8 Best RV Rentals in Albany, NY Plus Discount Code!

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Searching for an RV Rental near Albany, NY?

Well, you are in the right place because we found the 8 Best RV Rentals in Albany!

We found everything from a luxury motorhome to the best travel trailer rentals!

We also found a toy hauler rental, a huge 5th wheel rental, a folding tent camper rental also known as a popup camper, and of course a Class B Campervan rental that will blow your mind!

Get ready to plan your Albany road trip with your RV Rental!

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These RVs rent extremely fast! You usually need to book them weeks (if not months) ahead of your trip!
If the RVs listed below aren’t available during your trip dates click here to search other RV Rentals on Outdoorsy in the Albany area!

The 8 Best RV Rentals in Albany, NY

1. Best Class A RV Rental

Fleetwood Southwind

Best Class A RV Rental Albany Ext
Best Class A RV Rental Albany Int

RV Details

  • Length: 32 feet 
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Year: 2011
  • Gross weight: 22,000 lbs.
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel: 80 gallons
  • Water: 80 gallons
  • Gray water: 58 gallons
  • Sewage: 42 gallons
  • Propane: 106 lbs.

About this RV

If you are new to the world of RVs, it might be overwhelming the first time you start to look for a rental. There are so many great options that it can be hard to figure out where to start. This Class A RV is a great option for those of you that want to travel in a medium-sized group. It is 32 feet long and can sleep up to 6 people.

2. Best Class B RV Rental

Winnebago Travato

Best Class B RV Rental Albany Ext
Best Class B RV Rental Albany Int

RV Details

  • Length: 21 feet 
  • Sleeps: 2 
  • Year: 2018
  • Fuel: 24 gallons
  • Water: 21 gallons
  • Gray water: 15 gallons
  • Sewage: 11 gallons
  • Propane: 6 lbs.

About this RV

Class B RVs are better options for people that want to travel alone or in pairs. So, if you want to have a romantic getaway with your significant other, you should consider renting a Class B RV. This one is 21 feet long and can sleep up to 2 people.

3. Best Class C RV Rental

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds

Best Class C RV Rental Albany Ext
Best Class C RV Rental Albany

RV Details

  • Length: 27 feet 
  • Sleeps: 6 
  • Year: 2019
  • Fuel: 55 gallons
  • Water: 40 gallons
  • Gray water: 25 gallons
  • Sewage: 29 gallons
  • Propane: 41 lbs.

About this RV

Class C RVs, like Class A RVs, are great for medium-sized groups. This one is 27 feet long and can sleep up to 6 people. This makes it a great option for people that want to go on a road trip with their friends.

4. Best Travel Trailer Rental

Coachmen Freedom Express

Best Travel Trailer Rental Albany Ext
Best Travel Trailer Rental Albany Int

RV Details

  • Length: 36 feet 
  • Sleeps:
  • Year: 2015
  • Water: 49 gallons
  • Gray water: 66 gallons
  • Sewage: 33 gallons
  • Propane: 40 lbs.

About this RV

If you are new to camping in trailers and RVs, you might be nervous about driving an RV. That is totally understandable, so if you are one of those people, you should consider renting a travel trailer. You can easily pull travel trailers with a tow vehicle, and you will have the same experience you would have in an RV. This one is 36 feet long and can sleep up to 7 people.

5. Best 5th Wheel Rental

Grand Design Reflection

Best 5th Wheel Rental Albany Ext
Best 5th Wheel Rental Albany Int

RV Details

  • Length: 34 feet
  • Sleeps: 10 
  • Year: 2020
  • Gross Weight: 9495 lbs
  • Water: 52 gallons
  • Gray Water: 71 gallons
  • Sewage: 39 gallons
  • Propane: 14 lbs

About this RV

5th Wheel trailers are great options for people that are planning a trip for a large group of people. 5th wheels are larger than most other trailers, so they are great for big families or large groups of friends. This one is 34 feet long and can sleep up to 10 people.

6. Best Toy Hauler Rental

Aluminum Trailer Company

Best Toy Hauler Rental Albany Ext
Best Toy Hauler Rental Albany Int

RV Details

  • Length: 24 feet 
  • Sleeps: 10
  • Year: 2019

About this RV

You might love camping with your children, but there will be days where you just want to lie down and soak in the Sun. They won’t have a lot of fun with that and will bother you if they don’t have the means to entertain themselves. Fortunately, toy haulers have extra storage for you to pack their toys. This one is 24 feet long and can sleep up to 10 people.

