7 Alternative Uses For Camper Toy Hauler Garages

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A Camper toy hauler garage offers an outdoor enthusiast a dream RV setup! When thinking about hitting the road with an RV, you have to consider the way you will be transporting all the goods you have to take with you.

While most things people want to take fit in cabinets or the underbelly storage of an RV, big items like motorcycles can be tricky to find a spot for without having to haul something separately.

Part of RVing is the freedom it brings you to move freely. If you must be bogged down driving a separate trailer for a toy, it can cut down on that freedom.

This is part of what makes a toy hauler such a good option for many RVers. But that’s not the only reason! 

Toy haulers are extremely versatile and can provide multiple other setups than just “toy hauling.” 

Take a look below at all the details of toy haulers and their fantastic versatility!

What Is A Toy Hauler?

Camper toy hauler with the garage door down and a UTV parked inside -
Toy haulers allow you to take the fun on the road

A toy hauler camper is simply an RV with a garage in the back end. 

It’s most widely used to haul outdoor toys you want to take on the road with you instead of leaving them behind at home. Toy hauler garages can carry motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, kayaks, bikes, or even small cars!

This option opens up a whole new world for outdoor lovers who don’t want to give up their adventures when hitting the road in an RV.

Most toy haulers are 5th-wheel campers because of the extra weight in the back garage portion. This is the safest and most efficient option when hauling heavy toys.

The rear folding ramp gives you easy access to the garage and makes it a breeze to load up ATVs or golf carts without the need to carry separate ramps.

A nice perk to the toy haulers and the ramp is that most are now made to double as porches as well. This gives a different function to the space and makes it not just a garage or ramp.

How Big Is A Camper Toy Hauler Garage?

Camper toy hauler in a wooded area with the garage door open
Camper toy haulers are available in many different lengths

There are many different sizes of toy hauler garages ranging from 10-18 feet long. Those lengths, however, are only for the garage portion, and most toy haulers, in total, are longer than 30 feet.

Choosing which size toy hauler you want or need is usually based on a few different factors. 

Most start by picking the size of their garage first and basing that on what kind of outdoor toys they want to haul inside of it.

After that, they move on to what type of living space they want in the front. This can depend on how many people you need to sleep or just the comfort and amenities of your stay.

It’s also wise to choose the overall length by what type of tow vehicle you have to haul it with. While the length of the toy hauler varies, the width is usually the exact width of the camper. That is approximately 7.5-8 feet for a standard RV.

These numbers and specs can help you narrow down your choices to fit best what you need.

How Much Living Space Do Toy Haulers Have?

Living space in toy haulers depends on the layout and garage size you end up choosing. Living spaces, unfortunately, tend to lack in toy haulers because the garage takes up such a significant amount of space in the camper. 

Since this has become a more popular layout in the industry over the last several years, RV companies are making a much better attempt at configuring the living space though.

They have begun to utilize the living area they do have more efficiently. They’re doing this with more slide-outs, better couch configurations, and well-planned storage.

There are even some toy haulers that come equipped with extra living spaces in the garage. This can include fold-down couches, a TV, and even a spare restroom. 

So, if you look for the right layout, you likely won’t end up lacking in living space at all.

6 Alternate Uses For Your Camper Toy Hauler Garage

While toy haulers are normally used to transport motorsports vehicles and outdoor gear, nothing says that’s what you have to use it for!

Many people choose toy haulers for the open space the garage offers for other uses. Your toy hauler garage is a blank canvas for you to optimize the space as you like. Below are some popular alternative uses for camper toy hauler garages.

1. RV Office

An RV office is a great way to utilize a toy hauler garage and is something many RVers are doing now. 

With remote work on the rise, a garage offers a perfect blank slate for people to set up their mobile office.

This can offer them the privacy they need for meetings or simply give them a dedicated work area to focus.

Having an office in your toy hauler garage allows you to work on the road

2. Mobile Art Studio

A toy hauler garage would be the ultimate setup for an artist on the go.

The vast open space and industrial-like, cleanable floors make for the perfect studio for messy art projects.

Pottery, painting, woodworking, you could really do it all with a little reconfiguring!

3. Personal Bar

Toy hauler garage with a bar installed inside
Keystone RV offers some toy hauler garage options

Toy hauler garages with porches on the back make a perfect mobile bar.

Most toy haulers now come equipped with a bathroom in the garage that could be easily converted into a small wet bar setup. 

This would be wonderful on those trips with a great group of friends, a fire outback, and a nice fall breeze. No need to even leave the campsite.

4. Game Room

Whether your form of games includes technology or an old-fashioned board, a toy hauler garage could provide the perfect gaming room.

The space can be large enough for a card table in the middle of the room or out on the porch. A 4 person Monolopy game? No problem!

Want to set up a TV or three for console gaming? You’ve got the room.

A toy hauler garage provides amazing versatility and plenty of space for either, or maybe both! 

5. Pop-Up Store

Enclosed trailer converted to a boutique clothing store
Posh Cowgirl has a mobile boutique that can go anywhere

A pop-up store is something that’s becoming more widely seen in toy haulers.

Small business owners have realized how easy it is to travel around to different festivals and set up right in their own space. 

Perfect for small boutiques, artists, and some mobile healthcare providers are even taking advantage of toy hauler garage setups.

6. Kids Room

This is by far the most popular choice for toy haulers now. It gives families the best of both worlds and allows them to haul bigger items and customize a kid’s room with a blank slate.

Most come with retractable beds and a loft. This gives many sleeping arrangements for any number of kiddos.

Then, you can customize the blank space below the beds. This is perfect for making a hangout area for older kids, custom toy storage for the little ones, or adding a normal-size dresser for extra clothes storage.

7. Gym On The Road

Turning your RV garage into a gym is another popular alternative to storing outdoor toys.

With the weight a garage can hold, putting a Pelton bike or weight bench back there would be ideal!

With plenty of room to stretch out (no pun intended), the garage would be perfect for a yoga or pilates space as well.

Having a gym in your RV makes staying fit while traveling a breeze

How Much Do Camper Toy Haulers Cost?

The cost of camper toy haulers varies widely, just like any other RV style. The cost can depend on the size of the garage, the overall length, and the quality of the build inside and out.

When people think toy haulers, they may not think “high-end,” but there are some pretty fancy ones available. 

The cheapest, newest toy haulers on the market right now are anywhere from $30-40k.The most high-end 2024 toy haulers can range from a whopping $300-400k!

So, it is wise to delve into what you want and need in a toy hauler and decide your budget before you leap. There can be a big price difference! 

Do You Really Need A Toy Hauler?

Camper toy hauler opened up with the garage door patio extended
Toy haulers are very versatile RVs

Deciding whether you need a toy hauler is something you’ll have to weigh out when looking for an RV.

If you have a golf cart, motorcycle, or any other large toy you don’t want to haul separately or leave behind, that answer is definitely YES!

If any of the alternatives on this list have also piqued your interest, then it is also something to truly consider.

Toy haulers offer so much in this world of RVing; it’s something that should absolutely be looked at, regardless of the lifestyle.

Final Thoughts On Camper Toy Haulers 

Camper toy haulers are a hidden treasure to many in the RV world. 

The overall versatility that they offer isn’t something most other RVs have.

With a toy hauler garage, the possibilities are virtually unlimited and that’s some freedom you surely wouldn’t take for granted!

So go take a look at one, pop out the back porch, and imagine what you could do with the blank space on your adventures.

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