Where to Find the Best Class A Motorhome Rental

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According to a recent survey, 60% of the U.S. population participated in an outdoor activity in 2020. 31% of them experienced this activity for the first time. While this survey included all activities, a significant portion of it involved camping and RVing. If you want the ultimate luxury camping experience, here’s where to find the best Class A motorhome rentals.

Join us as we show you how peer-to-peer RV rental companies work. You’ll learn how they work, the features you can expect inside a Class A motorhome, and get an idea of the costs associated with renting an RV. We’ll also give you some great strategies to save money on the rental and point out excellent upgrade features to make the trip more enjoyable.

Where Can I Find Class A RV Rentals Near Me?

The best place to find a Class A motorhome rental is through Outdoorsy. Peer-to-peer rental companies have redefined the RV rental industry in many ways. Before, you would go to a fleet company or a private business and pick from their inventory. Your choices would boil down to a handful of stripped-down models long past their prime. 

Peer-to-peer rental companies allow individual owners to rent their current coaches out when they’re not using them. As a renter, you’ll get to experience the latest models in all RV categories with all of the standard features. 

Outdoorsy uses your location to find rentable RVs in your area. You can filter your search by RV type, pet-friendly coaches, amenities, and other specific criteria. If you have a budget in mind, you can sort it by cost so you can see your options altogether.

Both you and the RV owner have guidelines and protections through Outdoorsy to make the rental process smooth. When the day comes to pick up the RV, the owner meets you and gives you a complete walkthrough. You’ll learn how to operate the motorhome’s functions and have a chance to ask questions.

When you return, you hand the keys back to the owner and return home to write your online review of your experience. Outdoorsy has provided a tremendous rental process since they went live online in 2015.

Do I Need a Special License to Drive a Class A Motorhome Rental?

You don’t need a special license to drive or tow an RV as long as you use it for personal use. Generally, any motorhome under 26,000 pounds doesn’t require additional permits, licenses, or documentation. Each state has its laws about maximum lengths, weights, and other factors. When in doubt, contact your local DMV.

Do I Need a Special License to Drive a Class A Motorhome Rental?

Special licenses come into for extreme RVs like Simon Cowell’s Anderson RV. For those not looking to purchase a $2 million coach, you’ll need an upgraded license if the RV is apart of your business. Entertainers and companies that use the motorhome for advertising campaigns fall under a different classification of driver.

What Features and Amenities Are Included With a Class A RV Rental?

When you rent a Class A motorhome, no matter if it’s a gasser (equipped with a front gas engine) or diesel pusher (fitted with a rear diesel engine), you’ll learn why the RV known as the rolling mansion has such a high value in the RV world.

Class A motorhomes have many standard features built-in. Here’s what you can expect to find:

1. Kitchen

The kitchen will have the same amenities as your home. You’ll find a big sink, 3 or 4 burner stove, large oven, and microwave that may have convection capabilities. The refrigerator is going to be around residential size. There will be plenty of counter space to work and a lot of electrical outlets for your coffee pot, crockpot, or other cooking devices.

2. Living Room

You’ll enjoy sitting on the 2 or 3 seater sofa. If there’s a set of theatre seats, you’ll probably find yourself bargaining with the kids to get up so you can relax (especially if they’re the powered versions with heat and massage). As you’re winding down from the day, you’ll love the big TV, and the LED faux fireplace that puts out heat.

3. Master Bedroom

Designers put a lot of time and effort into the master bedroom to make it feel comfortable. You’ll have plenty of storage with closets and drawers. More than likely, there’s a TV in there too. If the owner didn’t switch out the mattress, RV manufacturers spend the money to put in the quality queen or king-size beds from leading brands.

4. Secondary Beds

Many Class A RVs after 2008 have a drop-down bunk over the driver’s area. The weight capacity is ideal for one or two kids. Dinettes and sofas fold-down, creating space for additional sleeping. Bunkhouse motorhomes have two twin-size bunks that may have USB ports, fold-down TVs, and other features for kids’ mobile devices. 

