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Are you confused about the RV life App and how it works with RV Trip Wizard or the RV Life GPS? And would you like the best discount code for RV Trip Wizard? In this article, we demystify all of the confusion surrounding the entire RV Life Pro Suite of Tools, which are excellent, by the way!

Join us as we walk you through how RV Life’s RV Trip Wizard interacts with the full suite of applications connected to it. We’ll also show you what the full Pro version offers. And scroll down to find the RV Life PRO discount code for RV Trip Wizard.

You’ll learn how one application not only helps you with your RV maintenance, it has the potential to increase the sale price when you’re ready to sell your coach.

What is RV Life?

RV Life is a company that owns a wide variety of websites and apps related to RV camping. Their goal is to provide RVers with all the tools they need to make RVing a breeze. We know and work with the folks at RV Life quite a bit and we can say they are all dedicated to making RV camping as easy as possible for everyone.

Over time RV Life has created many websites and apps to help RVers. Here is a partial list:

  1. The RV Life App
  2. RV Trip Wizard
  3. Campground Reviews
  4. Maintain My RV
  5. RV Communities

The folks at RV Life have developed all of these apps and websites separately over time. And although they have done their best to combine them all into one program, it is easy to get confused about how they all work together.

So, read on because we explain how they all work and how you can get the most out of them! And how you can save 25% on the subscription price too!

RV Life Pro App GPS RV Trip Wizard at a Discount


As we move through the article, we will explain each of the RV Life components and how to use them. But here’s the deal…when you subscribe to RV Life, RV Trip Wizard or Maintain My RV you get all three at the same time and for one low price!

All you have to do is use the same user name and password on all three sites.

For example, if you download the RV Life app from the App Store to your phone and you subscribe then all you need to do is use the same exact user name and password at the RV Trip Wizard and Maintain My RV websites. So, when you sign up for one, you get them all for one price.

The confusion about this exists because RV Trip Wizard and Maintain My RV are websites. They each hare a .com. The RV Life app is an app that you download onto your phone. But like I mentioned when you sign up with any one of these options, you get them all included for one subscription price.

If this clears up the confusion for you and you would like to subscribe, then my suggestion is to go to RV Trip Wizard and subscribe. Then use the same user name and password to download the app to your phone, and then go to MaintainMyRV.com and use the same user name and password to get signed in too.

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What is the RV Life App?

The RV life app downloads onto your phone. Within the app, you will find a campground map so you can easily locate all of the nearby campgrounds. You will also find a Search and Explore button to find all sorts of nearby points of interest.

There is also a tab for RV Trip Wizard where you can access all of the info from trips you plan on RV Trip Wizard. It’s best to do all of your trip planning on your computer at RVTripWizard.com. But the app on your phone allows you to access the info easily for quick reference.

Then you will find a list of your favorite places so you can easily keep track of all your favorite spots.

Next, you will find the tab for the RV Safe GPS! This is my favorite feature because I can use this GPS right on my phone and not pay for an external GPS! But best of all, the trips I plan on the RV Trip Wizard website load right into the RV Safe GPS on my phone automatically! It is FANTASTIC!

What is RV Trip Wizard?

RV Trip Wizard is a trip planning tool for campers and RVers. It allows you to plan your route in detail before you hit the road. It offers many different features like finding campgrounds, RV-friendly gas stations, boondocking locations, and points of interest as you travel to your destination. RV vacations start with the journey. The tool helps you find all sorts of points of interest along the way.

Before the internet, a good road atlas and your local AAA would show you which roads to take to get you where you wanted to go. If you were traveling after 1981, you could pick up your copy of The Next Exit and learn what gas, food, and hotel accommodations each exit had on every interstate highway. Although, you never knew if you had the maneuvering skill to line up to the gas pump or how Aunt Flo’s Diner compared to the national chain restaurant next door.

RV Trip Wizard takes the mystery out of the essentials. You’ll still have the sense of wonder from experiencing something for the first time. But when it comes to finding fuel stations, grocery stores, campgrounds, Walmarts, or safe places to pull over for the night, this road trip planner gives you everything you need to know to make your journey as easy as possible.

And you can accurately budget your time and expenses along your journey too!

RV Trip Wizard RV Life App

What Makes RV Trip Wizard the Best Trip Planner?

When you take advantage of RV Trip Wizard’s many features, you’re bound to have the best RV road trip route filled with great experiences at every stop.  Use the tools in the app to create a unique journey that fits your RV lifestyle.

