WhereSafe GPS Tracker: Keep Your RV Safe!

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Keep your RV safe with a WhereSafe GPS Tracker when you’re away from your coach. RV wireless alarm systems do a great job alerting you when a possible intruder is nearby, but these trackers let you track your motorhome or travel trailer when they’re on the move. Therefore, you can aid the police in recovering your property quickly.

Our discussion of WhereSafe’s RV GPS Tracker will show you how the technology works and why this motorhome tracker is trustworthy.  You’ll also learn about the different devices available from the best RV tracker company that will meet your needs.

Why Do I Need a WhereSafe GPS Tracker?

In July 2021, one Florida couple learned the hard way why they needed a WhereSafe GPS tracker. A 24-year-old man stole their motorhome from the service center lot of an RV dealership. It started in June when they dropped off their Class A motorhome for repairs. When the empty-nester couple called a month later to get an update. The service center representative told them they couldn’t find their motorhome and the couple should file a police report.

The Florida Highway Patrol recovered the motorhome on August 1st using road spikes. When the couple had a chance to look at the damage, they saw that the thief had destroyed the interior. Cigarette burns pock-marked everything, mold-covered food filled the fridge and microwave, and the list goes on. The dealership’s corporate headquarters is working with the couple’s RV insurance company to settle the liability and repair issues.

Having an RV GPS tracking device like the WhereSafe GPS tracker while your coach is out of your possession gives you the ability to check on it. If you see it moving, there’s nothing wrong with calling the service department to make sure they’re taking it for a test drive. Usually, service centers test drive RVs after repair work before they call you to pick them up.

What Is an RV GPS Tracking Device? 

The best GPS navigation apps help you get where you’re going, but RV GPS tracking devices show you where your RV is at the time. According to an RV Dealer’s Association (RVDA) report, motorhomes’ thefts had risen from 1%-2% in previous years to over 26% in 2020. This percentage doesn’t include towables. It doesn’t take much to assume that stolen travel trailer numbers have jumped as well.

The best RV trackers come in two versions: the first is a track-by-request system. When you push the button on your mobile device, the tracking module installed in your RV sends a signal back to your phone, tablet, or computer, letting you know its location. Unfortunately, RV owners can lose valuable time from the point of theft to the next time they request a tracking update.

The second version communicates in real-time. If the RV’s GPS tracking unit is within a certain distance from an assigned point, it stays dormant. Once it leaves that “digital fence” area, it alerts you via SMS text message or email that it’s left the safe zone and updates you accordingly. The WhereSafe GPS tracking device uses this real-time technology.

For example, let’s say you’re storing your fifth wheel at an outdoor storage facility. You set the digital fence safe zone to cover the entire yard from the center point of the storage location. If someone hooks up to your fifth wheel and takes it out of the perimeter, you’ll receive a text message that it left the safe zone no matter where you are. You can open the app and watch it go turn-by-turn, helping the police track down the thief. 

Instead of taking weeks to find your fifth wheel, the police recover your RV in a matter of hours. During the recovery and insurance process, the RV tracking device recorded the distance, speed, and other important information, making settling the claim that much easier.

How Does a Magnetic GPS Tracker Work?

The best magnetic GPS trackers work using cellular data services. Like many RV wireless security systems, they only use data when activated. Their lithium-ion batteries can last days, weeks, or months depending on your chosen unit. If you select plug-in or hardwire devices, they run off your RV or passenger vehicle’s battery using the smallest amount of power.

WhereSafe GPS Trackers activate every eight hours to check in with you when your parked RV is in place. When in motion, the GPS tracker updates every two minutes. You can pair these devices to your iPhone or Android mobile device by downloading the apps for free in the appropriate app stores.

A great advantage of the WhereSafe GPS Tracker is that it doesn’t require adding a SIM card. WhereSafe’s system stays in constant contact with your device using their proprietary equipment. Once you pair your mobile device to the specific tracker you buy and set up your service plan, they notify you accordingly. 

All WhereSafe GPS Trackers are water and dust-resistant. Hidden spots like under the master bed, behind the TV, or in one of the exterior storage bays can keep them from being seen. Magnetic trackers have charging cables that can be wired into your RV’s AC or DC electric systems if you don’t want to deal with recharging them. 

Are WhereSafe GPS Trackers Reliable?

You may wonder if WhereSafe GPS Trackers are reliable since the company seems new. Actually, their parent company, Trackem GPS, started in 2004 as a fleet management company. One of their biggest divisions creates tracking solutions for school busses. If you can trust Trackem GPS with your kids, you can certainly have peace of mind with WhereSafe.

When Trackem GPS started the WhereSafe GPS Tracker brand, they stripped out the fleet management tools so that individuals could take advantage of their tracking technology. Otherwise, at its core, the systems are the same. 

Who Needs an Anti-theft GPS Tracker for Their RV?

There are many reasons people need an anti-theft GPS tracker for their RV. Here are some common scenarios where a WhereSafe RV Tracker would be beneficial:

  • Add as an extra layer of RV security
  • Create reports to deduct mileage
  • Emergency locator for backcountry hikers
  • Keep an eye on serviced vehicles
  • Monitor stored RVs
  • Observe elderly parents or teenagers for safety
  • Protect valuables
  • Track rented RVs

What’s the Best GPS Tracker For Me?

