5 Best Generator Mounts for a Travel Trailer

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Buying a travel trailer is an incredibly challenging task. There’s a lot to consider and so many options to choose from. However, your job isn’t done after you purchase the trailer. There is still one more major purchase you’ll need to make before you’ll be ready to take your new trailer out on the road. You still need to get a generator and a travel trailer generator mount.

A generator is considered by many to be the most important component of a travel trailer. It can be used to power all the appliances you need in your trailer to make life as easy as possible. However, installing a generator isn’t as easy as purchasing one.

Unfortunately, most generators are bulky and not every RV has compartments that you can use to store your generator. As a result, you’ll need to consider several methods of installation before you determine what the best option is for you.

There are several travel trailer generator mount options for you to choose from. Here we’ll go through the most popular options in-depth so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and find the Best Generator Mount for Your Travel Trailer.

1. A-Frame Carrier Generator Mount

The first travel trailer generator mount we’ll be looking at is an A-frame cargo carrier. You can place an A-frame carrier above the propane tanks at the front of the trailer. This is advantageous because having your generator on a travel trailer generator mount on the front of your trailer is far more secure than on the back. It makes everything smoother while you’re driving as it keeps the weight of the trailer more balanced than on the back.

Typically, an A-frame carrier mount can support up to 300 pounds. This should be more than enough to support even the heaviest generators. If you purchase a generator heavier than this, you’ve probably purchased one that generates way more power than you require.

The installation of this type of travel trailer generator mount is fairly simple and easier than the other options. Many of the frames that you purchase will come with the kit you need for installation. Additionally, this type of frame won’t put any unneeded stress on the bumper of your RV.

Furthermore, you can adjust the platform of the mount as you see fit to improve the weight distribution. Better weight distribution means a smoother ride for you and your family.

Unfortunately, the biggest downside to this type of travel trailer generator mount comes if you have bigger propane tanks than average. If this is the case, you might not be able to fit the frame in this position. As a result, you would need to find another spot to store your generator.

Finally, if you choose this method of generator storage, you might notice that your access to the propane tanks is blocked. As a result, you might need to remove the mount whenever you need to add gas.

2. RV Heavy Duty Generator & Cargo Carrier Tray Kit

GennyGo Bumper Mount Cargo Tray

The next best way to mount a generator to a travel trailer is by using a bumper mounted cargo tray. You can actually attach the mount right to your travel trailer bumper and load your generator on the cargo tray. Ofcourse we recommend you chain or cable it all together for security reasons.

GennyGo makes a line of bumper-mounted generator/cargo carriers that are made in the USA. They have steel, aluminum and a hybrid version with consists of steel support arms and an aluminum cargo tray. All of their units are treated to resist rust.

This heavy-duty bumper mount cargo carrier is 24″ by 24″ and it has 4 supports that go under it so it will not go anywhere! It is incredibly strong and can hold up to 400 lb-feet of cargo. You can even purchase more support arms and or trays independently so you can make the cargo carrier even wider if you want to.

There are also over 60 tiedown points around the edges and 8 more tie-down points at the center of the tray so you can secure your generator very easily.

3. Hitch Carrier Mount

The next travel trailer mount option we’ll be looking at is a hitch carrier. If you want to attach your generator to the bumper directly, this is the easiest method of doing so. This method involves mounting a large platform to the rear square bumper that is on the back of the trailer.

Although this is an easy to install storage method, you should keep in mind that the rear bumper of your trailer is not designed to carry a lot of weight. As a result, there is a lot of risk with this method as your bumper could break if your generator is too heavy. So, make sure you consult with an expert beforehand so that you have an idea of how much weight your bumper can handle before you commit to this method. The last thing you’d want is to have to pay for a new generator and repairs to your travel trailer.

Additionally, if you choose to go with this method, you should purchase a few safety struts to help increase the amount of weight that your bumper can carry.

4. Frame Connected Hitch Platform

The next travel trailer generator mount we’ll be looking at is a frame connected hitch platform. Typically, this type of frame will attach to the rear end of your trailer.

At this point, you might be a little confused. After all, we said that the previous method was the easiest to install and it is. However, with that method, there’s a lot of risk that your bumper could break and take your generator down with it. With this method, there’s a lot less risk. However, it’s more challenging to install.

Since the hitch attaches to the frame of the trailer, there’s a lot less risk that your trailer will be damaged. For example, the Curt 13703 Adjustable RV Trailer Hitch uses a large secure bar that attaches to the underside of the bumper of your trailer. The hitch makes it so your bumper can handle way more weight than before.

Unfortunately, a downside to this method comes when you’re driving up steep hills. In these situations, there will be a point at which the incline is too much and the carrier will drag across the ground. When this happens there is a massively increased risk of damages to your trailer and generator. As a result, when you use a hitch you need to be very careful with where you drive and the hills you choose to drive up.

The best way to avoid this problem is to purchase a carrier that has an angled shank. This will make it so it so your trailer can go up steeper hills than with the flat versions. However, you will still be a little more limited than with other storage methods.

5. Mounted Storage Box

Finally, you can use a mounted storage box as a travel trailer generator mount. There are lots of options for you to choose from if you want to go with this option.

One of the biggest benefits of this method of storage is that cargo carriers can handle more weight than any of the carriers listed above. Most mounted storage boxes can handle nearly 500 pounds of weight. This is more than enough for even the biggest and heaviest generators. As long as you securely fasten your generator you won’t have a problem. You should use chains and locks to secure your generator to make sure it doesn’t get stolen.

Another benefit of going with a mounted storage box is that you can install it on the front or back of the travel trailer. As a result, you have the freedom to choose the place you feel is best for your generator to be installed.

That being said, if you choose to mount your generator to the rear end of your travel trailer, you still need to check the weight capacity of your bumper. It won’t matter that your storage box can handle 500 pounds if your bumper is going to break off because you’ve placed too much weight on it.

However, if you’re careful with weight measurements and you do your due diligence, you shouldn’t have any issues. Soon you’ll be on the road with a securely fasten generator for your travel trailer.

Hit the Road After Finding the Best Generator Mount for a Travel Trailer

Purchasing a travel trailer is an exciting time for anyone who enjoys being out on the road. Unfortunately, there’s buying a travel trailer isn’t enough. You also need a generator and a weight to mount your generator. Without these two things, you won’t have an experience that’s as enjoyable as it can be.

A generator provides you with the power which you need to for all the appliances in your travel trailer. This includes things like kitchen appliances. However, most importantly it includes a heater and air conditioner depending on the time of year. Depending on the time of year you’re out on the road, a heater or air conditioner will be your best friend. Without whichever one you need; you will have a bad time at night. As a result, you need a generator.

Unfortunately, a generator isn’t enough, you also need a way to store and mount your generator. As a result, you need a travel trailer generator mount. We hope that after reading through the four types of mounts above that you found the one that’s best for you. Once you pick one you just need to purchase it and install it. After you do this, you’ll be ready to head out on the road and enjoy your newly purchased travel trailer.

What type of travel trailer generator mount do you think is best for you? Have you purchased a generator yet, and if so, what generator did you choose to buy? Are you a new travel trailer owner, or have you acquired one recently? Let us know in the comments!


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