7. Best Folding Tent Camper Rental

Forest River Flagstaff

Best Folding Tent Camper Rental Albany Ext
Best Folding Tent Camper Rental Albany Int

RV Details

  • Length: 20 feet 
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Year: 2002
  • Gross Weight: 2400 lbs
  • Propane: 20 lbs
  • Water: 15 gallons

About this RV

Folding tent campers are great because they are compact, allowing you to travel down roads that RVs don’t fit down. As a result, you can visit areas that you would not be able to in an RV. This camper is 20 feet long and can sleep up to 6 people.

8. Best Hybrid Camper Rental

Starcraft Travelstar

Best Hybrid Camper Rental Albany Ext
Best Hybrid Camper Rental Albany Ext 2

RV Details

  • Length: 24 feet 
  • Sleeps: 5
  • Year: 2006

About this RV

Hybrid campers are great for new RVers. They have sections that fold down, allowing you to drive down narrow roads, but they still have plenty of space for you to hang out inside. This one is 24 feet long and can sleep up to 5 people.

Find Other Great RV Rentals in Albany!

How Much Does an RV Rental Cost in Albany, NY?

RV TypeDaily Rental Price
Class A$282
Class B$209
Class C$214
Travel Trailer$125
5th Wheel$166
Pop Up Camper$88
Toy Hauler$118

What Do I Need to Pack When I Rent an RV?

What you need to bring depends on what is included in your RV rental. Peer-to-peer RV rentals like on Outdoorsy usually have many items already included because the RV owner also uses the RV. So, most of what you need will be on board.

However, if you rent from an RV dealership or RV Rental Company, nothing is included. Most likely, you will need to pay for the add-on packages and still stop at Walmart to buy things like a coffee pot, a toaster, a grill, etc.

But no matter where you rent, you are responsible for bringing groceries and your own camping supplies.

Do I Need a Special Driver’s License to Rent an RV in Albany, NY?

Generally, the only time you need a special driver’s license to rent an RV is if your RV is over 45 feet, over 26,000 pounds, and you’re driving it for commercial purposes. Since you’re using it for your private purposes you don’t need a special driver’s license to rent an RV.

If you have any concerns, you can go to each state’s Department of Motor Vehicle website you’re going to be traveling in to learn more. Be sure to ask the RV owner you will be renting from if a special license is required. Typically though, you do not need a special license to drive an RV.

Will I Need a Security Deposit to Rent an RV?

Yes you will need a security deposit to rent an RV. Just like anything you rent from a car to an apartment a security deposit is required.

But Outdoorsy handles all the details of your deposit and payment to ensure you and the owner both have a safe and secure transaction.

Are There One Way RV Rentals from Albany?

Yes, there are one way rentals available. Most of the big national rental companies and some RVs on Outdoorsy have them available. However, there is usually a hefty fee involved with this type of rental.

For example, Susan and I inquired about a one way rental from San Francisco to San Diego and the fee was $500. Pretty steep.

Can I Have an RV Rental Delivered to My Campsite and Set Up?

Yes! Absolutely you can!

Say for example you want to rent a towable RV like a travel trailer or 5th wheel but you can’t tow an RV. Well, there are rentals available on Outdoorsy where the owner will deliver their camper right to your campsite, set everything up for you, give you an orientation tour, and then pick it back up at the end of your stay. It just doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

Some RV owners will provide the delivery and set up for free but most charge a fee for this service. It’s usually in the $100 range.

Pro Tip: try to find an RV rental as close as possible to your campground to keep the fee as low as possible. Maybe you can even talk to the owner and get them to throw it in for free!

Are Pets Allowed in RV Rentals?

Yes and no… some RV owners offer pet friendly rentals and others don’t. I would say 70% of all rentals are pet friendly. You can even use “pet-friendly” as a filter when narrowing down your choices so you only consider them.

When you do a search to find the perfect RV rental for your next trip, use the “more filters” option.  Under this tab you will find the following options:

  • Pet friendly
  • Tailgate friendly
  • Festival friendly
  • Smoking friendly

As you can see, many filter options can be applied when you think you’re ready to take that dream vacation in a rental RV!  Rest assured, when you book your RV rental online with Outdoorsy, you will find delivery options, pet options, and a variety of camper trailer sizes.

