10 Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

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Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet offer all the luxury and amenities of larger rigs on a more maneuverable floor plan. These coaches can be either diesel or gas-powered and are typically more fuel efficient than their larger counterparts.

Mid-size Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet, by nature, offer open floorplans with room for various amenities. Their universal appeal means that manufacturers are forever experimenting with new floor plans and designs. Whatever your RV needs, there’s sure to be a Class A Motorhome under 35 feet that will impress you.

What Is a Class A Motorhome?

What Is a Class A Motorhome

Class A Motorhomes are among the largest vehicles on the road. These rigs have similar chassis and draw their construction techniques from commercial trucks and buses. The advantage of these coaches is they offer plenty of room to spread out. 

Boasting open floor plans, plentiful sleeping spaces, and tons of storage, Class A Motorhomes are a great way to travel. Even better is that Class A motorhomes under 35 feet fit all of the best qualities of an average Class A into a mid-size and easily driveable footprint.

10 Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet 

1. Thor Axis 24.1- Best Maneuverable Class A Motorhome 

Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Thor Axis 24.1 Exterior
Thor Axis 24.1 Interior
Thor Axis 24.1 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ The Axis has many family sleeping spaces for a shorter mid-size Class A.

⛔ The king conversion bridge has a weight limit that’s ideal for your medium-sized dog.

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Triton Gas
  • Length: 25.8 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 8,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford E-350
  • GVWR: 12,500 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-5

The Thor Motorcoach Axis 24.1 stands out among Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet because of its large towing capacity. The Axis 24.1 may be smaller, but it’s rated to tow up to 8,000 pounds. Whether you choose to take along a car or a motorized adventure toy, like a boat, or side-by-side, the Axis 24.1 can handle the load.

If you decide to adventure off the beaten path, you’ll love the onboard 4,000-watt gas generator. Boondockers will also appreciate the 100-watt solar panel and second auxiliary battery.

The Showermiser hot water recycling system is another feature of the Axis 24.1 that’s appealing to those who like to camp without traditional hookups. Your gray tank won’t fill as quickly with the Showermiser diverting unused cold water back to the freshwater tank.

The Axis 24.1 is a great RV for camping without hookups, not just because of all of the boondock-specific upgrades but also because of its unique floor plan. The dual twin beds in the rear bedroom are perfect for hunting trips or tailgates with friends.

These two beds quickly convert into one large bed if a couples’ camping trip is more your style. Either way, the power bunk over the front captain’s chairs provides extra sleeping space if needed.

The Thor Axis 24.1 is a compact Class A Motorhome that is ready to go just about anywhere! 

2. Newmar Baystar Sport 2720- Best Small Luxury Motorhome 

Newmar Bay Star Sport 2720 Exterior
Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Newmar Bay Star Sport 2720 Interior
Newmar Bay Star Sport 2720 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ Get Class A Diesel luxury in a smaller gasser that’s easy to maneuver!

⛔ The over-cab drop-down bunk isn’t available on the Bay Star Sport

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Triton Gas
  • Length: 27.11 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • GVWR: 20,500 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-6

One of the newest floorplans amongst Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet is the Newmar Baystar Sport 2720. The primary difference between this freshly released layout and its predecessor, the Baystar Sport 2702, is the full wall slide-out.

The extension of the slide creates more space in the bedroom, particularly at the foot of the bed. As a result, the bedroom now feels much more open and airy. A lighted shirt closet, drawers, and bedroom entertainment center are all features that were enhanced by adding the extra square footage.

This coach also offers a lot of choices when it comes to furniture. With the full wall slide, there’s room for a dinette and a sofa. You’ll choose if you want the Euro-booth non-sleeper dinette or the standard booth/sleeper. You’ll also have a choice between the comfortable lounge sofa or the tri-fold sleeper sofa.

With so much space and many ways to customize this coach, you’re sure to delight in the new Baystar Sport 2720. 

3. Winnebago Sunstar 33K- Big Bath and 1/2 Space 

Winnebago Sunstar 33K Exterior
Winnebago Sunstar 33K Interior
Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Winnebago Sunstar 33K Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ You’ll enjoy this motorhome with a bath and a half and the RV king bed!

⛔ The counter space isn’t great, so ensure you use the stove and sink covers.

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Triton Gas
  • Length: 34.2 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • GVWR: 22,000 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-8

The Winnebago Sunstar 33K is a Class A Motorhome under 35 feet that’s great for large travel parties. One stand-out feature in this coach is the number of seat belt locations. With three seat belts in the dinette, two on the sofa, and the captains’ chairs, seven people can travel safely down the road in this coach.

