8 Best RV Rentals in Bozeman, MT PLUS Discount Code!

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Searching for an RV Rental near Bozeman, Montana?

Well, you’re in the right place because we found the 8 Best RV Rentals in Bozeman, MT!

We found the very best RV rentals from the best travel trailer rental to an awesome luxury motorhome rental!

We also found a great toy hauler rental, a huge 5th wheel rental, a rooftop tent camper rental, and of course a Class B Campervan rental that will blow your mind!

Get ready to plan your RV camping road trip with your RV rental in Bozeman, MT!

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These RVs rent extremely fast!
You usually need to book them weeks (if not months) ahead of your trip!
If the RVs listed below aren’t available during your trip dates click here to search other RV Rentals on Outdoorsy in the Bozeman area!

The 8 Best RV Rentals in Bozeman, Montana

1. Best Class A RV Rental in Bozeman

Thor Motor Coach A.C.E

Best Class A RV Rental Bozeman Ext
Best Class A RV Rental Bozeman Int

RV Details

  • Length: 33 feet 
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Year: 2020
  • Transmission: Automatic

  • Fuel: 80 gallons
  • Water: 50 gallons
  • Gray water: 50 gallons
  • Sewage: 40 gallons
  • Propane: 88 lbs.

About this RV Rental in Bozeman, MT

Before you start your first RV trip, you will need to figure out how many people you want to travel with. If you want to travel with a large group, you should check out this Class A RV. It is 33 feet long and can sleep up to 8 people.

2. Best Class B RV Rental in Bozeman, MT

Winnebago Revel

Best Class B RV Rental Bozeman Ext
Best Class B RV Rental Bozeman Int

RV Details

  • Length: 19 feet 
  • Sleeps: 2 
  • Year: 2019
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Water: 34 gallons
  • Gray water: 34 gallons
  • Sewage: 5 gallons
  • Fuel: 22 gallons

About this RV Rental in Bozeman

Traveling in a large group is not what everyone wants. Many of you are probably considering a trip so that you can get away from your regular life. If that is the case, you should consider renting this Class B RV. It is perfect for people that want to get away from life with their significant other. It is 19 feet long and can sleep up to 2 people.

3. Best Class C RV Rental in Bozeman, Montana

Entegra Coach Qwest 24K

Best Class C RV Rental Bozeman Ext
Best Class C RV Rental Bozeman Int

RV Details

  • Length: 25 feet 
  • Sleeps: 6 
  • Year: 2019
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Water: 49 gallons
  • Gray water: 31 gallons
  • Sewage: 31 gallons

About this RV Rental in Bozeman

If you have a larger family it can be difficult to find the perfect RV. However, if you look at this Class C RV you will find exactly what you need. It is 25 feet long and can sleep up to 6 people, allowing you to pack everyone into one vehicle.

4. Best Travel Trailer RV Rental in Bozeman

Jayco Jay Flight Baja

Best Travel Trailer Rental Bozeman Ext
Best Travel Trailer Rental Bozeman Int

RV Details

  • Length: 19 feet 
  • Sleeps: 5
  • Year: 2020
  • Water: 20 gallons
  • Gray water: 20 gallons
  • Sewage: 20 gallons
  • Propane: 30 lbs.

About this RV Rental in Bozeman

Driving an RV might be enticing, but if you have never driven one before, it might be a little scary. You might not even want to drive an RV. If that is the case, you should consider renting a travel trailer.

This travel trailer is 19 feet long and can sleep up to 5 people. However, you will need to make sure you have a tow vehicle strong enough to tow a trailer if you want to rent a travel trailer.

5. Best Airstream RV Rental in Bozeman, MT

Airstream Limited

Best Airstream Rental Bozeman Ext
Best Airstream Rental Bozeman Int

RV Details

  • Length: 29 feet
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Year: 2016
  • Water: 39 gallons
  • Gray Water: 39 gallons
  • Sewage: 39 gallons

About this Bozeman RV Rental

Airstream is the most famous RV brand in the world. Even people who have never gone camping before will have heard of Airstream. As a result, if you are considering renting your first RV, you should consider an Airstream. This Airstream is 29 feet long and can sleep up to 2 people.

