate is still important if you have the time. 

Questions To Ask Before You Hire An RV Mobile Repair Tech

Questions To Ask Before You Hire An RV Mobile Repair Tech

Knowing the best questions to ask before you hire an RV mobile repair tech is crucial to getting your RV fixed on the go.

To ensure the technician is qualified and experienced enough to handle the job correctly, it’s best to ask a few critical questions before initiating the contract to do the work. 

1. Are You Listed On The RVTAA Directory? (if you found the tech elsewhere)

One way to ensure you hire a reputable technician is by checking if they are listed in the RVTAA directory. 

Technicians in the RVTAA directory have undergone a rigorous screening process and are held to high standards of excellence.

If they are not listed, it may be worth doing additional research to ensure they have the necessary certifications, experience, and positive reviews from previous customers. 

2. Where Did You Receive Your RV Technician Training?

Knowing where an RV mobile repair technician received their training is crucial to understanding their level of expertise and qualifications. 

It’s also essential to ensure the potential technician has been trained specifically on RVs and only uses genuine OEM parts.

When you ask this question, you can gauge whether the technician has received formal training from a reputable institution or has simple everyday experience in RV repairs. 

3. I Have An (RV Brand & Motorhome Chassis, if applicable). Do You Have Up-To-Date Certifications To Work On My RV?

Asking an RV mobile repair technician if they have up-to-date certifications to work on your specific RV brand and chassis is important. They may have received the necessary training and expertise to carry out repairs safely and effectively during their schooling.

Many RV manufacturers have specialized training programs for technicians working on their brands. 

These programs provide in-depth instruction on the various components and systems of the RV and the specific repair procedures needed for each.

As we all know, RVs are updated each year. Besides new floorplans and features, new parts can be replaced in a certain year.

For example, when the flip-down steps that get stored inside the RV replaced those that fold under the RV first came out, all of the RV technicians had to learn how to service them.

Every other year, RV technicians have to renew their certifications to work on the various RV brands and motorhome chassis to make sure they are knowledgeable on how to work on the new equipment each model year has on it.

4. Is Your Business License And Insurance Up-To-Date?

When searching for a mobile RV repair service, asking if their business license and insurance are up-to-date is essential. 

Ensuring they comply with local and state regulations reflects proper training and expertise.

Updated insurance coverage protects you from liability in accidents or unforeseen damage during repairs.

A service provider that maintains proper licensing and insurance showcases their commitment to reliable, professional services. This should give you peace of mind when entrusting your RV to qualified professionals. 

5. Where Can I Find Customer Reviews Of Your Business Online?

Reading online reviews can give you an idea of what past customers thought of the service and the level of satisfaction they experienced.

Reviews often highlight a service provider’s strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to decide whether they meet your specific needs.

A business with many positive reviews shows a sound track record of success, suggesting they are trustworthy and reliable.

A lack of online reviews or predominantly negative feedback can be a red flag, signaling potential issues with the service provider. 

6. Do You Charge For Coming Out To Determine Your Estimate?

Asking mobile RV repair services whether they charge for their estimates helps you understand the service provider’s pricing structure and transparency.

Some businesses offer free estimates, while others might charge a fee they later apply as a credit toward the repair costs if you hire them.

Knowing this information in advance allows you to compare different mobile RV repair services more effectively and avoid surprises or hidden fees. 

7. Do You Accept Credit Cards For Payment?

Knowing if the mobile RV repair tech accepts credit cards ensures you know their accepted payment methods, which can impact your decision-making process.

Accepting credit cards provides a convenient and secure way to pay for the services rendered and shows the service provider’s commitment to accommodating various customer needs.

Using a credit card for payment also offers extra protections, such as chargebacks or dispute resolution services, in case any issues arise with the work performed. 

8. Are You Able To Perform Warranty And RV Insurance Work?

It’s always a good idea to inquire about a mobile RV repair service provider’s capabilities to handle warranty and insurance work before deciding to work with them.

Working with an RV tech who can perform warranty and insurance work ensures you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for eligible repairs. 

It’s also reassuring the mobile RV technician knows the necessary procedures and documentation requirements. 

A mobile RV repair company experienced in handling warranty and insurance work will most likely have established relationships with manufacturers and insurance companies, which can streamline the repair process and minimize potential delays. 

9. How Much Experience Do You Have Servicing RVs?

As an RVer, asking a service provider about their experience servicing RVs is essential to ensure they have the expertise and skills to handle various issues.

By inquiring about their experience, you can gauge their familiarity with different RV models, systems, and components and their ability to troubleshoot and perform repairs efficiently.

An experienced RV service provider is more likely to identify and resolve problems quickly, saving you time and money. 

Knowing your RV is in capable hands with a proven track record of successful repairs and maintenance will provide peace of mind.

10. Will The Mobile RV Tech That Comes Out Have The Proper Certifications, Or Are They Certified Under The Umbrella Of Your Company?

It’s important to ask if the mobile RV technician has the certifications or is certified by the company to guarantee the quality and dependability of the service.

Individual certificates show the technician has undergone specific training and possesses the skills to perform repairs and maintenance on your RV. 

You can be confident the person working on your RV is skilled and capable of handling various issues.

If the technicians are certified under the company’s umbrella, that means someone at the company has the actual training, but not necessarily all of their employees.

You always want to make sure that the person that will actually be working on your RV has the correct training, is individually certified, and has the experience needed to work on your travel trailer or motorhome.

Can I Fix My RV Myself?

Can I Fix My RV Myself?

Yes, you can fix your RV yourself, especially if you understand the various systems and components involved.

One excellent way to gain knowledge and confidence in handling RV repairs and maintenance is by enrolling in the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) home study course. 

The NRVTA home study course provides detailed information on various aspects of RV systems, troubleshooting, and repairs, empowering you to tackle issues independently.

Upon completing the course, you will gain valuable insights into your RV’s inner workings and develop practical skills that can save you time and money in the long run.

Having this knowledge will help you solve small problems before they become bigger ones, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable RV experience.

Handling minor repairs independently can reduce reliance on professional service providers and help you avoid waiting for appointments or dealing with unexpected breakdowns.

With the confidence gained from the NRVTA home study course, you can better understand the maintenance requirements of your RV and make informed decisions regarding its upkeep.

Do Campgrounds Allow RV Repairs

Do Campgrounds Allow RV Repairs

Many campgrounds don’t allow RV repair projects onsite, as they aim to maintain a clean, quiet, and enjoyable environment for all guests.

However, if you’re stuck and can’t move your RV, explain your situation to the campground management. 

By understanding your problem, the campground will likely make an exception or suggest an alternative solution to help you get back on the road.

If you receive permission to perform repairs at the campground, ensure the ground is well covered to prevent engine liquid spills and other mishaps.

Cleanliness and respect for the campground rules are crucial to maintaining a good relationship with the management and other campers.

Final Thoughts On Mobile RV Service Near You

Final Thoughts On Mobile RV Service Near You

Finding the right mobile RV service provider is essential for maintaining and repairing your RV while on the road.

Use resources such as the RVTAA directory to find reputable providers near you, and consider factors like experience, certifications, warranty and insurance work, payment methods, customer reviews, and communication skills when making your decision.

For those interested in tackling DIY repairs, the NRVTA Home Study Course offers a comprehensive program to help you gain the knowledge and confidence needed to handle various RV issues.

By weighing these factors and being proactive about RV maintenance, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the road while having reliable resources at hand when you need them.

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