The sleeping capacity in this compact Class A Motorhome is also superior to other similarly sized rigs. If you opt for the sofa bed and the power studio loft, this camper can comfortably sleep 8. The loft bed has been reimagined and enlarged for 2023 and can now accommodate up to 600 lbs. 

If you’re going to travel with a large group, you’re also sure to appreciate the bath and a half in this camper. Somehow, Winnebago has fit both a spacious, full-width rear bathroom and a centrally located half bath in about 35 feet of space. 

Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, the Winnebago Sunstar 33k can accommodate everyone.

4. Entegra Coach Vision 29F- Best Small Motorhome Bunkhouse 

Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Entegra Coach Vision 29F Exterior
Entegra Coach Vision 29F Interior
Entegra Coach Vision 29F Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ It’s amazing that Entegra has a bunkhouse motorhome under 33 feet!

⛔ You lose the pantry if you choose the optional 12 cu. ft. fridge

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Triton Gas
  • Length: 32.2 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • GVWR: 18,000 lbs.
  • Sleep: 4-10

Another Class A Motorhome under 35 feet that is great for large travel parties, particularly families, is the Entegra Vision 29F. We love that the bathroom has two access doors. This makes it possible for someone sleeping in the rear bedroom to use the restroom without disturbing those sleeping in the bunks.

In addition to the four dedicated sleeping spaces, you’ll also find a jack knife sofa, dinette bed, and overhead bunk. This power bunk comes with front and rear bumpers to help prevent rolling. This is an extra feature in the Vision that young families are sure to appreciate.

The Entegra Vision 29F also offers great tech features. You’ll find tablet holders in the bunks, smart TVs throughout the coach, and an onboard Winegard ConnecT 2.0. 

Not only will you appreciate the WiFi boosting ability of the Winegard, but there’s also an optional subscription service that’ll provide you with a hotspot as you travel down the road. This is great for both mobile learning and remote working.

Wherever you go, you’ll be able to stay connected with the Entegra Coach Vision 29F.

5. Jayco Precept 31UL- Motorhome With a Residential Refrigerator 

Jayco Precept 31UL Exterior
Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Jayco Precept 31UL Interior
Class A motorhomes under 35 feet Jayco Precept 31UL Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ The walk-through bathroom allows for bigger features and amenities!

⛔ You’ll need to order your RV king bed sheets from a company specializing in that size.

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L Triton V8 Gas
  • Length: 33 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • GVWR: 22,000 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-7

The Jayco Precept 31UL is a Class A Motorhome under 35 feet that is ideal for couples. The interior is more spacious than most similarly sized RVs because of the three separate slide-outs. This includes two opposing slide-outs in the living area.

The televator next to the table is perfectly located for viewing from the sofa. The L-shaped kitchen divides the living space from the rest of the coach and makes it so that preparing a meal is a non-issue.

The pass-through bathroom layout is another reason this is a great motorhome for couples. This innovative use of space gives you all the benefits of a full-width bathroom without the hassle of having to walk through the bedroom space first.

Not only that, but the separation of the shower from the rest of the bathroom makes it easier for two people to get ready to start the day simultaneously.

This mid-size Class A Motorhome is truly a great choice for couples.

6. Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33BR- Shorter Class A Diesel

Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33BR Exterior
Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33BR Interior
Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33BR Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ Tiffin’s dinette with a computer workstation has been the go-to for remote workers for decades!

⛔ Bingers may not like the living room TV placements.

  • Engine: Cummins B 6.7L I6 Diesel
  • Length: 33.2 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Tiffin PowerGlide RED
    • (RED= Rear Engine Diesel)
  • GVWR: 25,000 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-6

Culinary enthusiasts searching for a Class A Motorhome under 35 feet need not look further than the Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33BR. This compact motorhome offers a spectacular kitchen.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the expansive countertop. A large, three-burner stovetop and a double-basin stainless steel sink are concealed within that space.

Above the countertop, you’ll find a convection microwave oven. Also, a slide-out pantry to house all of your top-chef ingredients just to the right of the state-of-the-art microwave.

Completing the kitchen work triangle is the large residential refrigerator opposite the rest of the kitchen. This impressive refrigerator even offers double doors.

You’re sure to love the central vac system capable of cleaning up messy kitchen spills. There is also an optional computer workstation instead of the typical dinette. The desk space and large kitchen are favorites of full-time RVers, as is the included washer/dryer combo in the rear closet. 

Whether you’re working or playing on the road, the Allegro Breeze 33BR is a great choice. 