6. Best Toy Hauler RV Rental in Bozeman, MT

Dutchmen Razorback

Best Toy Hauler Rental Bozeman Ext
Best Toy Hauler Rental Bozeman Int

RV Details

  • Length: 34 feet 
  • Sleeps:
  • Year: 2015
  • Gross Weight: 13,500 lbs
  • Water: 92 gallons
  • Gray water: 42 gallons
  • Sewage: 42 gallons
  • Propane: 12 lbs

About this Bozeman, Montana RV Rental

Traveling with kids is a lot of fun because they are always so upbeat. That being said, there will be times where you just want to relax and to do that they will need to keep themselves entertained. If they are going to stay entertained, they will need toys, and you will need extra storage to pack everything. Fortunately, toy haulers come with extra storage. This toy hauler is 34 feet long and can sleep up to 6 people.

7. Best Teardrop Camper Rental in Bozeman

Little Guy 5 Wide Platform

Best Teardrop Camper Rental Bozeman Ext
Best Teardrop Camper Rental Bozeman Ext 2

RV Details

  • Length: 12 feet 
  • Sleeps:
  • Year: 2008
  • Gross Weight: 1000 lbs

About this Bozeman RV Rental

Teardrop campers are great for people that want to get on the road for a weekend to go somewhere remote. You can travel anywhere you want with a teardrop camper, and they are great for couples. This teardrop camper is 12 feet long and can sleep up to 2 people.

8. Best Rooftop Tent Camper Rental near Bozeman

Jeep Wrangler

Best Rooftop Tent Camper Rental Bozeman Ext
Best Rooftop Tent Camper Rental Bozeman Ext 2

RV Details

  • Length: 16 feet 
  • Sleeps: 3
  • Year: 2018

About this RV Rental in Bozeman

If you have a jeep or a truck, you should consider getting a rooftop tent camper. This way you are not restricted in where you can travel, so you can easily get on the road for a weekend. This rooftop tent camper is incredibly easy to set up. It is 16 feet long and it can sleep up to 3 people. This makes it a great option for young families.

Find Other Great RV Rentals in Bozeman, Montana!

How Much Does an RV Rental Cost in Bozeman, MT?

RV TypeDaily Rental Price
Class A$288
Class B$240
Class C$237
Travel Trailer$123
5th Wheel$157
Rooftop Tent Camper$131
Teardrop Trailer$74
Toy Hauler$149

Where is the Best Place to Rent an RV in Bozeman?

In our opinion the best place to rent an RV is from Outdoorsy. Here’s why:

  • Huge selection of RVs
  • Outstanding Reviews
  • They handle all the paperwork and reservations
  • They handle the deposit
  • They are the most trusted RV rental company
  • Outstanding customer service

In fact, we like them so much we arranged our special discount for our readers and subscribers so you can SAVE up to $100 or more when you rent from Outdoorsy.

There are two other peer-to-peer RV rental companies worth mentioning and they are RVshare and RVezy. They both operate like Outdoorsy.

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Is It Safe to Rent an RV?

It is very safe to rent an RV. All RV owners have been educated about how to clean their RV per CDC recommendations.

And, RVing and camping, in general, are socially distant activities. We go camping and never get within 100 feet of anyone if we don’t want to. Plus it is very easy to remain socially distant from others while hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities.

What Do I Need to Pack When I Rent an RV?

What you need to bring depends on what is included in your RV rental. Peer to peer RV rentals like on Outdoorsy usually have many items already included because the RV owner also uses the RV. So, most of what you need will be on board.

However, if you rent from an RV dealership or RV Rental Company, nothing is included. Most likely, you will need to pay for the add on packages and still stop at Walmart to buy things like a coffee pot, a toaster, a grill, etc.

But no matter where you rent, you are responsible for bringing groceries and your own camping supplies.

Do I Need a Special Driver’s License to Rent an RV in Bozeman, MT?

Be sure to ask the RV owner you will be renting from if a special license is required. Typically though, you do not need a special license to drive an RV.

How Do I Rent an RV?