5. Bathroom

Class A motorhomes will have one or two bathrooms. If there’s one bathroom, it could be an all-in-one room with the shower, commode, sink, and other features spaced well. Otherwise, the manufacturer could split the bathroom where the shower could be on one side of the center hallway, and the sink and commode in the water closet together.

Class A motorhomes with two bathrooms could have a bath and a half, where there’s only one shower. These floorplans place the master bathroom in the rear of the coach reserved for the master bedroom. The mid-coach bathroom is for guests and day use. Family-friendly motorhomes more often add a shower to the mid-coach bath.

6. Driver’s Area

As of 2018, all new vehicles must have backup cameras. Motorhomes have had them since the 1990s. More recent models now have side cameras. When you turn on your turn signal, the screen on your dashboard gives you a good view of your relevant blindspot and side.

Some of the Class A RVs will have a second screen. The touchscreen operates the radio, internet applications, GPS, and other needed components. During the rental process, you’ll want to check with the owner to see if you’ll have access to it. 

7. Climate Control

A common misunderstanding first-time RVers have is that the dashboard’s climate control operates the coach air conditioner and furnace. They are separate systems. The A/C and heat in the driver’s area only affect the driver and the co-pilot when the engine is on. To operate the air conditioner or furnace while traveling, you must turn on the generator or house batteries (if using a solar system). Once the coach section has power, then you can operate the RV’s thermostat. 

8. Entertainment and Technology

On travel days, rainy days, or those times you just want to relax inside, Class A RVs give you an excellent interior experience. Besides the multiple TVs and multimedia system, there are plenty of 110v and USB outlets for all of your devices. The dinette and other surfaces are great for board games too.

9. Tow Hitch

Did you know that a Class A motorhome can tow? Gassers have a towing capacity of around 5,000 pounds. Diesels can go up to 10,000 pounds. If you have a boat, a passenger car, or something else you want to bring, the RV has a class III or class IV hitch receiver. Ask the owner for permission first.

10. Awning

There’s a lot you can do with your outdoor space under your awning. The shaded area is a great place to dine al fresco or sit and enjoy the day. Newer models now come with built in LED lights to enjoy the evening and add a mood element. Otherwise, you can string stylish “twinkly” lights across the edge.

How Much Does a Class A RV Rental Cost?

The average cost to rent a Class A RV ranges from $150 to $350 per night. You can see prices as high as $1,500 for luxury diesel Class A motorhomes and around $100 for late 1990s motorcoaches. 

There are strategies on how to save money on RV rentals worth exploring. If you know months in advance when you’re planning to take your vacation, the earlier you reserve your RV, the better chance you have of finding a lower per-night rate.

If you’re looking for a long term Class A motorhome rental, weekly and monthly rates save you money. When you break down the cost per night, you’ll see that the daily price is less expensive than the regular rate. Holiday and weekend rentals usually have the highest rates. For more info about long term RV rentals check out our article called How to Find Affordable Long Term and Monthly RV Rentals.

A third option is a negotiation. If you load up on extra features and packages that the owner offers, they might be willing to work out a more manageable deal with you if they feel it’s worth it for them. Remember, you’re renting an RV that has an MSRP anywhere between $100,000- $1,000,000. 

Extra Required Costs for a Class A RV Rental

Renting an RV comes with unavoidable additional costs. Many of the fees are commonplace rental requirements and are reasonable. 

The first of which is the security deposit. Most RV rental companies will want to hold $1,500. Assuming you return the RV in the best condition possible, you’ll receive your full deposit back. If anything is missing or needs repair, the rental company uses the deposit to cover the work.

It’s rare to find a rental company that gives you unlimited mileage and generator hours. Like your passenger vehicle, motorhomes require oil changes at certain intervals on the engine and the generator. Outdoorsy owners usually allow an agreed-upon amount of miles and generator hours in the rental agreement. If you go over, you can speak to the owner about a package deal instead of paying for the individual overage amounts.