For more info about pet friendly RV rentals check out our article called Are Dogs Allowed In RV Rentals?

How Do I Rent an RV?

Renting an RV is just like renting a vacation home for a week on VRBO or Airbnb. Here are the simple steps:

1️⃣ Log onto Outdoorsy and enter your destination and dates you want to travel.
2️⃣ Use the filters to narrow down the type of RV and amenities you want.
3️⃣ You can email the owner with any questions
4️⃣ Rent the RV ( if you have any questions just call customer service and they will walk you through it)
5️⃣ Fill in all your info so you can get insured and make your deposit.
6️⃣ Meet the owner to pick up your RV – they will give you an orientation tour!
7️⃣ Have an awesome RV vacation!
8️⃣ Return the RV!

Where is the Best Place to Rent an RV in Albany?

In our opinion the best place to rent an RV is from Outdoorsy. Here’s why:

  • Huge selection of RVs
  • Outstanding Reviews
  • They handle all the paperwork and reservations
  • They handle the deposit
  • They are the most trusted RV rental company
  • Outstanding customer service

In fact, we like them so much we arranged our special discount for our readers and subscribers so you can SAVE up to $100 or more when you rent from Outdoorsy.

There are two other peer-to-peer RV rental companies worth mentioning and they are RVshare and RVezy. They both operate like Outdoorsy.

Things To Do in Albany, New York

Albany is the capital of New York, but it is not as urban as most other state capitals. Many other state capitals are the largest cities in their respective states. However, Albany is much smaller compared to its peers.

As a result, it has a good mixture of things to see in the city and things to do outside of it. Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Albany is a great place to take your family with your new rental RV. Here are some of the best things to do when you get to the city.

1. Visit the New York State Capitol

Despite New York City being the largest and most well known city in New York State, Albany is where the state government operates. As a result, when you come here you can see the capitol houses and legislature buildings. They are located on State Street and Washington Avenue, and they are a part of the Empire State Plaza in Capitol Park.

These buildings were built from 1867 to 1899 under several governors. The ground floor has a Classical Romanesque style, whereas the second and third floors have a Renaissance Classical style. The fourth and roof floors have a Victorian Romanesque style. These buildings are listed as National Historic Landmarks. Tours are available and they last between 45 and 60 minutes.

2. Head to Washington Park

Washington Park albany ny

Washington Park is spread across 84 acres and is one of the most well maintained parks in the region. It has more than 100 species of trees in it like giant oaks and miniature bonsais. This makes for a beautiful park that is great for jogging, biking, picnics, and fishing.

Furthermore, you can look forward to the Tulip Festival that is celebrated every spring. It brings people from all over the country to see all the flowers on display. There are also plenty of statues and monuments scattered throughout the park for you to check out.

3. Check Out the New York State Museum

The New York State Museum looks at the cultural and natural diversity of the state through a series of exhibits, collections, and programs. The exhibits range from science to art, and history. The museum is in the Cultural Education Center, which has more than 300,000 square feet of space to display different artifacts and collections.

In the museum, you will find four million scientific specimens like fossils, minerals, gems, plants, and insects. Additionally, the museum holds many artifacts like tools, pottery, furniture, and Native American objects.

4. Go See the Albany Institute of History & Art

The Albany Institute of History & Art is devoted to displaying the art, culture, and history of Albany and the accompanying region. Founded in 1791, it is one of the oldest museums in the United States.

The museum is housed in three buildings, the Rice Building, a late 19th century mansion, and a modern glass building that connects the other two. In it, you will find a collection of over 20,000 objects.

5. Head to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Albany Pine Bush Preserve

If you are sick of being around a ton of buildings, you should head to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. It is a 3200 acre nature preserve that is known for its rare inland pine barrens ecosystem. It is one of just a few remaining examples of this ecosystem in the world.

The terrain consists of pine scrub, oak barrens, sand dunes, hardwood swamps, and forest ponds. While in the area you also might get a glimpse of the wildlife. This includes animals like coyotes, deer, foxes, hawks, owls, and an endangered butterfly called the Karner blue butterfly.

