What Is The Best RV Rental Company?

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Many people ask themselves the big question, what is the best RV rental company? There are many peer-to-peer RV rental companies out there that are large and small. They all say they are the best, but what is the best RV rental site to get your rental through?

There are several categories to look at:

  • Convenience
  • Overall value for the price
  • Speed of the RV rental process
  • High performance of the customer service
  • Quality of the RV motorhomes and travel trailers
  • User experience and navigation of the website
  • Thorough RV rental insurance coverage
  • Transaction transparency
  • Tacked on fees

Over the last decade or so, with the rise of so many review websites; top 10 this and top 10 that, we can no longer trust what is a real evaluation of a product or service. What is someone getting paid when you buy the product they are reviewing. So here is what to look for, so you truly know what is the best RV Rental Company or best RV Rental Website.

4 Questions For Determining the Best RV Rental Company

1. Added Value Through Convenience of Services

Added Value Through Convenience of Services

What additional amenities, conveniences, and services does the company have that make them stand out? When shopping around, looking at similar RV rentals, is the price and number of amenities offered the same, more, or less? How flexible is the company’s pricing and how many options do they offer?

For example, can you rent any type of unit from a teardrop camper to a luxury Class A motorhome? Can you have the unit delivered or pick it up? Are one-way RV rentals possible? Do you have Instant booking options, weekly or monthly rate options?

2. Effortless Website Navigation and RV Availability

Effortless Website Navigation and RV Availability

Another consideration, is the website easy to find the motorhome or travel trailer you want available within the date range you need? Is the website easy to navigate and simple to create a user profile?

3. Additional Service Fees and RV Rental Insurance

Additional Service Fees and RV Rental Insurance

Does the website tack on additional service fees that do not make sense? Does the company or website hide important information like the actual insurance coverage and limits? This leads to how transparent the company is with its transactions and charges.

4. Quality RVs and High Performance Customer Service

Quality RVs and High Performance Customer Service

Is the RV well maintained? Is customer service available and someone answers the phone when you call?

With all of these points to consider, comparing similar RV rental units, the website experience, we say there is one clear winner: RVnGO is the Best RV Rental Company and Best RV Rental Site.

RVnGO goes above and beyond with its user experience for the Host and the Guest by providing the leading industry standards in transparent transactions and quality. RVnGO hits every one of the boxes listed above for the total RV rental experience.

More and more people are finding RVnGO and making the choice to go through this platform month over month.

Is RVnGO Legit?​

Many people ask is RVnGO legit? Not only is our company legit, but RVnGO is also the best platform to rent or list an RV. RVnGO is a legit RV rental company that does not tack on or take out transaction fees on either side of the RV rental process. 

What is the Additional Cost of Renting an RV?

What is the Additional Cost of Renting an RV

Let us take a moment to define a fee. A fee is an added charge that is not for a product or service. It does not directly create any value. It is there simply for profit to the company or other non-related concerns.

RVnGO is the only platform that does not charge exorbitant fees. Other large peer-to-peer RV rental companies take out 20% or more from the RV host who lists their RV for rent on that platform. These other platforms then charge 10% or more to the RV guest in additional fees.  

No Fees from RVnGO means:

  • No reservation fees
  • No usage fees
  • No service fees
  • No other fees

RVnGO Hosts receive an extra $50 for each completed booking through the platform as a thank you for using its RV rental website.

Peace of Mind With the Best RV Rental Insurance

Peace of Mind With the Best RV Rental Insurance

RVnGO gives hosts and guests the convenience and peace of mind with the best RV rental insurance from an A + rated insurance company. RVnGO provides the lowest rates when compared side by side with other RV rental companies.

Hosts don’t have to raise RV rental rates to cover out-of-pocket costs and Guests are not charged tacked on fees during the RV rental transaction. Guests have the added convenience of not having to spend endless hours finding their own third-party liability RV rental insurance. RVnGO is a one-stop shop for the total RV rental process.

As you can see, RVnGO is a solid RV rental company without tacked-on fees, a reliable RV rental insurance product, and many other top-rated industry-leading features. Yes, RVnGO is a legit RV Rental company that is reliable.

Learn More About RVnGO

Learn More About RVnGO

Who Is RVnGO? Meet the driving forces behind this Nationwide RV rental company, and how they go the extra mile for both hosts and guests.

You can also learn more about RV rental insurance costs. RVnGO explains the true costs of RV rentals with transparency, putting your mind at ease. This $1 million policy has a nightly premium paid by the guest renting the host’s RV. RVnGO explains the details and what the realistic earning potential is by renting out your RV as an RVnGO host.

RVnGO Awards

RVnGO Awards
  • Arizona Innovative Challenge – RVnGO was named the best innovative, fastest growing, and most promising company among 400 companies in Arizona. Recognized by the Arizona Commerce Authority, won the finalist prize, and received a grant. 
  • 2019 Venture Madness Conference– This bracket style competition puts 64 of Arizona’s best start up companies in a head to head competition. RVnGO came out on top and winning first for consumer companies. 
  • Arizona Better Business Bureau– A+ Rating which represents “The BBB’s opinion of how the business is likely to interact with its customers”. Factors the BBB considers are complaint history, transparency, licensing, and truthful advertising.
  • RVnGO/OntheGo is also in the TOP 100 RV Blogs, recognized by Feedspot, a top syndication website.

RVnGO Team and Customer Service

RVnGO’s team and customer service are all U.S.-based and are here to serve you. RVnGO is an employee-owned company, so every member is fully invested in delivering excellent service and support.

Their core belief is to bring people closer together. Our support team of employee-owners will help you achieve that. Meet our wonderful Concierge team members to help you every step of the way with your rental or listing.  This is one of the things that makes RVnGO The Best RV Rental Company.

Who Owns RVnGO?

Who Owns RVnGO

RVnGO is an employee-owned company based in Scottsdale Arizona. Each employee is a stockholder and owner.  As each employee is an owner, we see greater productivity and a higher degree of personal ownership of their activities and interactions with customers. This raises the bar with personal accountability and drive to go the extra mile for each customer. 

This has also shown increased motivation and loyalty of employees and a vibrant company culture based on consensus where everyone’s voice is heard. Each employee is sincerely appreciated. They feel it and that passes on in the evidence of our explosive continued growth.

Read RVnGO Legit Reviews

Looking at the Google Reviews for RVnGO you will see that their customer reviews are from real people. The handful of less than flattering reviews is based on a particular host or guest experience and not the platform. You will see that we responded to these Google RVnGO Reviews quickly and take the appropriate steps. 

If you had an experience with RVnGO, whether it is fantastic or good, we encourage you to share your honest experience with us, others who are looking for an RV rental, or a platform to list their RV to make some extra money.

Did you know that RVnGO has a referral program

Did you know that RVnGO pays RV Owners an extra $50 for each RV rental transaction conducted on the RVnGO platform? 

Yes, RVnGO is Legit.

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