The User-Friendly Filters Allow You to Customize Your Route

  • Avoid Certain Types of Roads: Besides avoiding city centers and other roads that aren’t RV-friendly, you can tell the system to route away from toll roads, dirt roads, and other roadways. For example, driving through tunnels in an RV is usually off limits because of the potential hazard the propane bottles create, so you can simply tell the GPS to avoid tunnels.
  • Find Campgrounds Based On Your Favorite Discount Camping Club: To make the campground search more manageable, you can choose to see only the locations that participate in your discount club membership. You can filter for discount club campgrounds such as Passport America or GoodSams to appear on the map. Each campground will have a corresponding icon to show you which club they belong to or which one gives you the best deal.  
  • Add or Subtract Different Points of Interest: Not everyone is interested in the same things. You can filter for various points of interest along the way. You may want to see the Largest Pheasant in Huron, South Dakota, the Statue of Captain Katherine Janeway in Bloomington, Indiana, The Goldwell Open Air Museum in Rhyolite, Nevada, or stop in at South of the Border in Dillon, South Carolina.
  • Set Your Daily Driving Range to Make Planning Easier: If you follow the 2-2-2 driving method (2 hours of driving between breaks, 200 miles a day, stop for 2 days), RV Trip Wizard shows you radius circles from your starting points. You can set the first circle to measure 200 miles from your starting point and configure the second circle at 250 miles. The space in between will be the sweet spot where you’ll want to choose your resting place.
  • Avoid the Wrong Exit With RV-Friendly Gas Station Icons: The white and orange gas icons show you gas stations that are easy to pull up. These fuel service centers may offer additional RV features like dump stations, food, and other amenities.
  • Shows 7-Day Weather Forecast at Campground via Dark Sky: When you click on a campground, there’s a “More Details” button. Much of this information comes from the Campground Reviews app. You can learn about the campground’s peer ratings, reviews, amenities, and weather forecasts provided by Dark Sky.

Your Trips Automatically Sync Between Your Computer and Mobile Device

Your planned trips are stored on RV Trip Wizard’s cloud-based system under your login information, allowing you to pull it up on any of your devices. The trip planner works best on a bigger screen like a computer, laptop, or tablet. When you pull it up on your phone or vehicle’s onboard screen, you can access your saved trips from the slide-up menu at the bottom of the screen. 

RV Trip Wizard Works Together with RV Life’s RV Safe GPS and Campground Reviews Tools

If you’re looking for the most accurate GPS app, many rely on Google Maps, Waze, and other commonly used programs to navigate the city and suburban streets. When you rely on these tools pulling a 10,000-pound travel trailer, they can lead you into some situations that increase your blood pressure.

The best GPS apps for RV travel avoid non-RV-friendly roads and offer features designed specifically for your needs. One of the best RV trip planners is RV Trip Wizard and the collection of companion apps with the Pro package. Even though RV Trip Wizard Reviews has top marks, many potential users are frustrated because they don’t understand how the suite of programs works together. 

When you hit the “Start Navigation” button on the mobile app, the RV Safe GPS seamlessly loads the trips you create on RV Trip Wizard right into the RV Safe GPS located in the RV Life phone app. It will direct you based on the trip you created, so think of the trip planner as the co-pilot keeping the GPS on your pre-determined course. 

While you were planning the trip, every time you clicked on a campground, all of that information, ratings, and review details came from RV Life’s Campground Reviews app. Even when the GPS is active, if you’re curious or have more questions, the RV campground review site is sitting in the metaphoric back seat, ready and waiting for you. 

Check out this video we made about how we use RV Trip Wizard!

RV Life’s Campground Reviews

The Campground Reviews app is one of the best RV campground review sites. Over 1.1 million subscribers participate in RV Life Pro’s full suite of apps and their wider community. The campground information on RV Trip Wizard gives you essential information. If you want to learn the whole story, your login account will provide you access to the Campground Reviews website and app. Here’s what you’ll learn from each campground listing:

  • Contact information with address
  • Link to the website
  • Cost per night and number of campsites
  • Amenities & Hookups
  • Photos of the location
  • Connectivity availability for major data companies (AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, WiFi, etc.) 
  • Peer reviews and ratings
  • Tips on where to eat, shop, and other points of interest
  • Other campgrounds nearby

For better definition, the app breaks down the rating score. You’ll see a bar graph of how many reviews rate the campground at each level. This method allows you to differentiate how many rotten apples are really in the bunch.

You’ll also see reviews separated by RV category. This bar graph shows you the style of camping the location favors. For example, does it cater to large RVs who are full-time, or is it better for traditional vacationing?

When someone leaves a review, it’s not just a peer paragraph or two. There is a list of questions reviewers answer that is quite detailed. You’ll learn about the actual campsite conditions they experienced. Was there enough space between them and their neighbors? Was the campsite long enough? Was the site out in the open, or was there some shade? These and other questions give you exact details on what to expect at the campground.