7. Thor Indigo BB34- Brand New Mid-Size Family Motorhome

Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Thor Motor Coach Indigo BB34 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ Everything about this mid-size Class A is made for a big family!

⛔ The kitchen sink may become the bathroom sink as everyone goes through their morning routine.

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Triton Gas
  • Length: 35.9 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 8,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: F-53 Chassis
  • GVWR: 22,000 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-7

The new Thor Motor Coach Indigo BB34 fulfills the Class A motorhome under 35 feet space in the brand’s lineup. Together with its sister coach, the Luminate, you have two floorplans made for big or small families.

The BB34 is the bunkhouse motorhome floorplan. While mom and dad enjoy the rear king-size bed, the twin bunks sit midship on the full-length driverside slide-out. With a dropdown bunk over the cab and convertible furniture, you won’t have any problems sleeping everyone in your pantheon.

Thor found the solution to have good counter space, tons of storage, and seatbelts for all. Both sides of the dinette and the campside sofa can strap in the kids. They even include a child safety tether in the Dream Dinette to keep the little ones safe.

With all the electronic connectivity you could ask for using the Winegard ConnecT and a 1,800-watt inverter, you may want to add a camera system inside so you can watch the 8-year-old, who likes bothering the 6-year-old on those travel days.

 8. Coachmen Mirada 32LS-Best Tailgating Motorhome

Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet. Coachmen Mirada 32LS Exterior
Coachmen Mirada 32LS Interior
Coachmen Mirada 32LS Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ This is a Class A motorhome with everything and the kitchen sink. Even in the RV outdoor kitchen!

⛔ Unfortunately, the commode’s right arm “elbow test” suffered for the wide aisle space.

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Triton Gas
  • Length: 34.10 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 5,500 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • GVWR: 20,500 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-8

The Coachmen Mirada 32LS is a Class A Motorhome under 35 feet that’s great for entertaining. Outside the coach, there are two large awnings that, when combined, provide over 25 feet of covered outdoor living space.

This coach comes with everything you need to take the party outside. This makes the Coachmen Mirada a great choice for tailgaters. In addition to the large awnings, this rig comes equipped with an outdoor entertainment center and outdoor kitchen. As the host, you’ll enjoy the fact that you never have to miss out on the fun of preparing food. 

If you have to take the gathering inside, you and your guests will love relaxing in front of the cozy fireplace while watching the game above. The warm atmosphere extends to the kitchen with its tranquil color palette and farmhouse touches. With the dinette and the sofa or theater seating option, there are plenty of places for everyone to kick back and relax.

The Coachmen Mirada 32LS is a great option in Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet, especially if you plan on entertaining in your RV and want to be the host with the most.

9. Fleetwood Fortis 33HB- Unique Motorhome All The Features!

Class A motorhomes under 35 feet Fleetwood Fortis 33HB Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ Seatbelts, cup holders, and storage everywhere, Fleetwood thought of everything!

⛔ Road mode gets tight in the center aisle due to the XL slide-outs.

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Triton
  • Length: 35 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 8,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • GVWR: 22,000 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-6

The Fleetwood Fortis 33HB is unique among Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet because it offers several uncommon features. The stackable washer and dryer is one feature you won’t find in any motorhome of this size. Typically smaller RVs offer combo washer-dryer units, but the Fleetwood makes room for a dedicated washer and dryer.

The guest bath itself is another unusual feature of this Class A Motorhome. You’ll find the half bath conveniently located in the center of the RV and the large full bath spanning the width of the rear of the camper. You won’t have a problem accessing the 1/2 bath in road mode.

Another stand-out feature of the Fortis is the king-sized bed with convenient CPAP storage overhead. Although many RVs offer king-sized beds, they are less common in short RVs, as is dedicated CPAP storage space. 

This motorhome is exceptional among its short and mid-size Class A counterparts because it makes room for many extras not typically found together in a compact motorhome.

10. Forest River Georgetown GT7 32J7Diesel Features In a Gasser

Class A motorhomes under 35 feet Forest River Georgetown GT7 32J7 Exterior
Forest River Georgetown GT7 32J7 Interior
Forest River Georgetown GT7 32J7 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons:

✅ The Georgetown 7 Series give you diesel-level features in a gasser!

⛔ The fireplace is positioned more for its heating source than pretty flames.

  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Triton Gas
  • Length: 35 ft.
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • GVWR: 22,000 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-4

If you’re searching for a luxury couple’s Class A Motorhome under 35 feet, look no further than the Forest River Georgetown GT7 32J7. Upgrades abound. You’ll love the oversized theater seating with heated massage and power reclining. The theater seating is also perfectly located directly across from the 50-inch televator for easy viewing.