WhereSafe GPS Trackers offers five models so you can choose the best GPS tracker for your needs. They have GPS tracking devices that keep tabs on your multi-million dollar Foretravel Presidential Series REALM FS605. Another GPS locator is small enough to keep in your hiking backpack while challenging yourself on a level 180 trail and everything in between. You’ll find that WhereSafe GPS Trackers work for any situation.

No matter which model you choose, each device has the same four features. 


If your RV moves NightWatch is a device movement notification that you can customize the time it sends the alerts, turn this on when you are not with your RV.


The motion sensor not only detects movement but also monitors the speed of the vehicle it’s protecting. So you’ll be able to deduce if the motion has to do with the RV storage facility making room or someone’s making a quick getaway with your coach.


You can create a digital geofence from the center of the RV storage facility, so your WhereSafe GPS Tracker includes the entire lot. That way, no matter where you park your motorhome or travel trailer, the GPS device knows it’s in a safe place.


If the bad guys try to disassemble the WhereSafe GPS Tracker, it instantly alerts you. The feature also lets you know when the wireless models need charging or when it’s been unplugged.

Magnetic GPS Trackers


The most popular WhereSafe GPS Tracker is the MagTracker. The 5G wireless device lasts up to 6 weeks without charging in your boat, car, motorcycle, RV, or truck. The optional mount comes with adhesive tape, so it’s easy to mount in the most strategic spaces. If you’re curious about the power level before receiving the low power alert, press the hard button to see the reading. 


The “X” in XTracker stands for extended life in WhereSafe GPS Tracker’s next model. The device will last up to 5 months in construction equipment, RVs, or utility trailers. In addition, multi-month storage of your equipment or RV during the winter isn’t an issue since the battery lasts a long time. 

The optional magnetic cradle secures anywhere. You can also purchase a 12-volt trickle charger cable that hardwires into the RV’s electrical system. Another option is to plug it into the DC circular port (cigarette lighter) to keep the device’s battery fresh. If you do this, make sure your RV solar system is operating, keeping your house battery at a healthy level.


WhereSafeGPS Mini Tracker

The MiniTracker is WhereSafe GPS Tracker’s solution for a personal tracking device. Keep it in your luggage, hiking backpack, with your children, or elderly parents. This unit also has an optional magnetic mount. In addition, you may like the optional attachable combination lock that fits through zipper tabs and other items. 

Plug-in GPS Trackers- OBDII Tracker

The OBDII (On-Board Diagnostic 2) GPS Tracker plugs into the port under the steering wheel. Your auto insurance company may have sent you a device that plugs into this port to track your driving for possible discounts. Your RV or auto service technician may have connected to this outlet to run a diagnostic on your vehicle. 

You can purchase three different optional cables if the OBDII WhereSafe GPS Tracker doesn’t fit correctly. If you have the second generation 16-pin version on your 1996 or newer vehicle, but it’s in a difficult spot, there’s an extension cable available.

For RVs made between 1988-1995 with the first generation OBD port with 6 or 9 pins, WhereSafe GPS Tracker has an adaptor cable. The third cable fits into the DC circular port if you have a Classic or Vintage Era coach you want to protect.

Hard-Wired GPS Trackers- Sport Tracker

Hardwiring in the Sports Tracker has many advantages. Once installed, you’ll never have to worry about charging it or anyone ever seeing it. This WhereSafe GPS Tracker lets you hide it anywhere near the ignition, making it virtually invisible. The easy-to-read wiring chart shows you how to connect the device safely. 

Wi-Fi GPS Tracker and 5GB DataToGo

The WiFi GPS Tracker with DataToGo provides both GPS tracking and up to 5 GB of high-speed internet access! This is perfect for remote workers or anyone who needs internet while on (or off) the road!

The WiFi GPS Tracker easily wires to a 12-V power source with just a three-wire connection.

Coupled with the new WhereSafe WiFi GPS Tracker, a powerful WiFi hotspot, WhereSafe DataToGo is perfect to provide you with internet in your RV, campervan, or motorhome while on the trails, in your ATV, or in the car for those long road trips.

WhereSafe Service Plans Are Priced Like TV Streaming Services

The WhereSafe service plans are similar to the best streaming services regarding affordability. Up to three family members can access the account. There are three convenient service plans to choose from:


For $12.95 a month, you can receive their basic service 24/7.


If you only need it for the RV season, they have a one-time price of $100 that gives you up to eight months of activation that saves you 35%. For the four remaining months, your WhereSafe GPS Tracker stays dormant. Those who keep their coach in an indoor RV storage facility with a high-level security system may find this the best plan.


For those that prefer a one-and-done annual payment, you can have a full year of coverage for $120. When you pay the entire year, it saves you 23% compared to the monthly plan.

Optional service plan features include:

  • A daily history report +$50/year
  • Customizable, safe zone +$25/year
  • 60-second check-ins when moving instead of 2 minutes +$40/annual

All models come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. WhereSafe GPS Trackers recommends purchasing a second unit while you wait for the first model to be refunded. It’s the quickest way to keep your RV safe through their system. They ask for your patience if you prefer an exchange due to processing and shipping.

An Actionable RV Security System

With the right RV wireless security system and an actionable RV security system like WhereSafe GPS Tracker, you can have peace of mind knowing your RV has full protection. There are many other ways to make your RV look less “appetizing” to thieves. For example, add a lock to your towable’s hitch and use wheel chocks that lock onto the jack pads under the tires. 

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