Maintain My RV

RV Life Maintain My RV

There’s one more program in the RV Life Pro suite people find very useful. Making your RV last longer requires keeping up with your preventive maintenance. Sometimes we forget or lose track of those key mileage points when an oil change is due. MaintainMyRV.com does the work for you. You’ll have the ability to:

  • Track all repairs and maintenance
  • Run a complete maintenance report
  • Upload receipts and documents
  • Lookup details on previous work
  • Track fuel costs

When you access the website, you’ll want to have all your paper records with you, a scanner (if available), and a good amount of time set aside to do it the right way the first time. Under the “Equipment” tab, you enter all of the various components’ information on your RV. Things like the brand and model of your air conditioners, refrigerator, LED TV, and other equipped features.

There will be a list of categories like appliances, chassis components, and others to keep the features organized. After you click on the “Add Equipment” button, you fill in the appropriate lines. Based on your RV, some of the lines may have a list of equipment you can choose from that others have already listed. If your coach has another part, you’ll have the opportunity to fill it in.

Under the “Maintenance” tab, you can fill in the various maintenance entries, fuel fill-ups, and service tickets. Each one gives you a place to enter the mileage the event occurred if you have a motorhome. The system tracks your mileage based on the latest mileage you enter. 

All you need to remember is to enter the fuel fill-ups, service, or maintenance events (even the times you perform your preventive maintenance). The entry area will always ask you for the current mileage.

Once you submit the event, the RV maintenance log program analyzes the current mileage and dates against your previous entries. If it sees something is due, you’ll receive an email or text message (based on how you set it up) reminder for that scheduled event.

If you decide to sell your RV, one of the best ways to sell your RV as an owner is by presenting a complete maintenance report. When you can prove your RV’s maintenance health, your showing buyers your coach is in the best condition possible. It can increase the sale price in your favor because you have the evidence.

Don’t forget to bring the report with you if you’re going to use your coach as a trade-in. The same concept works when it comes time to negotiate your trade-in’s value. All you need to do is log in to the Maintain My RV website, and hit print.

RV Life Communities

RV Life Communities

RV Life’s RV Communities are a collection of RV forums that are specific to you and or your RV. For example, we own a Gulf Stream Conquest Class C RV, so we belong to the Gulf Stream Owners Forum. There are lots of forums to choose from, like the Thor Forum, Jayco Forum, Keystone Forum, the Air Forum, and the very popular iRV2 forum, just to name a few.

These forums are valuable for several reasons. First of all, if you have a problem with your rig you can get help from other RV owners who own the same brand of RV. And if you are considering buying an RV you can get some great info from other owners. For example, if you want to buy a Jayco you can get tons of great info from other Jayco owners in the Jayco Owners Forum.

You don’t have to subscribe to RV Life to have access to the forums by the way. You can subscribe to any of them for free.

Is RV Trip Wizard or the RV Life App Free?

For $59 a year, you’ll have full access to the entire RV Life Pro suite of apps. To review, that means you have RV Trip Wizard, the RV Safe GPS, Campground Reviews, and Maintain My RV tools that sync up to all of your electronic devices. You’ll also have access to their wider community too. 

If you prefer to try before you buy, RV Trip Wizard’s demo is free to use. While you wait for your emailed demo link, you can watch a 3-minute introduction video that gives you a web page tour. You’ll learn where all of the features, filters, and essential key items exist so that you can plan your demo trip. 

Once you receive your demo link, go ahead and challenge the demo. Plan a realistic trip. Add as many points of interest from different categories as possible. If RV Trip Wizard was a car, don’t simply take it around the block. Open it up and see what this high-performance machine can do (don’t worry, there aren’t any cops around to give you a speeding ticket).

If you would like to use the RV Life Suite of Tools, then the easiest way to subscribe is to go to RV Trip Wizard first and subscribe there. Then use the same username and password to download the RV Life app to your phone, and then go to MaintainMyRV.com and use the same username and password to get signed in there too.

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RV Life Pro Suite is a Value-Based Software Package

Susan and I use the RV Life app all the time because it contains the RV Safe GPS! Waze and Google Maps don’t work when you have an RV because those programs don’t account for your RV’s height or weight. And trust us, you don’t want to get stuck at a bridge you can’t go under during rush hour traffic! Use the RV Safe GPS instead!

We also use RV Trip Wizard to plan our trips. It is the most robust trip planning tool on the market today. It takes a little time to learn the program, but there are tons of great videos to walk you through how to use it, and in 30-60 minutes, you will be a pro. I used to wonder – Do Drivetime Calculators Really Work? – but not anymore.

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