For example, if you were to exceed the mileage by 26 miles and use the generator for an additional 4 hours, instead of charging you $.69 per mile and $1.99 per hour, the owner could make a deal with you where they charge an additional $18 for all the overages. The flat rate saves you $8. Our example isn’t much, but imagine if you were 100 miles and 30 hours over.

When you return the RV, even if you’ve returned it with empty holding tanks and cleaned it yourself, the owner must have a professional cleaning company to sanitize the coach to COVID-19 standards. No one knows what the next few years will hold, but it’s the owner’s responsibility to provide a safe RV. 

The cleaning, dumping, prep, and supplies fees can run as high as $400. The fee makes sure the Class A motorhome is safe to use, the holding tanks are empty, fluids (including fresh water) are at optimal levels, and you have everything you need to start your vacation the right way. 

RV Renters Insurance

You will need special insurance to rent a Class A RV. The official name is third-party liability policy, but it’s known as RV rental insurance. If something happens to the RV, any of your belongings, or someone gets hurt, the policy covers the costs. You’re required to have the policy in place at the rental time, and it can be a per-day or monthly price structure.

Outdoorsy and other big-name RV rental companies either partner with insurance companies or point you in the direction of providers that offer renter policies. Rates vary, but they average between $40-50 a day.

Depending on the plan, deductibles range from $500- $2,000. You’ll need to print out the Certificate of RV Renter Insurance if you find yourself in a position where you need to show proof of coverage. 

What Are a Class A RV Rental Optional Add On Costs

Peer-to-peer rental companies like Outdoorsy give owners leeway to offer optional features to renters. Many of these features are additional components or equipment the owners have that they’re willing to include for a nominal cost. First-time RVers or others that want to enhance the rental experience find it worth the extra price.

Extra features include:

  • Dropping off, setting up, and picking up the RV at the campground (within a reasonable distance)
  • Providing a tow bar and/or a flat towable passenger vehicle
  • Airport pickup/ drop off
  • Late return
  • Pre-paid fuel
  • Pet fee
  • Internet hotspot/ Wifi
  • Bike/ sports equipment rack
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Linen and kitchenware
  • Barbecues and other cooking devices
  • Screen rooms and tents

Where Is the Best Place to Find Class A Motorhome Rentals?

There aren’t many places to find the best Class A motorhome rentals but if you are looking for a huge variety to choose from anywhere in the US or Canada your best bet is a company Outdoorsy.

Outdoorsy is like the Airbnb or VRBO of RVs. Outdoorsy connects people looking for RV rentals with RV owners who are willing to rent their RV when they aren’t using it. Outdoorsy handles all of the reservations, paperwork, security deposits, payments, and insurances to ensure that the transaction is safe and fair for all parties involved.

You can communicate directly with the RV owner during the research and booking process to ask questions and iron out the details and then book through Outdoorsy to ensure a secure transaction.

We love Outdoorsy because:

  • They have a huge variety of RVs for rent
  • There are RVs for rent in virtually every city and town in the USA
  • They also rent RVs in Canada
  • They make the process safe and secure
  • They have excellent customer service
  • Last minute bookings are available (usually within 2 weeks of your departure date)
  • We know several people who work for Outdoorsy and we trust them!

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    What If I Want to Buy a Class A Motorhome?

    Renting an RV before you buy your own is a great strategy to gain firsthand knowledge of the various brands and floorplans. During the shopping process, you’ll walk through the various Class A motorhomes on the dealership lot, but first impressions are different than having the opportunity to live with them for a few days.

    For example, you may like the idea of a north/south facing master bed, but after spending a weekend renting a motorcoach with that feature, you may decide an east/west bed on a slideout might be a better fit for you. 

    You could try out a Forest River Class A motorhome one weekend, a Fleetwood, and a Thor Motor Coach. After spending some time in each, you’ll discover you like one better than the other. 

    Class A motorhomes are the most expensive RVs of all the categories. Trying them out through a peer-to-peer rental company like Outdoorsy allows you to try before you buy. Renting at this level has higher costs than towables, but the confidence you’ll have and the thousands you’ll save by purchasing the right motorhome for you the first time makes it worth it.

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