Renting an RV is just like rental a vacation home for a week on VRBO or Airbnb. Here are the simple steps:

1️⃣ Log onto Outdoorsy and enter your destination and dates you want to travel.
2️⃣ Use the filters to narrow down the type of RV and amenities you want.
3️⃣ You can email the owner with any questions
4️⃣ Rent the RV ( if you have any questions just call customer service and they will walk you through it)
5️⃣ Fill in all your info so you can get insured and make your deposit.
6️⃣ Meet the owner to pick up your RV – they will give you an orientation tour!
7️⃣ Have an awesome RV vacation!
8️⃣ Return the RV!

Will I Need a Security Deposit to Rent an RV?

Yes, you will need a security deposit to rent an RV. Just like anything you rent from a car to an apartment a security deposit is required.

But Outdoorsy handles all the details of your deposit and payment to ensure you and the owner both have a safe and secure transaction.

Are There One Way RV Rentals in Bozeman?

Yes, there are one-way rentals available. Most of the big national rental companies and some RVs on Outdoorsy have them available. However, there is usually a hefty fee involved with this type of rental.

For example, Susan and I inquired about a one way rental from San Francisco to San Diego and the fee was $500. Pretty steep.

Can I Have an RV Rental Delivered to My Campsite and Set Up?

Yes! Absolutely you can!

Say for example you want to rent a towable RV like a travel trailer or 5th wheel but you can’t tow an RV. Well, there are rentals available on Outdoorsy where the owner will deliver their camper right to your campsite, set everything up for you, give you an orientation tour, and then pick it back up at the end of your stay. It just doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

Some RV owners will provide the delivery and set up for free but most charge a fee for this service. It’s usually in the $100 range.

Pro Tip: try to find an RV rental as close as possible to your campground to keep the fee as low as possible. Maybe you can even talk to the owner and get them to throw it in for free!

Are There All Inclusive RV Rentals in Bozeman, MT?

Yes, there are all-inclusive RV Rentals available in Bozeman, Montana! These rentals include everything you need for an awesome RV camping vacation. They have unlimited miles, unlimited generator time, and even include a free National Park Pass.

Are Pets Allowed in RV Rentals?

Yes and no… some RV owners offer pet friendly RV rentals and others don’t. I would say 70% of all rentals are pet friendly. You can even use “pet-friendly” as a filter when narrowing down your choices so you only consider them.

Things To Do in Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman is one of the most underrated RV destinations in the country. Despite being a beautiful location, it does not get the love it deserves. There are plenty of things to do for people of all interests, and it is a great place to take a family. So, here are some of the best things to do when you get to the area.

1. Head to the College “M” Hiking Trail

When you are driving into Bozeman, one of the first things you will see is the giant collegiate “M” posted high on the ridgeline of Bridger Canyon. It is a 250 foot white rock letter that was built by students at Montana State University in 1915. Now it is a point of pride for the University, and a symbol for the city.

There are two hiking trails that lead to the “M” and benches that are nearby. One is a steeper, half mile trail, and the other is a 1.5 mile trail that heads to the left. The “M” is also the start of the 20 mile Bridger Foothills National Scenic Trail.

2. Visit the Museum of the Rockies

This museum is best known for its extensive collection of dinosaur fossils. The museum has several artifacts and exhibits that provide a wide range of scientific insight into the Rocky Mountain region.

One of the most popular exhibits in the museum is the Siebel Dinosaur Complex. This portion of the museum is massive and features several artifacts. Fortunately, admission tickets are good for two days, so you can come back if you do not see everything on day one.

Another great feature of the museum is that it offers teen summer camps, adult lecture series, and planetarium shows. It is also open every day of the year except for major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. However, there are extended hours between the months of May and September.

3. Go to Main Street in Downtown Bozeman

Main Street in Downtown Bozeman

If you want a break from your campground, you can head to Main Street in downtown Bozeman. This part of town is filled with shops, restaurants, and boutiques for you to explore. You will also get to experience Old West culture mixed with a college atmosphere. This provides a mixture that you will not get to experience in many other places.

One of the best places for you to check out is the Nova Café, which is known for making the best breakfasts in town. You can also head to the Mackenzie River Pizza Company to get specialty pizzas.

