Is Mobile RV Washing and Detailing Worth the Cost?

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Getting your RV washed isn’t always as simple as taking it down to the nearby carwash. Motorhomes might far exceed your height range, as some measure up to 14 feet tall!

Attaching your travel trailer to a vehicle and sending it off may also bring its challenges. Plus, you have to worry about whether the washing facility even accommodates your unit.

Luckily, mobile RV washing, and detailing eliminates that hassle. These businesses send employees to your location to wash your camper. If you’re thinking, “Is Mobile RV Washing and Detailing Worth the Cost?” the answer is simple!

Read on for more about this convenient and affordable service.


Mobile RV Wash and Detailing Services Save Time and Hassle!

When exposed to the outdoor elements, campers have a high risk of injury. Harmful UV rays beat down on RV roofs and break down or crack the material. Rainwater, snow, and ice often seep into these crevices. When this process occurs, water ruins the internal electrical components and forms mold. This damage depreciates the value of the unit and results in expensive repairs. To prevent these issues, regularly wash the roof.

Mobile RV Wash and Detailing

Many people dislike this chore and procrastinate as long as possible. Between the time, necessary tools, and effort, it does not seem worth it. So why not escape the hassle and hire someone who cleans your RV for you? Now, with mobile RV wash and wax services, you don’t even have to move your rig. Set up an appointment, pay the company through their site or app, and voila! You now have a clean and protected RV.

How Much Does Mobile RV Washing Cost?

Before agreeing to a mobile RV wash, be sure to understand what it entails. Generally, the service should rid all dirt and grime from the surface. Make sure they also include RV roof services. Cleaning the roof will remove any black streaks. These strains result from water pollutants and may lead to deterioration of the camper. Removing the marks prevent further damage while keeping your RV free from mold, mildew, and rust.

Also, make sure that they include wheel and rim services. Road grime accumulates in these areas, increasing the risk of corrosion. Salt and dirt also wear away at the chassis, leading to oxidation. Few things decrease the value of an RV more than rust. When this process occurs, the structure becomes weak. As a result, parts break faster, and the unit becomes less reliable. However, you can lower the potential by washing your wheels and rims often.

With regular maintenance, the chance of cracks, leaks, and weathering decreases. Plus, your RV feels the benefits, as well. Diminishing soft spots, tears, punctures, or fungal growth keeps the camper running like new. The cleaner the camper looks, the more you can sell it for later. Or, if you wish to keep it, you can take advantage of your quality RV. Overall, you will spend less on repairs if you set aside time for a routine camper wash.

Lastly, be sure that the company uses soft-bristled brushes. Older RVs, especially, have metal bodies. Others have painted metal bodies or fiberglass. Each type requires special brushes and cleaning products to avoid scratches. Brushes with soft bristles remove dirt and grime without ruining the surface. Also, all wash and wax products should state compatible surface materials. Only use non-abrasive or standard car cleaners to wash the RV.

If the company includes all these amenities, then you should pursue the conversation further. Browse their site for average rates. You can also request an estimate before they do the work. On average, you will likely spend $65 to $150 on a mobile RV washing. Note that these prices fluctuate. Rates change according to RV size and type, as well as location.

How Much Does Mobile RV Detailing Cost?

Along with routine cleanings comes detailing. Many mobile RV wash and wax businesses offer this feature. Detailing services include things like sealing, waxing, steam washing, and interior cleaning. These components do not need as much maintenance. However, you should tend to them at least twice per year. Doing so keeps your unit protected against damages, stains, and cracks.

RV detailing focuses on more specific areas, as well. Many packages entail awning cleanings. Employees wash this section by hosing it off. They may also use awning cleaner to remove any excess dirt and grime. Seals around the doors, windows, and slides should also receive some care. With regular cleanings, they last longer and prevent leaks.

Mobile RV detailing also focuses on interior cleaning. Companies may use vacuums, dusters, or steam cleaners to remove dirt and stains. They scrub every nook and cranny to make sure the RV looks spotless. Most businesses put their best effort into making the camper as new as possible. Whether it be the toilet, ceilings, or kitchen sink, there should not be any scum left behind.

The service should also include a wax finish to protect the exterior. High gloss finishes remove any remaining rust, grease, and debris. Plus, it protects these elements from accumulating in the future. This polish transforms even the dullest RVs into slick and shiny units. Regularly waxing increases the lifespan of your rig. Furthermore, it decreases the need for repairs, as the coating shields vulnerable parts.

Typical detailing services should cost anywhere from $100 to $500. Most companies use a standard rate for each foot of the RV. Keep in mind that prices change based on area, size, and service. However, if the work does not satisfy your needs, you should contact the management immediately. With the money and time spent, their work should be pristine. Also, choose only mobile services that have a money-back guarantee to ensure quality.


Does Mobile RV Washing Save Water?

Many mobile RV washing and detailing companies provide waterless camper washes. Without a physical location, workers run the risk of having no water source. These employees cannot rely on their customers to have adequate water sources, so they must find alternative methods. RV wash sprays allow businesses to offer waterless services. This technique saves up to 100 gallons of water, making it an eco-friendly option.

So, how do these cleaners work? First, high lubricity chemicals trap dirt and grime. Then, using a damp rag, you remove these particles. Now, wipe down the wet area and dunk the cloth in a water bucket. Repeat until you’ve cleaned the entire RV. Mobile RV washing companies use this process to clean units quickly and efficiently. It works better than standard cleaning methods while leaving behind a polished shine.

Waterless washes use one bucket of water to rinse the rag. Regular and home car washes use between 50 and 100 gallons each time. This amount is the standard one person uses in one day! So, by choosing a mobile RV wash, you reduce water usage and help the environment. You also save on your electric bill by cutting back.

How to Find the Best Mobile RV Wash and Wax Service

If you’re paying for a thorough wash and wax, you want the best one possible. Due to the added convenience, a simple, clean, and shine service can become quite costly. But remember, you’re also saving money, time, and stress to hire someone. These works do all the labor for you and typically do a fantastic job. Finding a quality company might take some researching yet proves worthwhile.

Choose reliable mobile companies by talking to local businesses and campground managers. These people may provide you with their experiences and recommendations. Also, investigate their websites and social media platforms. Trustworthy companies usually have a strong social presence to inform customers about their services.

Avoid overpaying by getting an estimate. Employees should always give you a quote, which should include a description of each charge. These rates should be standard for each customer. Also, inquire about paying for your materials. You might even be able to purchase these cleaning products at a discount price. Some companies use these provided cleaners and, therefore, won’t tack on any extra costs.


Performing routine maintenance on your RV slows the aging process. It prevents damages, leaks, and corrosion that occur naturally over time. Campers in shady, damp areas have an increased risk for these issues. Pay more attention to these units and tend to them more often.

Most RV owners clean, wax, and detail their camper at least twice per year. Some even do it up to four times! However, the RV wash process may become a hassle. People who have restricted mobility or those with limited time may not be able to give their RV the attention it needs. Neglecting this task lowers the value of the unit. A blatant disregard for cleaning may also cause more expensive damages.

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For these reasons, there are mobile RV washing and detailing businesses. In the click of a button, they meet you at your location and get the job done. These companies make their services reasonably priced to accommodate their customers. Avoid your cleaning responsibilities, no longer! Never stress about cleaning your RV again with these convenient mobile features!

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