Additionally, there are over 18 miles of trails for you to explore. You can go on foot, or you can take your bike. If you come in the winter, you can even cross country ski.

6. Check Out the Corning Tower

If you like to see things from up high, you should head to the Corning Tower. It is located at the Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza on Madison Avenue, and it is the largest building in New York State outside of New York City.

In the building, the most popular floor is the 42nd which is where the observation deck is. Here you will get a panoramic view of the city, the Hudson River, and the surrounding area.

7. Get a Drink at the New World Bistro Bar

After a long day, you will want to relax, and there are few places better to do that in Albany than the New World Bistro Bar. It is located in a renovated 1910 building on Delaware Avenue. Now it has a beautiful 1939 aesthetic.

This pub is designed to give people a place to hang out, chat with strangers, and relax after a long day. The head chef is Ric Orlando, a man that is renowned in the area for his abilities. He uses seasonal, regional, organic, and sustainable ingredients to make delicious meals for customers.

8. Visit Historic Cherry Hill

Historic Cherry Hill was built in 1787 as the home for Philip and Maria Van Rensselaer. It was the home of this powerful Albany family for five generations until the last family descendant died in 1964. When she died, the final family member Emily Rankin bequeathed the house to the state of New York.

It was then opened as a museum. Today it houses for than 70,000 personal objects, art pieces, documents, decorative arts, and furnishings. Visiting this museum will let you see what life was like for this rich and powerful family throughout several generations.

9. Head to the Palace Theatre

Sometimes there is no better way to end your day than to sit down and enjoy a show. There is no better place in Albany to do that than the Palace Theatre. This theater can seat up to 2844 people and it has been restored three times. It was first restored in 1930, then in 1960, and again in 2002.

The Palace Theatre is known for its Austrian Baroque style interior. Inside you will see several murals on the walls, a red marble staircase, and a chandelier in the lobby. There are more than 150 events hosted here every year, so no matter the time you arrive, you will be able to catch a show.

10. Visit the Times Union Center

The Times Union Center is an indoor arena on South Pearl Street in Albany. It opened in 1990 and was originally known as Knickerbocker Arena before changing its name to the Times Union Center. It has a seating capacity of 15500 and there are 25 luxury suites available at the top of the inner bowl.

The arena hosts the American Hockey League team the Albany Devils, and the men’s basketball team for Siena College. However, there are other sporting events like wrestling matches, tennis tournaments, and college and high school sporting events that are held here throughout the year.

The 10 Best RV Campgrounds in Albany, New York

Albany is not just an interesting city to visit, it also has a beautiful surrounding area. Since it sits in the Appalachian Mountains, there are plenty of RV campgrounds in the area. Lots of people come to this area for hiking, fishing, and exploring. Here are 10 of the best RV campgrounds in the Albany area.

the dyrt pro logo


Our number one app for finding campgrounds all over the US is called The Dyrt. The Dyrt has over 44,000 campgrounds with over 1 million reviews! And with campsites in high demand, it’s not easy to book them before they are sold out! So we use the Dyrt to find campgrounds with discounts all over the US!

For just $36 a year our Dyrt PRO Membership helps us find more campgrounds than any other app we know of. Plus we save up to 40% off campground fees, up to 30% off of camping gear and we also can find free RV Camping on BLM and Forest Service lands!

But don’t take our word for it…use our Discount Code RVBlogger and try The Dyrt FREE for 30 Days! If you don’t like it don’t buy it! But Susan and I are sure you will love the membership as much as we do!

1. DevilDoc Campsites ✳️ Save Up Tp 10% with a DyrtPRO Membership ✳️

DevilDoc Campsites are rustic, but they still provide all the amenities you need. However, it is not a great location if you are traveling in an area. That is not because they do not accommodate RVs, it is because there are not many RV sites. That have 15 tent sites and only 4 RV spots. However, the people that do stay here with RVs will enjoy their stay because they will get full water, sewage, and electric hookups.

Furthermore, there is free firewood on site, a picnic table available to everyone, and full phone service. There is also a basketball court on site for you to hang out and shoot hoops. There are also bike rentals available to all guests.

If you prefer to spend your time on the water, you can use the paddle boats for free. There is also plenty of fishing and hiking to be had in the area.