4. Head to Custer Gallatin National Forest

There are seven ranger districts of the Custer Gallatin National Forest that surround Bozeman. Combined they make up three million acres of forest. As a result, there are plenty of things for you to do in the area including backpacking, hiking, and fly fishing.

5. Head to the American Computer & Robotics Museum

This museum has exhibits with items that date back to the first clay tablet to the newest technology to this day. It is meant to show the evolution of technology throughout history. Located near the Montana State University’s Bobcat Stadium, the museum is divided into several rooms with distinct eras being displayed in each. Each area has information about the different artifacts for you to learn about.

6. Go to the Big Sky Resort & Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Big Sky Resort Bridger Bowl Ski Area

If you are traveling during the winter, this might be the best place for you to go in the area. The Big Sky Resort offers internationally acclaimed downhill skiing and snowboarding. The slopes are spread across four mountains, providing you with almost 6000 acres of rideable terrain.

The Big Sky Resort ranks as one of the best ski resorts in the state. That is certainly saying something for a state that has the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, you can find the Bridger Bowl Ski Area just north of the city. This area provides visitors with 2000 acres of skiable terrain. This area is great for beginners and experts.

7. Visit the Gallatin History Museum

This museum is housed in an old jail building that has since been renovated. The museum brings the region’s pioneer history to the forefront, and it is located on Main Street. It features a mixture of permanent and rotating exhibits, so even residents of the area can go to the museum and see new things every once in a while.

Throughout the museum, you will find artifacts, information panels, and an impressive archive of historical images. While at the museum you can enjoy guided tours, or you can get a family pass and look around alone with your family. The museum is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday throughout the year.

8. Head to Montana Grizzly Encounter

Montana Grizzly Encounter adopts bears that were born in captivity that would not normally be able to survive in the wild. They provide them a place to safely grow up happy and healthy. The area was first opened in 2002 when they adopted the bear Brutus from an overcrowded wildlife park. At the time, Brutus was just a baby cub. However, fast forward 15 odd years, he stands seven feet tall and is 900 pounds heavier. There are also six other bears that have been adopted into the park.

9. Go to the Bozeman Hot Springs

If you want to have a more relaxing day, you can head to the Bozeman Hot Springs. This is a public resort that has one of the best hot springs in the state. There is also a fitness facility on site, and there are 12 pools for you to relax in.

The area is family friendly, and a perfect location for large group events. Depending on when you are visiting you also might be able to catch live music events.

10. Head to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone geyser best rv vacations in usa

This might be 10th on the list, but if you are going to do one thing when you get to Bozeman, it should be to visit Yellowstone National Park. It might be an 80 mile drive from the city, but it is certainly worth it. Yellowstone is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country for a reason.

While you are there you can see several iconic spots like Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring. You can also enjoy some of the many hiking trails in the area. With over two million acres to explore, you can make a whole vacation out of visiting Yellowstone.

The 10 Best RV Campgrounds in Bozeman, Montana

After reading through the last section, we hope you are considering traveling to Bozeman.

So, if you are getting ready to travel to Bozeman, you are almost ready to go. However, first, you will need to sort out your living situation. So, here are 10 of the best RV campgrounds in the area.


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1. Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park

Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park is located in Livingston, Montana. It is right next to the Yellowstone River, giving you access to the river without needing to leave the campground. It is also easily accessible as you can get to it right off Highway 89.

While on the location you can purchase handcrafted silver and turquoise jewelry, as well as groceries from the park camp store. There are also DVDs available for rent and plenty of recreation equipment available to you. There is also a dog park on site, and it is a great place for fishing.

2. Osen’s RV Park & Campground

This campground is less than a mile away from the Yellowstone River. It is accessible from Interstate 90, but you can also get to it from US Highway 89. There is also a large dog park on site and a brand new bathhouse.

While you are on site you can head to the gift shop to purchase small, handcrafted souvenirs. Alternatively, you can go to the basketball court to get some exercise. If hiking is more your style, you can enjoy the many trails in the area.

3. Sunrise Campground

Sunrise Campground is located just outside of downtown Bozeman. It is relatively small compared to other options as it has just 65 sites. However, this means that it is much quieter than your average RV park.