The dinette cabinet stores the televator when not being watched, revealing a spacious dining area with a table and chairs. This setup is a great dual-purpose space because it easily doubles as a mobile workstation. You’ll also appreciate the passenger seat workspace built right into the dash if you work from the road.

Moving into the kitchen, you’ll find upgrades like a double basin farmhouse sink and residential fridge with a water and ice dispenser. The bedroom amenities are high-end too. The power tilt bed is always nice for reading or watching TV. Additionally, the separate washer and dryer units really make this coach feel like a home away from home. 

The Forest River Georgetown FT7 32J7 is a great choice for couples looking for a full-time residence or even just a home away from home.

Check out our YouTube video below about how we reinforced all of the drawer bottoms in our Class A motorhome.

11 FAQs About Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

FAQs About Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

1. What Is the Highest Quality Class A Motorhome Brand?

Some Class A Motorhome brands are more celebrated than others. The Newmar, American Coach, Entegra, and Winnebago names are renowned for a reason. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find quality craftsmanship and durability in all the best Class A Motorhomes on our list.

2. What Is the Shortest Class A Motorhome Length?

Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet are more common than you might think. In fact, some of the shortest Class A motorhomes measure just over 25 feet in length. These compact coaches tend to be perfect for couples or part-time RVers. They’re also more fuel efficient and less cumbersome to drive and park than their larger counterparts.

3. What Is the Longest Class A Motorhome Length? 

Class A Motorhomes can be as long as 45 feet in length. The additional square footage can be great for full-timers or larger travel parties. But the added length typically makes these big Class A RVs more difficult to maneuver and less fuel efficient.

4. Which Motorhome Brand Is Most Reliable? 

When you’re looking at the reliability of a motorhome, you’ll want to pay special attention to the way in which it’s constructed. Newmar, for instance, bonds flooring with an exceptionally high-quality adhesive, preventing lifting and cracking. 

5. What’s the Best Luxury Class A Motorhome Brand?

American Coach, Thor, Newmar, Winnebago, and even Entegra are known for offering the latest and greatest luxury features. But don’t be too quick to overlook other brands. As full-time RVing has increased in popularity, the entire RV industry is rising to meet the demand for more luxurious residential-feel RVs. 

6. What’s the Best Budget Class A Motorhome Brand?

Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet will be inherently more affordable than their larger counterparts. But if budget is of particular concern, you’ll want to look toward entry-level motorhomes that are on the shorter end of the spectrum.

7. Is a Diesel or Gas Class A Motorhome Better?

Typically diesel Class A Motorhomes are more fuel efficient and last longer than gas-powered rigs. That being said, the more expensive parts and components of a diesel coach make them more expensive to purchase, repair, and maintain.

Learn more about the difference between Gas and Diesel Class A Motorhomes in our January 2023 Drivable Motorhomes article in our FREE digital RV Camping Magazine.

8. What’s the Best Class A Motorhome Under 35 Feet for Full Timers?

Full-time RVers will want to look for a Class A Motorhome under 35 feet that makes room for a washer and dryer and a king-sized bed. Storage space is also at a premium when you live on the road. A residential refrigerator, ample pantry, and clothing storage space are also very desirable when considering full-timing in an RV. 

Check out our article called 10 Best Class A Motorhomes for Full-Timers for lots more info!

9. What’s the Best Class A Under 35 Feet for Families?

Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet sometimes sacrifice sleeping space for other amenities to make everything fit into a mid-size space. Families will want to consider the number of beds and bathrooms in any Class A. 

If you are looking for a Class A motorhome with bunk beds check out our article called 8 Best Class A RVs With Bunk Beds.

10. How Long Will a Class A Motorhome Last? 

If a Class A Motorhome is well maintained and serviced regularly, you can expect it to last around 200,000 miles for a gas motorhome. Diesel motorhomes average around 300,000 miles. With the proper maintenance, either one can travel much further. 

11. Do Class A Motorhomes Hold Their Value?

Class A Motorhomes are like any other driveable vehicle in terms of depreciation. You can expect the value to drop as soon as you drive it off the lot. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the value to drop 20-30% within the first year of ownership. But don’t despair; purchasing a Class A Motorhome is just as much an investment in the RV lifestyle as it is in the rig itself.

Final Thoughts on the Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

Final Thoughts on the Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet have a universal appeal. Their open floorplans provide a variety of amenities and configurations. The mid-size nature makes them easier to drive and park than larger coaches. With so many options, deciding which floorplan is your favorite is the only thing left.

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