2. Lake George RV Park

Lake George RV Park has 400 RV campsites available to guests. Each one has 30 and 50 amp hookups. There are also water, sewer, and cable hookups available at every campsite. You will also have access to a picnic table, fire ring, and free Wi-Fi. The park also allows all pets on site.

3. Lake Taghkanic State Park

Lake Taghkanic State Park provides full sewer and electric hookups for its guests. Alcohol, fires, and pets are all allowed on site. There are showers available to all guests, and firewood can also be found on site. There is phone service, and the campground is wheelchair accessible.

4. Alpine Lake RV Resort ✳️ Save Up Tp 10% with a DyrtPRO Membership ✳️

Alpine Lake RV Resort is in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. It is centrally located between Lake George and the historic city of Saratoga Springs. While staying here you will get to enjoy dozens of miles of hiking trails, fishing in beautiful lakes, and you will get to see the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.

The RV park itself spans over 400 acres. You get full sewer, water, and electric hookups when you stay here. Alcohol, fires, and pets are all allowed, and Wi-Fi is available to all guests.

5. Rip Van Winkle Campgrounds

Rip Van Winkle Campgrounds has 160 acres of land for guests to explore. By coming here you can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in the woods for as long as you like. You can bring your RV here if you want, or you can rent a cabin.

Additionally, there are fun zones available for kids. There are playgrounds and plenty of activities for kids to enjoy. So, you do not need to worry about keeping them entertained the whole time. Instead, you can let them run around and play while you relax. There are also several events held here every week, so you can check out the schedule to see what is happening while you are there.

6. North South Lake Campground

North South Lake Campground is the biggest and most popular state campground in the Catskill Forest Preserve. It provides its guests with all the amenities they need with a stunning backdrop. There are historical sites nearby like Alligator Rock, Kaaterskill Falls, and the former site of the Catskill Mountain House.

There are lots of hiking trails in the area for you to check out, and they vary in difficulty. Some are flat and easy, but others are very steep and will have a 1500 elevation change throughout the hike.

The North South Lake Campground has 219 tent and trailer sites available to guests. There are two picnic areas on the North Lake, and one on the South Lake. You will also be able to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, fishing, and swimming at both campgrounds.

7. Moreau Lake State Park

Moreau Lake State Park– has several hiking trails nearby. There are clean bathrooms and showers on site. Everything is well maintained by the camp owners and staff. There is also a good selection of activities for you to enjoy. It is also a 20 minute drive from the southern tip of Lake George if you want to enjoy a day on the water.

8. Thompson’s Lake Campground at Thatcher Park

Thompson’s Lake Campground at Thatcher Park is one of the closest campgrounds to Albany. So, if you want to spend more time in the city, staying here will let you save time on travel. However, you will need to make some concessions because this campground does not offer any hookups to guests.

That being said, workers are friendly, and the hiking nearby is good. You can also bring alcohol and your pets on site.

9. Pittsfield State Forest

Pittsfield State Forest is located in a sprawling 11,000 acre forest. You can also check out Berry Pond and enjoy over 30 miles of hiking trails. Additionally, despite being located in Massachusetts, this is one of the closest RV parks to Albany. However, it does not include any hookups for guests.

10. Woodford State Park

Woodford State Park sits 2400 feet above sea level and spans over 398 acres. This makes it the highest elevation park in Vermont. As a result, there are some great hiking trails in the area for you to enjoy. It also might scare you to hear that the park is in Vermont when you want to visit Albany, but that is not a problem. Albany is close to the border, so it is not a long drive from Woodford State Park to Albany.

There are 103 sites available to guests, and they each provide full water and sewer hookups. Unfortunately, this is one of the few campgrounds that does not allow pets on site. So, you will need to leave your furry friends at home.

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Get Ready for Your Trip to Albany in Your Rental RV

After reading, we hope you have all the information to prepare for a trip to Albany, New York. We know there is a lot to absorb, but it is better to have too much information than too little. With this information, you should be able to assess whether Albany is a good travel destination for you.

RVing is a great way to spend time and bond with your family. It lets you see parts of the country that you never would otherwise, and it provides you with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. So, do not hesitate, get your things together and start your trip to Albany as soon as possible!

What appeals to you most about Albany and the surrounding area? Do you think you will be traveling to Albany on your next trip? What type of rental RV will you be getting? Let us know in the comments!

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