While you are at the campground you can enjoy special events like barbeques that are frequently held on site. There are also sometimes potlucks where everyone gets together, and you can meet your neighbors.

Additionally, you are allowed to wash your RV on site, which is a unique feature as that is not normally allowed. There are also strict safety measures in place like a five mile per hour speed limit to ensure that no one gets run over.

4. Yellowstone RV Park

This RV park is located on the northern edge of Yellowstone National Park. It borders the Yellowstone River, and it is located just outside the town of Gardiner. The main entrance to the campground is just one mile from the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

While you are at the campground, you will be able to enjoy amenities like free Wi-Fi. There is also free cable TV offered to each guest. You can also bring your whole family or a large group of friends as six people are allowed to stay on each site.

5. Rocky Mountain RV Park + Cabins

This RV park is located just outside the city of Gardiner. It is also within walking distance of the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Like the previous campground, it also borders the Yellowstone River. This makes it a perfect location to enjoy a sunset with your family.

While you are on site you can enjoy amenities like free mini-golf. There is also a general store on site which is stocked with groceries and souvenirs. So, you do not need to leave the campground for basic supplies.

6. Ennis RV Village

Ennis RV Village is located in the small town of Ennis. It is within walking distance of the Madison River. It is also just a short drive away from Ennis Lake. So, you can enjoy fishing from either location if you like.

Additionally, the park has a stone that is kept stocked with RV supplies and parts. So, if you have any issues you can head there, and you will not have a problem. There is also free Wi-Fi available on site. You also do not need to worry about the size of your RV as the park can accommodate rigs of any size. It is quite large, so it can fit any sized RV. This also makes it a great park if you have a dog as they will have plenty of space to run around.

7. Cardwell Store & RV Park

This RV park is located just off Interstate 90 to the west of Bozeman. Every site in the campground has a fire pit, and there are also plenty of horseshoe pits on site. Additionally, there is a private fishing pond on site for you to enjoy.

This RV park is in a remote location which means that there is a good chance that you will see some wildlife. Moose are often seen, but you also might see a bear. Finally, if you run out of supplies you do not need to worry, the campground has a general store for you to stock up on whatever you need.

8. Livingston/ Paradise Valley KOA Holiday

This RV park is a few miles outside of Bozeman, and it is close to the Yellowstone River. While you are on site you can purchase propane, and there is always firewood available for you to start a campfire. Additionally, there are bike rentals on site for you to ride on the trails.

The sites on this campground are shaded by cottonwood trees, so you do not need to worry about overheating as much here. As we mentioned above, it is close to the river, so you can head down there for some fishing. Additionally, it is located near downtown, so you can get away from nature for a little bit if you want and see some of the many museums or get a bite to eat from one of the restaurants.

9. Bozeman Hot Springs Campground

This campground is located to the west of Bozeman in a small town called Four Corners. The most popular part of the campground is that it has a plethora of pools. There are four outdoor pools and eight indoor pools of varying temperatures for you to enjoy.

All the pools in the campground are fed by an underground spring. As a result, they range in temperature from 57 degrees to 106 degrees. Some of the pools even have waterfalls and fountains. There is also a large outdoor chessboard that you can use.

10. Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park

The final campground we are going to look at is Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park. It is located near the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It also has several attractions nearby that are within walking distance like the Wolf Discovery Center and an IMAX theater.

This is the best campground for you to stay at if you are interested in visiting the attractions in the western half of Yellowstone. Additionally, while you are on site you can use the camp store to replenish your supplies. There are also four laundry facilities on site for you to use.

Best RV Rentals in Bozeman

After reading, we hope you have enough information to consider visiting Bozeman, Montana. We know there is a lot of information to absorb, but it is better to be overprepared for a trip than underprepared. The last thing you would want to happen is to head out to a location only to find out that there is nothing to do that you would enjoy. So, take your time, do your research, and you will have a much better trip.

Bozeman, Montana is an amazing tourist attraction in the United States. There are plenty of things to do in the city, a world-class ski resort, and it is close to Yellowstone National Park. As you can see, there are plenty of things for you to do. So, if you visit here, you will have a great time and you will not be disappointed. Do you think you will visit Bozeman?

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