How to Setup Your RV Campsite for Beginners Water, Sewer, Electric, and Gear PLUS a Setup Checklist!

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RV Newbie Setup Checklist

I remember what it was like to be an RV Newbie! Susan had experience setting up her popup camper and travel trailer but I was a tent camper before I discovered RVing. I had no idea what to do!

Before we embarked on our 10 day adventure in our Class C RV rental I watched YouTube videos about how to setup the water, sewer and electric. I even purchased a really good course on how to set up and operate an RV. When we arrived at our first campsite and I had to set everything up it I had a pretty good idea of what to do. But I had never actually set up an RV on a campsite before.

Looking back, if I had a little RV campground setup checklist it would have been much easier and I would have made fewer mistakes.

So we decided to create the RV Campsite Setup YouTube Video and checklist for all the beginner RVers out there to make setting up your RV or trailer a little easier.

The Checklist and video we made are how we setup our Class C RV. So, if you have a different type of an RV like a travel trailer, 5th wheel, Class A Motorhome, etc. you might have a few different steps you will need to follow for proper setup and safety.

Our video and checklist are meant for beginners looking to learn the basics. For info specific to different types of RVs, I recommend maybe purchasing one of the same RV Training Courses I used to learn how to set up.

I have seen dozens of training videos but these are the best I have found. Just visit our RV Training Courses page if you would like to check them out!

Click the RV Setup Checklist Below to Download!

RV Campsite Checklist for beginners

RV Newbie Essential RV Gear List

If you are an RV Newbie the amount of RV Gear you need to get started can seem very overwhelming. We’ve created our RV Gear page so you can easily find the Essential RV Gear we use for our water, sewer and electrical hookups. And you can also find all of the camping gear we use too!

We only recommend the actual gear we use ourselves so you can be sure it’s good quality.

It’s best to start out with water, sewer and electrical items first and then move on to some of the “nice to have” items on our list.

Just visit our RV Gear page and scroll down to find all of the essential items you will need to get all set up at your RV Campsite!

Why Use An RV Setup Checklist?

RV setup checklists aren’t just for newbies! RV checklists are helpful and necessary for any RVer, beginner or advanced.

As a new RVer, it can feel overwhelming to know what all you need to bring with you. Having a checklist as a newbie gives you the peace of mind that you’re not forgetting a single thing!

But, advanced RVers benefit from RV checklists too. When you’ve been RVing for a long time, it’s easy to go through the motions and end up forgetting a major step or important piece of gear. Even the most advanced RVers forget stuff sometimes, so using a checklist can be essential.

Whether you’re setting up a motorhome, fifth wheel, or a travel trailer, many items and steps will be the same. Always remember: the best RV setup checklist only works if you use it, so download yours today!

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7 thoughts on “How to Setup Your RV Campsite for Beginners Water, Sewer, Electric, and Gear PLUS a Setup Checklist!”

  1. On your video you recommended using a surge protector at camp sites for lightning and as camp sites may not give quite enough electricity to your appliances and you don’t want to ruin them over time. If I hooked my generator up to my regular home outlet using an adapter (for 30), do you think that’s the same thing and would using a surge protector help when I’m plugging generator into the regular home outlet?

  2. hello
    i would love to see a video on dewinterising your rv and also to cleam all water tanks.



  3. A great video for this newbie, but it did leave me with a question, especially after also watching the dump station video you posted. In the dump station video you hooked in a Rhino Blaster to wash out the black tank. In this initial set up video, the Blaster was not included in the sewer connections. Should I not use one when hooking up at a site? Thanks for any guidance you can offer as we get ready to go exploring in our first RV! The videos are great, extremely well done, and very helpful.

    • Hi Lew,
      We don’t recommend using the Rhino Blaster with a fresh water drinking hose or supply line…even though the Rhino Blaster has a back flow valve it’s best just to use it at the dump station with a non-potable water supply.
      Hope that clears it up!

  4. Hello, nice video and have a question. If you have only a 12v ref ridge do you need to level? Also something I do is time how long it takes me to back up and hook up. I am at 9minutes for the fastest set up. How come? Because of bugs or late dark. And fun to watch others. LOL I will see how it goes and maybe even share some of my tips. I liked the idea of a two part water filter. I use the O2 green. Good luck Suzan and Mike Safe Travels Larry

  5. Your second item on the setup list should be verify you can make connection to sewer, water and electrical.

    I didn’t last time out and ended up 2’ short for sewer needed to remove jacks and reattach to truck to move forward 3-4’.

  6. As usual great information for newbies like us.

    Thank you

    Chuck and Sharon


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